Patient: Incredible experience from start to finish

Highly recommend the Norman Parathyroid Center as the best place for Parathyroid surgery. The whole experience from the first contact to discuss having surgery there, through the follow-up after returning home, was handled very professionally, respectfully, and friendly. Everyone who assisted us on the day of our surgery was very helpful. The minimally invasive procedure went very well with no recovery issues. I am very pleased with the entire experience. The Normam Parathyroid Center has a great team that clearly understands their mission, and work together seamlessly to ensure success. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Patient: One week post op, and cannot believe the positive change in my life!

Doctors' Luke Watkins and Drew Rhodes

I am one week post op, and cannot believe the positive change in my life.
I feel so much younger, with no fatigue, pain in my hips, wrist, legs, and most of all no choking.
Until now, I never heard of Parathyroid Disease and the devastating things it does to your body.

I have seen many doctors and none were able to diagnose what was causing all my problems.
After many tests, scans, x-rays, etc., were done, still no answers.
I even had one doctor ask; "if at my age of 85, did I really want to find out why I was having these problems?"

Well... I changed doctors.
My new doctor requested blood test, e-rays, scans, etc. and she discovered that I had elevated calcium and PTH levels.
She recommended that I call Dr. Lucas Watkins at the Norman Clayman Endocrine Inst. Parathyroid Center.
My first contact with the Parathyroid Center and Dr. Watkins was very positive, compassionate and a professional experience.

Dr. Watkins called me and patiently explained what Parathyroid Disease is and the effects it has on my life; he said surgery would be less than hour long, scarless and I could expect a 99% cure.
The day of surgery was one I will never forget...

From the moment I walked through the door of the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery and seeing the beautiful, immaculate surroundings; to the greeting from the receptionist, was one of exceptionalism.

The efficiency of your center, your colleagues, team, and the unmatched expertise of Drs Watkins and Rhodes, who removed three tumors, and have given me a new lease on life.

You have touched my heart, and I want to say thank you to everyone.
I would recommend to anyone who is experiencing fatigue, aches and pains in your hips, wrist, legs or choking, to have your calcium and PTH levels checked and if they are high.
Then make a call to the Norman Parathyroid Center and Dr. Lucas Watkins or Dr. Drew Rhodes who have unmatched expertise and professionalism in the field of Parathyroid/Endocrine Surgery.

Thank you sincerely!

Patient: D.R. Broken Arrow, OK. Physician (Emergency Room Doctor).

It has been four months since my surger, but I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to you and all your wonderful staff for giving me my life back. The most immediate changes I experienced was within days... "no more bone pain". I had bone pain night and day. I would wake up all the time with pain and had been taking lots of Tylenol and Motrin nightly. This is all gone and continues to be gone months out since my surgery. My aches and pains are gone!

I cannot tell you how much this has helped me sleep. Now more then 4 months out of surgery my blood pressure is normal again, and my lipid profile is normal again. I have checked more than once, and it is amazing the changes. I have suffered from depression and it is gone! Another interesting change is very noticeable is my need for food every 1 1/2 to 2 hours for hypoglycemia and mood issues... this has changed. I use to get lots of heartburn.. NO MORE. I got lots of heart palpitations... all gone months later still... I mean this has changed my life!

As an Emergency Physician I have shared with many my colleagues and told them my experience and have been able to educate lots of people about hyperparathyroidism and feel I know a lot about this now --when even as a physician, I was very ignorant at one time. My ignorance left me suffering for years ignoring my slightly abnormal calcium and having lots of other explanations for my other symptoms... Again, thanks so much! You all do great are helping so many people, I am very grateful and will continue to share my experience with my patients, when appropriate, and others... God Bless...

Patient: P.W. Dallas, Texas. Physician (Dermatology)

I initially found Dr. Norman on the internet, but my search did not stop there. I also spoke to several surgeons in my area who knew of Dr. Norman and spoke very highly of him..."he's the parathyroid guru" they all said. I then spent some time talking with Dr. Norman on the telephone so that he could address many of the questions that I had. Dr. Norman and I e-mailed each other many times so that he could assess all of my concerns. When my husband and I arrived at the hospital in Tampa, there were patients there from all over the world who were anticipating their surgeries. Dr. Norman's reputation goes far beyond Florida - far beyond the United States.

I know that "finding a doctor on the internet" seems like a "new fangled way" of handling things. I would suggest, however, that in this modern age when we bank on line, invest on line, and even attend universities on line, it is consistent that we would find our medical experts this way, as well. There are also web sites on which you can check all doctors' credentials, affiliations and legal status. I went to several of these sites to "check out" Dr. Norman and received only the greatest feedback.

I had never had surgery in my life. The closest I had ever come was a long manicure so I was tense and fearful. I must tell you that the parathyroid surgery was soooooooo very easy. It took about 15 minutes. I had surgery on a Thursday, had dinner in a very nice restaurant that night, toured Tampa on Friday and was back in my office seeing patients of my own on Monday morning!

I'm terribly "hung up" about cosmetics and appearances; I was worried that I wouldn't be able to deal with having a scar. Well, my surgery was in the middle of October and for months now, I haven't been able to find the scar. I can't even find it. My husband can't even find it. What a relief! I cannot recommend Dr. Norman more highly. I am so happy about what he did for me and for my future.

Patient: R.T., Palm Coast, FL

Dear Drs. Carling and Mitchell:

Words cannot express how grateful I feel for the level and quality of care I received during my recent parathyroid surgery. Having had three prior parathyroid operations and a neck fusion, I approached this procedure with a bit of trepidation. The entire experience and interaction with every staff member helped to put me at ease.

Dr. Mitchell, your exceptionally thorough explanation prior to surgery, and your diligent follow up were so helpful to both Jennifer and me. We were no impressed with the collaboration between you and Dr. Carling and Boone, and I was so reassured this would be different than all my prior experiences.

While it is never good to hear the words, "your biopsy came back positive for cancer" I am so grateful that you took the initiative and had the foresight to test what appeared suspicious to you. Thank you so much for the incredible investment you make in patient care, and for the kind, compassionate follow up. You have certainly made a very positive impact in our lives!

Patient: P.B. San Diego, California.

Dear Drs. Norman, Mitchell and Watkins, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the treatment you provided me. It was just as described on your remarkable website. The personal attention, clear communications, and caring treatment I received far exceeded my experiences with any other doctors. Living in San Diego with its plentiful medical facilities, I never expected I would need to go elsewhere for medical treatment.

When my parathyroid disease was diagnosed, I visited one of the city’s top endocrinologists. He referred me to a local surgeon as well as noted (when I asked) that he knew of your practice and spoke highly of it. But he left it to me to choose. I visited the local surgeon and his approach was as you described might occur, wait until he could identify which gland was diseased and be prepared for a much more invasive operation. That made little sense to me, based on your explanation on your website, and just common sense. For the first time, I realized that I needed to take responsibility for my own healthcare decisions and not blindly follow another’s recommendations. I read every detail on your website, and it seemed too good to believe. My first reaction, due to my cautiousness and skepticism was to question whether the site was more of an infomercial. But as I dug further it was clear that you were trying to convey as much information as possible in as clear a fashion as possible. I learned so much from you!

I consulted with a good friend, Dr Kelman, the Chief Medical Doctor for Medicare, and he encouraged me to visit you.I’m certainly glad that I did. My wife, Jane and I, enjoyed a great dinner just hours after the operation, and the recovery is going just as you described. There is nobody better and it is clear why so many people from all over the world come to see you. I'm doing great and it's only been a few weeks! I’m forever grateful for your work.

Patient: P.S. Malibu, California. Physician (Internal Medicine)

When I found out that my calcium was high I started learning about hyperparathyroidism and was amazed at what I learned. It is obvious to me now now that this is why I'm tired all the time and feel like life is passing me by. I have a hormone producing tumor and it is ruining my life (and slowly killing me it turns out). Knowing that I had to "get the tumor out of my neck that was killing me" (taken from the music video which is AMAZING!), I was looking for a qualified surgeon. I'm a doctor and know that not all doctors are trustworthy or talented. OH BOY, do I know this! However, the dozens of testimonials online (this page) seemed a little hard to believe. Could this many doctors really be traveling to Tampa from all over the US for parathyroid surgery? I live in the Los Angeles area and surely there are doctors here that can do this simple operation. I asked my endocrinologist and he told me right to my face: "If it was my neck, and my vocal cords, you better believe I'd go to the guys who do this all day long, every day. The guys in Tampa do 100 times more than we do." When I got my sestamibi scan performed at UCLA, the technician who was doing my scan told me that when people don't get cured at UCLA that "They all go to Tampa... That's where they all go for their second operation." That was enough for me. I'd rather go there for my first operation instead of my second.

Well, now I'm one week post op and I can't believe what a change has occurred in my life! I feel 10 years younger in one week! First, allow me to say that the system Jim (Dr Norman) has set up is the most efficient medical system in the world. Everybody should be doing things this way: use computers, and data, and information to help make the diagnosis and stop getting scans, and tests, and office visits that accomplish nothing. Every step of the process was amazingly efficient. When I got to the Parathyroid Center at Tampa General Hospital I was pleasantly surprised to find it as beautiful and clean as it was on Facebook. Everything was perfect. I met Dr Deva (the lady surgeon) and then met Jim (Dr Norman). Both of them participated in my 17 minute operation and when I woke up, I actually saw dolphins swimming and feeding in the ocean. I'm not making this up! It really was that simple and "pure" of an experience. I left the hospital 1 hour and 22 minutes after getting out of the operating room. I had a photo of my tumor and a report that all three other glands were normal. I knew from my research that the only way to assure that I was going to be cured and not need another operation was to have them look at all four parathyroid glands and when I knew that this was done an incredible peace came over me. A peace that I haven't had in years, knowing that the reason I felt bad, and was not enjoying life was behind me. I had a photo of the "punk parathyroid gland" that was making me sick. After leaving the hospital I went back to the hotel and slept for about 2.5 hours, and then went to a late lunch.
If you can get to Tampa, then do it. Everybody that can get to Tampa for their surgery does so. People from all over the world were there on the day I was there. Keep reading. Be smart, and as Jim says: "Take your Ferrari to the Ferrari dealer". My body is the only Ferrari I will ever have, and the Norman Parathyroid Center is the Ferrari dealer of parathyroid glands!

Patient: B.Y.Detroit, Michigan, Educator

In my early 60’s, I had calcium in the 9’s.During the past several years, it gradually increased to 11.0. It was often between 10.3 and 10.7 and was up and down a lot. Finally, at age 69, I made a solo trip to the Norman Parathyroid Center and I want to share my incredible experience.My physicians had told me that my calcium was just a little high and could not possibly cause me any problems. For years, I had chronic fatigue. I did not sleep well. I lost interest in many things that I used to enjoy, primarily because I was so tired.The bones in my legs and arms often hurt. I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2002 and this condition continued to worsen though I was taking calcium and Fosamax. I had occasional heart arrhythmias.For a long time, I just did not feel very well. I learned that I would benefit from getting the tumor out of my neck. A tumor…and in my neck? A few weeks later, I flew to Tampa for parathyroid surgery (January, 2015). As many patients report, everything you read on the web site is true. Dr. Norman and his colleagues are absolutely the best. They and their staff take great care of their patients. My surgery lasted 18 minutes. Drs. Norman removed a parathyroid tumor and also a second gland that was not dormant as it should be in the presence of an adenoma. The doctors also removed a thyroid nodule.

Now, two months after surgery, my calcium is 9.2. I am not tired. Bone pain is gone. No heart arrhythmias. No more leg cramps. I go to sleep when I go to bed and I sleep soundly all night. I wake up rested, feel just great, and have plenty of energy. Wow!!! Thank you, Drs. Norman and everyone who is a part of your incredible team!

I was one of the 20% of patients with hyperparathyroidism to have high calcium but normal parathyroid hormone (PTH) level. They call it “inappropriately normal”. This situation apparently confuses many doctors, including mine! I learned that if you are over 40 years old and have high calcium, regardless of your PTH level, you most likely have a tumor in your neck. The nonsense of saying that “we will keep an eye” on your high calcium level is simply another way of saying that you can continue feeling bad and having a host of nasty symptoms that will get worse. If you have high calcium, you absolutely need to consult with the expert doctors in Tampa.

When patients go to Tampa, not everybody has family members who can come with us. I know some people don’t like to travel alone, but this is a very easy trip by yourself. So don't worry about that!When you arrive at the Tampa airport, catch a taxi to your hotel. The cost is $25. Stay at one of the hotel partners of the Norman Parathyroid Center. They are listed on the web site and you get a discount. When I checked in, the hotel receptionist said, “Oh, you are here to see Dr. Norman and his team?” Then she began to talk about how wonderful he and the other doctors are. I said “yes, I know, that’s why I am here!” The hotel will arrange your transportation to Tampa General Hospital. Either you take a shuttle or a taxi, depending on the time you need to be at the hospital. The Parathyroid Center has individual safes where you can leave your purse and other valuables while you are getting your scan and having your surgery. When your surgery is over and you are ready to leave, a nurse will call your hotel and the shuttle will come get you. Then you go back to the hotel, do whatever you feel like doing, and then get ready to live again.It is all very simple and the outcome is absolutely wonderful! t has amazed me how many people have expressed surprise that I would travel alone to Tampa for surgery. When I entered the Norman Parathyroid Center at 5:00 a.m., the receptionist said to me, “Are you alone?” I said, “Yes, I am.”She responded, “Well, you are not alone now. We are all here for you.” She was 100% correct and I will forever be 100% grateful.

Patient: X.X. Boston Massachusetts. Harvard's Brigham & Woman's Hospital. Anesthesiologist

Dear Jim, Tobias, and team. I'm writing this specifically for your testimonial page (thanks for keeping my name off the web). I'm an anesthesiologist at Brigham & Woman's Hospital (and occasionally at Mass General), which of course are Harvard's main 2 hospitals. When I needed parathyroid surgery myself, I did a lot of research--and everybody I asked said I had to go to Tampa.

I knew I didn't want to be operated on at Harvard (where I work) for four reasons. First we don't do very many of these, probably about 2 per week. This lack of experience is reason enough--which leads to the second problem--our surgeons struggle through every parathyroid surgery. They tell the patient that the incision will be small and the operation quick, but they always have trouble finding the tumor and always make the incision bigger. Heck, these same surgeons were doing stomach surgery yesterday and colon cancer surgery the day before. They have no real expertise in parathyroid surgery--none perform more than 1 parathyroid surgery per week. They always take 2-3 hours to do every parathyroid surgery--I personally have performed the anesthesia on several parathyroid surgeries that took 4 or even 6 hours. They send of all sorts of specimens to the pathologist so the pathologist can look under the microscope to tell if they found a normal gland, or was it just a lymph node or piece of fat. They then make us (the anesthesiology team) draw blood and send it to the lab so they can measure the PTH hormone. This is the dumbest test I have ever seen--it makes the surgeons struggle intellectually when the test gives them results that don't make sense. In the meantime, the patient is under anesthesia for 35 minutes doing nothing (or worse yet, a resident is picking at their neck tissues while the attending surgeon leaves the operating room and goes to get a cup of coffee waiting for the blood PTH level to return). This brings up the third reason I refused to have my parathyroid surgery at my own hospital--they let resident surgeons and fellows perform this surgery while the attending surgeon (the surgeon that the patient thinks will be doing their surgery) helps and guides (if they are present). I understand that future surgeons need to learn how to perform parathyroid surgery, but some of them can't tie their own shoes and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let them learn to operate on me. Lastly, the reason why I knew I didn't want to be operated here is because the doctors here simply can't answer the hard questions. After reading for only 1 hour, I knew in my heart that I knew more about hyperparathyroidism than the surgeons (and endocrinologist) here at Harvard, I knew I had to find an expert to perform my surgery (all my scans were negative---I know "stop getting scans"!) LOL.

After everybody (even our radiologists told me to go to Tampa) kept bringing up your name, I called Tampa General Hospital and talked to the head anesthesiologist there (Dr Dev Mangar). He gladly took my call and raved about you and your team. His group provides all the anesthesia for your thousands of parathyroid operations per year, and he vowed that you really do between 11 and 15 parathyroid operations every day, that you never have residents in the operating room, and that all your patients go home within an hour or two. Frankly, I couldn't believe how he raved about you and your team, and how efficient the process was, how nice the facility was, and how incredible you were (and your partners) were at this operation. He said I would be blown away by how good you guys were.

So, last month I came and had my operation with you. I arrived at the hospital at 05:10, registered, met with my surgeons, changed my clothes, got an IV in my arm, met with you, had my sestamibi scan (took 15 minutes), met with you, Jose, and the anesthesia team again, went to the operating room (I was not intubated), had my operation (16 minutes total time), went to the recovery room (with my wife), met with Jose and you again briefly 2-3 more times as you chat with everybody, and left the hospital to go back to my hotel at 09:17. I had a photograph of my tumor, and a measurement of my PTH hormone levels. I napped for 2 hours and then went to lunch with my wife at a street-side cafe. That's it. Cured. A bandaid on my neck.

Jim, Doug, and Jose, you have mastered this operation--and the entire process. God has blessed you, and through you, you bless thousands of others every year. You have no bigger fan in all the world. Please post this online so others can learn from my experience, and see what it's like for doctors facing parathyroid surgery. One last thing--my fatigue has gone away completely! I'm a new man! WOW!

Patient: D.S. Denver, Colorado. Physician (Internal Medicine)

Dear Jim and Jamie, It has been 2 months since you removed my parathyroid tumor (October, 2nd) and I can't begin to tell you what a difference this has made in my life! I'm a new person! As you will remember, my calcium levels have been between 10.0 and 10.9 for the past 7 years. I've been seeing an endocrinologist here in Denver who is supposed to be very good at parathyroid problems. She said "your calcium is not that high, it can't be making you feel bad... we can just watch it until it gets higher". Boy o boy am I angry with her. Screaming mad! Nothing could be further from the truth! I've come to the conclusion that she knows NOTHING about parathyroid disease and is just repeating something she heard in medical school some 25 years ago.

After one of my patients came to Tampa to have her parathyroid tumor removed and she told me how much better she was feeling I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had actual data that proved my patient was better. She was taking 3 blood pressure medicines that I put her on, along with some GERD medications and even an anti depressant (Paxil). Within 3 months of her parathyroid surgery I stopped 2 of her blood pressure medications, as well as her GERD pills and the Paxil. This woman became 10 years younger in 3-4 months right in front of my eyes! When she told me how much better she felt, and I had real medical data showing how much healthier she was, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and ignore the advice of my (IGNORANT) endocrinologist and have MY parathyroid tumor taken out too. Of course, knowing that this can be tricky surgery, I went to Tampa so I could have a simple operation without complications.

Well, in the past two months I've become 10 years younger too. My blood pressure is lower. My hair has stopped falling out. My fatigue is completely gone--I used to be so tired all the time, forcing myself to have the energy to keep working past noon every day. I can work like I used to, and I enjoy my job like I used to. I remember you told me at the hospital just before my operation "these tumors take away the joy of life". You were so right! Even my heart palpitations are completely gone!

We have so much teaching to do. I'm so disappointed in my peers (other doctors) who know so little about hyperparathyroidism and how it makes people feel bad. I wish every endocrinologist could get a parathyroid tumor so they would realize how these darn little tumors ruin people's lives. John and I will forever be indebted to you and your team for what you have done for me, and what you are doing for so many people. May God continue to bless you!

Patient: E.S. Queens, New York. Medical Oncologist / Hematologist (Physician)

Dear Dr Norman: This letter is written for the purpose of posting on web site. Thank you very much for the superb parathyroid operation you performed on September 1st. You changed my life dramatically!! I can walk without difficulties for the first time in years. My muscle and bone pain went away immediately after the surgery (editorial note: bone pain usually goes away within 12 to 24 hours after the operation--it is often very dramatic).

I was very apprehensive about having this parathyroid operation. My anxiety level was unbearable. As a doctor, I was very afraid of surgery and it took me many years to finally choose a doctor. Now I know, not only emotionally but also intellectually, that there is no one better, more intelligent, more experienced, more talented, and more skillful than you are at taking care of parathyroid problems.

Before I decided to go to Tampa, I explored many medical centers between New York and New England, where - I thought - the best medicine had been practiced. You alone have done more parathyroidectomies this year than entire departments of some of the centers I reviewed had done in the past three decades! My choice became obvious. Besides having the most experienced surgeon, I also wanted the most intelligent one. Having searched the web for months and reading your publications in medical journals (I see you publish in medical journals every 2 months or so--far more than anybody else), so I decided to ask you for help.

I had a cystic rib lesion and consequently pathological rib fracture a number of years ago. Blood tests confirmed the diagnosis of Primary Hyperparathyroidism. Surgery was never my option since I was so much aware of possible complications. I had to work and never had time to become sick. Having experienced multiple kidney stones in the past, recent bone fractures, and at the end severe muscle and joint pain, I started to realize that something was very wrong. My symptoms worsened which forced me to overcome some of my anxiety and pursue treatment.

I had never found a doctor I could trust in this matter. I was very frightened. I was sure that all the letters from your previous patients were too good to be true. I was wrong. Everything is real. You are an amazing doctor and I felt comfortable from the very first moment I saw you. During the operation you found a massive tumor ( 8 x 4 x 2 cm.) lying against the deep cervical spine, displacing the esophagus and carotid arteries. It took you 14 minutes to save my life. YOU ARE SUCH A GENIUS!! Needless to mention that my scar is unnoticeable, and I never required any pain medications.

I was very impressed by professionalism and kindness of every single person whom I encountered at Tampa General Hospital. My special appreciation goes to your anesthesia team. Before this surgery I was SO AFRAID of going to the operating room and fortunately I do not even remember being there. I regained my awareness in the recovery room finding one inch tape on my throat. No words can express my gratitude. I am so happy that you agreed to be my doctor. Please feel free to give my telephone numbers and/or email address to anyone who is still hesitating. Thank you Jim. You are a blessing to so many people.

Patient: G.S. Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Internal Medicine Physician.

I am a 62 year old physician. In April, 2006 while undergoing routine labs a slightly high serum calcium was noted incidentally. I had had many previous normal calciums, and so didn’t think much about it. Although for years I had been treated for hypertension, and recently my pressure swings were wildly up and down. Moreover, I had trouble concentrating, I had muscle cramping, and severe acid reflux. Although it seems so patently obvious to me now, sadly, neither me nor my internist put the picture together at that time. I resolved to get a repeat calcium in three months. Three months later, my calcium was again slightly high. Not enough to be alarming, and easily dismissed by a lot of physicians. At this point, the possibility of a parathyroid adenoma entered the picture since my parathyroid hormone was high. Fortunately, I had not yet developed osteoporosis or kidney stones, but those would have surely followed.

Knowing that parathyroid surgery was the only viable option, I made inquiry with my local general surgeon, an excellent practitioner whom I would trust for all general surgery. The plan was clear. He did 1-2 per year. It required a 4-8 inch neck incision, dissection and exploration of all 4 parathyroid glands under general anesthesia, taking 3-4 hours, followed by a two-three day hospital stay, not to mention the risk of hypocalcemia or recurrent laryngeal nerve injury (voice box nerve injury). And, he would only give me a 90% or so cure rate. There had to be a better way. So I took the advice I had been giving my patients for 30 years: Your health is way too important to leave to doctors. You take control of it, the same way that you meticulously research buying a car.

An internet search took me to Dr Norman and his team. I read his extensive parathyroid web site, and the mini-parathyroid procedure he did to remove the adenoma. Now I am by nature a skeptic. If something is too good to be true, it generally is. And I believed that there were no secrets in medicine. Everyone has access to the same drugs, the same techniques. Why should there be this technological gap between my surgeon at home and Dr. Norman?

Fortunately, I had access to the entire world of medicine. I was not shy about getting on the phone and calling endocrine specialists around the country, as well as the best surgical clinics in the world. I must have spoken to a dozen specialists, most of whom had first hand experience and had nothing but praise. Anyone who is doing 15 or more of these procedures daily, had to be the real deal. My own internist had seen less than 10 parathyroid patients in 30 years, which probably explained why other surgeons didn’t bother to learn a technique that they would only rarely use.

The rest was easy. I called Dr. Norman’s office and they had the ball rolling immediately. The forms were filled out, the records sent, Dr. Politz called me at home to discuss my concerns, and the surgery was scheduled. The techniques of fighting with your insurance company must be left to another chapter. Suffice to say, your insurance company is interested in the money, not the best treatment for you. They want the perception of caring, without actually giving a damn except for the dough. The whole package in Tampa was one-third what it would have cost at home. This got the insurance company’s attention, and I only had to invoke the name of the State Insurance Commissioner a few times. At Tampa General, the day of surgery, I was the 8th parathyroid surgery case that day. I joined the other patients in the waiting room, all clutching our boxes of calcium tablets. In turn, I was taken to the scanner. IMPORTANT: By the way, don’t even get a sestamibi scan at home. Chances are it’s a waste. The scanner in Tampa is higher resolution, and the tech is more skilled at visualizing the glands. So save time and money, and just get scanned in Tampa. Your symptoms and your chemistries make the diagnosis, and Drs. Politz and Norman will review those results and tell you if you need an operation. I was glad I had made that decision.

Prior to surgery Dr. Norman went over the scan with me, explained the procedure, answered my questions, and introduced me to the OR team. I was given a light anesthesia, and 16 minutes later a walnut-sized parathyroid adenoma was removed, and an incidental benign thyroid nodule was removed. I left the hospital in the early afternoon with a picture of my tumor, was ambulatory the whole day, and enjoyed Cuban food in Ybor City that night. No pain medications were necessary. Dr. Norman gave me his phone numbers, and called me that night, although everything was uneventful. Now here is the part everyone needs to know. Within 24 hours, my acid reflux was gone. Within 24 hours, my muscle cramping had disappeared. I am now three weeks after surgery, and I am off all anti-hypertensive medications. My blood pressure has been normal ever since surgery. I was having trouble concentrating, especially reading. And that symptom has also resolved. To say this is life-altering surgery is an understatement.

Anyone has to be out of their mind, to have the traditional parathyroid surgery when this technique is available. The older technique should be banned as an outdated malpractice. When this minimally invasive surgery is so readily available, the more invasive and extensive surgery should be considered a battery on the patient. Your insurance company can fly you there, pay for the hotel stay and meals, and throw in a few tickets to a Buccaneer game, and they will still be far ahead. Don't worry, that won't happen.

Thank you to Drs. Mitchell and Rhodes for a job well done. For anyone who has hyperparathyroidism and would like to discuss this personally with me, please do not hesitate to call. I have given the Norman Parathyroid Clinic permission to release my phone number on request.

Patient: J.T.Tel Aviv, Israel. Physician (Surgeon)

Dear Jim (you kindly asked me to address you by your first name when we met prior to my surgery), I am back in Israel following my surgery on the 7th of March, 2015. I told you I would write to tell you how I feel… in a few words, I feel great! I feel 10 years younger! I should like to convey to you and to your entire (superb) staff my profound gratitude. I am most impressed by the singular combination of professional prowess and human empathy displayed by you and your entire staff. For that, and for much more, I will forever be grateful to you and to them. Traveling half-way around the world was worth it... I'd make the same decision in a minute. Nobody is better!

Patient: R.S. Los Angeles, California. Physician (Surgeon)

I've asked Jim and Doug to put my story online so others don't make the mistake I made. I am a surgeon and so I know that you are supposed to pick the most experienced, talented parathyroid surgeon you can find since parathyroid surgery can be very difficult in some circumstances. But, my scan was positive! How hard can this be, right? I can see the spot on my scan and all I have to do is to go to one of the surgeons here in LA that claims to be an expert. He told me "I can do what Dr Norman does". So two months ago I let him operate on me. What I didn't realize is that 1) a positive scan can be misinterpreted, and 2) at least 50% of the positive scans are incorrect--many of them are showing THYROID nodules and not parathyroid nodules. Well, Dr Bozo (what I call him now), couldn't find the parathyroid tumor. He operated on me for 4.5 hours. I have a huge scar. I had to spend the night in the ICU. He removed two of my normal parathyroid glands and half of my normal thyroid gland. When it was over he explained the hormone level dropped lots, so he thinks he cured me (even though Dr Bozo never actually removed a parathyroid tumor he was "hoping" I was cured). I wanted to scream at him, but couldn't because my voice was weak!

