Why have surgery with us? Parathyroid surgery can be difficult and challenging. Because of the demand for our expertise in mini-parathyroid surgery and our exceptional results, we perform an average of 14 parathyroid surgeries per day, 5 days per week (average 73 parathyroid operations per week, about 3800 per year). We have performed over 50,000 parathyroid operations. We perform more than the top 10 US universities combined. About half of our patients live outside Florida. Our system allows patients to have their hyperparathyroidism evaluated before taking the trip to Tampa, so you make one trip and have one visit with us to cure your problem. We do the same mini parathyroid operation to evaluate all four parathyroid glands on nearly every patient. The operation is no different for patients with positive scans and those with negative scans. We make parathyroid surgery routine, safe, and successful. This page will tell you how to have your operation with us, what it costs, and how the process works. Our surgeons work in pairs (or threes), so all our patients will have two or three of the top parathyroid surgeons in the world participating in their case.

This page will walk you through the process of how to be our patient in 4 steps:

  1. Understand what makes our practice unique and our reputation as the best parathyroid surgeons in the world.
  2. Understand how you can have an Expert Second Opinion Consultation with us online and make only one trip to Tampa for surgery.
  3. Fill out our new-patient form.
  4. Chose to be evaluated in person in Tampa, or obtain an expert second opinion consultation treatment recommendation with one of our expert doctors online. Then get to Tampa for surgery at the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery.

The Norman Parathyroid Center is the world's leading parathyroid surgery center with the most experienced surgeons and the most experienced team dedicated to parathyroid disease only. Our surgeons are believed to be the only surgeons in the world that limit their practice to parathyroid surgery and we operate exclusively at the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery--a hospital dedicated to treating patients like you. Our 55,000 + parathyroid operation experience gives our team unparalleled results. Historically, over 99% of all patients are cured at their very first visit with us--almost all via an operation that routinely takes between 18 and 40 minutes, going home between 1.5 and 2 hours later (watch the video). We strive for a cure rate over 99% because we simply can't allow patients to go through the trouble of getting to Tampa and not being cured. Every patient is given our doctors' cell phone numbers so they have access to them if the need arises. We don't have an answering service. Importantly, we do not have students or surgery residents perform any parathyroid operation. Click Here to read more about our expert surgeons.

We provide the safest and most successful parathyroid operation available anywhere in the world which is why we have thousands of 5-star reviews and testimonials from over 7000 patients who came here for their operation, including many physicians. We will help arrange all aspects of the trip except the travel. Typically a patient can fly to Tampa, have parathyroid surgery, and return home in the same time that he/she would be in the hospital if a standard parathyroid operation was performed. Nearly all of our patients go home within 2 hours of the operation. Patients who have their thyroid nodules removed at the same time still go home in about 2 hours.

You don't need a rental car. We have 5 partner hotels that run a very nice hospital shuttle (limo van) back and forth from the hotels to the the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery. The hotels are right next to the Tampa Airport and they will pick you up at the airport. Don't worry about renting a car and driving in a strange town--our hotel partners will take care of all transportation for you and they are in a very nice part of town. This is an awesome service.

Be cured with one visit to our Parathyroid Center at the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery. You will spend about half a day with us and take care of every aspect of this disease, putting it behind you for good for more than 99% of patients. During this one visit you will consult face to face with our surgeons, have a sestamibi scan by the team that has done far more than any other center, have an ultrasound performed by one of our surgeons to evaluate your thyroid (so we can take care of any thyroid problems at the same time), have your operation by at least two of our surgeons, spend time in the recovery room, visit with the surgeons after the operation, and then head home (or to one of our partner hotels). You will be given the cell phone numbers of all of our surgeons, and your surgeon will call you the night of surgery. We communicate with your doctors and send them copies of everything.

Click Here to read what patients say about having surgery at the Norman Parathyroid Center.

Our patients get the same operation even if their parathyroid scan is "negative" (watch the movie showing how this is done).   Note that Dr. Norman removed two tumors in this patient, even though the scan showed only one.

