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The Norman Parathyroid Center is the world's premier parathyroid treatment center, where parathyroid disease (hyperparathyroidism) is the only disease we treat. We perform more than 72 parathyroid operations per week (over 3500 per year) on patients from all over the world. Over 90% of our patients live more than 150 miles from our Parathyroid Center the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery. About 60% of our parathyroid operations are performed on patients that live outside the state of Florida.  We perform parathyroid surgery on over 125 patients from Canada per year, and more than 150 from Europe and Asia. When patients travel to Tampa to have surgery with us, we say they have "joined our family". They understand hyperparathyroidism and help educate their friends and their doctors about the dangers of high blood calcium and how it ruins people's lives. Come to Tampa and give us your tumor(s) and we'll put a red dot on our map for you as the newest member of our family!

The Norman Parathyroid Center was founded in 1993 with the invention of minimal and minimally invasive parathyroid surgery by Dr James Norman while the director of the Endocrine Surgery Division at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. The Center is now located at the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery in Tampa, Florida. Dr Norman achieved full professor status in both surgery and internal medicine at USF by age of 36 because of a number of inventions, patents, and research projects funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Veteran's Administration (VA) for parathyroid surgery and other endocrine disorders. Doctor Norman and his surgeons are the most experienced team of parathyroid surgeons in the world. All of our patients are operated on by two of these amazing surgeons providing unparalleled results--we have to when our patients travel so far!

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Watch the video of Dr Norman performing a 4-gland mini-parathyroid operation in less than 13 minutes.