Damn was I angry! I was spittin' Mad! The day I was released from the hospital (2 days after my "mini" parathyroid operation) I called Jim (Dr. Norman) who returned my call right away. Two months later I was in Tampa, and just like it says on the website, I was cured within a few hours of my arrival for my first and only visit with these amazing surgeons. Dr Bozo couldn't find my tumor after 4.5 HOURS of operating, yet Jim and Doug had my tumor removed, analyzed, hormone measured, and photographed within 4 MINUTES of starting my operation. The entire operation took less than 11 minutes, and they only used the middle part of my big, ugly scar. I'm not kidding--I left the hospital 45 minutes later!

When a surgeon tells you "I can do what Dr Norman does", just look them in the eye and laugh. That is absurd. Of the 14 parathyroid operations Jim and Doug performed the day I was there, FOUR of them had been operated on by some other Dr Bozo and not cured. All of us had half of our normal thyroid removed, and all of us had at least one normal parathyroid gland removed. One lady still could not talk. Nobody can do what these guys do. Don't be fooled by a positive scan. Don't let your local guy tell you he can do this operation because the scan is positive. The scan is wrong more than it is right--yours will be wrong like mine 50-60% of the time! Then what are you going to do? Let Dr Bozo explore for a few hours? Nobody can do what these guys do. Don't play around. Bad outcomes can be really, really bad.

Patient: J.Y. Columbus, Ohio. Physician (ENT Surgeon).

Hello Dr. Norman (Jim)--I will be 3 weeks post op this Thursday from my 16-minute parathyroid operation, and am doing very well. The wound is healed and it is already almost invisible and as a head/neck surgeon, I could not be more satisfied and impressed. I feel very very good! You and your guys do wonderful work and I can't thank you enough, especially for putting me on your schedule and fixing me so quickly and efficiently. You are indeed a Prince among men! Everyone in your organization/office and at Tampa General were just terrific, professional and competent. Below is the lab work I got back today--It shows I am cured.... Of course, I knew I was cured by how good I am feeling. Thanks to you!

Patient: XX.Physician (Family Practice). Nebraska

Hi Dr. Norman! I am feeling great after my surgery on June 6th, 2012! I think you will recall that I am a Family Medicine doc in NE. I am so glad I made the trip to Tampa to have you fix this problem for me!

I have come across an interesting case that I was hoping to get your input. I am not really satisfied with what the endocrinologist is saying after this work-up. It is clear that this patient of mine has hyperparathyroidism, but because the scan is negative the endocrinologist wants to wait. Editor’s note, It is unfortunate that many endocrinologists don't know much about hyperparathyroidism. They just were never taught what to do, and when doctors don't know what to do, they do nothing. If you think you have a parathyroid problem and the endocrinologist wants to "watch it for a while", then 1) get another opinion, or 2) download the Calcium-Pro app. The app will help clarify the diagnosis and will help you understand what to do.

Patient: D.S. Washington, DC. United States Congressman.

Dr Norman, Since my parathyroid surgery in early October, I am amazed at how different I feel. Life as a congressman can be very trying with many people pulling you in many directions. I was feeling so bad but I thought it was just the stress of my job. When my doctor told me that my high calcium could be causing me to be miserable I was astonished. Now that you removed my tumor (in 14 minutes I might add!), the extreme fatigue has disappeared and I no longer desire to sleep during the day. My wife and all of my staff keep asking me if I am tired, not able to believe the sudden change in my life. I also sleep the entire night without waking and the sweats I had during the night are gone. I am back to the land of the living, enjoying life once again. My mind is more clear and my memory is finally back to where it was when I was young! I truly want to thank you for saving my LIFE! Most congressmen have pictures of big money donors on their wall. I have a picture of my parathyroid tumor! You saved my life by taking that thing out of me. You better visit me every time you are in Washington DC!

Patient: C.N. Sun City West, Arizona. Retired CEO.

It has been two weeks since the surgery (April, 2015) so I thought I would report in. WOW, I can't believe how much better I feel. I had no idea how much this little stinker was affecting me! Thank you!

Patient: E.P. San Francisco. Corporate Attorney.

I was your patient on April 3. It has taken a while for me to write to you which is remiss of me. But I wanted to write, if belatedly, to thank you and your team for your compassion, frankness, unmatched expertise and professionalism in dealing with me. I set out below a paragraph that you should feel free to use all or any part of on your website, in your comments section.

If you have been told that you don’t have a parathyroid problem, even by a supposed expert endocrinologist, but your symptoms and PTH/calcium levels suggest otherwise, I beg you to seek a consultation with Dr. Norman and his team. I am a 40-year old mother of two small kids, a full-time attorney and, fortunately, the wife of an inquiring man. I live and work in San Francisco and have access to the leading medical practices there. After my first pregnancy I suffered what I thought was post-partum depression, except that it was not particularly responsive to medication. This did not change, through and after my second pregnancy. I was very irritable, depressed, tired, forgetful etc. A leading psychiatric second opinion diagnosed me with bipolar II and prescribed with me a fluctuating host of anti-psychotic, anti-epileptic and other “mood-balancing” medications, including for over 12 months, lithium. My symptoms were getting worse and worse and, ultimately, led to a suicide attempt. My spouse reviewed my lab results and noticed that my PTH levels were very high and my calcium levels were elevated as well. He researched this (with no medical training) and suggested I had primary hyperparathyroidism. My psychiatrist (who continued to prescribe lithium after this) shrugged and suggested I consult my endocrinologist. My endocrinologist (chief of endo in the leading SF teaching hospital) did a sestamibi scan and, based on his negative conclusion from that scan, told me that I did not have a parathyroid issue and we would continue to watch my elevated calcium but that I should continue to take calcium supplements. (editor's note--scans cannot be used to determine if a person has a parathyroid tumor or not since they cannot see 60% of tumors). In desperation, I contacted Dr. Norman by email and asked for a consultation. Based purely on my lab results (he did not see me for the consultation) he concluded that I had a very old (at least 10-12 years) parathyroid tumor and that, most likely, this was the cause of all my symptoms and that I did not have bipolar, clinical depression or anything else of that nature. In a “what have I got to lose” effort, I flew to Tampa in April 2012. The experience was exactly as described on Dr. Norman’s incredible website. The hotel was friendly and reassuring; the taxi guy the same. The hospital facilities were excellent; Dr. Norman’s team professional but caring. Dr. Norman took the time to talk to me before my surgery and after it, congratulated my husband on his research efforts, and removed my tumor. Though it took a few months, all my symptoms have gone. I am off all of my “mood” medication and I have my life back. When Dr. Norman writes on his website that even endocrinologists who claim to be expert in parathyroid issues are missing this or treating it incorrectly, he is not self-publicizing. I thought perhaps he was, but I assure you that he isn’t. The website you are reading right now is so thorough, so informative. When else have you been given so much information on a condition for free?! Dr. Norman is just passionate about fixing this problem for people. I cannot recommend him and his team highly enough. He is absolutely right – this condition can destroy relationships, destroy you physically and most doctors don’t understand it at all but are too proud to say so. Listen to Dr. Norman. He is telling you the truth. I am not a big believer in blowing people’s trumpets (I am British after all!!) but Dr. Norman really does deserve the praise he is getting on this website. Contact his amazing team! You will not be sorry. Thank goodness there are some Dr. Normans out there, that still care about the patient enough to be passionate about their work.

Patient: I.C. New Haven, Connecticut. Physician (Pathologist)

Norman Parathyroid Center Staff, It is three weeks today that you successfully operated on me to remove my parathyroid tumor (in 16 minutes I must say!). I want to thank you and convey to you my everlasting gratitude. Every day positive changes are taking place in my body. It feels like a heavy fog has been lifted and I am experiencing life anew. I went back to work and my co-workers cannot believe the difference in me, especially after my first failed surgery at Yale. The absolute joy of going to sleep and only waking up the next morning! After years of insomnia! Not being tired all the time! No recurring headaches! My depression is lifting! And very important!! I feel like a woman again. I thought that the sexual side of my life was over. I had no libido at all. I just accepted that I was getting older and sex was not part of my life any more. Well, I am jubilant to report positive changes in this field, as well! THANK YOU! Everybody in your parathyroid team and at Tampa General Hospital are absolutely wonderful, professional, efficient and courteous. Thank you to one and all. God bless you in the the tremendous work that you do.

Patient: M.R. Boston, Massachusetts. Physician (Internal Medicine)

Dear Jim, Two weeks ago today you performed my parathyroid surgery. I have had an excellent recovery and already many of the symptoms I became used to have disappeared, as you said they would. I could never express to you how grateful and appreciative I am for your care. Your entire staff reflects your passion and dedication to your work. Thank you for being so personally involved with every patient. I have never experienced this kind of care. My husband and I have informed all of our doctor friends about your work and how very personal you are with each patient. They are amazed. I am now preparing for the kidney surgeries I must have because we waited to remove the parathyroid tumor. I wish you could be the surgeon! Thank you for your help, dedication and personal care. You have touched my heart and I will never forget you.

Patient: H.L. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Operating Room Nurse.

Dear Dr. Norman, Special thanks to you for the MIRACLE surgery I had in January. Your website is everything it says it is - like going to Disneyland - You and your staff are very professional, friendly, helpful and provide the very BEST of Care anyone would want. Wish there were more Doctors who specialized in just one surgery area so they could perform MIRACLES like you did on me. In 14 1/2 minutes you had a tumor the size of a large kidney bean out of me that had been growing for 10 plus years. In 1-1/2 hours after the tumor was removed my husband & I were on our way to Fort Meyers. The next day we were out picking shells on Sanibel Island. If I would have had the surgery done it in Minnesota it would have been a 3 to 3 1/2 hour surgery with a 3 day stay in the hospital. A recovery from major surgery!!. When we visited with the surgeon here in Minnesota he told us he could not locate the tumor, but they would just open me up and find it...My husband said, We have been looking at the internet and found a Doctor in Florida who performs a dozen of these operations every day"-- the local Doctor stood up, shook my hand and said, "Oh, you know about Dr. Norman in Florida... Well it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion. That’s where I would go!”We said "goodbye" to him and contacted you for local references here in Minnesota as soon as we got home. Within a few days we had heard from 5 very happy people who lived within 20 miles from us in Minneapolis who had wonderful references bragging about their experiences having parathyroid surgery at your center. Since it all seemed too good to be true what is said on the website, talking to these local people made us comfortable about making an application to you for surgery. If you ever want to use me as a reference please feel free as I certainly had a wonderful experience and would want to tell others about it. I have told many, many of my friends about it, usually I am pretty quiet about my health issues, but I am busy telling everyone about parathyroidism and my MIRACLE surgery. Thank you very much Doctors!

Patient: S.C. Denver, Colorado. Physician (Hematology and Oncology)

I am a 42 year old female oncologist writing a letter so others can read my experience with this complex and life-destroying disease. My calcium was high, and of course, I sought out the best parathyroid expert in the country. Everybody I asked told me the same thing... go to Tampa and stop worrying. To be brief, I thought that I didn't have any symptoms... but I knew I had to get the tumor removed anyway. Dr Norman told me that I would be surprised, that a month after the operation I would feel better. I doubted him and kind of laughed at the suggestion. Well, it's now two months later and I can't believe how right he was. The operation took 14 minutes and I went home 1 hour later. I was back to work seeing patients in my office the next day. Within a week I could sense a change. Now, I can't believe it. I am more active, I feel better, I can concentrate more. Even my husband says I've changed. It's hard to describe, but now it seems I was in a fog for a while, and I didn't realize it until the tumor was out. Not a day goes by now that I don't tell another doctor about my experience. If your calcium is high...even a LITTLE high like mine was (10.4 - 10.7), then let Dr Norman take out the tumor and get your life back! Everything people write about him is true... he is THE world's expert in this disease. That's why all the doctors go to see him!

Patient: B.T. Dallas, Texas. Physician (OB-GYN)

Dear Jim and Doug. Wow! You guys are good. The surgeons at my hospital admitted to me that they can't do what you do. Heck, we all know that a surgeon that has done 8000 of any operation is going to have better outcomes than one that does 20 a year. Every one of the surgeons here told me to go to Tampa. Now I understand why. The efficiencies you have in your practice is unlike those in any doctor's office in the country. The team you have put together at Tampa General Hospital is nothing short of incredible. To think that you cured my parathyroid problem with an operation that took only 15 minutes is astonishing. Its now 3 weeks and nobody here can believe I had the operation... the scar is almost invisible already. Thank you for doing what you do. The love your patients show you is very understandable now that I have seen you in action for myself. May God continue to bless you and your families so that you can continue to help people for many years to come. I'll be sending all my patients with parathyroid problems to you... even if I have to buy their airplane ticket for them!

Patient: C.R. Endocrinologist, Chicago, IL

Dear Jim, Doug, and Jose, I've finally scheduled some time out of my busy practice to come get this darn tumor removed out of my neck by you at your world-famous center. I'll see you in a few weeks!

P.S. In medicine, us doctors always get negative feedback from patients but never positive. I sent a patient that had symptoms identical to mine namely Dan C. on whom you operated two months ago. Now in 34 years of practice I have sent many patients to places like the Mayo Clinic but never had one speak as highly of a medical facility or physician and even the staff as they did of you and your facility. Thought you'd like the feedback. You guys are doing a great service for the patients and their doctors !

P.S.S. It is now 2 months after my operation and WOW! You told me I would feel 10 years younger and I was a little skeptical. Every day I'm amazed at how different (better!) I feel. I don't dread going to work any more and I am enjoying my weekends again! I feel really bad about the hundred or so parathyroid patients that I "monitored" for a couple of years because their scan was negative. My scans were negative and you took a huge tumor out of my neck. I will never make that mistake again. You have taught me that scans are way over used and probably should never be ordered by an endocrinologist. As you told me on the day of surgery--scans hurt many more people than they help, all because the scans are done poorly and negative scans confuse people. Thanks for changing my life, and the lives of all of my future parathyroid patients!

Patient: D.W. Surgeon. Boston, MA

Jim and Jose, Please put this letter on your website with the thousands of others. Yes, I'm a surgeon, and yes I went to Tampa to have my parathyroid surgery--like every other doctor does (you had three doctors the day you operated on me). Let me make this point to the people reading this incredible website that saved my life. I'm a surgeon at a one of the most prestigious hospitals in America, in Boston, Massachusetts. Although I do not perform parathyroid surgery, I learned how to do this operation here in Boston and I see this operation performed at my hospital by surgeons who will tell you to your face that they are an expert in parathyroid surgery. I say "nonsense". I know for a fact that no surgeon in Boston will perform 40 parathyroid operations per year, and I know for a fact that no surgeon here would put more than two parathyroid operations on their OR schedule in one day--because these operations can take them 4, 5, or even 6 hours to complete. Even when they are performing "MINI" parathyroid surgery it takes them 2 or 2.5 hours, they intubate their patients using that stupid nerve monitoring endotracheal tube, they put A-lines (a catheter in the artery of the wrist) so they can draw blood and check hormone levels), they perform intraoperative PTH monitoring and then scratch their heads when they don't know what to do about the results, and they send off a dozen frozen section pathology samples because they can't tell the difference between a parathyroid and a lymph node. It is an insult to you and your team for any of these surgeons here (some of whom are good friends of mine!) to say they can do what you can do. It is absurd for them to say they are as good as you guys when you perform more in 4 days than any of them will perform in an entire year. To the people who are reading this on I know it is more expensive to go to Tampa, but when this operation goes bad, it can be very, very bad. Not everybody can go to Tampa, but if you can, just do it. There is a reason why all the doctors in the US who need parathyroid surgery to to Tampa. Follow our lead if you can... then relax and know you are taken care of by the best! And if there is any surgeon in the world that tells you that they can do what the guys in Tampa do, then just laugh at them. That is nonsense.

Patient: J.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Operating Room Nurse.

I am writing to share my opinion about parathyroid surgeons and parathyroid surgery from the perspective a nurse who works in the operating room. I get to watch surgeons perform parathyroid surgery about once every two weeks or so. These are the guys who here at Penn would like you to believe that they are experts in parathyroid surgery. They do breast surgery. They do liver surgery. They do sarcoma surgery. They do pancreas surgery. They do LOTS of melanoma (skin cancer) surgery. These surgeons will tell you that they are "experts"... then why do they do all sorts of operations? Are we supposed to believe that they are experts in every aspect of surgery? I've seen them take almost 8 hours to do a parathyroid operation. Look ladies (and men), don't believe the hype. Surgeons cannot be experts at every type of surgery. Do what I did and go see the experts in Tampa. I did the research and counted all the parathyroid operations that we do here at Penn. Dr Norman did more the week that I had my operation with him (52) than Penn did all year long by 4 different surgeons. I know of two surgeons and 3 nurses here in Philly who went to Tampa for their operation just in the last year. The guys here are OK, but they are not experts. By the way, my operation took 16 minutes--all four parathyroid glands assessed and I was cured. Be smart ladies!!!

Surgeons: GN, DB and MC. Visiting Parathyroid Surgeons.
Hi Jim and Doug, This is an email thank you for the AMAZING experience David, Marc and I had in Tampa and at your Parathyroid Center (July, 2011). David and I have not been able to stop talking about the incredible approach you have to the disease, and your techniques and results. To say that it was the two most educational days of my life is probably an understatement. In all honesty, after what I saw in those two days, I have to say much of what we read in the literature and textbooks about parathyroid disease and parathyroid surgery could do with an update. Everything about your operation is simply better- from your understanding of the disease, the efficiency of your center, the team, the surgical operations, to your results.

Thank you for being so open, and for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the singular goal of making us better parathyroid surgeons. I would also like to express my appreciation and gratitude for your hospitality and generosity while we were there, from the accommodation and meals, to making us part of the “team” at Tampa General. We've heard for years that you guys are the best, but after seeing how you can do what nobody else can do, we remain simply amazed. We are taking all we learned into our practice so we can take better care of our patients the way you do. Again, thank you so much. You guys are amazing!

Patient: R.S. Sacramento, California. Homemaker, Mother of 2 small children:

I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism in December 2003. After visiting three in-network surgeons, and having two negative sestamibi scans, my physicians said a standard bilateral neck parathyroid exploration was my only option. I have two young kids, and was devastated at the prospect of a major operation, a huge incision, and a long recovery. I contacted Dr. Norman, who knew I could have a minimal operation. He does 100% of his operations as mini-operations REGARDLESS of the scan results!

I traveled from California to Florida (3,000 miles!) to have my parathyroid surgery performed by Dr. Norman. After a sestamibi scan was performed at Tampa General Hospital, Dr. Norman was able to determine where my adenoma was located (two previous sestamibi scans at Kaiser hospitals in California were negative). Sixteen minutes and a 3/4 inch incision later, I was cured (sure beats a four hour surgery and an incision up to eight inches!). I left the hospital an hour after the surgery. That evening I was able to have a celebration dinner with my family (at Disney World!), without the need for any pain medication. The whole process (including pre-op, scan, operation AND recovery) took less than 4 hours. It was easier and less painful than going to the dentist! I am thrilled with the results and am very grateful to Dr. Norman. The long trip was well worth it! I can’t believe any doctor would allow a patient to go through the standard operation when there is such an amazing alternative available. I greatly appreciate everything Dr Norman did, from his prompt response to my first email, all the way through his phone call to check on me the evening after my procedure. I am absolutely thrilled with how well the surgery went, and can’t believe how easy (nonexistent) the recovery was. It’s amazing to find a doctor who cares so much about the outcomes of his patients’ surgeries.

Patient: D.G. Altoona, PA. Retired speech pathologist Age 61

my comments are specifically written for folks who log onto this website ( and wonder if everything they read about the Norman Parathyroid Center and Dr. Jim Norman can actually be true. I am writing to tell you IT IS THAT AND MORE. I had successful parathyroid surgery by Drs. Jim and Doug on June 17. My procedure was probably 20 minutes in length and I was in and out of the hospital in less than 2 hours. I had a light lunch 2 hours later and dinner that night. My throat was a little sore, but nothing that could not be handled by Tylenol that day and the ice pack I received. Never in my life have I met a more wonderful, compassionate man than Dr Jim. In addition to his superior surgery skills, he has a fantastic sense of humor that he displays the minute you meet him and continues the entire time you are under his care, both pre and post surgery. His nursing staff and other clinical staff is friendly, comforting and are just downright nice people. They will make you feel special and treat you like family from the moment you complete the application, get the phone call from one of the doctors, schedule your surgery and then have your successful parathyroid operation. We are lucky in the U.S.A. to have such talented surgeons and all round wonderful men as Dr Jim and Dr Doug. If you are diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism you must go NO WHERE else but Tampa, Florida so you are under the care of Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz. Run, walk, fly, motor boat, ski or use any other form of transportation you need to get there but get there! I have 2 friends whom I have encouraged to become patients. One had previous surgery, unsuccessful of course at University of Pittsburgh by a cranky lady surgeon.

I, like many others, was apprehensive the morning of surgery but with their phenomenal bedside manner and comforting words you begin to relax and enjoy the short time you are under his care and the care of the nursing staff.I am one lucky gal who was smart enough to search, find and read this entire website and will unconditionally praise all that he writes and forever spread the word about Dr. Jim and his staff (also check out his TV site as it is also very informative: parathyroid.TV ). Any person reading the information on this website can be re-assured that when you make the decision to become a patient you will be making one of the most important decisions in your life! I guarantee you will not only be cured, but you will be cured in less than 20 minutes and actually feel better within hours of your surgery. Now folks, go back to the home page finish your readings and then scroll down to the 'become a patient' bar and get started. I guarantee that you will, like the thousands of us who have already had surgery, be thankful you went to Tampa and were under the care of Dr. Jim Norman and Dr. Doug Politz.

Dr. Jim, I cannot even begin to express my deep appreciation and respect to you and your team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me. Please feel free to give my email address to anyone who wants to chat. I wish you many blessings and a life filled with much joy and happiness.

Patient: L.G. Physician (Internal Medicine). New Haven, Connecticut.

Dr Norman, Its me!, Dr G. I was one of your parathyroid patients and had my surgery October 10th. Every day I am grateful that I went with you to get it done. Before my surgery I was going through depression, had frequent lower back pain, and just felt bad. Being 52 and this darn tumor made me feel like I was 70. I never knew how to explain it to my family, or my fellow doctors. We all knew my calcium was about 10.7, but we all said to each other "10.7 isn't very high, it can't be causing me to feel this bad". But since nothing else was making me feel better I started reading.I was panicking and had anxiety when I knew I was going to need surgery, fearing for the worst. Everywhere I turned, however, your name came up. Even in our hospital everybody knew "the best guys are in Tampa". I did my research and realized I had to go to you.
About a month later I went to you and I was cured. The experience itself was amazing and easy. I was comforted beyond expectations and I felt safe. The whole process was amazing, smooth, and simple.
Five months have now passed and my outlook on life has changed dramatically. I'm not depressed anymore. I'm off of all my medications. My back pain is gone, and as you told me, "my skies are bluer and my grass is greener." For this I thank you a million times over. Count me as another fellow doctor who would do anything for you. You have changed my life forever in 16 minutes. How fortunate I am to have met you and your wonderful team!

PS, now I know that a calcium of 10.7 will make us adults miserable! I'll not make that mistake again!

Patient: R.F. Augusta, Georgia. Physician (Family Practice).

I am a 49 year old family physician in a group practice of 14 physicians in Augusta, GA who had hyperparathyroidism for approx 5 years prior to my micro-parathyroid surgery with Dr Norman. Being a physician, I knew the standard parathyroid surgery for a parathyroid adenoma was a complicated several hour operation requiring general anesthesia and a prolonged recovery time. The potential complications of loss of voice and hyp 0 parathyroidism worried me. Needless to say, I was not anxious to have the surgery done. For several years, I had talked to multiple doctors and searched the medical literature hoping I could make a rational decision. Eventually learned of Dr Norman and was elated to learn that he had perfected an outpatient procedure which could not only reduce the operative time to less than 20 minutes without the need for general endotracheal anesthesia, but had a reduced complication rate. I was also reassured that he performs over 1800 of these operations per year, many more than any HOSPITAL or UNIVERSITY in the world! One of the most critical parameters in surgeon selection is the number of cases done and this is especially so with surgery involving the parathyroid gland. After years of research, the decision of whom to do my surgery was a most obvious one; Dr Jim Norman.

When I initially contacted Dr Norman, I found that both he and his nurse Kelly were very understanding and answered all my questions. They told me that I would be back seeing my own patients two days after the operation. When I told the other physicians in my group that I would be back to work so soon, I don't think they believed me. They even recommended that I schedule more time out of the office which I did not.

I went for surgery on August 14, and there were absolutely no surprises. I woke up from surgery in very minimal pain. In fact, the only pain was a very mild sore throat. I was discharged from the hospital by 10:00 am (I was Dr Norman's second case of the day) and was eating breakfast with my wife at 10:30 am. I took no medication for pain, not even Tylenol. The afternoon of the surgery I went to a museum, and that evening my wife and I went out for dinner. And yes, to my colleagues' amazement I was at work the following day and saw 26 patients. I expect in the near future they will ask me "I just diagnosed a patient with parathyroid disease. What was the name of that doctor you went to?" I will smile and say to them, "That would be Dr Jim Norman".

Patient: XX. Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Chief of Cardiac Surgery, University of Pennsylvania.

Jim, my story is typical of the other doctors who you operate on every day for parathyroid disease. I had been feeling bad for a couple of years but attributed it to my very hard work schedule. Finally I had my blood checked and we found I had hyperparathyroidism. I immediately asked the head of ENT at our institution and without hesitation he said "you don't want to do this tricky operation here, you have to go to Tampa to see Norman". Of course, I had to check further... aren't all the experts in the northeast, or at least at some major university in the north? So the next day I called one of my buddies who is also a heart surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. He didn't know anything about parathyroid so he said he would ask around for me. He called me back 2 days later and said that everybody he asked didn't hesitate, they all agreed that if they had to have parathyroid surgery they would get their butts on a plane to Tampa.

After seeing the way you have your practice set up, I can see why you are so successful. I was the first of 12 parathyroid operations on a Monday. I had no scans prior to coming to see you (no reason to waste time and money on scans that are not necessary!). Your scan took exactly 10 minutes then we went to the operating room where the entire operation took 17 minutes. In that time you removed the large tumor and proved the other three glands were normal... thus 100% cure rate. My wife and I left the hospital by 10:00 am and we went out for lunch. I was back at work operating on other patients 2 days later, feeling better than I have felt in years. I am amazed and impressed with your skill. I've seen many surgeons in my life, but you are very special and have been blessed beyond what is a natural ability. Thank you for giving me back the joy of my life. It is true, nobody knows what you know about parathyroid disease.

Patient: S.P. Athens, Greece.

Dr Norman, I am the fourth patient from Greece that my university has sent to Tampa, Florida for parathyroid surgery in the past 1 year. All four of us had tumors that they could not find here at any of our hospitals or universities. They said the operation could not be done, or they said it would take 4-8 hours with several days in the hospital. On June 22, you performed my operation in 17 minutes and I left the hospital exactly 1 hour later. The operation was successful, with you providing me a photo of my tumor making over 1150 units of hormone, while the hormone in my blood went down to a meager 4.7 (WOW, what a drop!). Your reputation is world-wide. We can't wait until you open a Norman Parathyroid Center in Europe, so more people can take advantage of your skills and the tremendous knowledge you have of this disease. You have changed many lives--count mine as one of them. I look forward to hosting you and your entire family in Athens in the near future. You must allow my family to repay you and your family!