Norman Parathyroid Center

Updated: 12/16/2021

  • Now operating out of the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery--a COVID-Free surgical hospital
  • First parathyroid operation cure rate: 99.1%
  • Average Operative Time - 28 minutes (total time from first cut to band-aid)
  • Average number of parathyroid operations performed every day - 15.5
  • Average number of parathyroid operations performed every week - 72
  • Number of parathyroid operations performed annually - about 3500 (20 times more than any hospital in world)
  • Percent of our operations that are the same if the scan is negative - 100% IMPORTANT
  • Percent that have a thyroid ultrasound in the operating room to assess for thyroid problems - 100%.
  • Percent that have their thyroid gland assessed during their parathyroid operation - 100% *
  • Percent spending night in hospital - 0.5%
  • Percent going home within 3.5 hours of the operation - 99%
  • Average wound length (obese patients a little bigger) - 1.1 inch
  • Average wound length to evaluate all 4 glands - 1.1 inch (it's the same)
  • How often we re-operate because another surgeon was unsuccessful - 1-3 per day
  • How often we use doctors in training (anesthesiology residents) to help with your anesthesia - never.
  • How often we have doctors in training (surgery residents) do part or all of your operation - never.
  • How often we operate on people over 80 years of age - virtually every day.
  • Number of states patients come from - 50 (about 50% of patients are from outside Florida) ( see map).
  • Percentage of all parathyroid operations performed in Florida that are done by us - about 76%.
  • Percentage of all parathyroid operations performed in the U.S. that are done here - about 10%. (reference)
  • How often we operate on patients from Europe - 1-4 per week.
  • How often we operate on patients from Canada - average 2-4 per week. Read a great blog and associated article about Canadians coming to Tampa for parathyroid surgery. Story published in Calgary Herald 4/6/14.

The Norman Parathyroid Center at the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery, Tampa, Florida

Our surgeons perform all operations with their dedicated surgical team at the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery, 2.5 miles from the Tampa International Airport. This brand new hospital (opened January 2022) is the nicest hospital you have ever been in. The entire hospital is dedicated to the treatment of parathyroid, thyroid, and adrenal surgery patients only (which means there are no COVID patients in this hospital). We have the world's most experienced and talented team dedicated to parathyroid disease. There is more about our practice on another page.

What Does Parathyroid Surgery Cost?

There are two primary categories of fees to consider:

1) the Online Second Opinion Consultation with one of our experts.
2) the operation itself.

We are in-network for most major health plans (and many minor ones) which will cover the cost of the operation. Almost all will cover in-person, face-to-face consults. This means the operation itself will be covered by almost all insurance companies.

The fee for our Second Opinion Online Consultation service is as follows:

Second Opinion Consultations are not a covered service for any insurance companies we know of, thus you can come into the office for an in-person consultation which is covered by almost all insurances, or you can elect to have a Second Opinion Consultation online with one of our experts. Electing for a second opinion consultation online means you will be responsible for the cost, which is:
• Florida residents: $750
• Out of state residents: $1,750
• Patients with prior parathyroid operations: $2,500

Medicare pays for everything, so if you are on Medicare, there are no cost issues for you. If you are on regular insurance, we will collect the consultation fee from you like we would collect a deductable. We will bill your insurance at that time. If your insurance pays for the Online Second Opinion Consult, then we will reimburse you this fee (but very few will pay this--you are not an established patient and this is an expert second opinion). Also, if you come for an office visit, your insurance will almost always cover the cost. Remember, if you have a Second Opinion Online Consult, you will spend time with your surgeons the morning of surgery.

What does the Online Second Opinion Consultation service entail?

Our practice makes it easier for patients and their physicians to access world-renowned parathyroid specialists without the need for travel. In the time it would take you to travel for an in-person appointment with a specialist in Tampa and receive their diagnosis and recommendations, your Online Second Opinion Consultation could already be completed. This allows our patients to save the time and travel expenses of multiple trips to Tampa. With our online consultation, one of our surgeons will speak with you after a thorough review of your clinical records. Your surgeon will discuss your medical condition with you and answer any questions you may have. You (and your doctor) will then recieve a very nicely organized summary of your condition, complete with our recommendations and scientific references--this is typically between 8 and 9 pages.