Patient: J.P. Salt Lake City, Utah. (Pediatrician)

Well, it was one year ago today my wife and I flew to Tampa so that she could have Parathyroid surgery from Dr. Norman on May 18th. In a procedure that lasted about 18 minutes, you cured her parathyroid disease, and helped her feel better than she has for over a decade. As a 44 year old woman, she didn't understand why she lacked energy and seemed to be slowing down. And boy, was she cranky! Now, she has much more energy, gets fewer headaches and migraines, and has a much better disposition than she has had for years. I'm REALLY grateful for that! The tumor that you removed, you said, had been growing for more than ten years, and within a few minutes, you essentially cured before we even left the building. Just the other day over dinner, she just blurted out "I feel so much better than I did before I had that surgery with Dr. Norman."

As a doctor who didn't know very much about parathyroid glands 18 months ago, I have to say that your website not only educated us about parathyroid disease, but gave us information that we and our doctors here in Utah did not have, and offered a procedure that is not only innovative, but relatively inexpensive and almost fool-proof. In our best hospitals with the best endocrinology surgeons in Utah, she would have been in the hospital for two days and had a much more invasive procedure. We were in the hospital at Tampa General for no more than three hours - most of that just preparing for the procedure. I said goodbye to her, and within 20 minutes you came out to tell me she was done. You are a genius, and the surgery you pioneered is absolutely incredible. So what I'm saying, is . . . . JIM NORMAN IS ELVIS! You totally rock!

PLEASE post this letter on your parathyroid website. I can't say enough to people who might be facing the possibility of parathyroid surgery . . . only that having surgery with the Norman Parathyroid Clinic is the ONLY way to go - no matter where you live or how far you have to travel. Everything you read on this website is real. This procedure works. If you need it . . . you've got to go to Tampa. You'll never regret that decision.

Patient: C.D. Attorney. Albuquerque, New Mexico

You are my Super Hero! For a decade my hyperparathyroid disease went undiagnosed until recent months when I felt so bad that I just had to find an answer. I was referred by my endocrinologist to a noted ENT surgeon and was scheduled on 10/9/ for a 4-6 hour "exploratory" surgery with a likely 8 inch incision... and possible risk of vocal chord damage... I shuddered at the thought and that evening I had a premonition to go on the internet and thoroughly research Hyperparathyroidism... and BINGO! The Norman Parathyroid Center! I began reading the website, section by section, viewed the videos, read the doctor resumes, patient reviews and when I read the numerous reviews by physicians from major medical facilities who had the same surgery performed in Tampa, THAT SEALED THE DEAL! Dr Norman was the "Doctor's Doctor"! There was nothing more to research or consider, I just had to wait for daybreak and email the Parathyroid Center and register. In one day I was able to get all of my pertinent medical records and years of labs and I submitted them to the Clinic via fax; within a week, I received a call from my surgeon on a Saturday afternoon for my consultation...I never expected to be called so soon and especially on a Saturday afternoon. My surgeon answered my questions and whatever I was not prepared to ask, he said, let me help you, and he posed the frequently asked questions and gave me the answers... making the unexpected call a complete consultation. I called Kathy on Monday to schedule the surgery and I was scheduled with Dr Norman and his team! I booked my flight to Tampa, made a hotel reservation at the Marriott Courtyard (recommended by them). The two weeks wait seemed like eons. In the interim I received calls from family and friends trying to dissuade me form going to a "Clinic inTampa" I referred them to the website and told them to "read" what I read and then call me back. They did and they applauded me! The day arrived last Saturday for me to depart to Tampa. I decided to take a few extra days before surgery to relax and settle in, however, the layover in Houston from Albuquerque was just enough time for me to have a mini meltdown...all of my emotions crescendoed. I arrived at the Tampa airport with a van service arranged by the hotel and even the driver knew about Dr Norman! Checking in was welcoming and hotel was perfect selection... a boutique hotel, comfortable and convenient and while in the lobby I met a patient from London who had the surgery the day before! Looking for a pizza shop that night, they sent me to Eddie and Sam's a few blocks away. They import water from NY to make the dough! Being a Jersey girl from way back, this was a good sign! I was scheduled to be at Tampa General Hospital at 5:15am and being on Mountain time...I figured I'll just stay awake. The hospital was only a was a short 2 mile distance from the hotel; a right a left and a left and you're there! Up tp the 6th Floor, just like Dr Norman guided on his video! The elevator door opened and the floor was a buzz with activity! Everyone was "fully on board" alert, energized and warm welcome greetings. Other patients arrived at the same time and we gathered in the waiting lounge... we began talking to each other. It was like we were embarking on a cruise; making new friends.. "where are you from"... Illinois, W Virginia, Ft Meyers, Boston, and lo and behold there was a woman from Albuquerque! We discovered that we live less than a mile from each other and we have the same endocrinologist. What are the chances of that??!! Dr. Norman arrived in the waiting area, a warm smile and called to greet the first patient. Every 10 minutes he returned to greet another patient and what I noticed which was extraordinary: He totally focused his eyes on the one patient, no distractions, he was totally connected; Im sure making each patient feel like they were the most important person in the world! Then Dr, Norman appeared... he had this aura about him that was so genuine and confident and an ease of communicating. I never expected him to be so approachable and funny. It was a feeling like he was my doctor for years! I was given a room with a view ofTampa Bay and a warm blanket and socks. Dr Norman popped in again and while pointing out at the ocean said in a joyful voice "It's going to be a beautiful day!" Soon the dawn broke and you could see the sunshining on Tampa Bay! The whole team came by one by one, each one playing a particular role and then I saw Dr. Norman and he said "How are you?!" I smiled and he said "You're up!" and I had to giggle to myself...I felt like I was the next batter up for the Tampa Rays! The next thing I knew I was in recovery! The surgery took 19 minutes and I have a one inch incision, tumor was removed that was there for at least 10 years undiagnosed. Dr. Norman said he'd call me later to check on me and after an hour and a half in the recovery room I left to go back to my hotel. I took a nap, applied my ice pack every 15 minutes and then ventured out to Ybor City to the Columbia Restaurant, a well known 100 year old restaurant; soup, salad (made tableside since "1905") and a tower of tapas. My evening was topped off with a lit candle in my dessert flan to celebrate my "renewed life"! Dr Norman called that evening! I know he could hear in my voice that he cured me. He gave me back my life! In the morning, I awoke refreshed and invigorated and visited the Salvador Dali Museum in St Pete, bought myself a silk Dali inspired design scarf to wrap gently around my neck, the perfect momento and gift to myself, and then a drive to Pass a Grille Beach where I walked on sand like confectionery sugar and ventured into the warm crystal clear water of the Gulf of Mexico, wading up to my knees, picking up seashells. Then lunch at the wharf on the inter coastal. It was like I squeezed the lemons of my life and made "lemonade!" Family and friends called and said "You did what?? "You went where"?? They could not believe what I was telling them! Dr Norman asked me to call him when I got home to New was nearly midnight so I waited til morning... I felt, safe, secure and shepherded back home. The years I've lost are behind me, the years I have back in my life are yet to be and I know I will really live them fully! Like the other patients I met in Tampa those few days, the common denominator was that we empowered ourselves to take our medical issues and treatment into our own hands, do our own research and find Dr Norman's team of the best parathyroid surgeons in the world! My Super Hero!(Surgery date: October, 2014)

Patient: L.S-M. Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Norman, When my doctor told me I needed surgery for my parathyroid tumor I set several of my employees on the task of finding the best parathyroid doctor in the world. Since I can travel anywhere and am in the position to afford the best doctors in the world, I chose to find the best for myself and my family. It was most interesting that all three of my top-level employees came to me within one week and all three came to the same conclusion: I would be going to the United States to see a surgeon in Florida. What was most convincing was that all three of my assistants went about their task in different fashions, one relying on their network of expert doctors, one relying on more secretive research methods, and the other by calling the biggest institutions in the US and EU. It is not very common that all three will come to the same conclusion when I give them a task, and so when they do I know their conclusions are sound and in my best interest.

Now that I have met you and had my problem fixed by your blessed hands, I fully understand why your reputation is world-wide. It may seem inappropriate for someone like me to fly completely around the globe to have an operation that was completed in only 18 minutes. But after all, that is the point, isn't it? May you continue to be blessed in all you do, and may you continue to bless each and every patient you touch.

Patient: A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Psychologist.

Hi Kelly - I am about six weeks post op and I wanted to write to thank you (the office staff), Dr. Norman, and Dr. Politz for my parathyroid operation and uneventful recovery. I was self-diagnosed following the discovery that I had severe osteoporosis. My dentist told me about another patient of theirs who had been in three week earlier with osteoporosis and they said: "He was diagnosed with a parathyroid problem." That sent me off to the internet and I found Dr. Norman's educational and valuable website. I had my family doc fax my file and labs to you and we corresponded by email. I was coming to Florida for two months in February and March and you worked me into your schedule.

Everything on your website was true. We stayed in a hotel in Ybor City that gave us a fantastic deal because we were your patient. We drove to TGH the day before to practice the route so we wouldn't get confused early the next morning. From the time we arrived at the hospital and the valet took our keys to park the car, everything worked like clockwork. Dr. Politz gave me my life-long companion jar of calcium pills, Dr. Norman spoke to us between every one of his procedures (I think I was number 8 of 15 that day), and I was so reassured, when the OR team came to give me my anesthesia, I was ready to go. My wife says I started chatting with the anesthetist and the OR supervisor as soon as the medication was put through my IV and I was totally relaxed. (So relaxed, in fact, that I really didn't want to slide off the gurney onto the table -- I was happy where I was. Please thank the OR team for their patience with me).

I was in a flea market with all the colors and smells and noise of a foreign market when CLICK! I woke up in the recovery room. Just like that. My wife came in and Dr. Norman stopped by to tell us that I had been cured. He had found my adenoma and gave me a picture of it -- I plan on using it for our Christmas card this year. I felt better the moment I woke up. I am 65 years old and I thought the depression, loss of energy, and bone pain were simply the normal results of getting older. Now I know differently. I feel better every day, my energy level is way up and the depression is gone. My wife says "Thank you" too because I gather I had been a real trial for about 4 years.

You, the office staff, all of the doctors, and all the TGH staff made a miracle seem so mundane and easy. My blood work shows completely normal levels . I went back to my endocrinologist and he estimates that we will have reversed my bone-loss in one year. Unbelievable. I know you hear this all the time but I had to write to tell you how thankful we are that we found you and that I was able to have my surgery done right the first time. I have this teeny little scar on my neck that is fading away and within the year, the effects of my disease will be gone but I will never forget the experience I had with you. I so appreciate Dr. Norman's work, the effort it took to create the MIRP and the wonderful team you have put together in Tampa. It was all exactly as you said it would be.

Patient: J. K. Denver, Colorado. Physician (General Surgeon).

I had surgery 3 weeks ago in Tampa and must write to encourage anyone in need of parathyroid surgery to go to you two in Florida. After at least ten years of suffering needlessly with intermittent high calcium levels and a lack of energy and depression, I now feel like a new person. I underwent years of useless tests, and aneedle biopsy, which only caused my tumor to inflame and caused morecomplications for the surgery. Thanks to your web site and dedication to helping those of us with this problem, I am healed both physically and mentally. Thanks for your impeccable surgical skills. Now I understand how a surgeon located in Tampa, Florida is by far the number one parathyroid surgeon for people living in Colorado. We simply cannot do what you can do, and will never be able to catch up. I now understand why so many doctors here in Colorado send their patients to Tampa. Thank you once again... my family and I will be indebted to you forever.

Patient: S.S. Dallas, Texas. Physician (Surgical Oncology).

Jim and Jose, please count me as another huge fan. I performed a handful of parathyroid operations during my surgical oncology training at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Since those operations took 3 or 4 hours of general anesthesia through a huge incision I was really freaked out when I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. I started asking around my hospital in Dallas hoping to find a surgeon who does a lot of these operations (I need to be able to talk after the operation!). It was the most amazing thing: everybody I asked, from the head of radiology to the three endocrinologists at our hospital said the exact same thing--they told me to go to Tampa and stop worrying. I'm not kidding! Every person I asked said the exact same thing--that you guys were the best and to not even give it a second thought. Two of them even threatened to drag me to Tampa if I resisted!

Well, my operation was yesterday and I'm writing this email from my own hospital operating room on my iPad (yes, I'm back operating on patients today--I flew home last night against your advice (sorry). I was your second operation of the day (you had 11 yesterday), and as promised, I left the hospital at 9:20 am. My operation took 15.5 minutes and I got a souvenir photo of TWO parathyroid adenomas (I'm one of the lucky 30% that has two bad glands). I took 3 Advil for pain yesterday afternoon but needed nothing since. My calcium this morning (yes, I checked it here at my hospital!) was 9.4 (perfect). I feel great! And when I saw the endocrinologist in the doctor's lounge this morning, he knew where I had been because he recognized the small, 1-inch bandaid on my neck. He just smiled and shook my hand, congratulating me that I can still talk!

Now I understand why everybody I asked told me to get my butt to Tampa. Everybody who CAN go to Tampa, DOES go to Tampa--that's what a friend of mine told me, and that is what I will tell anybody else who asks!

Patient: S.W. San Francisco, California. Physician (General and Thoracic Surgeon).

I'm writing like everybody else so patients know that if they can afford to get to Tampa, that is what they should do. I live in a town with lots of good doctors, but every doctor in this large city combined will not do in their lifetimes the number of parathyroid operations that Dr Norman's team does in 1.5 years (my calculations, not his). As a surgeon, I know the value of experience in the operating room. There is nothing more important. He is a wizard operating in the neck. If you can afford to make the trip... don't even think twice. Get the best surgeon you can and then stop worrying about things... That's what I did! By the way... Dr Norman... how in the world did you do my entire operation in only 16 minutes?

Patient: C.T. Atlanta, Georgia. General Surgery and Surgical Oncology.

Jim, I just wanted to thank you and Doug for making a potentially complex operation so simple and I want you to put this on your website so others know that you are the surgeons for other surgeons. Yep, I've done a few of these parathyroid operations in my career, but usually avoided them because I know how difficult it can be sometimes. When I found out I had hyperparathyroidism I was relieved to know there was a reason why I felt so bad and optimistic that I was soon going to be feeling good again. But this was dramatically overshadowed by my fear of a 6 hour bumble-F#%*# in the operating room as some surgeon rooted around in my neck picking at my nerves. I was fortunate that I saw an endocrinologist who was very blunt with me. After telling me that he could get in trouble with the local surgeons at Emory, he told me that there really was only one place to get this fixed... in Tampa. I had seen some of your journal articles, but never paid much attention because I didn't perform parathyroid operations. Once this Emory endocrinologist told me to go to Tampa I did my homework and was amazed.

Well, it is now 2 weeks after my parathyroid operation. I can't believe how simple you and Doug make the entire event. I can't believe you do 12 of these operations every day... where no other surgeon would dare put more than 2 of these on his schedule. Now I understand. My operation took 16 minutes... total. I got a photograph of my tumor (suitable for framing!). And I watched you work the room like no surgeon I have ever seen. The efficiency is incredible, and the personalized care you gave every patient was amazing. I've been around surgeons for many years, and you have an incredible gift. I feel like a new man. My clearness of thought is back. My stamina is back. My ability to concentrate is back. My energy is back. I can't thank you enough. Now I know why everybody in Atlanta (and everywhere else) comes to Tampa if they can. You are a role model for all surgeons.

Patient: C.C. Dallas, Texas. Physician (Endocrine-Parathyroid Surgeon)

OK Jim, I guess I have to write something to put on your website. Your talents are remarkable. Please put this letter near the top with the rest of the doctors. I am a surgeon, and actually perform thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Patients come to my office with information from and ask me if I perform the same operation that Dr Norman does. I used to tell them "well, more or less we do the same thing". I'll never tell them that again. There is nobody in the world that can operate their way around the tricky anatomy of the neck the way you can. Yes, it is true, you are the doctor that other surgeons go to when they need a surgeon. You can perform 4 or 5 operations routinely in less time than I can perform one, and the efficiencies of your staff at the hospital is nothing short of incredible. You have been blessed with a mind and hands that are far beyond what we see in our field. Thank you for what you have done for me, and may you continue to be blessed for years to come.

Patient: P.P. Los Angeles, California. Medical Oncologist (Physician)

Dear Jim, I wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful job on my neck! I've avoided this parathyroid operation for a number of years because I was concerned about the operation and its potential complications. Well, 17 minutes and a 1 inch incision is nothing to complain about. I think we spent less than 3.5 hours total time in the hospital, including registration, sestamibi scanning, consultation, operation, and recovery room. You are the perfect model of "high specialization" in medicine, making the complex into something extremely easy and efficient. Thanks again from me as well as from my wife and family! I'll be telling everybody in town about your expertise and will gladly show off my tiny scar--if they could see it! You truly are the world's best!

Patient: H.A. Washington, DC. Nurse.

Please feel free to share with everyone! It is truly amazing how much better I feel, major things from no more daily headaches and joint pain to even minor things like finally sleeping through the night. I can't tell you how much it has changed my life and made me happier than ever. My husband jokes that he now has Holly 2.0!

Patient: D.W.Tel Aviv, Israel

I didn't have the chance to thank you properly after your team removed the parathyroid tumor from my chest—the tumor that they couldn’t find in Israel. First, I wanted to thank you again for the great treatment I received in your clinic. I was very impressed by the professionalism, efficiency and friendliness of all your staff. You yourself and Dr. Politz were superbly professional and put me completely at ease (after all, traveling to a foreign country to have surgery is not a really day-to-day occurrence). You told me that many people were not able to understand how much they had been suffering due to Hyperparathyroidism until they had the operation. I can certainly tell you that I'm one of those people. Do you know the TV ad about the energizer rabbit? Well, that's exactly how I've been feeling since surgery. My physical state has improved exponentially. I returned to work a day after returning to Israel and have been working 12-14 hour days since then (which was my normal schedule before the disease set in) and am fully awake and energized throughout the day. Simply incredible. I am fully concentrated throughout the work day, no longer fall asleep on my couch at home at 6pm and sleep much better. In other words, I feel a completely new person; Maybe "reborn" would be a better expression. Editor's note: We operate on people from other countries almost every day. Look at our map to see where our patients come's pretty cool.

Patient: G.N. New Mexico. Urologist (Physician).

Dr. Norman (Jim): I want to personally thank you and the hospital staff for the excellent care I received last week. Having undergone two parathyroid operations the "old way" at two separate hospitals I think I can appreciate what I experienced there better than most. My first parathyroid operation took nearly 3 hours and was unsuccessful. My second took nearly 5 hours and was also unsuccessful. I had to stay in the hospital 2 days for the first operation and 3 days for the second. As I told you previously, after much research I knew that I wanted my surgery to be done the "new way" and wanted you to do it.

To walk into a hospital, register (paperwork!), be prepared for surgery, consult with a surgeon, undergo nuclear medicine imaging, be operated upon, be cared for in the recovery area and be able to walk into my hotel room in less than 5 hours is truly remarkable. But that is what happened. Your technique, expertise and care is, of course, exemplary. But I also want to commend the hospital staff including the nurses, transporters, nuclear medicine technologists and clerical people. Every person I encountered was congenial, efficient and professional. I'm doing well thanks to you and everyone involved. I'm finally cured!

P. S. Please, put it on the web site so others can see that Tampa really is where doctors go to have their parathyroid problems fixed.

Patient: P.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Operating Room Nurse

Dear Drs. Norman and Politz--Your website contains many expressions of thanks and many compliments from your parathyroid patients but, I also felt compelled to sing your praises. Having my parathyroid surgery by you both was the best decision I could have made. It was as perfect as any surgical experience could be. I almost felt like my days in Tampa were a mini-vacation. I also felt like such an educated consumer/patient having read your amazing website from start to finish multiple times.

As an RN working in large teaching hospitals all my life, I was concerned about having parathyroid surgery because I know that, even with the best intentions, things can go wrong. But you were both so friendly and also compassionate at the same time that my husband and I were immediately put at ease. You made us feel special and we appreciated all the times you met with us from Dr. Politz greeting us upon arrival and explaining what to expect and giving me my bottle of calcium pills, to Dr. Norman showing us the Sestamibi scan and reassuring us in his witty manner that he did, in fact, know what he was doing and had done this procedure "a few times before." I arrived at Tampa General at 6am and was napping in my hotel room by noon before going out to a great restaurant that Dr. Politz had recommended (Berns Steakhouse) where, yes, I did have a great steak dinner on the evening of my surgery! (Our waiter also gave us a tour of the wine cellar and kitchen.) Thank you, Dr. Politz for this recommendation.

My parathyroid surgery was on Monday, I flew back to Michigan on Tuesday, and was back to work as an RN at the hospital on Wednesday. One week later, my incision is so minimal and with one dot of makeup it is invisible. Thank you both for being all the Medicine should be--a combination of expertise and compassion. Send my thanks also to all the associates at Tampa General, as each and every one of them was friendly and efficient and seemed to care about me. Dr Norman, that is quite an impressive system you have organized for your practice in Tampa for taking care of parathyroid patients. You and Dr, Politz are the best. Thank you again and you can use me for a reference if you ever need another one!

Patient: XX. US Congressman. Washington, DC.

Dr Norman. I am still overwhelmed by your superb surgical skill and personal kindness and warmth. You have touched my life in a significant way and words cannot fully express my admiration and thanks. I can't believe that my endocrinologist told me that this really didn't need to be fixed, and that an anti-depressant would be more appropriate. It's now 2 months since my 16 minute operation and my life has changed. I've written this endocrinologist on my most official letterhead telling him how much he can learn of this disease from you. Shame on these doctors for pretending to know about a disease that they see infrequently and haven't studied more than 2 days in their residency. Speaking as a politician, it is no wonder there is a malpractice problem in the US; endocrinologists speak as experts when they know little about the disease at hand. I know you tell me there are lots of great endocrinologists, but you couldn't prove it in my case. If a congressman gets such outdated, uninformed advice, think what is happening to the average person out there. I sure am glad Al Gore invented the internet so we can learn from great minds like yours. I will be indebted to you forever for giving me back my mind and my joy for life. You have saved my life and I consider you a friend forever.

Patient: R.D. Denver, Colorado.

ATTENTION: If you're considering having parathyroid surgery, PLEASE read this. Dr. Norman and his staff are the VERY BEST and I STRONGLY recommend contacting them if you have this condition. I myself recently (Feb. '05) had this procedure done there in Tampa and would like to share my story with you.

My name is Richard, I'm 32 yrs. old and live in Denver, CO. I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism about 6 months ago and was told by my PCP that I needed to have surgery to correct the high levels of calcium in my body (11.3) which were causing me to have kidney stones. I knew nothing about this condition and procedure and began seeking out advice. I saw 4 doctors here in the Denver area and they ALL told me that the operation was "extremely difficult, they would have to FIND the growth, I would have at least a 6-8 inch scar on my throat and be in the hospital at least 2 days and out of work for 1-2 weeks." As you can imagine, I was scared to death. So, I began doing my research on the Internet and one day just happened to come across Dr. Norman's web-page. It was like a MIRACLE! I then contacted the office after going through the site and they gave me the name of a woman here in town that had the same procedure done by Dr. Norman. We talked and the rest is history. I sent numerous e-mails to Dr. Norman's nurse, Kelly, asking about the procedure and she answered ALL of them. Dr. Norman himself even called me to talk and explained EVERYTHING. To me, that showed that they really cared and wanted to help me get better.

We walked into the hospital that day at 6:30 a.m. and left before noon the SAME day. The surgery itself took about 14 minutes. I had really no pain at all, but used an icepack for a few hours. I used no pain medicine afterwards and have maybe a half inch scar on my neck. Since I was so scared, Dr. Norman even moved me up one person so I could "get out of there and start relaxing." I was able to eat that night and had no problems at all. Dr. Norman even called us at our hotel that night to check-up on me.

The entire trip to Tampa to see Dr. Norman and his staff was great. He and Kelly were tremendous from start to finish. We still communicate and I'm doing just fine. DON'T listen to YOUR doctor. Dr. Norman is the expert and knows exactly what he's doing. He saved my life and he can do the same for you. I would be more than happy to talk with ANYONE who wants to know more.

Patient: W.F. Boca Raton, Florida. General Surgeon.

Dear Jim, This is the first fan letter that I've ever written. As a fellow surgeon I have had a lengthy career in which I participated in the care of many patients. Now that I am the patient, I must say that I was overwhelmed by your expertise and care. You have established a unit that is manned by a compassionate and well-trained staff, all of whom are a credit to themselves, to you, and to Tampa General Hospital. As you predicted, I enjoyed a smooth and uncomplicated postop recovery. My wife is simply amazed to notice the increase in my energy level. We thank you for your friendship and the courtesies which you extended to us. We wish you good health and continuing success. I will continue to be your biggest fan.

Patient: S.R. Physician (Neurosurgeon). Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jim, Please put this short note on your website. I've been around surgeons and operating rooms most of my life. I have never seen a system so efficient and perfectly run. Every surgeon I talked to around here, and all that I called by phone told me that I MUST find the best surgeon I can to do this tricky parathyroid operation, but to expect a 2-4 hour operation and a day or two in the hospital. I watched you perform 12 parathyroid operations by 2:00 pm (I was number 10). I watched you and your team treat every patient with care and expertise as if they were your own family member. I watched you present them with a photograph of their tumor. I watched them hug you as they left the hospital an hour or so after their operation. I checked the anesthesia record and my operation took just a bit over 14 minutes. Any patient with this disease that doesn't seek the expertise of your hands and mind is a fool. God has blessed you, and in turn, you bless many people. I will tell everybody I meet.

Patient: P.C. Philadelphia, PA. Surgeon.

Hi Jim, I just wanted to write a brief note to thank you again for letting me watch you operate for two days and have you teach. This has changed the way I view hyperparathyroidism and the way I approach the surgery, all for the better. I have a lot more fun with parathyroid operations now, and feel so much more confident I can find almost any gland using your approach. You are so much better at this than any other surgeon. I had an interesting case today for which I give you all the credit for curing. I wanted to share the brief story:

I was preparing to operate on a 50 year old woman to remove her right thyroid. In pre-op holding this morning, I noticed that someone had obtained bloodwork in early March which was on the chart, and her calcium was 10.5. Almost instinctively the words came out of my mouth that she should not have a calcium in the 10s (this was you speaking obviously). She denied ever having this before, or kidney stones, or bone disease. I searched the computer and found one other calcium level in our system: 10.9!No one had noticed or done anything about it, or even told her. I sent a PTH level (came back 111), and proceeded with the thyroid surgery to remove the right thyroid lobe. I had seen and saved two normal parathyroid glands on the left side of her neck when I operated on her left thyroid three months ago. So using the knowledge that you gave me, I knew she MUST have a parathyroid tumor and it must be on the right side of her neck. Sure enough she had a parathyroid adenoma deep on the right, with the nerve draped over it.Her postop PTH was 5.5.The lower gland was normal.

While it is possible I might have stumbled on to this parathyroid tumor, I think it is very likely I may not have found it, as I would have stayed close to the thyroid and not seen it. I give you all the credit for teaching me that the single calcium measurement of 10.5 in this adult woman is almost surely a real problem, which led us to make the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism and to cure her. Thank you again. You made me a better surgeon and taught me so much!