Confused? Don't be! You will be assigned to one of our coordinators who will be your contact person throughout this process. We will collect your records and tests, organize your chart, and one of our experts will render a diagnosis to determine if you have parathyroid disease, how severe it is, and what your best means of treatment would be. If your case is difficult, several of our experts will discuss your case. In connection with this process, one of the doctors will consult with you about your medical conditions and answer any questions you have.

What if I want an in-person exam and consultation in Tampa, instead of the online medical opinion consultation?

The majority of our patients elect to obtain an Online Second Opinion Consultation because of the convenience and immediacy it offers, and because they can avoid making travel arrangements to and from Tampa for that consult. However, if you prefer to travel to Tampa for an in-person exam and consult, that is always an option; simply request it from our office staff. We will schedule you for a time when an in-person exam and consult is available. In-person exams and consults are typically covered by insurance plans. All patients have the right to come to Tampa for an in-person consultation and in that situation the online medical opinion consultation fee would not apply. Our goal is to take care of you and get you better. Our clinic is located at 5959 Webb Road, Tampa, FL 33615. This is right next to the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery.

Parathyroid Re-Operations:

If you require a second surgery (or third, etc) for parathyroid disease because a previous surgeon was unsuccessful then the Medical Opinion and Consultation is $2500. Almost 10% of our business is operating on people who had one or more failed operations somewhere else. This type of surgery is much, much more complex than first-time neck operations and there are few doctors in the US who do this type of surgery with any frequency. We average 2 or 3 of these a day, and once again, no other surgeon in the world can do what we do. Your chart is much more complex. The disease is more complex. The decisions preoperatively and intra-operatively are much more complex. The decisions that need to be made prior to the operation and the planning of the operation is far more complex, and your long-term followup is more complex. Our experience with these patients is unparalleled. The preparation of these patients is significantly more difficult and takes considerably more time for our surgeons to review and study. Occasionally, people come to Tampa for their second (or 3rd, 4th), parathyroid operation and during the formal, in-person consultation with scans (etc) we decide that an operation is not warranted or has a low liklihood of success and a decision to not operate is made. We will discuss this possibility on the phone during the chart review and consult, but the final decision to operate is always made at the hospital during the formal in person consultation.

Patients from Other Countries / and Patients Without Insurance

We operate on several patients from Canada every week, as well as patients from other countries weekly. See our map. The total cost if you do not have insurance and must pay for your parathyroid operation out of pocket is very affordable. We do not publish our price schedule online but you can call our office at 813-972-0000 or email Linda at linda@parathyroid.com for our rates which we believe are cheaper than any other hospital (because of volume). We will provide a total fee that includes the consultation fee, chart prep, surgeon fee, anesthesia, anesthesiologist, imaging, hospital, laboratory, operating room, operating room team, and recovery room. Everything except travel and hotel. We believe this is the least expensive parathyroid surgery cost in North America. We believe this is about half of what this operation will cost you at any other hospital in the US.

Waiting Lists - When Can You Have Surgery by the World's Most Experienced Surgeons?

We perform parathyroid surgery 5 days per week (average of 14 operations per day, 5 days per week). The entire process from the time of submission of the online form to an operation varies. Most people will get through the entire process in about 4 to 6 weeks, but this depends a lot on how fast we can get records. The slowest part of the process is almost always getting your medical records sent to us. If you have copies of your records, you can speed up the process significantly by emailing or faxing us your records (you will be contacted by a patient coordinator by email after submitting your records, and your coordinator will tell you where to send them). If you send us all of the records that we need, we can get you through for a consultation much faster. If you have a special need, or you are in town during a certain time, just type that information into the online form, and let your coordinator know.

Here is what to do to become a patient of the Norman Parathyroid Center:

NOTE: We prefer email communication whenever possible.