Patient: H.P. Omaha, Nebraska. Physician (Internal Medicine, Endocrinology)

Hey Jim. Like every other doctor who you have operated on, I'm incredibly impressed. Like everything in life (golf, swimming, tennis), the more you do it, the better you become. AND... when God gives you natural talent, then there is simply no comparison. I had heard about you for a number of years, yet when I got hyperparathyroidism myself, I got two answers from every doctor that I know: the honest doctors said that I must go to Tampa. This included some of our best surgeons and every endocrinologist that I know. However, two of the surgeons at our local university claim they can do what you do, "so I don't need to travel to Tampa for surgery". Their motivation is so apparent and transparent. I checked the hospital records: one surgeon performed 7 parathyroid operations last year while the other performed 21. Are they really expecting me to believe that they are as good as you when you perform 12 per day? They claim to perform minimally invasive parathyroid surgery, yet almost none of their patients go home the same day as their operation (I checked!!), and according to the head operating room nurse, neither of them have ever performed an operation that lasted less then 2.5 hours. It is beyond me why surgeons feel they must lie to patients so the patient will trust them to perform the operation. Lucky for me, I have ways to find out who is lying and who is honest. I pity the average patient who has no clue how to determine which surgeon is a liar and which is a truly gifted surgeon. I have done my homework, and I can say that I have been operated on by the most gifted surgeon in America (planet Earth??). May you continue to help people daily as you have helped me. The 14 minutes you spent in my neck will surely allow me to live years longer. Thank you again for changing (saving!) my life!

Patient: XX. Miami, Florida. Circuit Court Judge

My story will be familiar to many people reading I have had intermittently high calcium levels for 8 years which were being "watched" by my endocrinologist. She stated that I didn't "meet the NIH criteria for surgery". What a bunch of crap that is! I have a tumor in my neck that is making me miserable and ruining my life. But she wants to wait until the tumor gets bigger and my wife leaves me and I have to quit my job because I can't concentrate? Who in the hell put endocrinologists in charge of this disease? She's never seen a parathyroid operation yet will tell me it is dangerous. She's going by some "guidelines" for patients without symptoms that was published in the 1980's. Yet I have a tumor that is ruining my life and she doesn't think I should take 20 minutes to remove the damn thing! We'll, after I couldn't take it any more I called Dr Jim Norman (call him Jim). Jim said he would have operated on me 5 or 6 years earlier since my calcium levels were consistently above 10.0. We'll, I had the operation and it took 17 minutes to remove my parathyroid tumor and make sure the other 3 were perfect. I had photograph of my tumor in my hand as I left the hospital 1 hour later. As soon as I'm done writing this blurb for Jim's website, I will be writing a very official letter to my endocrinologist to tell her she has a lot to learn. I cannot believe that doctors tell people to not have a 20 minute operation when it can absolutely change their life. I'd love to put this tumor in her neck! (Editor's note: humans live well and feel well with calcium levels in the 9's. We do not live with calcium levels consistently or frequently in the 10's. Living with calcium levels in the 10's will make most people feel miserable).

Patient: T.C. Actress. Los Angeles, California

It's been almost 2 months (11/27/06) now since my Parathyroid surgery and I just wanted to let you know that I feel absolutely wonderful and to say everything that was on your website and what past patients wrote, was right on! The surgery and recoup was such a non-event, I can't believe that I had any worries at all. I even had a great Cuban dinner later that night and enjoyed it!!! My doctor here at home was not real thrilled that I found a surgeon on the Internet and was going to Florida for my Parathyroid Surgery. She was worried that I would not be cured but I knew I could not do it the old way so this was my only option if I was ever going to have it done. And believe me, I waited almost 2 years!! When she saw me a little over a week after surgery, she was totally impressed and wanted to send me over to the head surgeon at UCLA to take a look at my incision (or what little there was of it to see...<g> And my lab results showed that I WAS cured at last. I no longer hurt all over and have more energy then I've had in a very long time. If anyone asks for a reference, please feel free to give them my number or email address and I'd be happy to discuss my experience. No one should wait like I did when you can feel so much better and happier now. You, your office staff, and all the folks at Tampa General, are top notch! Thanks again for taking such good care of me and explaining everything to my worried husband and parents at the time. They too tell everyone how professional the whole experience was.

Patient: P.W. Boston, Massachusetts. Cardiac Surgeon

Dear Jim and Doug. Thanks for taking such good care of me. There is a general consensus here in Boston that we have the best doctors in the US. Well, everybody up here told me that if I wanted the best surgeon to operate on my neck, then I had to go to Tampa. I had heard of you and your work over the years, and had seen you speak at a surgical meeting or two. Little did I know that I was growing my own parathyroid tumor and would need your expertise. I was the second of 12 operations you performed last Tuesday. I was out of the hospital by 9:07 am, only 45 minutes after my 14.5 minute operation. I went to the airport directly from the hospital and made a noon flight back to Boston. My wife took me to a nice dinner later that night and I was in my own operating room the next morning operating on my own patients. Your skills are far above your peers, yet your down-home, friendly style makes all the patients love you. Count me in that crowd, and thanks again for making me whole again. I'm feeling 10 years younger already! Feel free to use me as a reference for anybody in Boston who thinks the best doctors are up here. Not the best parathyroid doctors, that's for sure! Please feel free to put this note on your website.

Patient: S.T. Boston, Massachusetts. Physician (Cardiologist).

Dear Jim, Please put this on the website for folks to read. I am a cardiologist and I never realized the dramatic effect that high calcium levels have on the heart until I developed a parathyroid tumor myself. I started having palpitations and an intermittent fast heart rate (tachycardia). My blood pressure was erratic. Then I realized that I just wasn't myself anymore. I was picking fights with my wife and those at work. I was feeling old and tired. I had a hard time getting through the day. When I finally checked my own blood to see what was going on I found that my calcium was high. I began asking around to my colleagues and even made a few phone calls to some other doctors that I respected. The funny thing was that every one of them told me: "you must get the bad parathyroid gland removed, and you must find the guy who has done more of this than anybody else". About 3/4 of them knew that the person I needed to see was you. I was astounded to find out that with all the great doctors in Boston, Tampa is the place where everybody goes for their parathyroid surgery.

Now that I have seen you and your practice first hand, I know why your reputation is world-wide. I have never seen a doctor's office run so smoothly. I have never seen a group of doctors/nurses who work together seamlessly the way your team at TGH does. I was the second parathyroid operation (out of 13 on a Monday). I was GONE from the hospital at 9:25 am. I went to my hotel and took a nap, and then my wife and I went to a cafe on 7th Avenue (in Ybor City) for lunch.

You have heard it before, and you will hear it again many times. You have changed my life in 16 minutes. I will sing your praises to anyone that will listen. May God continue to bless you in the work that you are doing.

Patient: JCN. Physician. Cleveland, Ohio.

Dear Dr. Norman: I am just doing fine after the "superb" parathyroidectomy and resection of tumor you did on me on 5/26/2009 ! Thank you ! As a physician, I would like to complement you and your team for such a great job. WOW! Now I know why all the doctors in the US come to Tampa when they need a parathyroid operation. Your team makes this incredibly simple!

Patient: S.P. Boston, Massachusetts. Operating Room Nurse.

Thank you for your skill and expertise!!. I am definitely cured. I feel so much better, and the blood work from June 8,2012 calcium is 9.8 and pth 43. PERFECT!I'm glad I came to Tampa, it was going to be a much bigger operation here in Boston with Dr Hoden—of course, he only does a dozen or so a year, about what you guys do in a day! You and your staff put me right at ease. What a friendly, well organized, professional staff you have working with you. Everyone made it a very pleasant time. The whole experience was a "piece of cake'. I arrived at 5:15 am and was back at the Residence Inn room by 9:20am. I took a nap and then had lunch at an outside cafe'. Surgery doesn't get any better than that!

Patient: B.W. Surgeon, Houston, Texas.

Dear Jim and Jose, WOW, I can't believe how much you guys know about parathyroid disease and how well you do this damn operation. Amazing! I watched you interact with the other patients (12 of us last Tuesday, March 2013), and just listening to you talk and teach them was worth our trip. I thought I was traveling for your surgical skills, but after spending several hours as your patient and watching you work, it became clear to me that I went to Tampa for your KNOWLEDGE. You know what will happen to me in the coming months and years more than anybody in Houston does. You have experienced so many patients before me that you are able to tell me about the age of my tumor, and what to do in the coming months and years. Yes, your surgical skills are the best (and as a surgeon I am able to say that!!), but what people don't realize is how much their doctors don't know about hyperparathyroidism until they are your presence. Be well my most amazing friends! Thanks for changing my life in 16 minutes! And thanks for teaching the world about this disease!

Patient: E, Oulu, Finland. Physician

Dear Dr. J. Norman and the whole staff of the superb parathyroid operation you performed in summer 2012. I am physician from Finland. My first signs of hyperparathyroidism were the kidney stone attacks. In the first step stones were removed by lithotripsy. After that was starting the waiting with periodical urine collections. Finally after 2 years was diagnosed the parathyroid adenoma and had the surgical operation. In the operation was removed right thyroid gland and hoped that also the adenoma. However after the operation my Ca and PTH-values stayed in the same level as before the operation. It was clear I was not cured but the doctors in Finland had no answers for me. During these two years I was so tired that I was not able to work as doctor.

Because my hopeless situation I was starting to look possibilities to get help from somewhere else. My dear professor in Switzerland gave me address of Norman Parathyroid Center. After this everything was going like a dream. I was sending my medical records to center and obtained the message from you Doctor Jim Norman that my laboratory values and symptoms were classical for the parathyroid adenoma. I was starting to wait for the operation and after 4 weeks we were flying to Tampa.

In the early morning we went with my husband from the hotel with some other patients by the special transport to Norman Parathyroid center. There we met you, Dr. Norman, and you explained the procedures and interviewed us. From the first moment with you and all your staff we felt that this is a place that we can trust and we felt safe. Finally the operation was lasting 12 minutes and you Doctor Norman told that it was easy (we think that every operation is easy for you). Immediately the Ca values was dropping to normal. Next day I was not feeling so different while other five patients in the same hotel were saying that they feel so good, pains disappeared and so on. My recovery was going more slowly: first step the pains disappeared and sleeping got longer. Now after 5 months I noticed that I am totally healthy. I am grateful forever to you great doctor Jim Norman that you rescued my life and we send greetings to whole your wonderful staff from the cold north Finland. We are also impressed of that how effectively everything can be organized. In future we will return to Tampa as tourists because it is a beautiful city in great country with friendly people. Editorial note. When surgeons with little experience can't find the parathyroid tumor, they often remove some or even all of the thyroid gland. We have never done this and feel it should never be done. Almost 20% of the operations we do (and we do about 50 per week) are on people who had an unsuccessful operation somewhere else. We operate on people from other countries almost every day.

Patient: D.J.Operating Room Nurse. West Palm Beach, Florida

My energy level and sense of well-being is already much better since you took that “alien parathyroid ” out of my throat. My experience with you, your staff, and the hospital was positive in every way. Thank you to everyone who participated in making, what could have been a traumatic experience, into almost a pleasurable one. I feel great, and you guys are THE BEST!You also removed ½ of my thyroid, with a sizable tumor, at the request of Dr. Kaye. Nobody can believe that you removed half of my thyroid and my bad parathyroid in less than 30 minutes and I went home less than 2 hours later… and my scar is less than 1 inch. Even though my doctors know how good you are and are the ones that FORCED me to go to Tampa to get your expertise, they are still all amazed how you can do this so quickly, safely, and successfully through such a small incision. You have been given a gift that few surgeons have… and these are the words of my endocrinologist.Now I agree!Thanks for sharing your gift with so many appreciative patients!

Patient: C.W. Boston, Massachusetts. PhD Nurse Practitioner.

Dear Dr. Norman, I thought I would update you on my progress since my procedure. I am feeling so well.My right flank kidney pain and chronic stones, which were becoming disabling, have resolved. My GFR (kidney function) is rising to normal levels. The “brain fog” which was enveloping me has lifted. The labile hypertension which landed me in the ICU has lowered and stabilized. I feel as though I am now a “normal” hypertensive. My life is better in so many ways.The procedure was just as you stated in your information, and my neck scar is invisible. I was back to work as a practitioner the Monday after seeing you and, I traveled for three weeks in Europe the week after the procedure, never missing a beat.I read many letters from your patients in researching your facility and your team. They seemed to be too good to be true. For me it is all true and you have changed my life. Thank you for all of your efforts!

Patient: D.W. Engineer. Tel Aviv, Israel.

Dear Dr Politz and Toro: You guys are amazing. I traveled half way around the world to see you and you didn't let me down. I am going to frame my picture of the parathyroid gland tumor. It has been only 10 days and I can't believe how much better I feel. AMAZING! I wish I came to Tampa 3 years ago so... I missed out on 3 years of my life with this stupid thing in my neck!

Patient: PM, Temecula, California, Performer/Educator

If any parathyroid patient reading these comments is nervous about traveling a long distance to have a parathyroid operation with a doctor who seems too good to be true and is unknown by your local doctors, please pay close attention to what I have to say in this patient forum. I was scared to trust a website, too, so it took me over a year to get up the courage to go to Dr. Norman in Florida....not that I didn't check him out before I left home! I did every bit of research I could to be sure he was a real doctor, was on staff at Tampa General, and was indeed a Board member with no complaints against him... and never a malpractice claim.

I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism two years ago by my smart, young internist, who then sent me to an endocrinologist. I learned, subsequently, that many endocrinologists, even highly experienced ones, are unfamiliar with this rare illness and are often totally unaware of the minimally invasive operation Dr. Norman offers to cure it. Their practices involve mostly diabetes and thyroid patients. In spite of my numerous, painful symptoms, I was told by my specialists that I was not a candidate for parathyroid surgery and I should simply go home and suffer. One endocrinologist told me I might never need an operation in my lifetime. Another sent me back to my internist to be tested for fibromyalgia because, in his opinion, "a 11.3 calcium level could not possibly cause symptoms". Because I had read Dr. Norman' s website from front to back, I realized, in that moment, that this doctor was seriously lacking in knowledge about this illness. (editors note: HOW DUMB! ANY elevated calcium level can cause very serious symptoms).

But, I sought out a third opinion in California from a world class physician, who concurred with Dr. Norman's data and recommended his minimally invasive operation. So, I flew to Florida to have Dr. Norman do exactly what he tells you he will... cure hyperparathyroidism in about fifteen minutes (in most cases). The experience is unbelievably simple and comfortable, and I was eating lunch an hour later and touring Busch Gardens the next day. Honestly! My muscle and bone pain started disappearing before I even left Florida two days later! Here I am a month later, like all these other patients, feeling wonderful. My energy is increasing by the day and I am back to my healthy "young" self. After the operation, Dr. Norman informed me that I probably had hyperparathyroidism for at least eight years since the tumor on my parathyroid was so large.

My point is this...if you are wavering about coming to one of the most experienced doctors in the world for hyperparathyroidism, you need not worry. In my opinion, he is an outstanding surgeon and a highly skilled parathyroid specialist who truly knows all aspects of this illness. He can give back your life like he has mine and thousands of others. And, I might mention he is also a compassionate human being with a great sense of humor. People come to him from all over the world. I encourage you to check him out before you go to Florida, but your trust will not be misplaced. Dr. Norman is the real thing.

Patient: A.S. Jacksonville, FL. Administrative Assistant - Prudential.

It has been 2 months since my parathyroid surgery and I wanted to thank you both so very very much for the professionalism, the kindness and the expertise you both showed to me. It was a rare experience to have someone always call me back when they promised, and to call to check on me after the surgery. WOW.

After the doctor here had told me that I would have to live with what he called possibly "mild" hyperparathyroidism, I just could not imagine living my life with the fatigue and the multitude of other symptoms I was having for over a year. Having always been such an active person, one that everyone counted on to get things done, the quality of my life was getting so hard for me to live with. I was experiencing so much pain in so many different joints & muscles in my body that trying to sleep was nearly impossible. My hip pain (where they said I had the bone loss) was nearly unbearable at times. ( Editor's note: her doctor calls this "mild" disease because her calcium was not above 11.5--this is bad advice!!! The height of the calcium does NOT correlate with the severity of symptoms. Read "10 Parathyroid Rules of Norman").

I just wanted you both to know how blessed I feel to have found your website. I get teary eyed just thinking where I would be right now if I hadn't. I have been able to sleep like I used to and get up refreshed and ready for a hard days work (which I like). I have my energy level back and a whole new attitude on life (especially since the doctors here scared me into thinking I had cancer). I have not had one muscle pain or joint pain. The hip pain has disappeared completely. The terrible acne I was having is even clearing up. I would never have believed all this was because of the hyperparathyroidism but I am convinced now. I have a great respect for the balance of calcium in our body and take mine faithfully.

I just wonder if you have any idea how much you do for people and how much admiration and appreciation your patients have for you and the wonderful way you touch their lives. I know you have changed mine. The whole experience was wonderful. My husband still raves about how great the hospital staff, you and Kelly were. He can not believe how well it all went, and he is grateful to have me back to normal. He had such anxiety about me finding a surgeon on the internet but he is so happy now that I did.

I'm sorry to be so long winded but I could not let any more time go by before I told you all this. Thank you again so very very much. Feel free to give my e-mail or phone number to anyone that has concerns about coming to you for the surgery...I will forever be one of your biggest fans.

Patient: M.S. Charlotte, North Carolina. Medical Malpractice Attorney.

Kelly, I just wanted to add my voice to the many others who are so grateful to Dr. Norman and you for giving us parathyroid patients with hyperparathyroidism an alternative to the old-fashioned standard parathyroid surgery. As a nurse and a medical malpractice attorney, I am personally loathe to any surgery, knowing as I do that bad outcomes do occur. However, when I'm told that I must undergo surgery or continue to lose calcium from my bones, then I look for the least invasive surgery, the most experienced surgeon with the best outcomes, and as little down time as possible. My endocrinologist recommended a general surgeon who performs standard surgery with a 6-8 inch incision and recovery period of 6 weeks. This was not acceptable to me. I work full time and have a son getting married in September. Most dresses don't allow for 5 inch neck incisions! The Internet introduced me to Dr. Norman who offered an alternative I could live with: minimally invasive surgery, a one inch incision, and no down time. What could be better!

I had surgery 3 days ago, drove home from Tampa to Charlotte with my husband the day after surgery, played with my grandchildren and went out for dinner yesterday, made dinner including baking pies today, and feel great. Thank you, Dr. Norman, for your caring, competent ways. Now I can go on with my life uninterrupted and wear a sexy dress to my son's wedding.

UPDATE: 3 months later: Kelly, please convey my thanks to Dr. Norman once again. My son is being married this Saturday and as Dr. Norman told me, my incision is barely visible. I can wear my beautiful dress and feel good about the way I look rather than look like my throat had been slashed if another surgeon had performed the surgery. I just told another patient that I feel like singing your praises to the world and I do. Thanks to both of you and I'm going to have a great time this weekend!

Patient: A.W. Memphis, Tennessee. Wife of Plastic Surgeon

Thanks for a superbly orchestrated experience. I'm well on the mend here 1 week later and can't believe how much better I feel already! Thank You, Thank you, Thank you! And thank you for treating me so special when you have so many parathyroid patients to take care of.

I have never heard my husband be so complimentary of another physician, especially of another surgeon. He truly admires what you are doing and your "incredible skills" (his words). Thanks so much for being so skilled that you changed my life in 17 minutes! UPDATE: 3 months later: Wow! I feel great! I'm back to my old self and virtually every problem has gone away. I'm so glad we figured out that hyperparathyroidism was causing my symptoms and that you were there for me to cure me so quickly and expertly! Thanks!

Patient: D.D. London, England.

Dr, Norman, this e mail is long overdue but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your zeal and professionalism and that of your team. Since our return, I have not stopped singing your praises, telling anyone who is or is not interested about our trip to Tampa! People often wish they had not asked because the tale is not a short one! Having read much of your material over and over again and having watched many of your teaching videos before our venture, I am deemed to be an expert by those who know no better. Thank you for making me sound so clever and informed on the subject!

Your attitude could not be more different from so many a consultant/doctor (and otherwise bad teachers) who prefer to posture in their pride rather than try and convey their expertise in a manner that can be understood by those with no medical training. Such was the case with the doctor here who showed a remarkable lack of interest in Mum's treatment, saying it had been undertaken against his advice and preferred to sneer (he said that others in his care had higher calcium readings and I was consumed with pity for these poor souls). He still tried to argue that Mum's high calcium could have another root cause. Furthermore, he continued to try and justify the decision to administer a high dose of vitamin D to Mum (which, thankfully, I did not allow them to do in view of the material of yours which I had read). He did not have a clue!

Mum had her blood tested on the 22nd April 2013 - two months after the procedure as you had requested and the results are: PTH: 4.1, Calcium 2.3 and vitamin D3 75.4 (all normal European units). In the few days after the operation on the 20th February, 2013, I noticed a significant improvement in Mum and this has continued since our return. Mum's ability to articulate, her mood, balance and muscle strength have improved beyond recognition. We are both so grateful.

I thank God for the amazing skill, dedication and standard of care of you and your team. Mum felt like royalty and, more importantly, you saved her life. God bless you in your work – for helping my Mum and countless others – may you long continue. Kindest regards, Catherine.

Patient: Zach. 15 year old boy. Dallas, Texas.

During the early spring of 2014 my son (Zach) was diagnosed with Mono (Epstein-Barr virus).Zach is 15 yrs old, plays high school baseball and football and lives the normal life of a teenager.He has a history of a broken arm, broken finger, tiredness, joint pain and joint issues.Being a sports family, we had chalked all of this up to normal sports injuries and all part of growing up.As spring became summer, he did not seem to be improving from Mono and our local doctor conducted additional tests and determined that Zach had a calcium level of 11.5 and we were referred to a local endocrinologist. CT scans (dumb!) and more test were conducted along the way. Calcium levels still in the high 11s and low 12s. Fortunately for us, we live near a large university and Zach was seen by their head of Pediatric Endo.After the initial visit, test were scheduled as well as additional scans. All the scans were negative and another visit was scheduled a few months down the road.So much for the large university medical center being the answer to our issues (NOT). After constantly reading Dr. Norman’s web site, downloading the CalciumPro App and doing research, we felt like we needed to explore other avenues and Dr. Norman was our best option.Problem was how to get there…Due to our insurance (USMC retired), a change in our plan was required that would force us to endure a significant portion of the total bill.Got to do it for the kid!In mid August, we decided to change our insurance plan, contact the Norman Parathyroid center and hopefully get some answers.On the 18th of August we gathered all of Zach’s medical records and had them forwarded as instructed.Now we wait for the call from the center to tell us the next step.

On Wednesday of that same week, we decided to let Zach know over dinner that we had decided to contact Tampa and were probably heading in that direction as well as to let him know what other information we had found out.As we sat for dinner, the phone rings as per normal.Begrudgingly, we decide to answer the phone and it is Dr. Norman.We explain to him that we were just sitting down to speak with Zach about the way ahead and he asked if we would put him on speaker phone and we could talk about it together.Over the next 20 minutes or so, our family became convinced that we had to “take our Ferrari to the Ferrari dealership”.Dr. Norman told Zach he only had two choices “when do you want to have surgery and who do you want holding the knife”. Zach knew who he wanted holding the knife and we called the scheduling office the following day to schedule his surgery.Zach’s surgery was slated for the following week (28 August). We spent the night in Tampa and reported to the hospital around 1100 as scheduled.Upon arrival, the staff was great as was the in processing.Dr Boone met us in the waiting area and explained the process and answered any questions we had.Zach was set up in his room, had another negative scan (which Dr Norman prefers!) and was prepared for surgery. Throughout this time, Dr. Norman would stop by ever so often to let us know how much longer to expect to wait, update us and answer any questions we had.Zach’s surgery lasted about 25 minutes and while he was in recovery, Dr. Norman came out to brief us on the outcome.Sure enough, tumor found, removed and a life size picture of the tumor provided.We went home the next day with instructions to take the calcium. We contacted Dr. Norman with some questions and for the next few days, he was in constant contact checking on Zach.He even sent us a text at 0130 to let us know he had received our voice message.We are now about seven weeks out from the surgery and getting life back on track.Can’t say enough positive things about the Norman Parathyroid Center and our experience.Hard to imagine the pain and suffering our son would have endured had we not headed to Tampa. Zach played in his first high school football game about 5 weeks after surgery.THANK YOU Dr Norman and staff!

Patient: S.W. Dallas,Texas. Retired Math Teacher.

I just wanted the doctors to know how much I appreciate everything they did for me (and your office as well). I love my new self!!!!!!! I cannot say for sure my brain is working any better just yet (it's only been 2 weeks), but my fatigue and bone aches, moans and groans, etc. are GONE. I am telling everyone I am cured and how much better I feel. I also believe it has made me a nicer person (must be the hormones). Anyway, just a THANK YOU!!!!! God is good!

Patient: C.V. San Diego, California. School Principal.

Dear Dr. Jim,
P.P.S. It was such fun to zoom in on my little red dot on your patient map today! Since we live in a pretty rural area, it was obvious which one I was!

Patient: D.M. Computer Programmer. Lime Rock, Connecticut.

Everything you read and hear is true. One of the most extraordinary experience of my life... I had the pleasure (and luck) to have met Jim Norman socially a few years ago. He was introduced to me as having developed a medical technique that had touched the lives of thousands of people from all around the country and world. He was, my friend told me, a "Rock Star" among surgeons and physicians.

I was immediately impressed by both his absence of false humility ("I hear you're the best at what you do", I said as we sat to dinner. "Yup, it's a blessing to do what I do. Now, what's good on the menu?", he replied) and more impressed by his total absence of any arrogance or hint of intellectual superiority. Two years later, after seeing his amusing Tweet about an insufferable fool of a jeweler who disbelieved the authenticity of the Rolex watch Jim had won at this year's Daytona 24hr Race, I thought to visit his website to see "what he did". Long story short? His brilliant exposition on hyperparathyroidismknocked me over on the spot. I knew I had it!!

I called my primary care physician the same day and, while apologizing for seeming to be a hypochondriac, asked if my Serum Calcium level was being measured in the routine blood work I had just had drawn. He assured me it was part of the annual screening. Well, gang! Went to see him later that week, he looked over his glasses as he reviewed the reading and said to me with a smile. "Well..."Mr.Hypochodriac", how did ya know? It's 10.4!!" He went right to Jim's website (, and it took him all of 2 minutes to validate Dr. Norman's science, and to remark that this was a very UNDER-DIAGNOSED disease.

WE ordered up a PTH level immediately, and this time when we looked at the results he said to me, "Are you ALWAYS this right??". In this case I was right in my diagnosis. How lucky I am to have a PCP who recognizes and welcomes patient input, and is enlightened rather than threatened by NEW KNOWLEDGE . He is both willing and eager to learn more (and will be when I sit with him in the next few weeks).

My experience with the procedure was the stuff of legends.... every moment of the day (which started at 5am! and had me back in the hotel before noon) was something I will be telling my GREAT-grandkids. After the 15 minute operation and a hour so in recovery, I took a 20 minute nap at the hotel and went out for a 3 mile walk down the Riverwalk in Tampa (and I haven't done a walk that long in years). I flew home the next day, have absolutely no pain two days after the procedure, as I type this am back in my office in NW Connecticut. I have energy, and APPETITE! and slept the night through waking refreshed and clearheaded.

If you've got this nasty little disease... these are the folks who will change your life. Don't put it off, even though the disease won't kill you (right away at least, it just primes the pump for the heart attack or other catastrophe that will actually do the job). The indefinable "vague neurocognitive symptoms" and hard to characterize "malaise" just make life...well, not so much fun. 15 minutes in the OR and bingo, like Dicken's Charles Darney, RECALLED TO LIFE.

Patient: D.D. Calgary, Albert,. Canada

Please put this on your website! It is just so much easier now to be happy! Seriously, I could go on and on, but I am sure you have heard it all thousands of times before! You Americans really know how to do things! When my husband first came across your website, I had to double and triple check you guys out! It all sounded so good that I was sure it was bogus. Here in Canada we would be all, "Well, we will do our best and hope you feel a bit better. We can't make any promises, though." I checked out Tampa General. I checked those online doctor reviews. I checked to see how many times you had been sued, because everyone in Canada knows doctors in America get sued all the time over every little thing. Then with the strong support of my endocrinologist here, I contacted you guys and could not have been happier with every aspect of my care and treatment. Your whole system makes everything so easy. There is nothing you haven't thought of, which is a really big deal when patients like me are so sick they can hardly see straight. I am absolutely thrilled with my recovery and cannot thank you all enough! I should have written much sooner, but have been busy living! Keep up the excellent work!