  1. Fill out our New Patient Form. The form is on a secure server for your safety.

    Our New Patient Form will ask you the most important questions about your health, the names of your doctors and other routine questions. The form also has a place for your insurance (if you have insurance). Just fill it out and hit the 'submit' button. Our insurance experts will know how much (if anything) you will have to pay out of pocket for the operation (co-pays and deductibles). Note that most health plans do not require a referral for parathyroid surgery.

  2. Contact your doctor's office and have them fax your records to us, specifically your calcium levels, PTH levels, bone scans, office notes, etc. This is usually the slowest part of the process. Our fax number is: 888-481-1487. Click Here to PRINT a Request For Medical Information Form. Print this form, fill it out, and fax it to each of your doctor's offices that have anything to do with your calcium or parathyroid issues. Printing and sending this form to your doctors is the easiest way to get your records to us. Call them on the phone later to follow up.

  3. You will be assigned a personal "Patient Care Coordinator" upon submitting your New Patient Form. Sara, Laney, Rhonda, Holly, Allison, and Nicole are our patient coordinators. One of these coordinators will email you within a day or two after we receive your form and tell you what else is needed to complete your chart. You can expect several emails from your coordinator keeping you informed as your chart makes it way through our system. You can also expect an email from us regarding your insurance and estimating your insurance coverage and deductibles (if any). Linda will be able to assist in obtaining authorizations from your insurance companies if needed. Please note that we are typically not able to obtain authorizations prior to you having all of your information to us. We are prefered providers for almost all health plans.

  4. Have your consult. After we review your medical records in detail, you will have a medical opinion consultation with one of our surgeons. During this consultation, they will discuss your medical issues and potential diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism and answer any questions you may have. Write down all the questions you have ahead of time so you are sure to get all the information you need.

  5. Schedule your operation. After completion of your medical opinion consultation, should our surgeons diagnose you with hyperparathyroidism and if you elect to receive an operation from us, you would then schedule your visit to Tampa. Keep in mind, just because you have hyperparathyroidism does not guarantee that you will be a suitable candidate for surgery. The decision to operate, and very importantly--which operation to do (the extent, degree, potential thyroid involvement, incision placement, etc), is made in Tampa following an extensive in-person examination, during which we examine you, view your scans, and evaluate your overall health.

  6. Make your travel arrangements. There is a lot more information about this on the bottom of this page that tells how long you stay in Tampa, when to come, when you can travel home, etc. We have hotels where most of our patients stay. If you stay in one of our 5 partner hotels, they will take care of all your transportation and you won't need a rental car.

  7. Watch some of our videos so you understand more about parathyroid disease and how this small tumor affects many parts of your body. Watch the video of Dr Norman doing the operation very quickly and safely. See all our videos at on our Video Page.

You can call us on the phone if you need to (we love communicating with our patients via email). Our office hours for new patients are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST Monday through Friday. During all other hours you can leave a message and we will return your call. Did we mention that we prefer email communication and if you call we won't be able to help too much until we see your history form and your labs? Please do not call us with a generic question about parathyroid disease or to see if you can be a patient of ours. If you have parathyroid disease, you can be a patient of ours!

Phone: 813-972-0000
Fax: 888-481-1487

Address for sending items via Federal Express / UPS / US Mail:

Office Address:
Norman Parathyroid Center
5959 Webb Road
Tampa, FL 33615

Remember, the operations are performed at the new Hospital for Endocrine Surgery which is right next door to our new office.

Other odds and ends.

  1. Remember, a Minimally Invasive Radioguided Parathyroid operation (MIRP) can be performed on ALL patients with parathyroid disease. We want to look at all four glands, so showing us the big tumor on the scan doesn't help us much. Our skill level is far beyond that--we look at and evaluate the small normal glands too. If you do not have a scan yet, do not get one. If your scan is negative, we still do the same surgery. Do not let people tell you that you can't have minimal-parathyroid surgery because your scan is negative. It may be true for them, but they didn't invent the operation. Look folks, far too much emphasis is put on the scans and too many scans are being performed. More than half of all scans are wrong.