Patient: E.L.Winter Haven, FL.School Teacher

Dear Kelly, It is so nice that you are still there, but then again, why would anyone want to leave such a wonderful office. When most people talk about being “Reborn”, they are talking religion. Not me… Unless the Norman Parathyroid Center is really a Temple. Today is My 5th Birthday since my parathyroid mini operation, 10/30/2007. I still feel fantastic. My osteoporosis is getting better…with every bone density test I take. My husband and I still tell people that it was the best medical experience we have ever had. From the minute we walked in the door for the initial consultation, to the time we left Tampa General, we were treated as if I was the most important patient you ever had. You also took time to let my husband know what was going on every step of the way. No one could believe that I went back to work the very next day. So once again Thank you, Drs, Jim and Doug, and your wonderful staff, You changed my life!

Patient: C.Q. Colonel, US Air Force (Ret). Houston, Texas

Dr. Norman, I had no idea what to expect coming down to Tampa General but you need to know that it was the best medical experience I have ever had. I knew I had made the right decision when I met a lady in the waiting room who had the wrong parathyroid removed by another doctor and was left with a terrible scar. I watched how Dr. Politz talked to the family before and after and I think you have a great partner in him. When I awoke, everything was crystal clear: my hearing, vision and movements! I had to touch my hand to the bandage because I didn't think I had surgery. Shortly, you were there explaining I had a huge tumor removed. You returned with a picture and answered my email questions. I almost want to cry when I think about how many people are being treated, as I was for years: my endocrinologist watched this tumor for 7 years and then finally agreed to send me to other less qualified surgeons to receive a huge scar and a 50/50 chance of success or less. Since the procedure, my blood pressure has dropped 20 points. That was three weeks ago. Cholesterol is perfect. The stiffness I felt around my hands, wrists, face and knee caps is gone. My energy level is way up. The only negative is I waited too long to see you. Thank you, Drs. Norman and Politz. I will never forget either of you and I appreciate the new life you have given to me.

Patient: C.B. Boca Raton, Florida. Attorney.

Dear Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz: I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being two of the most wonderful Doctors in what I would imagine the entire world. You are not only blessed with the knowledge but with a kind heart when treating your patients. I wonder now a week after my parathyroid surgery, how is it possible that I feel so different. My energy levels are way back up, my depression is gone and my bones even feel younger!! I get nervous thinking it won't last it is so unbelievable. I also sit and think where were my doctors in diagnosing my parathyroid problem?? I honestly feel like I lost perhaps 10 years out of my life. I was always sleeping, miserable and contemplating what was causing this. My calcium bounced up and down and my PTH level was high and still they said "We will watch it" watch it what destroy me? (Editor's note... She is right... watch what??? Watch the tumor destroy your life slowly????). Then I decided to research my symptoms and there you both were on the internet. Your staff guided me from day one and scheduled me for surgery six weeks from my first call. When I arrived at the hospital so early in the morning there was Dr. Politz with his smiling face to greet me. The nurses were terrific, the scan a breeze, and then I met you Dr. Norman I felt like I had known you for years, you were so patient, kind, caring, and most of all confident in what you do!

What more can I say, except thank you, for my tiny incision, removing my bad parathyroid gland and my thyroid nodule in only 16 minutes and giving me back my life. I wish I could go on the circuit and tell the world---watch your calcium if its up call Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz-no discussion. Take care, you run a tight ship with two great captains.

Patient: A.C. Austin, Texas. University Professor

(LETTER TO ANOTHER POTENTIAL PATIENT) Hello Ann, Funny, we're both from Austin and have a parathyroid problem... here is what you need to know...
I am happy to recommend Doctors Norman and his team. They are truly the experts in the field of parathyroid disorders and surgery. I understand being concerned about not meeting the doctors first. I was, too. I think that's totally understandable. In fact, I was diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism (say THAT three times!) THREE YEARS before I did anything about it. I had hoped to get things under control short of surgery. That was dumb!

But let me tell you something very important. As it states on the website, this condition does NOT go away without surgery. AND if you let this calcium level continue unchecked, IT REALLY WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. I learned A LOT in the three years I waited. I so wish I had gone immediately for surgery. You see, the body really doesn't like high calcium levels and the longer the levels are high, the worse the symptoms get. Eventually, most (really, ALL) will suffer needlessly and have possible heart problems, particularly valve problems (calcified valve), osteoporosis, and other complications. All this is talked about on the website and in various links on the site.

I had NO general anesthetic. I wanted to avoid that. My operation took 16 minutes and I left the hospital 1 hour after the operation. I flew back home to Texas the next day. Because their was no general anesthetic, I recovered very quickly and I am 56---near your age.

Ann, I am a HUGE skeptic about doctors and the medical profession in general. I will swear on my mother's life, there are NO BETTER SURGEONS than Jim Norman and his team for this condition. I totally trusted them and they did an excellent job. I had this condition for at least 10 years, come to find out. I now actually sleep through the night. I haven't been able to relax like this in years!!! My hair quit falling out. It's beautiful and thick like it was in my twenties. These were two of my big symptoms (insomnia and hair loss), but I also had high blood pressure and osteoporosis. The calcium loss in the bones IS reversible, but taking calcium daily is imperative after the operation. The doctors emphasize that, especially following surgery. I had follow-up blood work 3 weeks after surgery and my calcium level has returned to the normal range (9.7). I was and am ELATED.

I didn't realize how bad I felt until AFTER the operation. It does improve your life. Some people rave that they are completely changed--It's a life altering experience they say. I do not doubt that for a minute. It wasn't quite that dramatic for me, but it IS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I'VE EVER MADE. Do it ASAP. I totally understand being hesitant and also nervous about the operation. I hope this info helps quell negative emotion because I know I was scared and looking back, there wasn't a need for it (although nervousness before any operation, even just a little, is expected, I think). By the way, about me--I am a professor at ACC. I research thoroughly and I researched this via books, the internet, two local doctors and a couple surgeons here in Austin. I wanted the BEST and I KNOW I got the best.

I also know--and I will repeat---you need to get the offending gland OUT. I wish someone had stressed this with me years ago. That being said, I'm so grateful Dr. Norman exists and has done MANY thousands of these surgeries. Think about it--if they don't have it "down" by now, they're idiots. But I've met them and I can tell you that they are experts, professional, handsome (I know, not good criteria to decide on a surgeon, but they're pleasant to look at) and they both are personable and CARING.

Patient: M.P. Winton, California

My wife Mable had Parathyroid surgery on 25 Nov 2013. She has made steady progress since then and is doing extremely well. We just want to say THANK GOD for you and your team. Your level of professionalism and compassion set the standard. I think that I have told everyone in CA about you guys (well almost all). You have developed the BEST Clinic of any type in the world. All doctors couldtake a lesson from you. We thank all of your team from the first call through discharge. Each one was professional and kind and more. Dr. Norman shared with us his reason for entering this work. We are glad that GOD led you and you obeyed. We will be praying for yourcontinued strength and health. God bless you and your work.

Patient: C.P. Chicago, Illinois. Securities Broker.

You operated on me on May 10th and found that all four of my parathyroid glands were enlarged. You took the top two out and parts of the bottom two. I got the results of my first blood work back today, and my PTH was 16 and my calcium was 9.9. Obviously the 17 minute surgery was a perfect success! I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. I am feeling so much better every day and I am planning to really enjoy my daughter's wedding this Saturday now that I am feeling so much better. I owe you a debt of gratitude that I can't possibly repay. Thanks again for all you have done for me. It makes me happy, but sad, every time I tell someone here in Chicago, IL that the best doctor care I have ever received came from 1200 miles away in the form of Dr Jim Norman and Tampa General Hospital. I can't even get my own doctor, one mile away, to return phone calls or respond to me in a prompt fashion. You are everything your website said you would be and more. Thanks again for everything. Please tell your whole staff how awesome they are and how much I appreciate everything they did for me. Take care and I am sorry I was such an awful patient! (Editor's note. Even people with 4 bad glands can have a mini surgery at our clinic, less than one inch incision, under 20 minutes).

Patient: G.M. Boston, Mass.

It is now eight days (04/16/09)since you operated on my husband, GM, and I have the love of my life back!!!! He has been experiencing wonderful changes almost every day and how does one extend a sufficient “thank you” for providing that success? You and the entire staff have gone above and beyond what was expected. Too bad everyone in the medical field can’t be aware of how to do things “right” and you sure know how to do that. It saddens me to have seen the downhill change in Gary’s quality of life over the past ten or so years and had someone known what to do, he shouldn’t have had to be so miserable for so long and not know why. That’s all behind him now. Just in the past week, his energy level has greatly increased, his hair has stopped falling out, noticeable changes in memory and concentration, no aches or pains or night sweats and it just keeps getting better every day. Yes it is true, even the people in Boston come to Tampa for their parathyroid surgery... for THIS reason!

Patient: K.G. Raleigh, North Carolina.

I know you hear this often; thank you! You have healed me and there are few words to express my deep appreciation for your expertise as a surgeon and your wonderful "bedside" manner. As a professional counselor, I had quit my career last year due to feeling so bad and within 8 post op days now, I feel a new beauty awakening within me. This is a priceless feeling after being ill.
The scar is actually beautifully done and as a former nurse, before becoming a therapist, I know to appreciate a surgeon's handiwork as well! I am thankful, and as a very, very, fair skinned sort of cool weather girl... I love Tampa because of the Norman Parathyroid Cemter. Tampa will be beautiful to me in my mind's eye forever, forever, and a day! GOD bless you, your partners and the wonderful staff. The post- op directions are outstanding; let this young 59 yr old just say, You rock! I even love my little yellow bruise; it means "Cured"! I will always be thankful. Have a wonderful summer.

Patient: D.D. Detroit, Michigan. Chemical Engineer at Dow Chemical

Healthy skepticism is what I have for informational Web sites. Can you trust what's stated on a Web site? How do you choose a doctor to do a complex parathyroid surgery when that expert is half a country away? These are just a sampling of the many questions I found myself asking in March, 2003. Our local surgeons perform only "collar" surgical procedures. This operation requires a side-to-side neck incision. This was rather unappealing. I began searching the Web to educate myself on hyperparathyroidism. That's when I found Dr. Norman.

After thoroughly reading all the parathyroid information, I needed some independent verification for at least some of what I read. Dr Norman's site claimed he himself held patents inventing Minimally Invasive Radioguided Surgery (MIRP). As a person who's spent their career in science, I ordered copies of these patents and read them. Sure enough, Dr Norman had indeed pioneered this breakthrough procedure. My hopes went up. I emailed Dr Norman's office with some questions. To my utter astonishment, Dr Norman himself replied to my email. Dr Norman and I spoke by phone and he patiently addressed my concerns and questions.

From the moment I walked into Dr Norman's office, to the time I left the hospital, patient treatment was first class. Dr Norman is a very personable doctor. He took time to explain the surgical procedure and what to expect after surgery. During the admission procedure at Tampa General Hospital, I privately asked some of the staff for their candid opinions of Dr Norman and his surgical staff. Their response: "they're the best". From my personal experience, they were right. Without reservations, I would highly recommend Dr Norman as a FIRST choice for parathyroid surgery.

Patient: C.M. Boston Massachusetts.

Hey Dr Norman! Things went great this morning! I feel great. Here is a picture of me out at "Howl at the Moon" Friday night in Tampa after my surgery, paying tribute to Dr. Norman ( See mirror in background ) Only paid 7 bucks for my bid on the mirror, but would've paid tons more... lol :) /images/Dr%20Norman%20Rocks.jpg

I can't believe I had surgery this morning and I'm out partying this evening. You guys ROCK! (editorial note: if you look close you can see a bandaid on her neck.)

Patient: H.M. Boston, Massachusetts. Failed First Operation, Tumor in Chest.

Please put this on the web site! Can't thank you and all the staff enough for my incredibly simple parathyroid operation! Just received my post-op blood test results: PTH is 40.6 and calcium 9.2! For thosewho don't know about me, I was one of the few whoseparathyroid tumor was in my chest, not my neck. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and went through 2 series of venous sampling, a failed operation and attempted parathyroidectomy that resulted in removal of halfof my thyroid, and more sestamibi scans and other tests than I could count. Everything was inconclusive, the tumor was reported everywhere from my jaw to my chest and I joked that it was probably somewhere in my feet!After passing 2 kidney stones and having 5 more too large to pass found, my endocrinologist (up here in Boston) recommended you as a possible hope! What a blessing! The staff at TGH found the tumor on the first scan (in less than 5 minutes). You, your staff, Dr Bloom and the people at UCH got everything ready for Wednesday October 17. I could not believe it when my brother told meit still only took 20min and without the Polaroid snapshot you left me, it would have been hard to believe it was out. It was too easy! Friends out there,know that whereveryour tumor is, Dr NormanCAN get it, mini surgery, and all! Thanks again! Editorial Note. This is a routine case of a parathyroid tumor that was easily seen in this lady's chest PRIOR to her first operation. It was seen on EVERY sestamibi scan she ever had (a total of 6 of them!)... but EVERY one was misread by the radiologist and none of the scans were seen by her surgeon. Thus, her surgeon operated on her neck... and had ZERO chances of finding the tumor because it was not in her neck. 7 hours of operating and they took out her NORMAL thyroid gland since they couldn't find the parathyroid tumor. Then she had several MRI scans, CT scans, angiography, and venous sampling. These tests are dumb and NOBODY should have these tests. Pick your surgeon wisely and this nonsense should not happen to you! We operate on tumors in the chest every week. Most had an unnecessary operation prior to coming to us. Don't let your local general surgeon operate on your parathyroid glands!).

Patient: C.V. San Diego, California. School Principal.

Dear Dr. Jim,
P.P.S. It was such fun to zoom in on my little red dot on your patient map today! Since we live in a pretty rural area, it was obvious which one I was!

Patient: P.R. Denver, Colorado. Registered Nurse.

Kelly: I cannot thank you enough for your professional and efficient assistance that allowed me to have a tumor removed from my neck in 14 minutes. I am grateful for the well done parathyroid Website that put me in touch with Dr Norman, who is obviously, the best at what he does in the world. You and Dr Norman are to be complimented on having a smooth running system so well coordinated to offer your patients the most pleasant and positive outcome possible. As previously discussed, I would be happy to speak with any potential patients about my experience. You may share with them my email address.

Patient: J.P. Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Norman, Your peanut butter cookies will be on their way to you tomorrow. I am doing great following my 11 minute parathyroid operation! We all were amazed of the way we were treated by your personnel and you. I think the health providers up north need some lessons on how to treat patients. Hope you enjoy the cookies, we love you!

Patient: IH. 84 Years Old. Two Previous Failed Parathyroid Operations.

I am a 84 year old female. For approximately the last twenty years I have been in treatment with a world renowned endocrinologist at New York's Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia-Cornell Universities. She has been monitoring my bone density and above normal calcium levels. In 2002 at her recommendation, I was operated on for removal of the diseased parathyroid gland that was causing the high calcium levels in my blood by a top rated surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Unfortunately after a four hour operation he was not successful in locating or removing the parathyroid tumor, as he explained, it must be in my chest and he did not want to open my sternum to find it due to my advanced age and that I lead a very active and sporty life.Since my blood calcium levels were slowly rising to between 12 and 13, my endocrinologist was searching for a new surgeon in this field somewhere in New York for a repeat operation, the 2002 surgeon having passed away in the interim.She found a reputably top surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York.With him I had my second unsuccessful operation in 2006 which also lasted over 4 hours. The surgeon asserted that since he did not find the bad gland in the neck, it must be in the chest behind the sternum, which he did not want to open because of the difficulty of this procedure and recovery required for an 83 year old patient. For me his decision to not open my chest was in retrospect very fortunate. After this operation my endocrinologist was unable to suggest other remedies for my dangerous calcium condition, except to suggest to stay away from milk, cheese, yogurt and other high calcium foods. I'm quite unhappy with her that she did not try harder. Why do they think the best doctors are all in New York? If a doctor is not in New York they can't be an expert?

My husband was unhappy with this answer and started searching on his own.This led him to the website of Dr. James Norman at Tampa General Hospital who claimed that when other surgeons were unsuccessful in finding and removing diseased parathyroid glands he had a 99% plus success rate. My husband contacted him and in October 2007. PRIOR to operating, Dr Norman reviewed all my scans and said that the previous doctors had misread the x-rays and that the tumor was in my neck in a very typical location and that he could remove it in less than 20 minutes. Dr. Norman operated on me and found the bad gland within four minutes in my upper neck, not my chest. The whole operation took just 16 minutes.My neck incision was only 1" and was closed with a band-aid. I was discharged from the hospital by noontime the same morning. Now my latest blood calcium levels are normal and I feel fine. My children say I act like a new person. Dr Norman has saved my life, and made my doctors up here in NY look like beginners. He knows more about this disease than all the doctors I have ever seen combined.

Patient: C.S. Brusnwick, New Jersey. Operating Room Nurse.

Dr. Norman, I want to thank you for making my surgery on July 8th such a wonderful experience. Working in the operating room every day at a large hospital allows me to appreciate the good surgeons from the bad. And the great ones from the good ones. If only the rest of the patients out there knew what us operating room nurses know! Now I know why you operate on so many nurses (at least one per day!)... because we understand that not all doctors are good, and few are great. You are great, and everything about the entire experience was great. Keep up the great work, and take care of yourself ! We need you to live a long time!

Patient: J.P. Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Norman, Dr. Politz and Dr. Goodman are the smoothest functioning medical team I could have ever expected to meet. With this team there are no surprises and every step is timely! Pre-qualify (by phone with Dr. Goodman), schedule (by email with the office), show-up at 5:30 AM (have a personal consultation with Dr. Politz), meet the nursing staff, (have personal consultation with Dr Norman), get sestambi x-ray, view the x-ray with Dr. Norman (he explains what he will do), meet the anesthetist and relax quickly as the operation will be over in about 20 minutes. Wake up and talk over pictures of tumor and results with Dr. Norman and be on your way to breakfast. We enjoyed dinner at the Columbia, took a street car ride back to the Westin Tampa Bay Hotel and had a nice Delta ride back to Dayton, Ohio the following day. The above took 48 hours and should have been done 5 years sooner if my Doctor’s would have diagnosed the high Calcium blood test results and followed through with a diagnosis of Parathyroid disease before I found theParathyroid.comweb site. I am Post -Op two weeks after being cured of Parathyroidism and the results are amazing. Bone pain is gone and sleeping 5 hours instead of 2 hours.

Patient: N.M. West Palm Beach, Florida.

I never knew I had a parathyroid problem because you don't feel calcium being leached out of your bones or kidney stones forming, but after reading about bones, stones, groans and moans that are a part of hyperparathyroidism I realized what caused my past kidney stone attacks and my osteoporosis and my stomach problems. I was told I had a high calcium level by my family doctor and that is how we found it. I had a friend who had been diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and was just going to Dr Norman the following week. I was anxious to see how she did and she described it as "incredibly simple, just as he says on his web site". So I had my operation and all went perfect. My operation took 15 min and I went home in 1 hour. I was fine after - no pain at all. Keep Reading!!!

I was going on a trip to Europe the week following my parathyroid operation and right before I left (It was on a Sat night at dinner time) I got a little concerned because I had a lump under my incision. It didn't hurt but I could feel it when I put my hand there. I called Dr Norman's private number and apologized for calling at dinner on a Sat. but he was so kind, and said that was why he gives people his number. He assured me that it was just swelling and would go away in about a week so off I went to Europe and he was correct. I never had a problem and it disappeared quickly.

While on the cruise, I still had a little redness by my 1 inch scar and even though my friends said you could not notice the scar - it wasn't even a week old - someone came up and asked if I had just had a parathyroid operation. I said yes and she said she would never had noticed but that she had had the same operation. She had had hers done in Tampa by Dr. Norman. Here we were in Spain and we both had the same Doctor! Her scar was completely gone and we couldn't even find it.

While I was waiting in the hospital in Tampa for my turn - I was number 10 for the day and had it done before noon... I was talking to other patients who were waiting for their turn to be cured. One girl who was scheduled right before me had come from Indiana and had had the operation done in Indiana previously and they didn't cure her. It was a 5 hour operation and she had a 5 inch scar and had been in the hospital 3 days and they didn't get it out. (Couldn't find it). She went to another doctor and had another operation with another 5 inch scar and again was in the hospital 3 days and again they didn't get it. Then she heard about this doctor in Tampa (Dr. Norman) and came down to Florida. He did the operation in 12 minutes and with a 1 inch scar and got it. I saw it that day with my own eyes. I am so glad I heard about him and that I lived close enough that I didn't give it a second thought about going to Tampa (I only live 250 miles away in West Palm Beach... and all the endocrinologists here send their parathyroid patients to Tampa). Another patient that day was from California and a couple of them were from New York and Texas.

I talked with my family doctor about Dr Norman and he said, "he is the guru". I was sure that since he was so well known and was the "guru" that he might be all business with no bedside manner but both he and Dr. Politz talk to you before surgery and they have the best bedside manner ever. I know this is not important if they do the job but it is very nice as a bonus. As you can see, I'm very pleased with the whole thing and my calcium level is normal now. I feel great, and am so glad I had this done.

Patient: L.G. Tampa, FL. Yoga Teacher

Dear Dr. Norman: Yesterday I burst into tears (of joy) in the shower because, for the first time in more than three years, a handful of hair did NOT fall out when I shampooed! I’d been complaining of hair loss for years but was told by my doctor that it was probably because of stress and aging. I now know that it was just one of the symptoms caused by the parathyroid adenoma which you so skillfully removed from my neck on November 6, 2006.

Let me state for anyone reading this that I was NEVER officially diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism by my internist. He mentioned it as a possibility, but also said my repeated elevated calcium levels were really "not that high". When my parathyroid hormone level tested in the normal range, he suggested we wait six weeks and run the blood work again.

Meanwhile, I was miserable. I had terrible acid reflux which had caused hoarseness and a constant cough, and I was on two Prilosec pills a day. I had been suffering with bouts of burning diarrhea for about three months. I had been diagnosed with osteopenia six years earlier at the age of 53 (even though I was on HRT, teach aerobics and yoga, and have always been very active). And I had also been treated for depression, taking Lexapro for about a year.

If it weren’t for the Internet I would still be in that state! Fortunately, when I Googled “parathyroid” your website popped up – and I read every word. I also watched the video of you performing the MIRP procedure, which put me in awe of your skill. When I discovered that you practice right here in Tampa – well, you cannot imagine my excitement. Your office is less than 15 minutes from my home! It seemed too good to be true.

Everything I learned from your website – and from your prompt replies to my e-mailed questions – made me feel more and more confident that my health problems stemmed from a parathyroid adenoma. You won my heart by being so responsive to my e-mails. Of course, I did check your credentials (it seemed a little weird to find a surgeon on the internet). My husband is a professor at USF and we know several USF med school faculty members who confirmed that “you are the man” when it comes to parathyroid surgery. So when my internist still balked at the idea of me having surgery, I referred myself. I sent copies of all my blood tests and DEXA scans to Jayme at your office, and I met with Dr. Politz who confirmed the diagnosis. Still, right up to the surgery I was not convinced that I really had a parathyroid tumor. What a relief when you said you could see the tumor on the scan!!

I was your 10th patient that day and didn’t go in for the surgery until 1:30. Still, I was back home again by dinnertime – a little groggy from anesthesia but feeling no significant pain; just some discomfort and a mild sore throat. I took the next day off and indulged myself in TV and lots of ice cream. The following day I went back to teaching yoga – much to the amazement of my students.

Your practice is designed to make this entire process simple and pleasant (as much as surgery can be). I felt so well cared for the entire time. Your team at TGH is great – from providing cozy, warm blankets to their upbeat positive attitude.

It’s been two weeks since the surgery and I am simply astounded by the difference in my life. The acid reflux went away immediately and so did the diarrhea. My lower legs no longer ache in the morning. I feel more optimistic and happy than I have in years. And – wonder of wonders – the hair loss seems to have stopped.

Truly, you have changed my life – just as you have for thousands of others with this condition. I only wish more general practitioners and internists understood that, as you repeated to me several times, “high calcium is never normal” and you don’t have to have an elevated PTH to have a problem.

Patient: H.H. Highland Beach, Florida. Real Estate Broker

Dear Dr. Norman, It's been only 2 months since my parathyroid surgery and gratefully, I can see that everything you said would happen is coming to pass. I feel so much better that I just cannot understand how my other doctors could let me suffer as I did for the past 5 years. They said my calcium was high, but "not high enough" to undergo surgery. Of course you have seen thousands of times more patients with this disease than they have, and you told me that the level of the calcium does not correlate with how much symptoms a patient can have. Now I understand! I'm a new person! Words cannot adequately express my thanks to you and your wonderful staff for your outstanding skills and true caring manner. Just imagine, it took you only 13 minutes to perform my operation and you left a 3/4 inch scar that we can't even find.... when other surgeons told me it would take them 3 to 5 hours, or more, and leave a 3 to 5 inch scar... and they said there was a 5% chance, or more, that they couldn't find the tumor. You are truly a miracle worker. Now I understand why so many people travel so far to have you work your miracle. I wish I could make my dumb doctors understand! I'm working on it, as I sing your praises to anybody who will listen.

Patient: HS. Wayne, New Jersey.

I recently had parathyroid surgery performed by Dr Norman. It was like night and day from my surgery last year...yes, I had a local general surgeon operate on me last year and he did NOT remove the bad parathyroid gland. I thought he was good because of recommendations from my endocrinologist. But I was nervous and this doctor seemed high and mighty and so did his staff. I thought he probably knew his stuff and I should go ahead with the surgery. I had to stay in the hospital overnight. I had a large scar. I couldn't go to work or do anything for a week. He was angry when I had an emergency and called his answering service. I felt like an invalid. And then I was afraid to do anything active afterwards for fear that my incision would open. In the weeks and months following, I still felt the same. My blood work and bone density did not get better--my calcium and PTH were exactly the same. My doctors said they did not know what I should do. That is when I contacted Dr Norman, and made up my mind to go to Florida. Well, meeting Dr Norman and Kelly was great!! They treated me like a human being. My scans turned out to show the last surgeon took out the wrong parathyroid (he took out a normal parathyroid because he couldn't find the parathyroid tumor). Dr Norman did the new surgery and not only took out the correct parathyroid but fixed my scar. The first (failed) operation took 3.5 hours and I had to spend the night in the hospital. Dr Norman did the re-operation in 19 minutes (including fixing my scar) and I went home 1 hour later. Dr Norman, Kelly, and the hospital were wonderful!! I went home feeling fine and not afraid to do anything. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! Thank you Dr Norman.

Patient: D.H. Austin Texas. State Senator.

Thank you Doctor! How do I get back the past 10 years of my life that I missed--now that I have some idea of what I missed?? I feel so much better at 50 that I wonder what I would have felt like at 40 if I didn't have a "high calcium that isn't a big deal"...? Believe me, my doctor know knows that it was a big deal and I've made sure he will NEVER make that mistake again with any other parathyroid patient. I have given him a big chunk of my anger and have educated (informed) him that he is responsible for me feeling bad for all these years. He now knows it takes only about 15 minutes to cure a parathyroid problem, and that hyperparathyroidism IS a problem. He now knows you don't have to have a calcium near 12 to have severe symptoms. WOW, did I give him an ear full! Thanks again for changing my life, and for what you do day after day!

Patient: M.P. 82 Years Old. Dallas, Texas.

I had surgery 10/14/2003 with you... but this letter is about my mom who had parathyroid surgery with you 7/25/2006. She is getting stronger every day. She is so thankful. She felt better immediately after the operation, so there was no surgical recovery time!! My Dad needs the Energy Prescription, as you suggested, to keep up with her!!