  2. Verification of Insurance, Co-Pays and Deductibles. When your chart is given to one of our doctors for their review and consultation with you, they will also give your information to our insurance experts: Kelly who will do the initial verification, and Linda who will work on any authorizations that may be needed. If you are in our system and have filled out our New Patient Form then you can email Kelly, Trust us, this is very straightforward for almost all patients, so do not think you need to email her--she will automatically contact you when they have all your information figured out. If there is a problem, you will hear from us. Please know, all aspects of this operation are covered by insurance just like any other surgeons' office, with the exception of the Second Opinion Online Medical Consultation fee which is not covered by insurance. We are in-network and preferred providers for the vast majority of healthcare plans.

  3. Surgery Scheduling with Angie. After your consultation with one of our surgeons, you will be instructed to contact Angie via email, or by direct phone call to the office (813-972-0000). Angie will help you choose a day for the operation and help coordinate the entire visit once things have progressed to this point. Have your calendar available when you call.

  4. Book Your Hotel. We 5 partner hotels that know our patients well. They have a Limo Van that will take you to the hospital in the morning and back to the hotel when you are done. This is a great service--so you don't need a rental car and don't need to drive in a strange town. They provide airport transportation also.

  5. Watch the Movie of the operation. We have movie of this operation online and you should watch it. There is no blood and it takes just under 13 minutes to look at all four parathyroid glands and remove 2 tumors. It will help you understand where the incision is, and what your Band-Aid looks like. You will see just how small and quick this operation is. The movie is only 13 minutes long and is very educational.

  6. Go to our Learning By Videos page and watch all our cool videos.

  7. Look at our map of where all our patients come from. We've operated on your neighbors!

  8. Download the CalciumPro app for your smart phone, iPad or Android device. It will track your calcium, vitamin D, osteoporosis and PTH. You will even be able to tell if we cured you after we take out your parathyroid tumor! This award winning app should be purchased (99 cents) by every person who has hyperparathyroidism. Even if you already know you have hyperparathyroidism, the app will graph your bone density / osteoporosis, vitamin D, and calcium for years to come. This allows you to see if you are taking enough calcium and how your bones are progressing.

What we need from you.

In order for us to confirm that you do have parathyroid disease (hyperparathyroidism) and that an operation is in your best interest (very high chance of cure + very low chance of complications = successful surgery), then we need some of your medical records sent to us. This shouldn't be too hard and usually can be done by you over the phone. Most of this cannot legally be done by us.

  1. Send us a copy of all your lab work (and doctor's notes). PRINT THIS PAGE to speed up the process. Print this form and take it or fax it to your doctor's office. Specifically we want to see what your calcium level is currently and what it was in the recent past (and distant past if available). The more calcium levels we have the better! We also need to know what your parathyroid hormone is currently and in the past, and again, the more we have the better...(but we will settle for just one or two parathyroid hormone levels if they show what is expected). Other labs will be helpful as well, so send them also... don't just send the calcium and parathyroid hormone levels. We want a good, safe outcome, so we need to know all of your important medical history. The doctor (or doctors) which has been working up your parathyroid problem will have "clinic notes" about you where he/she has been noting the parathyroid problem and other problems you may have as well. Use the fax or mail addresses below. Again, its better to send us too much than to send us only part of the picture. Getting your doctor's office to send your information to us is usually the slowest part of this entire process.

  2. Do not send us a copy of your parathyroid sestamibi scan. The vast majority of scans are wrong and are such poor quality that they are worthless. If you had one that said the tumor was in your chest, we may want to see it. If you haven't had a scan yet, do NOT get one. We will do the scan in the morning before you go to the operating room. We do our own ultrasound in the operating room after you are asleep. This gives the best scans and we get to "touch and see" what we scan 5 minutes later during the operation. If you don't have any scans, please do not get any.  If you had a "4-D CT scan" or a "fusion Sestamibi scan" then please don't bother sending it to us. This is "new" technology that is usually innacurate and we do not use it.   REMEMBER: If your scan is NOT positive you will still be able to have minimal-parathyroid surgery with us.  Do not give up on minimal-parathyroid surgery because you have a negative scan. We are the only doctors in the world that do the same operation whether the scan is positive or negative.  We do NOT require that you have a scan before you come here. We prefer that you do NOT have a scan prior to coming here.