One of our Dallas Friends needed Parathyroid surgery two years ago, and I recommended you in Tampa. I explained my whole story and experience with you. Instead she went to one of best surgeon in Dallas. The operation took 4 hours and she spent two nights in the Hospital. And of course has a much bigger cut in her neck and 2 weeks out of work!! (hard to compare to a 1 inch incision and an operation that took 14 minutes... heck, we were out of the hospital by 10:00 am and she is 82 year old!).

My Mom's Endocrinologist looked at the operation results and the band aid, and said, nobody in Dallas can do anything like this!! My Mom's Cardiologist says she is a few years younger for the operation. My Mom and I are both your patients and you changed both of our lives!

Patient: J.S. Atlanta, Georgia. Circuit Court Judge.

Dr. Norman, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I have been feeling much better since my surgery on Feb.17, 2009.
I am feeling much stronger and the extreme fatigue is gone. Right now I would estimate that I am at least 100% better than I was before the surgery and for that I am EXTREMELY grateful. And my endocrinologist said I could "just wait and watch if for a while"! You literally saved my life!

Patient: A.S. New York, New York. Stock Broker

Dr Norman, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you, your staff, and the staff of Tampa General Hospital. I cannot say enough good things about my experience coming to Tampa to have parathyroid surgery for my hyperparathyroidism. From the arrival at the hospital (the free valet parking) through my departure, the people I came in contact with could not have been any friendlier, more efficient or more professional. Having you spend so much time with me pre-op and during the scan made me feel as if I were the most important patient you had ever treated. The recovery was as easy as you said: unbelievably easy! Your practice is a wonderful example of what healthcare should be. The next time you travel to New York it would be my wife's and my great pleasure to meet you in the city and take you out for dinner. Thank you again for your excellent care--and please put this on your web site--which helps so many people.

Patient: S.B Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A STORY OF LOVE LOST AND RE-GAINED DUE TO PARATHYROID DISEASE. I had my parathyroid surgery in February 2005. It is now August, 2008. I wanted to share with you the life-changing impact your parathyroid surgery has had for me. (Please post on your website so people understand this disease more).

I estimate that I started becoming ill several years prior to my surgery, and about that time I was in a relationship with a man I Ioved for three years. However, I had absolutely no emotional or physical resources to cope with anything that was going on between us and truly did not understand what was happening with me. I had high calcium levels but no doctors told me that was a problem. We separated in 1997. I never really forgot about him, but I had no interest in contacting him until after my parathyroid surgery. I was finally accurately diagnosed, had you remove my parathyroid tumor and as the months passed and I felt better and better, I began thinking about him. I had scrutinized your website carefully prior to the surgery and recalled something you said under the Symptoms page about Changes in Personality. I read this over again and realized that the description really fit me perfectly in terms of what I was going through back then, and I started to wonder what life would have been like for us if I had been healthy when we were together. So I gathered up my courage and contacted my former boyfriend. I directed him to your website to read about those personality changes and explained what I had gone through with the undiagnosed hyperparathyroidism, eventual diagnosis and subsequent surgery. We were able to meet again, work things through and realize the love we still had for one another. He told me that being with me again is like getting back the woman he first knew and loved when we first met in 1994!

We were married on May 25, 2008. I just had to tell you how grateful I am for your expertise as a surgeon, and also for the valuable information you give on your website. It brought back the love of my life to me and a second romantic beginning to a long, wonderful life together. People are suffering with this disease and they don’t know it. Thanks for teaching the world, and thanks for changing my life forever.

Patient: S.B. Los Angeles, California. Author

Dear Dr. Norman...also known as Jim...and also known as themostempathetic physician andskilled surgeon ever! How's that for an introduction! You performed my parathyroidsurgery on November 29, 2007. I have sat down to write you numerous times, but every time I start an email I think I should wait for another week to see what other amazing changes have taken place.

I was one of those people whodiscovered I had parathyroid disease through ablood test after a routine physical. The symptoms I had (extreme fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, poor sleep, mood swings, bone aches especially in my lower back, hair loss, cystic acne, poor skin tone and color) totally cleared up and I feel like my old self from a decade ago! The internal and exchanges are remarkable! In comparison, I now realize that my last chunk of years felt like "invasion of the body snatchers"! The real, healthy me is back. It's amazing how the body and mind function when they are operating under optimal conditions. My hormones began to instantly balance themselves and I truly feel like a new person...I have so much energy I'm like the Tasmanian Devil! :)

I know you hear it over and over, but I am truly grateful not just for your incredible surgical skills and knowledge, but for your genuine understanding, empathy and of course humor. I remember the horrible, isolated feeling I had after my bone scan at age 42 came back on the verge of osteoporosis and the arrogance, denialand non-responsiveness I receivedwhen attempting tolearn more about my condition and options through other doctors and surgeons. Your web site was my shining ray of hope and provided me the guidance to do the right research and ask the right questions. After excitedly sharing my discovery of you and your web site with my uncle, who is ahighly respected cardiologist, he told me in the most condescending and dismissive way that "shopping for a surgeon is not like buying a pair ofshoes on the internet." I quickly ended the call and instantly emailed your office. It was my health, my neck and my future at stake and I knew that I needed to speak with you. Your phone call confirmed what I already felt about you after reading your were the only choice for me.

I also know you hear this over and over -- your entire surgical team is incredible. I had never had any sort of surgery before and I was definitely least until the happy juice hit. Woo hoo! Nurse Bonnie was absolutely amazing and I was deeply touched by her kindness, humor and professionalism. I have never seen an operation run so efficiently and humanely -- impressive is an understatement. I believe it begins from the top down, which is reflective of the type of man and doctor you are. I think you are an extremely rare breed in the medical world and I feel enriched for having met you and not just on a medical level.

This may soundodd, but this entire experience has truly changed my life, my perspective and evena significant part of mycareer direction.As a writer, please consider this as my "thank you" -- if I can ever provide any sort of writing or web content services to you in any way, shape or form, it would be my absolute pleasure.(I have you listed on my website inthe "seeds of inspiration" section.) Ihave always beenextremelypassionate aboutweb-based medical education andthink your website is a terrific. I am also interested in learning more about the link between this disease and breast and other cancers. I am no doctor, but I think there are many, many women with hormonal issues that have an undiagnosed parathyroid condition.

Patient: D.P. Phoenix, Arizona. Nurse.

Hi Dr Norman! I was your last parathyroid surgery last Tuesday Nov 1st, 2005. I wanted you to know that I feel like a new person! Like a fog has been lifted and I can walk to the bathroom in the morning without clutching onto the bed and dresser because the pain in my legs and feet was so unbearable. I can't even believe how fast I have gotten better. I am even thinking about going back into my profession as a pediatric nurse I retired 2 years ago due to unbearable pains in my legs. You are truly my new hero! (Editorial note, the bone pain often seen with parathyroid disease is usually the most dramatic symptom to go away, usually within 8 - 24 hours. There can be an amazing relief of pain like you see here).

I had gone to 2 top notch surgeons here in Arizona only to be told that my calcium was not high enough yet to operate. Also the 2 scans were negative. I sent one to you and of course it was garbage! The second surgeon I went to in Tucson told me my symptoms were menopausal !!! I left his office in tears. On the 2 hour drive back to Gilbert Arizona my poor husband had to listen to me blubber... I knew this was NOT menopause. This was the day that I decided to become proactive in my own healthcare and find out everything there was to know about Parathyroid glands and disease. Thank God for your most awesome website. For the first time everything made sense. But better yet it led me to you and your wonderful team. I felt so cared for by everyone during the day of my surgery so much so that I really didn't have any anxiety. Heck if the Parathyroid GURU can't help you who can?? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Patient: R.H. Houston Texas. School Teacher.

Yes, I did find Dr. Norman on the internet and YES! I do strongly recommend that you have him do your parathyroid surgery. I was diagnosed in 1995 with the parathyroid tumor. Over the last eight years my health continued to gradually deteriorate. I didn't realize how sick I was until after I had the surgery. When my local endocrinologist recommended surgery a couple of years ago, I was quite concerned about the fact that he wanted to send me to a general surgeon that does an exploratory type surgery with a seven to ten inch incision right across the base of the neck. They said the surgery would take several hours and that I would stay in the hospital for several days. They also said that I would have weeks of recovery. Since I am a larger person, I was quite scared about the whole ordeal-especially about being put to sleep for several hours. I found Dr. Norman on the internet. I too, was skeptical at first but researched his credentials and read up a lot on hyperparathyroidism. I found out that those general surgeons that do parathyroidectomies only do a few per year or a few per career. That did not make me feel confident at all! Dr. Norman does about 24 per week. He is the expert. I did a lot of research and could not find anyone in Texas with credentials that were anywhere near what Dr Norman's are. I copied stuff from his web site and took it to my endocrinologist. He hadn't heard of the MIRP but wasn't interested in looking at the information that I brought him (don't you just hate a doctor that knows everything and can't learn???). He actually scoffed at me and pushed the packet back at me and said he would only refer me to a local general surgeon. I fired him that day. Dr. Norman is the leader in his field. After I sent in my lab work and the information that Kelly asked for, Dr. Norman called me at home on a Saturday and went over my case with me. He answered all my questions and treated me with great respect. He also made me feel very good about my decision to trust him.

As far as traveling to Tampa; I booked a hotel, rental car, and airfare on I found that to be the cheapest route for me. My hotel was within a few miles of the airport and a fifteen minute drive across town to the hospital. Dr. Norman's office was on the way to the hospital. I believe most hotels do have shuttles to the hospital. I made my appointment for surgery, talked to Tampa General, made my airline reservations and went within a couple of weeks. My surgery was scheduled on a Thursday morning. I flew with my mom to Tampa on a Wednesday. I went to Tampa General and pre-registered for the surgery. That evening we went on a dinner cruise and had a fabulous time. The next morning I checked in at the hospital around 8:00 am. They did my scan to show exactly where the tumor was. They gave me the twilight meds and 16 minutes later I was waking up. I was back at my hotel eating a hamburger by noon. On Friday I went shopping at the mall before we caught a late afternoon flight back to Dallas. Two weeks later I had my calcium levels drawn at my family practice physician's office. They were normal. I also had a bone scan done, it was normal. I sleep better, My kidneys work great, my blood pressure is fabulous and I was able to stop taking blood pressure medications. I have more energy. I am not nearly as crabby as before! I feel like I am out of a funk. I don't know if that makes sense to you but I really got annoyed with most people most of the time for things that now seem very silly. My scar has almost disappeared. It healed very quickly. I am very pleased with Dr. Norman, his staff, Tampa General and my entire experience. I do highly recommend you use him. As Dr Norman always says: "Parathyroid disease is very easy to fix!"

Patient: J.D. New Orleans, Louisiana. Registered Nurse

I want everybody to know that getting their parathyroid fixed will change your life. I am a 70-year old retired operating room nurse. My doctors don't know much about parathyroid disease and they had no idea that my tiredness, lack of energy, and depression could be cured by removing the small parathyroid tumor. Well, Dr Norman removed my tumor in 15 minutes and I went home 55 minutes later. I am 70 and now I feel 50. Its been almost 3 months and I'm a completely new person! I can hardly believe how good I am feeling. Please don't listen to your doctor who says "your parathyroid disease is not that bad--just wait a while". Just get on a plane and have Dr Norman fix your problem and change your life in 15 minutes! You and your doctors will be amazed! May God Bless Dr Norman every day of his life and all the great work he is doing!

Patient: NM. Cleveland, Ohio. Registered Nurse

Dear Dr. Norman: I am so excited and have been since awakening from my parathyroid surgery and realizing that all of theHORRIBLE symptoms that I had suffered over the past 20 months, that had literally debilitated me,are---GONE!! The generalized bone pain, the relentless nausea, the tired to the bone feeling, and most of all,the the Horrible dizziness and vertigo,are gone!!! You, with the gifted surgeons hands, and the intelligent brain, did what 11 other Drs. could not, you knew immediately that it was the high calcium causing all of my problems and you were absolutely right!! You have given me back my life and I plan to return to my nursing job and career in two weeks. I could never put into words my praise and thanks to you. I will be forever grateful.

Patient: J.C. San Antonio, Texas. Investment Banker

I'm from San Antonio, Texas, and was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism by my family doctor in December of 2003. Like you, I immediately got on the internet and found Dr. Norman just searching around. I really didn't want the 8 inch parathyroid surgery/damage your voice box/maybe it won't even work surgery that is offered here in San Antonio.

I had my surgery on January 26th, 2004. I really believe that Kelly worked me in because my insurance deductible was going up on February 1st. I only dealt with Kelly via e-mail but once my papers were all in, Dr. Norman called me on the phone and we had a long discussion about what I had and what he was going to do.

We flew to Tampa the night before my operation (I still had not met anyone, even Dr. Norman). After checking in at Tampa General, receiving my little gown with the slit up the back, I walked out of the dressing room and Dr. Norman was standing by the nurse's station waiting for me. (I recognized his picture).

I was the 2nd operation of the day, the lady in front of me was from Great Britain and had come over for her operation. Let me assure you that Dr. Norman was the best! He was at my bedside right away, explained everything in detail again, told me what I had even before my scan was done. I was sent down the hall for the sestamibi scan of my neck and my bad parathyroid lit up like a Christmas bulb in my neck (Dr. Norman was down there too and walked me back to the waiting area). Dr. Norman has one of those personalities that exudes confidence but is down to earth. I just left everything in his capable hands and didn't worry.

My surgery lasted 17 minutes, according to my husband, I remember nothing! I only stayed in recovery about 1 hour and then went back to the hotel. We flew back the next day. I did take a couple of Tylenol that afternoon but that was it. I took a long nap that afternoon. For the next few days (about 3) I had some tingling in my fingers if I didn't take my calcium like instructed. I took about 6 of them for the first three days and then I could tell that the other parathyroids had "turned back on". My blood tests on the 10th day after surgery were "dead-center" of normal on calcium and parathyroid hormone. Couldn't have been better.

The staff at Tampa General was wonderful to me and Dr. Norman is absolutely the best! I don't know what your symptoms are but mine are ALL gone. No constipation, no rapid heart beat, no lethargy and I honestly feel like I'm 21 again (I'm 49). I do have some osteoporosis in my left hip which the doctors are saying should improve greatly with calcium supplements. I told my family doctor that he needs to keep Dr. Norman's name since I personally think it would be cruel to have anyone else perform surgery for this problem. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. You won't believe how good you feel afterwards because you probably don't realize how bad you feel now....I have a tiny 1 inch scar in the middle of my neck (where it sinks in right at the collar bone) and it's fading fast.

Run, don't walk, to have this surgery with Dr. Norman. You'll feel great afterwards. PLEASE, don't let another doctor go "exploring" around in your neck!

Patient: R.L. Ithaca, New York.

Hey Dr. Norman: I FEEL GREAT!!. On Friday, November 21, 8 days after parathyroid surgery, I started feeling much better. That evening my wife said that I was more with it in conversations than I had been in years. Now 10 days later, I see that I have a new base line where I feel like the old me again. This is wonderful. Thank you.

Patient: LT. Singer.

Read what a member of the Captain and Tennille (the musical group) says about coming to Tampa for parathyroid surgery. The name of the patient is not included on this site for privacy purposes... but read about the experience of one of the singers on their web site: Click here to go to their web site:

Patient: SB. Lexington, KY. Dentist

I want to thank you for choosing to do this parathyroid specialty. I am in awe so far. About 2 years ago I started have joint pain in my right knee and right elbow. About winter this year my left knee started having problems. I went to the ortho guy and we did a lot of injections and physical therapy. I was scheduled to have surgery in March but I cancelled. However it was becoming a struggle to get myself out of a chair (I wanted lift chairs) and even walking was painful. Everyone just said it was Uncle Arthur and that maybe there was a ragged area on my meniscus but no one could find anything. Friday morning about 14 hours after my parathyroid surgery I got up out of bed, went to the bathroom, and then went to the sink to brush my teeth. All of a sudden I was amazed. I didn't have any problem getting out of bed, getting up from the toilet. My knees didn't hurt. I mean that. My best friend noticed that I could keep up walking with her when we went to the airport. This was a miracle to me. The Lord used you to help me! I am sure many say the same thing. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. (Editor's note: the relief of bone pain following parathyroid surgery is one of the fastest and most dramatic things about parathyroid disease. Usually bone pain is gone within 6 to 18 hours following parathyroid tumor removal. It can be amazing!).

Patient: N.L. Informatics Scientist. San Diego, California.

Choose your surgeon wisely or you may be tormented with this parathyroid disease for a very long time! Dr. Norman performed my 3rd surgery for the same parathyroid tumor in April 2006 after two previous surgeons could not. I am finally cured. My first surgery was in Oct 1996, after it took several years to get diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism. I went into surgery with a positive scan showing a tumor on the left side. This surgery failed to cure me since the surgeon removed healthy parathyroid tissue on the right side. My second surgery was 2 months later in Dec 1996 after I insisted that I was NOT cured. Another scan in Nov 1996 proved that the original tumor was still there. The second surgery seemed to be a success. This time the surgeon got the real tumor on the left side but apparently broke the capsule surrounding the tumor. The tumor reseeded and I was diagnosed again 7 years later after bone pain and various other unpleasant symptoms led me to the doctor. When diagnosed again with primary hyperparathyroidism in early 2005 I was told that my scan was negative and to hope that better diagnostic tests (x-rays) would be developed in the future. Meanwhile I had every symptom on Dr. Norman’s hyperparathyroid hit parade. We found out that Dr. Norman could do surgery with a negative scan in Dec of 2005. In April 2006, the scan performed at Tampa General was clearly positive. Dr. Norman told me that the hospital that did my scan in 2005 did not even use the proper filters and the scan had been positive all along. In less than 30 minutes the surgery was over. Two hours later I walked out of the hospital. At last I can close the book on this bad chapter of my life. I’d never go anywhere else for this type of surgery. Your quality of life may forever depend on it.

Patient: J.D. Las Vegas, Nevada. Physician (Internal Medicine)

Dear Dr. Norman, I just want to drop a line to offer my most sincere gratitude to you, Dr. Politz, and your wonderful staff. The treatment I received was top notch, my surgery and recovery were essentially painless, my downtime for recovery was non-existent, and the results of the procedure have already been absolutely phenomenal! Need I say more? Now I know why patients travel from all over the world to come to Tampa!It couldn’t have been better! Your help has truly been a blessing!

Patient: J.S. Boston, Massachusetts. Operating Room Nurse (Harvard).

I just wanted to say to you and to Drs. Norman and Politz that I had an excellent experience with this procedure last Thursday. Everyone was incredibly wonderful, professional, caring and just top notch. From the moment I arrived and having the pleasure of meeting the most wonderful and funny nurse, Helen Allen. She put me at ease and I forgot all my anxiety. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have this surgery behind me, and I will never forget the many kindnesses that I was shown. It is true; everybody wants to go to Tampa for their parathyroid operation, even the doctors and nurses in Boston! You guys make things so easy, and everybody else has so much to learn! Thank you to everyone but especially to Dr. Norman.

Patient: P.V. Slidell, Louisiana. Horticulture Instructor

After my husband's 3 failed neck parathyroid explorations , 4 kidney stones, severe exhaustion, removal of half of a healthy thyroid gland an much of his connective tissue, osteoporosis, and a stroke in his right eye, Dr. Norman was a God-send. My husband will never regain the sight in his right eye, but he is totally cured of this debilitating disease. We learned of Dr. Norman on a 25th anniversary trip to Mexico from a lady who had a parathyroid tumor also. We met her and her husband only because my husband's shoe lace was loose and as we stopped we bumped into them and began to talk. She and her husband began to share their story with us as they decided to join us for our early evening walk. As we walked, we talked, and got to know a little about each other. Now here is the amazing part. She had a parathyroid tumor that made her so sick that she and her husband moved back to the U.S. (They had lived in Australia because her husband was from Australia). She said that her health was great now since Dr. Norman operated on her and removed the parathyroid tumor. She had only one operation, and that was by Dr. Norman. Of course, it was a complete success. Paul and I listened in amazement, as we told her Paul's history (three failed operations, each with several days in the hospital; a half dozen CAT scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds, and other tests), and what we had been going through for the last 7 years. She urged us to contact Dr. Norman. When we returned from Mexico, we did just that. By January, we found ourselves on the flight to Tampa. Thank God for Dr. Norman! In 28 minutes, he found the bad parathyroid gland (that the other surgeons spent over 15 hours and 3 operations looking for), removed it, and revised some of the horrible scarring on my husband's neck from the previous 3 surgeries. GONE!....FINISHED!....CURED! I have my husband back! He feels like he has two brand new batteries in his body. He simply feels great. His high blood pressure is completely gone. Dr. Norman and his staff worked diligently with our insurance company as well, causing them to do the right thing on our behalf for this surgery. If you have this debilitating disease, we urge you to go see Dr. Norman. What other surgeons and doctors missed, he found to be easy work because he is an expert at what he does. The words 'thank you' are dim in comparison to the gratefulness in our hearts. Dr. Norman, you've changed our lives forever!

Patient: S.W. Houston, TX Finance Manager

I had no idea what "hyperparathyroidism" meant until one of my doctors informed me in 2002 that "there is a high likelihood that you have hyperparathyroidism based on the elevated serum calcium of 11.9 and the low serum phosphorus of 2.2. Untreated hyperparathyroidism can lead to serious bone disease, kidney stones and hypertension". Obviously this concerned me, but I thought that maybe if I lost some weight I could treat this peculiar "hyperparathyroidism" on my own. After several years (and a few doctors later) I noticed that these calcium levels continued to increase, despite my weight loss. I continued to have very high blood pressure, and finally my current doctor informed me that I needed to consult with the hospital surgeon to seriously consider surgery since my calcium levels continued to be way above normal.

I met with the hospital surgeon, and he explained to me that he would have to make a 3-5 inch incision in my neck to check out all of my parathyroids (and routinely check the thyroid) to find the "adenoma" that was causing my body to produce too much calcium. This would be under general anesthesia, and the operation could take from 2-3 hours (or more!). I would have to stay at the hospital overnight, and recovery would be from 4-5 days. Obviously I did not feel comfortable about this, especially from a surgeon that only performed about 6 parathyroidectomies a month. Long story short, this is when I went to the internet for some help.

Almost miraculously, I found Dr. Norman's website, and I learned more about hyperparathyroidism in 15-minutes of reading than during the hour-long consultation with my hospital surgeon. The next day, I called Dr. Norman's main number and gathered all of the relevant information. Within weeks after sending my lab reports, I talked with Dr. Norman firsthand and immediately felt comfortable in "ditching" the surgeon in Houston and flew to Tampa to have this procedure done.

Yes, I was skeptical at first. Oddly enough, the night before my operation I went out to dinner with my sister and her friend in downtown Tampa (who both had accompanied me throughout this whole ordeal), and we ended up sitting in a booth adjacent to a patient of Dr. Norman who was scheduled for the same operation the day after my own procedure! As fate would allow it, we met each other, and during the course of our conversation we shared our fears about finding a doctor on the internet. Afterwards, I made a promise to my fellow "patient-to-be" that I would call him right after my operation to assure him that all was legitimate and successful.

Sure enough, after a 14-minute operation I ended up calling my "new found friend/patient-to-be" and informed him that everything went according to schedule. Dr. Norman, in my opinion, is the sole expert surgeon in the world when it comes to curing hyperparathyroidism. Following my own surgery, after I woke up, I felt surprisingly normal; there were minimal effects from the local anesthesia, and within 1-hour I was eating a full-course meal at a wonderful restaurant within blocks from Tampa General Hospital.

In my opinion, Dr. Norman is the undisputed "expert" in curing hyperparathyroidism with minimal surgery. I went back to work within a day, and my colleagues were amazed by how little and indistinguishable my scar was (less than 1-inch long). Now after one month I have never felt better (no one can notice my scar at all!), and my calcium levels and even my blood pressure are all normal. This was not surgery for me; it was a pleasant experience that today has saved my life.

Patient: MB. Teacher. Houston, Texas.

Dear Kelly, Drs. Norman and Politz: It is much happiness that I let you know for the first time in 6 years I have a normal calcium level. This has been a long journey for me. As you know I was never diagnosed here in

Patient: M.C. Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

Dr.Norman, No words can express how grateful I am to you for how you handled my parathyroid operation. I truly feel you have given me my life back. As you know I have been very ill for quite sometime and under the care of a physician at the University of Kentucky, for over six months. I have had every test imaginable and no diagnosis. My daughter found your website in Jan 04. Most test results were pointing to parathyroid disease. Yet this physician said I did not have parathyroid disease. He told me that if I did have hyperparathyroidism then I would have elevated PTH levels at ALL times, but mine were fluctuating form normal to upper limits of normal. I have also had both a bone biopsy and a bone marrow biopsy in Oct 03. I was told I could have bone cancer. Only God knows what my family and I have been through. We contacted you clinic. I mailed my med. Records In less than 2 weeks you phoned my home, I will never forget your words you said you need to come to Florida, I can help you. When we ended our conversation I hung up and cried. I thanked God; he had sent a physician to help me. My surgery was scheduled for 3/8/04.

All our arrangements were made and my husband and I boarded a plane to Florida. You found all 4 of my glands were bad. I knew through the info on your website this was rare. As, I told you the day of my surgery; you are an answer to our prayers. All went well with my surgery. You and all the staff at Tampa General Hospital were GREAT!!!I I want too sincerely….. THANK YOU!!!!! May God Bless you. (Editor's Note: It is NEVER normal to have a high PTH level. It is NEVER normal to have a high calcium level. These levels will fluctuate in MOST people with parathyroid disease, with most people having one or more tests that are "normal"... that is expected and does not mean that you don't have this disease).

Patient: M.Z. Berlin, Germany.

Hello Dr Norman, I Watched TV the other day and there was HOUSE on - they talked about parathyroid disease and somehow I felt back in spring 2006 having my MIRP half around the world from home. Everybody knows that "the sun always shines on tv" but having this perfect surgery was REAL - THE REAL DEAL! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe how easy it was to fix the problem - suffering from this disease very hard for more than 2 years or longer before the operation - even having a slightly elevated calcium (... but the symptoms were not slight at all!). Cool to see that your perfect work goes on and on and with the time (more information, larger team, the Calcium Pro App, ...) I am very thankful for that experience - it sharpens up senses for the important things in life! Wow, time runs fast - almost 8 years gone since my life-changing MIRP! WISHING YOU ALL A WONDERFUL, HEALTHY 2014!

Patient: I.B. Fort Worth, Texas. Doctor (Family Practice)

Kelly: I would like to thank you and Dr. Norman for a wonderful job removing my parathyroid tumor. I hate to think of what my alternative might have been if I had a 'general surgeon' perform my operation. My calcium levels are now normal, as is my parathyroid hormone level. One additional side effect of the surgery is I have a real reduction in blood pressure which was always bothering me. With the new blood pressure guidelines just released this couldn't have happened at a better time. I am really pleased that I made the decision to come to Tampa and have the minimally invasive surgery. The arrangement that the hospital has with the local hotels, with special rates and transportation to and from the clinic and hospital is really outstanding. I would certainly recommend that if a person is facing parathyroid surgery then a visit to your clinic and hospital is the only way to go!

Patient: B.C. Sarasota, Florida. Retired Surgeon

I am writing to thank you for the great job you did on my parathyroid surgery. I must say the anxiety leading up to the surgery was more difficult than the surgery itself. I was relieved that everything went exactly as you said it would, and the entire operation only took 14 minutes. I was very pleased I did not have to take even one pain pill following the operation and I was able to go home from the hospital only about an hour after the surgery. It's been about a week now and I feel great! Thank you again.

Patient: KH Sterling , VA Operations Administrator.

I had my parathyroid surgery in January 2009. My story isn’t much different than most who write. I was sent to an endocrinologist because of high blood calcium levels. When my 24-hour urine test showed very low calcium levels, she became fixated on the idea that I must have Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia, or FHH, even though a Sestamibi scan showed a parathyroid adenoma.When the blood calcium started getting really high, she referred me to a surgeon. The surgery was scheduled, and he decided to send me for yet another Sestamibi, which showed no adenomas.He cancelled the surgery and for that I’ll be eternally grateful!!All of this went on for years, not months. The blood calcium wasn’t getting better and I started doing research on the Internet.I found Dr. Norman’s website, did the out of state consultation, and decided to fly to Tampa .My 42 year old son told me I was crazy to use a doctor I found on the Internet instead of a doctor here. Chalk one up for Mom.

One of the reasons I’m writing is to assure people that it is perfectly fine to come alone!! (Editor's note: this is not the best situation, but we have people do this all the time). I stayed at one of the downtown hotels recommended on the website and took a taxi to the hospital. Dr. Norman’s staff knew I was traveling alone, and I’m guessing they scheduled me as the first patient so I would have plenty of time to rest. I met the doctors, surgery went well and quickly, and they removed two adenomas and a thyroid nodule. I caught a taxi back to the hotel and later had dinner in the hotel restaurant.I felt fine!I caught a plane out early the next morning.I cleaned the snow off my car in the long-term lot, and went to work for the rest of the day. I don’t have FHH and my blood calcium is now 9.3 and my PTH is 34. The scar is next to invisible.Yes, I had to spend quite a bit of money out of pocket.And it was worth it. (Editor's note: If your doctor says you may have FHH, then you may want another opinion. We see thousands of people per year with high calcium and don't think we have EVER seen a case of FHH. Your doctor hasn't either.)

Patient: A.M. Hollywood, Florida. Dentist

Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz, It is Wednesday evening and I just left you Monday morning at 10 A.M. (As you said, we would be on the road by 10 am and we were) to drive back to Hollywood. I wish I could drive back to Tampa this evening so I can give both of you a hug and kiss to show you how grateful I am. Approximately 2 PM today, like a light switch turning on, I felt better than I have felt in a very long time. I can’t thank you enough. I saw my Endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic today and he was “amazed”. He heard about you guys, but he couldn't believe it until he saw it for himself. You changed my life in 14 minutes! Take Care and Thanks Again!

Patient: N.B. Baltimore, Maryland. Operating Room Nurse, Johns Hopkins Hospital

I visited my primary care physician two days ago and both he and his nurse were very impressed with my small scar, actually almost no scar, and my rapid recovery. I told them I was back in my hotel room two and one half hours after surgery and flew back home the day after. I know I was a little nervous coming to Florida to be operated on by two doctors I had never seen. However, the huge surgery that had been recommended for me here at Hopkins was much more frightening than traveling for an out patient procedure.I am so grateful for your wonderful web site and the great care I received from you, Dr. Politz and Tampa General Hospital. To think a surgery that corrected my parathyroid problem and removed a hot thyroid nodule took nineteen minutes is amazing. Nothing like this can be done here… and everybody here knows it!The biggest thing I notice in the way I feel is that my fatigue is gone. I no longer dread getting up in the mornings. I loved Thanksgiving and am enjoying preparing for Christmas for my family.

Patient: C.S. Chicago, Illinois. Physician (Pediatrician)

When I found out I had hyperparathyroidism and needed surgery, I started doing my research and talking to surgeons and endocrinologists in Chicago. Of course there are several large universities here with lots of experts. I saw two surgeons in town, both of whom claim to be experts in parathyroid surgery (and I suspect they may be). However, even they admitted that you will do more parathyroid operations in one week than they will do in a year or more. I actually asked the busiest parathyroid "expert" here in Chicago where he would take his wife/son/daughter if she needed parathyroid surgery and he very honestly said, "I'd take my family member (or me!) to Tampa; no question about it!". That was all I needed to hear. I told him thanks and called your office an hour later. Now that the operation is over (17 minutes, evaluated all 4 glands via a 1 inch incision, out of the hospital by 9:05 in the morning!), I can see why everybody goes to Tampa. Your system is incredibly smooth. There is no hassle. There are no worries. I've been around hospitals my entire life and I have never seen anything run so well. You have been blessed more than any physician I have ever met, and I am proud to know you and have you as my doctor. You really are the doctor's doctor.

Patient: S.H. Phoenix Arizona. Retired Teacher.

Dr. Norman, Everything went just as you said. I can’t believe how easy it was. I never even took an aspirin and had a wonderful flight back to Phoenix the next day. My regret is that you did my second surgery instead of my first. My calcium had been high on my blood tests for two years before a new doctor noticed and requested the PTH test. I had noticed the high calcium but thought that was good, as you can tell I know nothing about the medical business. hen she sent me for the tests, I got on the internet and began exploring. I came to your Parathyroid site and read the symptoms. I told my husband the PTH will be positive, I have a parathyroid tumor. It came out true. I was then sent to an endocrinologist for a radiology scan. It came out positive (but was a waste of time), he said I needed surgery. Everything was going just as you said until I got to the surgeon. First, I asked the endocrinologist to recommend the best surgeon, one who did a lot of parathyroid tumors, he sent me to an ENT. I asked the surgeon a few questions: Yes, he did about 50 parathyroid surgeries a year (editorial note: only a handful of surgeons in the world do 50 parathyroid operations per year... so be careful!!). He said he did mini surgery,.. Yes, the cut would be small 1-3 inches (editorial note: 2 inches is NOT mini surgery! 3 inches is a HUGE incision in the neck). Yes, I would go home that night. No, he had never damaged anyone’s vocal cords etc. Then, he said I want you to go for an MRI. I said, "the sestamibi scan is positive, I don’t need an MRI". “Why would you say that?” he asked me. I proudly said the man on the Internet said that MRI's are usually negative and shouldn't be done routinely. He told me to quit reading the internet and not to believe anything I read on it. I went home talked to my husband and he agreed with the doctor. Then, I had a cat scan (because the MRI was negative... and the cat scan was also negative), then he thought part of my thyroid might need to be removed, and did an Ultra Sound on my Thyroid. So... negative cat scan, negative MRI, negative Ultrasound.... why am I doing all of this???

I had the surgery by this bozo here in Phoenix. He showed up at the last minute and left right after the surgery. He called my husband from his car phone saying everything went well and he was on his was to the airport. I was sick for two days, then called his office and went in to have it checked. They drained the large incision which was full of blood on the right side of my neck.

I never got better and still felt terrible. Three months later I was tested and my calcium was 11.1! It took me a year of lies and stories from three different doctors telling me I was ok, before I was able to get something done. After reviewing the pathology reports, we see this surgeon removed a normal parathyroid gland and couldn't find the adenoma that was making me sick. Finally, I said enough is enough. I called you, Dr. Norman, to evaluate my records. Six weeks later, everything going just as you said, you remove a large parathyroid tumor from my neck in less than 16 minutes and even gave me a picture of the large tumor. My bones and muscles quit hurting almost immediately and my head cleared. My husband now tells me I had a complete personality change in the last three years and he is so happy to have his wife back. My only wish is that it wasn’t the second surgery. I wish I had paid closer attention to your site before the first surgery. Everything you said would happen was true. We wasted 3 years of our lives and countless thousands of dollars getting unnecessary tests and having unsuccessful operations. Why can't doctors be honest when the just don't know? Thank you for saving my life!

Patient: R.B. School Teacher. Brooklyn, New York.

I can't tell you enough about Dr. Norman. He is wonderful and his method of a mini-surgery is incredible. I too scoped NYC for the "best" doctors. You would think this big city would produce the best surgeons (as it often does). But in this case, there was only one doctor in NY that performed a mini-surgery and he didn't accept any form of insurance. Everything you hear about Dr. Norman is true. The surgery took less than 20 minutes. The scar I have (hardly visible after 10 months) is about 1 inch long. Had I had the surgery here in New York, I would have a scar clear across my neck (after a 3 to 31/2 hour surgery). Having Dr. Norman do it was worth the trip to Florida. This surgery is second nature to him. I believe he can do it with his eyes closed! Nobody in NY can do a sestamibi scan and read it correctly. He will locate that bad parathyroid gland immediately. Make sure you see the video of the surgery and read his website from beginning to end. You will understand it completely. It is true -- You will be having dinner out the same evening of the surgery. He is amazing. Educate yourself with the website and you will not have a nervous bone in your body having him do the surgery. You will thank him, and yourself, for making the right choice. He is the way to go!!

Patient: D.B. Austin Texas. Medical Research Scientist

I am a medical researcher and health writer so when I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism on one side of my neck and a rapidly growing thyroid nodule on the opposite side of my neck (not slowing down on thyroid medication) I began to interview surgeons, doctors, read the literature, and ask a lot of questions. I discovered Dr. Norman through the Internet, still an unusual portal to surgery. But what Dr. Norman offered made much more sense that the 5 1/2 inch incision and full neck exploration proposed by the Mayo Clinic, and the total thyroidectomy (take the whole thing out just so nothing will happen to the rest of your thyroid in the future) by many of the head and neck surgeons in my home town. One of them even refused to see me again as a patient if I didn't take my entire (healthy) thyroid out. I liked what I read on Dr. Norman's web site, but still, selecting a doctor via the Internet without ever meeting him seemed awkward. So I emailed Kelly for some names of other patients and I emailed or chatted with them. I called the Florida medical board and Dr. Norman had a completely clean record, no complaints registered at all. I interviewed over 8 surgeons and finally decided to go with Dr. Norman and then I had to wait a while because he is so busy seeing patients from all over the world. But it was worth it. He removed the thyroid nodule (benign growth) by removing only a part of the thyroid. Dr. Norman successfully saved 3/4s of my thyroid and said the rest of it looked completely healthy. By the way, many surgeons and doctors had said that since my thyroid had a few nodules and since I was a DES daughter and since we can just take thyroid pills, why not take the entire thyroid out. Dr Norman concurred with me to be as conservative as you can in the present. Why remove a whole healthy organ just to avoid a future extremely rare possibility? Dr. Norman carefully saved both my parathyroids on that side where he removed the thyroid mass. Dr. Norman also found I had a parathyroid adenoma on the other side that was the cause of my hyperparathyroidism (my primary problem). He successfully removed both, from different sides, with one small incision less than one inch! He was the ONLY surgeon who said he could save most of my thyroid, and take care of my parathyroid, in this way. When I returned home the doctors were flabbergasted and awed to see how small the incision was through which Dr. Norman accomplished this magic. All Dr. Norman's staff and the folks at Tampa General Hospital were great, I was out within two hours of surgery. Dr. Norman called that night himself to check up on me (he gives his cell and home phone number to patients so they can call him if need be and I have been trying not to bother him too much). I am completely impressed.

This man is both a genius of a doctor, and a gentle, caring human being. We don't often find these traits in the same animal. And he has a sense of humor, he had me laughing before the surgery. Plus, Jim (as he answers his phone) comments frequently and lovingly about his wife (another trait I find refreshing). I feel lucky that Dr. Norman had this web site, and that that his office helped me get over the jitters of engaging his services over the internet. I think this is the wave of the future. I highly recommend Dr. Norman and his very professional staff. I don't recommend the Wyndam hotel (though the restaurant can't be beat and the service there is almost as astonishing as the surgery center)!

Patient: P.W. Athens, Alabama. Clinical Social Worker

When I was laying on a gurney prior to a Sestamibi scan, a passing nurse said, "You're having surgery - Good luck." She than glanced at my chart, looked up at me and said, "Oh, you have Dr. Norman - you don't need luck." And that really says it all...I was prepared to be shaky and frightened, but, before I even had a chance to tremble, I was scanned, sutured and sent back to my hotel for a nice dinner. How easy it is to understand why your reception room was filled with patients from all over the world. In that I only had to leave my own practice for 2 days, it was actually more economical (and so much more comfortable) for me to fly to Tampa for the MIRP than it would have been for me to have the old fashioned procedure in my hometown. Please feel free to give my name and telephone number to any patients who would benefit from hearing about my experience. I remain grateful for having met you.

Patient: A.L. Rochester, Minnesota. Registered Nurse

Read this if you are feeling old... I thought (before surgery) is this how it's going to be for the rest of my life, being tired and crabby? It seemed like when I turned 64, I started feeling "old". I thought this was how it was supposed to be. Now that I had the surgery, 2 months later, things are different. You too will see the difference......a new exuberance, a new zest for life. Hang in there girl.......things will be better, I guarantee it for you!

Patient: N.S. International Falls, Minnesota. Registered Nurse

After many years of declining health and seeking out various forms of treatment from traditional and complementary physicians, I finally realized I had a parathyroid tumor. Researching on the internet I came across Dr. James Norman's wonderful and educational website. I then knew what I needed (MIRP) but found that no one in Minnesota or California was able to do this type of surgery. I became very discouraged trying to contact different doctors in search of help. However, Dr. Norman responded by email and telephone immediately. He was very thorough and reassuring and gained my confidence. My sestamibi scan done locally was interpreted wrong . Dr. Norman's scan was accurate and the tumor was located. I did have to have a 'light' general anesthetic as the tumor was very deep but I still was out of the hospital in 3 hrs. My scar is almost undetectable and I am feeling 100% better. Dr Norman and his staff are truly professional, ethical, and efficient. I would trust no one else to do this surgery and feel so fortunate to have found him.

Patient: S.S.London, England

Dear Jim, Doug, and team. We just arrived back home this morning in Fleet, UK and it is a little bit cold and wet (December 2012). After my procedure last Tuesday, we spent a few extra days in warm and sunny Tampa and then went to stay at Clearwater beach for a couple of days. After a few days rest by the pool and sea, I have to say I feel (in fact we both feel) really good.

I just want to thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. You did exactly what you said you would do – you took great care of me and you found and fixed my parathyroid problem. After 18 pretty tough months I am finally looking forward again. I am just so glad that I made the decision to come to the NPC in Tampa. You are all outstanding in what you do and everything was so well organised and professional. You are (as many others have already written) simply way out in front of all the rest. Sadly, even the best doctors here in the UK are a long way behind. I have to also say that the team at the Marriott Tampa downtown was also great and I have sent them my thanks. They were very supportive and having the suite at the hotel made everything easy. Finally, I is also good to know that sometimes good things can come out of bad situations. November and December here in the UK are generally pretty cold and there are no public holidays between late August and 25 December. We came to Tampa solely to see you guys for my procedure but Sue and I enjoyed Tampa/Clearwater so much that we have already decided that we are going to come back for a vacation next year to have a few days or a week’s winter sun. I wish you continued success for the future. You have our eternal gratitude.

Patient: C.J. Gainesville, Florida. Retired.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism.I was feeling tired all the time, weak, achy, and my bone density was positive for osteoporosis. A nuclear scan was done at the the local state university to locate the diseased parathyroid gland but this was negative and so I underwent the standard (old-fashioned) parathyroid operation in August 2002 under general anesthesia. The operation took 4 1/2 hours and the culprit gland was never found. Aside from a terrible disappointment that my problem was not corrected, I had a huge scar and an adverse reaction to the general anesthesia that required a 4 day hospital stay! It was days before my nausea left and my mental alertness returned. I felt I would never allow myself to have surgery again.

Because my first surgery was unsuccessful, I started feeling even more tired and weak and eventually had to limit my daily activities to the necessities. Frightened and anxious about my previous surgery but knowing I had to feel better, what else could I do? Enter Dr. Norman. By word of mouth (some other experts knew of him) and, I became familiar with Dr. Norman¹s expertise, his specialization in parathyroid surgery, and especially his use of an excellent high quality nuclear scan to detect the exact location of the overactive gland. Additionally, I was pleased to find that most of his surgeries are done under local anesthesia with sedation, so you wake up in a very short time.

My SECOND operation was performed by Dr. Norman in June of 2003, and it was an unbelievably pleasant experience. My parathyroid tumor was removed in six minutes with the entire operation lasting only 11 minutes... and I had no problems coming out of the anesthesia. I was discharged an hour and a half later. Compare that to an unsuccessful operation that lasted nearly 5 hours and required 4 days in the hospital!! It is TRUE that Dr Norman's team does the scans and the operation better than anybody else, even the big universities (as my case proves). I am so thankful for the wonderful work of Dr. Norman and his team.
Editorial Note: Because of the poor quality Sestamibi scans at most hospitals (due to their lack of experience and most advanced techniques), this patient underwent a long complicated operation for no reason. Moreover, further invasive testing with angiography and other methods were planned for this lady--tests that are dangerous and were not necessary if this hospital was better at performing Sestamibi Scans! Even big universities often don't have the experience to do this operation in the most successful / safe fashion. Over 65% of the people we operate on have a NEGATIVE scan at their local hospital !!!

Patient: G.G. West Palm Beach, Florida. Ph.D. Scientist.

Question: When is surgery not an overwhelming ordeal? Answer: When it is an MIRP done by James Norman, M.D. and his able assistant Kelly.

We've just returned from Tampa General Hospital where Dr. Norman performed a Minimally Invasive Radioguided Parathyroidectomy on my wife. Here's my report:

Dr. Norman's skills as a surgeon = A.
Dr. Norman's bedside manner = A
Dr. Norman's interest in his patients =A
Dr. Norman's availability = A
Dr. Norman's confidence =A

Sound like a special human being? You bet. In the days before surgery he called us regularly to reassure us because he was aware of my unusual anxiety level. He responded to our e-mail questions within hours and sometimes minutes! We have been through fifteen major diagnoses, operations and disorders in the past seven years and have probably dealt with forty or fifty M.D.s including surgeons, oncologists, endocrinologists (among the worst as a group) gastroenterologists, hematologists, radiologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, urologists and (have I forgotten anyone?) neurologists. Most have been disappointments to us, some have done well and a few have been have been terrific, but one stands out amidst them all. James Norman has the unique combination of tried-and-tested skills and genuine compassion that turned what could have been an ordeal into a minor inconvenience. He is warm, enthusiastic, reassuring and, most importantly, competent and is undoubtedly among the best in the medical profession.

Patient: R.P. Quito, Ecuador, South America.

Dear Dr. Norman. Now we are back home in Ecuador, and doing great. We want to thank you sincerely for the precise and prompt attention you gave my daughter and all the professional treatment in removing the parathyroid tumor. We were really amazed of how simple you made it look, and how fast the procedure is. It is amazing to see all of your patients leaving the hospital an hour after the surgery with no problem. We are very pleased to have trusted the health of our daughter to your experience and special abilities. Thank you very much.

Patient: W.W. Baseball Fanatic. Pasadena, Maryland

Words could never express how grateful we are to Dr Norman and his wonderful staff. From the day we emailed Jayme to the 15-minute, painless, 1-inch incision (all as promised), the experience was more like a visit with friends than a surgery.

I was originally diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism in August 2001. My doctor referred me to an endocrinologist whose recommendation was to just wait and see since the calcium levels were not that high (BAD ADVICE). So wait and see we did as my fatigue, aches, pains, forgetfulness, sleeplessness and Jekyl & Hyde personality (according to my wife) continued to worsen. This past February my wife started researching hyperparathyroidism on the Internet. She read everything she could find, but nothing was as complete and made as much sense as She printed it all for me to read, but it took me a month to read it because "there was nothing wrong with me!" Even then, I was skeptical of the procedure (I wouldn't even call it surgery) and my need for it. Finally, I agreed to go to my doctor and get the blood tests and referral faxed to Dr Norman. True to his word, Dr Norman called me personally to discuss the "procedure". He was so personable and confident, but it was his sense of humor that won me over.

We decided to schedule everything around a Baltimore Orioles / Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball game in Tampa, traveling with friends and making a vacation out of it. Well, on July 15 2004 @9:00 am I was wheeled into surgery and at 11:00 am I was in my rental car going back to the hotel. The operation took 15 minutes and my scar was just under 1 inch. I had one little band-aid. There was NO PAIN! That evening when Dr Norman called me on my cell phone to check on me, we were at the ballgame enjoying an Orioles' win! If you are reading this and you have parathyroid disease, run (or fly) to Dr Norman for this painless "procedure" and get your life back!

Patient: M.M. Tucson, Arizona

When I returned homefrom Tampa I began noticing a major difference in my mood and my energy within 2 weeks! Those close to me were amazed at the difference before and after the MIRP. My primary physician and staff were in awe of my scar (if one can call it that, it's a crease in my chubby neck and exactly the size Dr. Norman said it would be!!). Of course, I show all my medical professionals "my neck crease". I find it very interesting how they all lean forward to inspect my neck closer. In Tucson, Dr. Norman's procedure (MIRP) doesn't appear to be a reality and this is indeed very sad. Tucson is a retirement city. When I attended an AARP 55 Alive class, parathyroidism came up in conversation during a break; my pride got the better of me and I proceeded to educate my classmates about Dr. Norman.James Norman is a wonderful caring physicianand an incredibility skilledsurgeon. To say Dr. Normanand hisstaff at Tampa General are efficient and great is truly an understatement.To seehow his staffabsolutely ADOREShim & so proud to be part of his team, not only inspires patient confidencebut providesmental comfort so important pre-surgery!. The mechanics of the entire procedure from check-in to check-outran so smoothly, I almost couldn't believe I was in a hospital for a surgical procedure! I have been healthy the majority of my life....the last time I spent a night in a hospital for a surgery or anything, I was 5 years old having my tonsils out and I'm 61 years old! Dr. Norman's website is state of the art regarding parathyroidism. When Dr. Norman showed me the results of my sestamibi scan, I was dumb founded - it is exactly like the picture on his's rather disconcerting to realize that the Hot (black dot)isyour parathyroid!As wonderful asthe testimonials are on this website, they just don't do justice to the confidence and comfort, that I experiencedas Dr Norman's patient. If only he could be every doctor! What a wonderful world, indeed!

Patient: C.H. Nashville, Tennessee. X-Ray Technician.

Kelly, I would be glad to talk to or email anyone that is considering surgery. You can't imagine how glad I am that I came to Tampa for the surgery. I am convinced that if I had had the surgery here without the MIRP and nuclear mapping, I would have been carved up and I don't think the surgeon would have ever found the tumor. (Editor's note... in a very rare position around the carotid artery under the collar bone).

I only have praise for Dr. Norman. It has been one month and two days since the surgery. I feel very good and all of my symptoms are either gone or much improved! Thanks again to you both. By the way, how many times has Dr. Norman removed a tumor in the carotid sheath? Did you video it?

Patient: N.C.Brick, New Jersey.18 Years Old.

Hi, you had asked me to send you an update on Nick (age 18 with autism)six weeks after his surgery which was 9/12/12. I am so so pleased to report that the change in Nick has been dramatic. He has gone from someone who was rarely happy anymore, very behavioral and destructive toa happypain freeguy withalmost no behaviors and nothing at the level as before.I feel so bad that he must have had so much pain and discomfort the past few years and had no way of expressing it other than acting out. The surgery has been a Godsend.

For some background:Nick's behaviors/aggression just spiraled over last few years (and he was previouslymostly ahappy, sweet guy) to the point of his getting kicked out of 4 specialized autismschools in 5 years, trials of different psychiatric meds (didn't help other than to zombify him so we weaned him off them)and sadly ending up where we had to put him into residential placement last year. I knew something was wrong and took him to numerous doctors/therapists, but nothing was discovered or helped.Finally the doctor at Nick's residential placement discovered/investigated the high calcium level and from there we got the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism this past summer. The diagnosiscame just in time as the behaviorist at the residence was recommending reintroducing psychiatric medications to reduce the behaviorsbut was willing to wait until after Nick had the parathyroid surgery.

Since his surgery they no longer want to put him on meds. The staff had never met Nick before he became so miserable and they are all just amazed by the change in him since the surgery. I receive daily reports on Nick from school. He has gone from spending most of the day having multiplebehaviors such as aggression, head banging, destruction, sleeping, staying in bathrooms for inordinate amounts of the day, to having maybe one minor behavior per week! He is now cooperating with the teacher, actually sitting down and learning for the first time in years. In his residence and when he comes home for visits, he is making friends, participating in activities and just happy. I am so glad we came to you for the surgery, it was one of thebest decisions we ever made! Thank you so much for giving Nick his life back. It scares me to think that he came very close into just being medicated into submission/compliancewhen therewas abiomedical cause.

Patient: B.D. Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Dr. Norman, I would like to update you on my husband Bill. Two days after surgery he kept saying I really feel different. He was up and going and wore himself out on 3rd day. Before surgery I was beginning to think he was about to look for greener grass because he lost interest in going anywhere with me. His energy is back. His enthusiasm is back. He is alert. He is not depressed. Gets up early and works all day full speed. He continually says, "I feel different." Memory is improved. He has restarted projects he stopped years ago. He was making a museum quality ship model of the Constitution which he stopped making nearly 8 years ago. Since the operation he keeps wondering why he quit working on the ship and has made a lot of progress on finessing the model. He says he is having so much fun. AND... He doesn’t need Viagra! He wasn’t walking the dog any more, and now he wants to. He said before surgery he thought he was getting old and couldn’t do a lot. He was always so tired. Now I am having a hard time keeping up with him. He is 67 and I am 60. In short you given me back my husband. Thank You!!

Patient: B.W. Boston, Massachusetts. Operating Room Nurse.

Drs. Norman and Politz, We cannot thank you enough for curing my 79 year old mother with a 14 minute, minimally invasive procedure. Everything about the process was well thought out, thorough, and nurturing. From your unbelievably rich and detailed website to your informative and knowledgeable staff, to the personal attention given to each patient upon entering the one day surgical unit until the discharge just hours later, everything was smooth and professional. Allowing a loved one to remain by the patient's side at all times before and after the actual surgery is genius. The apprehension and fear factor is lessened to the point of near disappearance for both patient and family. Your enthusiasm, expertise, confidence, and bright "bedside" manner carries the day. THANK YOU for choosing this specialty. We look forward to mom's quick recovery and stronger bones, and even, could we dare hope, a renewed disposition. With gratitude and affection.

Patient: P.F. Boston, Massachusetts. Nurse.

Dr. Norman, I had successful parathyroid surgery on 6-22-09. I am doing very well and look forward to continued improvement over the next several weeks. The whole process, from the first submission of information, to the actual surgery is remarkable. Everyone I worked with and spoke to was very helpful and professional. Please add my kudos!!!! to all others you receive! Thank you for your caring and expertise!!!!I sent thank you notes toall of your staff that I worked with also, great people!!My best regards, PF, (the former Sensipar lady).

Patient: L. M.Worchester, MA.Attorney.

Hi Amy - I just wanted to give you, Dr. Norman, Dr. Politz and the whole Norman Parathyroid team a quick update. I had surgery last Tuesday, September 25th, 2012. The procedure still took only 11 minutes!! I have felt better and better each day since the surgery.No more achy back, neck and arms. I still get a little tired sometimes, but overall, feel much better than I did before the surgery. Please tell Dr. Politz that I even practiced with my tennis team today and was able to serve! It wasn't pretty but at least I could look up!!I can't thank all of you enough.You kindness, prompt responses to my inquiries, reassurances and amazing surgery have put an end to a very stressful summer. I am so glad I followed my instincts and came to Tampa despite some skepticism by my doctors in Maryland. I will update you in a few weeks after I have my blood work done. I am anxiousto see if the M-GUS my doctors found disappears and if my kidney function improves (it has only declined in the last few years). Again many thanks.You are ALL my heroes.

Patient: C.S. Vestavia, Alabama

The process began again when I was told by my local MD in November 2012 that I again had high blood calcium and for me to go to the web site and apply for surgery, which I did immediately. The information on the web site was so informative, honest, professional and efficient in the manner in which the clinic approaches and handles the problem. I previously underwent parathyroid surgery in 2008 by a local surgeon who removed three of my parathyroid glands but did not cure me because he didn't find the tumor (3 normal glands were removed!). I filed my application and sent the medical history and as it progressed through the process the amazing staff kept me posted. Shortly I received that all important telephone interview from Doctor Doug Politz telling me my surgery was complex for the doctors (from my point of view critical) because I not only had just one parathyroid gland left, but that it was diseased and I had scar tissue on both sides from the previous surgery. A week after the surgery appointment call we began our 1200 mile (RT) drive to Florida. I give humble thanks to Almighty God and to the two skillful surgeons Drs. Douglas Politz and Toro for their knowledge, ability and compassion to skillfully locate and remove the tumor in this complex surgery. I did not lose my voice in spite of the fact the tumor was resting on the vocal nerve which had to be moved out of the way of the tumor by about a quarter of an inch. This nerve doesn’t even like to be blown a kiss! Thank God they were successful because I was very worried about losing my voice. Another great success by these wonderful professional caring doctors, nurses and team members, I give you all my heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude for your kind and healing care.