  3. Write a brief clinical history of yourself.   This is best done after you fill out the New Patient Form. Tell us your problems in your own words and correlate them to what your doctor's have told you and the results of your lab tests. Give us a picture of your overall health as well as your parathyroid problems. You will be able to email this to one of our Coordinators after they contact you by email to tell you that your chart has been opened. Email this to your Coordinator.

  4. Make a list of your current medications. We will have you insert this list into our online form.

  5. Pick a day for the procedure and then make travel arrangements.  Angie will help you decide which day will be best for you to come to Tampa and will book your operation at that time. Our surgeons operate together as a team on all patients and typically perform 15 parathyroid operations 5 days a week. You will meet at least two, and probably three surgeons when you are with us, and at least two of them will be taking care of you in the operating room. You will need to arrive in Tampa the afternoon or evening before the operation and can leave the morning after (if you are traveling by car you can go home immediately after leaving the hospital). We have arrangements with several local hotels where you can stay the night before and after. Usually it is best if you get into town the afternoon or evening prior to the operation. All pre-registration with the Hospital will take place over the telephone and no pre-op testing is required. You will come to the hospital in the morning of the operation. We have our own center at the hospital where you will be surrounded by people with the same problem as you. You will get checked in, spend time with several of our doctors discussing your case, get a sestamibi scan, meet the rest of the operating team, go to the operating room and have an ultrasound and then your operation, go to the recovery room for about 1.5 to 2 hours and then go home. That's it. We have patients start arriving at our center at 5:15am, and then throughout the morning.

  6. The morning of the procedure you will get a high resolution parathyroid sestamibi scan. We do far more of these scans than anyone in the world, and we feel very confident in saying we are the best in the world at this scan. This scan will provide a good 3-dimensional view of where your parathyroid tumor is most likely located (more importantly, it shows us where it is NOT located). It also makes the parathyroid tumor radioactive for a few hours so we can use our probe to to measure the amount of hormone it and the normal glands are producing. This scan takes about 30 minutes to complete (it doesn't take us several hours or half a day like it does at other places). All we use the scan for is to make sure the tumor is not in your chest, and to make sure you don't have a big thyroid problem. We do not use the scan to find the tumor.  NOTE: Two of our surgeons do the parathyroid operations together and we never use residents who are learning to operate. Again, we don't have residents doing the operations. We don't use resident anesthesiologists either. There is nobody "learning" on your operation.   Have you watched the movie yet?

  7. Staying in town after the procedure.   If you want to stay in a hotel the night of the procedure, that is ok and is what almost everybody who lives outside Florida does (if they don't have family or friends in the central Florida area). As discussed above, we have special deals with several local hotels which are fairly close by and quite inexpensive. It is RARE for anybody to spend more than one night in Tampa after the operation... and virtually nobody spends the night IN the hospital after a parathyroid operation--we haven't done that for over 22 years. (NOTE: If you have not read the "Testimonial Page" yet, please do so. Bottom line: People traveling by car can make plans to get in the car about 1.5 hours after the operation and head on home. People traveling by airplane should spend the night of the operation in a Tampa (or Orlando area) hotel and fly home the following day.

  8. What if I have problems? Who do I call?  This is a common fear, but let's face it folks, if we had patients with problems after the operation on any kind of frequent basis, we would have been out of business many years ago. We are very good at what we do and we will make sure you are treated very safely. Our biggest rule is "Safety Trumps Convenience".  All of our patients get a detailed sheet of postoperative instructions AND we have the Surgery Guide APP that has every question you could immagine. Our patients start taking calcium pills in the recovery room. All patients get all of the doctors' cell phone numbers--and are instructed to call them directly if they have any problems. We don't have an answering service. Your surgeon will call you on the evening of the operation to make sure you understand what was found  and to answer any more questions that you may have. Your doctors back home will get a a personal letter from our surgeons describing what was found and what was done, a photograph of your tumor, and the operative and pathology reports. We are extremely organized and extremely good at communicating with all of your doctors. The bottom line is this: We have done so many of these operations that it has become a very routine out-patient procedure. Also note, we will send you copies of all of your reports too.

  9. When can I drive or fly home? When can I go back to work?  Virtually all patients are sent home about 1.5 to 2 hours after their parathyroid operation. We have not had a parathyroid patient spend the night in the hospital in several years (more than 50,000 patients have gone home within 2.5 hours--it's that routine for us because this is all we do). People who travel by car will usually travel home when they are released (they should not drive for 24 hours, but they can be a passenger). We prefer patients who are flying to wait until the morning after the operation to travel by plane. As soon as you leave the hospital you can eat anything you like... we encourage you to go out to dinner and celebrate the first day of your new and improved life! You will be given a bottle of calcium pills and instructions on how often to take them. You will be taking Advil (Motrin, Ibuprofen) for pain--that's it--so bring some with you if you like. You can go back to work the day after the surgery, although some people take that day off too. It is very rare for somebody to require more than 24 hours to recover. The day after surgery you will have zero restrictions. Do what you want. You may have a sore throat, but you can do whatever you like (golf, exercise, etc).

  10. Follow Up. You are not required to come back to Tampa. You simply need to be seen by one of your regular doctors about 1-2 months after the operation, primarily to get your blood tested to measure your calcium and PTH levels. You do not need an endocrinologist if you don't have one already. This visit with your doctor is straightforward since there are no stitches to remove (you just peel off your Band-Aid in one week's time). All the stitches we use dissolve in about 1 month's time. When you see your doctor, he/she will have received your information from our office, all organized, photographed, and easy to interpret. You do not have to worry about coming to Tampa for surgery and then having a problem with nobody to take care of you. If this happened, we'd be out of business years ago. You have all our doctor's  cell phone numbers. We will be there for you.

Click here to read the stories of over 2,000 people who had parathyroid surgery at the Norman Parathyroid Center.

It is also highly recommended that you watch the most recent video, and our first, more formal video of a 4-gland minimal-parathyroid operation by Dr Norman, which includes a short lecture so you can know more about what to expect from your mini-parathyroid surgery with us.


Why do we keep bringing up the quickness of our parathyroid operations? First of all... quick is dumb if it's not successful. The most important issue is safety, so always look at a surgeon's complication rates and success rates. If success rates are very high and complication rates are very low, then speed is the next most important factor. Speed is a function of repetition and competence. Quick operations have less dissection which means less pain and less bleeding. Less dissection decreases the potential for complications and damage to other neck structures like nerves. Quick operations require less anesthesia. People get much less sick and are able to get on with their lives very quickly after a 16-20 minute operation. Quick operations are tolerated by people very well. The best surgeons are often the quickest. When choosing your surgeon--regardless of who it is--you must always fall back on what is most important... success rates and complication rates. You will usually see that the best and most experienced surgeons have all three: Very High Success Rates, Extremely Few Complications, and Speed.

Note, we can't operate on everybody who has a parathyroid problem. But, if this was an easy operation to perform we wouldn't do 25 times the amount of operations that Mayo Clinic does in a year, or 30 times more than Duke University, Johns Hopkins and Harvard do in a year--- you get the picture. That doesn't mean that there aren't great surgeons at these institutions, it simply means that you need to pick your surgeon wisely--one that performs parathyroid surgery at least several times per week. If parathyroid surgery was easy for every surgeon to perform, we wouldn't be in business because nobody would have the need to travel across the country to have us do their operation. If parathyroid surgery were easy, surgeons from dozens of major universities from around the US wouldn't come here for us to remove their tumor--or the tumor from their wife. Yet we operate on a surgeon several times per week and a doctor at least once per DAY. However, parathyroid surgery can be done very successfuly if you do it 15 or 16 times every day. Parathyroid surgery is NOT easy if you do it once every couple of weeks. Our surgeons have performed over 60,000 parathyroid operations. They work together as a team so you have at least two of the most experienced parathyroid surgeons in the world. We can't do everybody's operation, but please, be wise and pick a surgeon that does parathyroid surgery at least once per week. This is routine for us because is all we do. Check out our MAP, it shows where our patients come from. Some of them live within a few blocks of you!

Thyroid Nodules.

Often parathyroid patients will need a part of their thyroid removed during their thyroid operation (about 22% of our past 50,000 patients had a thyroid problem that we addressed with some form of thyroid nodule removal during their parathyroid operation). Nearly 75% of patients with a parathyroid tumor will also have a thyroid nodule--it is very common to have thyroid nodules (heck our surgeons have thyroid nodules themselves!). Most thyroid nodules are ho-hum, benign, normal lumps and bumps that we all get as we get older. Most thyroid nodules should be left alone. We perform ultrasound in the operating room while you are asleep so we can evaluate your thyroid. We then look and feel every patient's thyroid gland (Our doctors have seen more thyroid glands than any other doctors in the world). If a thyroid nodule is worrisome in any way and needs to be removed, then we remove it. Again, this is routine for us because of our high volume. Almost all patients that require the removal of a thyroid nodule or even an entire thyroid lobe (one half of the thyroid) will go home within 3 hours. Patients with thyroid problems in addition to parathyroid problems get the same treatment as those with just a parathyroid problem (same anesthesia in almost all cases, same incision, etc). We remove thyroid nodules and thyroid masses 4-5 times per day in patients that have thyroid nodules in addition to their parathyroid tumor. It usually adds a few minutes to the operation. Thus, if you are told "you cannot have mini-parathyroid surgery because you have a thyroid nodule", then know this depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon. Occasionally we will have a patient spend the night if we have to remove a very large thyroid goiter during the parathyroid operation (about 1 in 500 patients spends the night in the hospital). Patients over 250 pounds will sometimes need an incision about 1.5 inches long. However, almost all patients that have a thyroid nodule can have their thyroid nodule removed at the time of their mini-parathyroid operation--still through the same 1-inch incision, still with a near 100% cure rate, still expecting to go home in a few hours, and still without the need for general endotracheal anesthesia. The bottom line is safety... not speed... and not statistics. "Safety Trumps Convenience". All patients are treated as individuals and get personalized care that is tailored to their specific problem and their overall health. Nobody has seen more parathyroid disease than us. Nobody has seen more thyroid nodules than us... we deal with thyroid nodules all day long! One final note: we do not have a 100% cure rate, but there is no question that our cure rate is the highest in the world and is over 99%. IMPORTANT: Throughout this site we talk about Dr Norman, Dr Ruan, Dr Mitchell, Dr Parrack, Dr Carling, and Dr Rhodes in the same sentence. This is because at least two surgeons take part in the care of almost all patients in the operating room, although only one of them will have a consultation with to discuss your disease and potential treatments. You can expect to spend time with two or three of our surgeons at the hospital prior to your operation. This is when the formal decision to operate is made, and when the extent of the operation is decided (to include thyroid tumors, etc). Virtually every patient has two of our surgeons participating in their formal, in-person consultation to decide on surgery, and also during the actual operation. Thus patients get the benefit of having two or more extremely experienced surgeons. We'd venture to say, there is nothing in parathyroid disease that we have not seen--several times! Two or three doctors will spend time with you at the hospital, and will perform your operation as a team. Final clarification: The consultation is by one of six doctors, but the surgery is performed by two surgeons together.

We really like our patients to watch the video of Dr Norman operating. Is is a great teaching video that answers a lot of questions. These are bloodless operations, clean, with a very small incision. The entire operation takes only 13 minutes and we evaluate all four parathyroid glands, removing TWO tumors (when the scan only showed one). This is why you want a surgeon who looks at all four.

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