Patient: M.V. Atlantic City, New Jersey. Physical Therapist.

I'm writing to tell of my mother's troubles and her recent cure. My mother is 76 years old and has many medical problems. She requires oxygen at home due to her very bad lung disease. She has compression fractures of her spine, terrible fatigue (in a wheel chair much of the day), and bad GI problems. She lost 42 pounds over the past 2 years and became very depressed. While investigating the compression fractures of her spine, she was diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism at the Mayo Clinic. Well, needless to say, I got goose-bumps when I read about the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism-- with the hope that an operation could help these problems. With great anticipation we awaited the results of her Sestamibi scan at the Mayo Clinic...and then we hit rock bottom. The scan was negative and the doctors at Mayo said there was nothing they could do for my mother. I pleaded with them to do something, but they said she was too sick and that they had nothing further to offer.

So I turned to the Internet and learned that there is a highly specialized technique for locating these elusive parathyroid tumors... and that a clinic in Tampa does this procedure every day! How was it that this technology and skill was not available to us at this highly regarded Mayo Clinic? So my family and I began to check out Dr Norman. Was he really as good as the Web site indicated? Could I trust somebody that I found on the Internet? We checked the AMA's Website. We checked the Florida State Licensing Board and the Health Grades Physician Quality Report for Consumers. He had a clean record, had no malpractice suites against him (never!), and had a perfect record. I took his resume' off the Website and cross-referenced the articles he wrote. They were the real thing! When I spoke to him, I was struck by the fact that he was very cautious and thorough in diagnosing her disease. Well, the surgery was a success! Despite her terrible physical condition, she required only 30 minutes in the operating room and was able to go home in less than 2 hours! She is now cured of the parathyroid problem and is gaining weight and feeling much better. All of the staff at Tampa General treated us like we were special. Dr Norman is a true professional. No patient should be concerned because he and his team have the much needed experience to make it all happen.

Patient: A.L. Nassau, Bahamas. Real Estate Broker.

Kelly, Please post on the Website our most sincere thanks and appreciation for the way you took care of my parathyroid surgery. I had every question answered and was allowed to ask questions many times. I felt completely taken care of from the very first handshake. Nothing was left to chance, and everything was extremely professional. I haven't seen a doctor in years who took as much time with me as Dr Norman. The entire team treated me and my family with great care and understanding. The operation only took 25 minutes and I left the hospital an hour and a half later. We all went out to eat at a nice restaurant that evening to celebrate... only hours after the operation! I can't believe that anybody would undergo the old-fashioned parathyroid surgery by some surgeon who does gallbladders and hernias. Dr Norman did 6 other parathyroid operations the day that I was there, so you know he is an expert. My incision is only 1inch long, and I never needed a single pain pill. My doctors are amazed and thankful, just as we are!

Patient: D.M. Berkeley, California. Computer Programmer.

When I received a diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism I called my brother, who is a very excellent surgeon who has performed many parathyroidectomies. Researching hyperparathyroidism on the Internet I eventually discovered, MIRP (and quickly realized it was for me!), and it's originator and best practitioner, Dr. James Norman. I figured the advantages of MIRP over its alternatives warranted even a transcontinental pilgrimage. My Internet searches revealed another MIRP practitioner, Dr. Smith (who trained in MIRP by Dr Norman), and I told my brother about him as well, My brother informed me that he used to work with Dr Smith, for whom he has a very high regard. My brother contacted Dr Smith on my behalf and Dr Smith told me that if he himself needed parathyroid surgery, Dr. Norman would be his surgeon. Further researches into alternatives to MIRP, including endoscopic surgery and the standard non-radio guided technique performed by most surgeons (including my brother), only reinforced my determination that MIRP is the way to go. There was no doubt in my mind that having Dr. Norman do the operation would be my best course of action.

You are probably aware of how frustrating it can be to deal with medical bureaucracies, even those as small as the typical doctor's office. I experienced none of this in dealing with Dr. Norman and his nurse Kelly. Kelly is friendly, knowledgeable and above all, readily accessible, whether by phone or email. I found Dr Norman to be forthright and clear and he answered all my questions both before and after the procedure.

Even though my hyperparathyroidism was very mild and the Sestamibi scan (as Dr. Norman had suspected) did not reveal an obvious adenoma, Dr Norman, with his great experience and keen eye knew from the scan where to start the operation. The operation was swift and the outcome optimal. There was virtually no recovery required. When I told my brother that I felt so little pain that I didn't even contemplate taking any pain medication, his reaction was that this was simply spectacular! He heartily congratulated me on having made a great decision in going cross-country for my procedure by Dr Norman.

Patient: S.D. Charlotte, North Carolina. Engineer.

You made my day ! My wife was also overjoyed that I do not have to take any medications to improve my osteoporosis--in view of the fact that I am already on several drugs controlling my heart beat. As I told Kelly yesterday, my wife keeps saying " it's a miracle !" and she cannot believe that the nightmare is over and just how smoothly everything went. She was very nervous about the procedure until you talked with us in your office the day before the event. After she met you she was confident that I was doing the right thing.

Jim, words cannot adequately express just how grateful we are to you and your team. I was very depressed to learn that I had hyperparathyroidism which had led to osteoporosis. Now, thanks to you, I feel so much better and my whole outlook on life is back to normal. Things are good and I'm RELAXED !

Patient: A.L. Newport Beach, CA.

Good Morning, I'm writing in behalf of my mom Alice Lauer. She had the surgery one week ago yesterday. Wanted to give an update. She has no body pain at all the day after she woke up with no pain. Her out look is so amazing. She not depressed or angry. All you guys are heaven sent. Dr. Norman and his team were AMAZING. I can't thank you guys enough for giving my mom her life back!

Patient: D.S. Atlanta, Georgia. Registered Nurse.

I wanted to thank you again personally for your help. I can only imagine (with horror) what another surgeon would have done trying to locate my "misplaced" gland. You always were so prompt in your response to emails and calls. Your follow-up call after my surgery was especially appreciated. I have so much respect for you and what you do. I was nervous before the surgery, but your humor and warm personality put me at ease. I have already told my friends (who are all doctors and nurses) about you and they will pass on the word about what you and your fine staff do in Tampa. If there is ever anything you need in Atlanta, just let me know. I will always be grateful to you for giving me the gift of health. ( Editor's note: This patient had a parathyroid which was in a very unusual location. It would NOT have be found during a routine "standard" parathyroid operation. During a MIRP, however, the probe directed us right to this misplaced gland in a very unusual location).

Patient: C.E. Denver Colorado. Anesthesiologist

Dear Jim, I thought you would like to know that I am doing great, feeling well and back to my old self again (you took my parathyroid tumor out on May 2, 2005 in 12 minutes). I went to work full-time (anesthesiologist) two days after my surgery. My scar is now almost invisible. My calcium & electrolytes are all normal and my PTH level is back in normal range. I am taking 600mg of calcium daily for my bones. When I described how short my surgery was and how simple the process was, it certainly raised some eyebrows and a level of disbelief among some of my surgical colleagues. Perhaps they were stimulated to read your journal articles and/or book chapters and get with the program! Thanks again for taking great care of me.

Patient: D.K. Los Angeles, California. Actor.

Dear Kelly, My doctor's office called me yesterday to report that my calcium level was 9.3 whereas previous to the surgery it was 10.8 to 11.3. Its 2 weeks since my operation and I continue to improve significantly. I have greater energy since I can't say when! The crushing depression I experienced for a very long time is all but gone!

I am now taking the position that as far as my health is concerned, the entire United States is the medical community I have to draw on and not just Houston, Texas. I was soooooooo right to come to Tampa. We were all totally impressed with Dr Norman. And I thank you for all your assistance, care and concern. I want to continue to improve and enjoy a life again that I haven't known in years. More than thanks again!

Patient: J.R. Marketing Director for Computer Company. Kenosha, Wisconsin

Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz, I just wanted to pass along my heartfelt thanks to both of you and your staff for an outstanding surgical experience. To say the least, I was skeptical about using the Internet to find a doctor to cure my hyperparathyroidism…let alone operate on me. I’ve been an early adopter to the internet, but the extent of my usage was research or periodically buying something online. Never did I think I would end up having surgery by a doctor I found on the Internet. Now here I am 3 weeks after surgery feeling like I made one of the best decisions of my life.

After a routine physical in January, I was diagnosed as Osteopenia and a calcium count of 11.3. My family physician suggested that I start taking a bone-enhancing drug. However, I could not understand why I was taking potassium citrate for my kidney stones, Tums daily for post menopausal calcium supplement and now Fosamax. My question---why was my calcium so high and why do you want me to take bone-enhancing meds? Finally I was sent to an endocrinologist who performed a variety of tests: a Sestamibi that was negative, blood and urine tests and finally an ultra sound of my neck that looked suspicious. I was sent to see a surgeon in Milwaukee who recommended the traditional 6-10 inch incision and 3 day hospital stay for the removal of my parathyroid adenoma. That’s when I started my research....there must be some alternatives.

After finding your procedure discussed and praised on the Mayo Clinic site, I found myself on the Norman Endocrine Surgery Clinic site. I must have read through the material at least three times, watched the video, researched your credentials (very impressive) and then began working with your staff to make all the arrangements. It just felt right and the whole process couldn’t have been smoother.

Thanks to everyone at the clinic, Tampa General and specifically both of you for making this such a pleasant and painless experience and most importantly, curing my disease in 14 minutes. I have a son who is in his second year of medical school and I just hope he has the same wonderful bedside manner that I experienced with both of you.

Patient: D.S. Bank President. Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi everybody! I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and tell you guys what a wonderful job you do. Your practice is the most efficient and thorough that I have ever dealt with. Because of you, and the expertise of Dr. Norman and his surgical team, anesthesiologists, and everyone at Tampa General Hospital, I had the best care possible for my recent surgery. I have never had nicer people working on me and with me and received such excellent care. I just had to let you know that I am just raving to everyone about your practice. I wanted to also tell you that I ate a nice meal the night of my surgery - with no problems. The next day, Friday, April 1, I had a wonderful breakfast buffet and we drove to Orlando and spent the remainder of the day at Sea World, then on Saturday we spend the whole day at EPCOT. On Sunday, we drove back to Tampa and spent the night before our early flight returning to North Carolina on Monday. I have had virtually NO DOWN TIME and I just wanted to tell you guys you are the greatest!

It was very exciting to meet both Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz and I felt very honored to have such credentialed and world-renowned doctors working on me. They were so down-to-earth and we joked and laughed, and again, this made me very comfortable as I think life is taken too seriously most of the time anyway. Even though they were very busy and had 12 surgeries that day, I felt as though I was the only one having this procedure. They took plenty of time, answered all my questions, and checked on me a number of times throughout my pre-surgery and recovery.

Patient: B.C. Las Vegas, Nevada. Retired

In the fall of 2001 I underwent my first parathyroid surgery--done by a general surgeon. I had a scan that showed the gland was in the center of my neck, yet the doctor spent two and a half hours looking for it, without success. He immediately tried to talk my family into taking me to a university hospital where they were to open my chest (like open-heart surgery) to explore for my abnormal parathyroid gland. After two and a half hours of surgery which left me without a voice for a month and real difficulty in swallowing, I wasn't real receptive to the idea.

Of course blood tests for two more years and another scan showed I still needed another parathyroid operation. My new doctor, knowing I had a previous surgery, wanted to refer me to a chest surgeon who could open my chest and explore for the parathyroid tumor. My son found Dr. Norman's web site. To me it was like a port in a storm. I applied on-line and forwarded all the records we had. Kelly called and said that Dr. Norman would contact me. In just a couple of days he did call, saying that he felt the operation would be fairly straight forward, just deeper than the other doctor had gone. He was so reassuring and confident that the job could be done IN THE NECK AND NOT THROUGH MY CHEST. A date was set and we were off to Florida. The hospital called the day before we left so I was pre-registered. I had a pre-op appointment on Wednesday, the operation on Thursday, where Dr. Norman found and removed the parathyroid in just 17 minutes and I left the hospital one hour later. We flew home on Friday in time to attended a family birthday party that night.

I can't begin to tell you what a pleasant experience I had with Dr. Norman, Kelly and the whole hospital staff compared to the first operation. Anyone facing parathyroid surgery should be aware of Dr. Norman's procedure and I would encourage them to make a trip to Tampa.
(Editor's note: Some parathyroid glands are in the chest...BUT they can almost always be removed through a 1-inch neck incision--you do NOT have to open the chest to get them out. This is another reason to have an experienced parathyroid surgeon--so you don't get your chest opened when it doesn't need to be. In this case, she was scheduled for the chest operation, an operation that was guaranteed to be a failure since this tumor could not have removed through the breast bone incision.)

Patient: B.R. Gainesville, Florida. Homemaker.

I have only praise and gratitude for the entire experience with Dr Norman and Tampa General Hospital! Following my diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism I was anxious to have the problem resolved. I was tired all the time, couldn't sleep, my muscles felt tight, my joints ached and a bone density scan showed that I had osteopenia. I went for a consultation with a surgeon at the university medical center here (University of Florida) and was surprised and disappointed to learn that they planned to do exploratory neck surgery that would require general anesthesia, a 3-5 inch incision and lengthy surgery. I wanted to find an alternative if possible.

My doctor had heard of Dr Norman and told me of his web site. I decided to make a consultation appointment with him. Kelly (Dr Norman's nurse) was a great help in this regard - she got me in to see Dr. Norman the same week I called. Dr Norman looked over my medical records, explained the MIRP and even gave me the name of a woman in my home town who had had the surgery and had offered to talk with new patients. Surgery was scheduled and every detail went as smoothly as I could have hoped. My husband and I drove to Tampa for pre-op the day before surgery and were able to get a room for a discounted rate at a nearby hotel thanks to the list provided on the web site. Everyone we encountered at the hospital during pre-op and surgery was friendly and professional. The sestamibi scan was performed as described on the web site and my adenoma was removed in a 16 minute surgical procedure that required just a one inch incision. We returned home that afternoon.

It has now been a month since surgery. My calcium level has returned to normal and I feel better than I have felt in a very long time! I am so grateful for Dr. Norman and for his medical expertise. He has focused his energies in one area and perfected a unique procedure to care for his patients. I think what impressed me most was the personal care he imparts. He has provided patients with an extensive and detailed web site. He called me with lab test results prior to surgery. He came by to see me several times the day of surgery to answer questions and to explain the results of the sestamibi scan. He also called me that night at home to check on me. Additionally, he personally responded within minutes to an e-mailed question post surgery. My husband and I both feel that the process was as stress free as surgery can possibly be. I would gladly recommend Dr. Norman to anyone with hyperparathyroidism.

Patient: E.E. Lexington, Kentucky. Physician (Pediatrician).

One year ago, I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism by my cardiologist who noted my gradually increasing calcium on routine blood tests. The PTH test was elevated also. He referred me to an Endocrinologist. We discussed surgery. I was against having surgery! However, I did agree to have a sestamibi scan. I was told that this scan probably would show nothing since it was not a very reliable test. The radiologist read the films that same day and told me that I had two tumors in the superior poles...a bilateral situation. I was then sent to a surgeon selected by my endocrinologist. (Editor's note: Run the other direction if somebody tells you that your scan shows two or more tumors!!). This surgeon decided that I probably had all four parathyroid glands involved instead of two (editor's note: Huh?). He said that he had done hundreds of parathyroid operations and does about 50 per year now (editors note: this is very doubtful--very few doctors world-wide have done a hundred parathyroid operations!). I wondered if this was enough and questioned his qualifications.

I understood that I would have to have the old standard operation and that I would probably have a 6-9 inch incision. The sestamibi test I had at my local hospital had sealed my future concerning the type of surgery I would have to have. I would have to have general anesthesia and probably stay overnight in the hospital. I visited this surgeon twice. I had been reading everything that I could find about hyperparathyroidism. I knew that it was important to have the most experienced surgeon that I could find to do this delicate neck surgery. I did not believe that I had found that surgeon.

I had been upset from the time I was told of my diagnosis. Why did this happen to me? I had trouble even believing that I had hyperparathyroidism because I had none of the listed symptoms. I thought the lab results were wrong. Of course, repeated lab tests did finally convince me. I prayed that I be led to the surgeon that should do my surgery. Two nights later while surfing the internet, I found the website of James Norman, M.D. I am so fortunate to have found this brilliant surgeon prior to my parathyroid surgery. I contacted his nurse, Kelly via E-mail and within an hour, Dr. Norman and I were talking via telephone. I actually cried (joyfully) after talking to him. He made me feel so much better. He said he thought that I had only one tumor and that I would not have to stay overnight in the hospital. He told me that this would be a very easy surgical experience. Everything he told me came true. Eight days later Dr. Norman did my parathyroid surgery at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, FL. The surgery was performed 15 minutes after a sestamibi scan. The sestamibi films I had taken at my hospital when compared to those taken at Tampa General are pitiful...Not only are the ones taken at my hospital pitiful...the radiologist's reading of two tumors is unfounded. (Not even one is showing.) I shall do everything I can to try to get our hospital to do decent sestamibi scans and train someone to read them.

I am so grateful for the MIRP (Minimally Invasive Radioguided Parathyroid) surgery that Dr. Norman has invented. His "probe" and surgery is God sent. I left the hospital less than two hours after my surgery, and went with my daughter and two grandchildren that afternoon to Clearwater to experience the beach. My Calcium and PTH levels are normal now. I am less fatigued and have a lot more energy than I had. Thanks to you, Dr. James Glenn Norman and your wonderful staff for such a pleasant and successful surgical experience.

Patient: M.H. Clearwater, Florida. Stained Glass Artist.

When I found your web site concerning your work with hyperparathyroid patients, I had just been diagnosed with the condition. After a year of extreme fatigue and the beginning states of osteoporosis, I was relieved and excited to read the information you provided concerning the method you have developed of "radioguided parathyroid surgery." It almost sounded too good to be true! From the moment I contacted Kelly at your office I received quick and thorough answers to my questions, an opportunity to speak with you personally, and an appointment to assess my situation and plan for surgery. I am especially appreciative for the expeditious and thoroughly professional responsiveness to my situation.

It has been two weeks since you performed my parathyroidectomy at Tampa General Hospital. Because of all the information you made available to me, I knew exactly what to expect and the whole procedure was pleasant, painless, and stress free. There has been no pain connected with the surgery, the incision is small and already fairly inconspicuous. My blood tests show that I have been cured and my energy is increasing daily.

Thank you, Dr. Norman for giving me back the energy to enjoy my life again. I cannot imagine how my experience could have been any better. I have nothing but good things to say about the NORMAN ENDOCRINE SURGERY CLINIC.

Patient: K.F. Indianapolis, Indiana. Business Owner.

Hi, Kelly. It was a week ago today that I had my surgery and I wanted to write to say 'thank you' to you and everyone involved, (Dr. Norman of course), and everyone at Tampa General Hospital. There are few things that are actually as good as described, but my whole experience was that and even better. From my very first contact with you Kelly, to the last person at the hospital who wheeled me out to the car, everyone was unbelievably caring, warm, and helpful. All off this personal attention goes a long way in providing comfort and confidence to the patient. Thank you so much.

Patient: M.L.W. Homestead, FL. Registered Nurse.

Dr Norman, The advances made in surgery over the recent years is nothing short of awesome. Since you performed my Minimally Invasive parathyroid surgery in Mid-January 2004, I have had 8 months to reflect on how fortunate I am to have had you as my surgeon.

My husband and I have spent our lives serving physicians, hospitals, and patients. When I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism I began to search the Internet and also turned to a valued surgeon friend, who although semi-retired remains a member of on of Miami's leading surgical groups. Several local surgeons were suggested, but i had been impressed with your credentials. At my request, our friend called you and the following morning he announced: "That is the man you want to do your surgery. He knows what he is doing." Coming from this fine gentleman and surgeon that is quite a compliment.

Individuals needing surgery must consider every aspect. No one wishes scars if they can be avoided, and there is the ever important anesthesia to consider. The milder form of anesthesia that you use offers far less negative side effects and when you awake, you remember nothing of the procedure and are able to walk away. Dinner that night was wonderful, and now, my incision has melted away into oblivion--it can't be seen. Having been associated with numerous hospitals throughout the US, I feel I am in a position to state that Tampa General Hospital outshines any others in Florida. I can't think of any other more well-equipped, well managed and coordinated within its departments, convent, and clean. Each employee with whom I cam into contact treated me as if I were their very own mother...they cared and it showed. Thanks Dr Norman for what you are doing for patients with this disease!

Patient: M.S. Myrtle Beach, SC. School Teacher.

I can hardly believe that only 10 days ago I was in surgery!!! Already I feel 10 years younger! I have spoken very highly of you to my doctor here and have told the people that did my first, (and poor) Sestamibi that they have a great deal to learn from you and your team. You have many more important things to do than to keep answering my mail (which I appreciate very much!!) so I will close by letting you know that my husband and I are grateful to have met you and we are so happy that we appreciated the value of scheduling surgery on the internet. You have been a blessing to us! Thank you again for curing me.... and thanks to Kelly and Jayme too.

Patient: D.L. Stanford, California.

My father, DL had his surgery yesterday morning. He is 86 years old! He ate and enjoyed food for the first time in many years yesterday at noon (lunch 2 hours after his surgery!). Last evening he and my daughter Andrea (who brought him down) went on an evening boat dinner cruise. Andrea said he was like a little kid! He so enjoyed it! There was a lot of lightning and told her it was like fireworks without the color. Andrea said he will not stop talking about your clinic and how there need to be more around the country. She said he could be your new spokesperson

Patient: R.S. State Senator. State withheld.

Dear Dr Norman, I had my parathyroidectomy done on August 30, 2006 by you. Everything about the experience had lived up to my expectations. Your facilities and your staff were all first class. You made an experience that I had prolonged for way too many years an easy, painless event. My levels are now PTH 15.2 and calcium is 9.7. PERFECT! Traveling a long distance for this operation was the best decision I've made in a long time.... and I make lots of decisions! Thanks for everything!

Patient: B.M. Charlotte, NC. Administrative Assistant

When I visited my internist last week he was interested in finding out how everything turned out for me in Tampa. He was very impressed with you as a doctor and with your professionalism. He said you had a very quick response time and he had received all documents pertaining to my surgery within a few days after the procedure. He is going to let future parathyroid patients know that they too can have the MIRP done by you in Tampa, Florida and not settle for the standard surgery.

I could not be happier that I chose you to be my doctor/surgeon and that I traveled to Tampa for you to perform my surgery. I was a little apprehensive because I did not know you but the minute you walked into the examining room for our appointment and said hello I knew I had made the right decision. In addition to being an outstanding doctor you come across as being a truly compassionate and caring person who offers much more than just medical care to your patients and their families. I see qualities in you that I do not see in most doctors. I hope you always keep your wit and sense of humor. I think these are two of you greatest assets as a doctor and human being. These wonderful qualities allow you to connect with your patients at a human level causing them to like and feel comfortable with you. You also have a natural ability for making people smile and feel special which I think is your greatest gift of all. Thanks again to you and your staff!

Patient: S.D.T. Memphis, Tennessee. Insurance Agent

Hi Kelly. Just wanted to say thank you, again. You, Dr Norman and all the staff at Tampa General, were absolutely, positively, wonderful! I have shouted all your praises from the rooftops since I have been home! I am doing very well - even sleeping better! You are all very special and please, please, thank him again for me!

Patient: R.G. Tampa, FL Attorney

To say I'm feeling better is simply an understatement. It's been 5 weeks and it's hard to describe the difference - a combination of physically feeling better, more energy, etc. plus I think my mental acumen is back where it ought to be. I can't get over the difference - just great! Thanks so much for giving my life back.

Patient: G.P. Plano, Texas. 83 Years Old

My mother visited her Endocrinologist - back here in Plano Texas. He said he had never seen such good work. Such a small incision and short operation. He said that there is nobody in Dallas does surgery like that!! He was truly amazed. My Mom is so happy. My Dad sees her dramatically improved energy. Soon HE will need that ENERGY prescription to keep up with her!! Of course, you are the inventor and world champion of such surgery. Now even our doctors know that there is no comparable surgeons in Dallas or Houston. Looks like this endocrinologist will send all his parathyroid patients your way! Thank you so much for your 12 minute operation!

Patient: T.K. Green Bay, Wisconsin. School Teacher.

HI Jim. Happy Holidays to you and your family. I just wanted to say "Thank you" again for being such a dedicated/excellent doctor. A year ago today I could not understand what was happening to my body. I was in so much pain during the holiday season and felt just awful. This year, I can stand in the kitchen for hours in my bare feet without pain in my bones or back as well as other good feelings from having had the surgery. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Patient: C.W. Gainesville, Florida. Professor at University of Florida

Drs. Norman and Politz, One month ago today you completed my mini-parathyroid surgery. While I must tell you that I am the world’s biggest skeptic, I hoped to maybe feel a little better… But, what I now feel is nothing short of amazing. I stay awake all day now! No longer need 10 hours of sleep –or more. My aching bones don’t ache. And, most importantly, the fog has lifted. I tell people that I feel like the Clariton Clear commercial where they peel back the film to a bright sunny picture. You said that my husband and I both would ‘love you’…and we do. I feel like I’m starting all over again. I had given up any hope of being promoted to full professor –but now I know that I have the energy and clarity to start writing again. I know that this is getting long, but I want to share one other thing with you both. As you know, my struggle has been enormous and at times totally immobilizing. Many times I felt like I didn’t have what I needed inside of me to make the adaptations needed –in fact I didn’t know if I could keep living at all. Doctors, you truly did save my life. We can’t thank you both enough. We’d name our next child after you but, as you remember, that ship has long ago sailed!

Patient: S.A. West Palm Beach, Florida. School Teacher

Its been a little over 2 weeks since my parathyroid surgery, and the lab results show just what you promised. Both calcium and PTH levels are back to the middle of normal, and I am cured of hyperparathyroidism. What a miraculous word "cured" is! It feels good to have balance and harmony inside my body again. I am back into my exercise program that I had to give up a few years ago. After feeling what was wrong with me for several years and "feeling old", I now feel well and have a bounce in my step one more.

My endocrinologist is very impressed at the results of my surgery: the 3/4 inch incision, the speed (16 minutes) and precision of the MIRP process and the way you communicated details of the surgery to him so quickly. I know he and his partners will be sending all of their parathyroid patients your way. My doctor's nurse was practically dancing with excitement. She could not believe how simple my surgery had been compared to other patients with their 8 inch long scars and 2 days in the hospital. I told her to give my name to any of their other patients who have this disease so I can instruct them where to go to get it fixed. I thank you and your team for your kindness, efficiency, and great skill. Our crazy world, where so many people suffer and diseases wait to be defeated, needs more people like you...healers who seek better ways. I feel very lucky to have found you.

Patient: A.M. Rockaway, N.J. Medical Technologist

It's been just over a week since Dr. Norman performed my parathyroid surgery. I still can't believe the process was so painless in all respects. I'm a 51 yr old Medical Technologist who has never had surgery except a broken leg as a child. Needless to say I was very anxious about this surgery. I found (I thought this was just too good to be true) just prior to seeing a surgeon in my area and asked him the questions suggested on this web site. He didn't give me any straight answers only that there was only one way for him to perform this surgery... with an overnight stay and a 6-8 in incision -- which I really wasn't thrilled with. He only does one or two of these operations per year... and that is not good enough for anybody!

I contacted Kelly with all my info and shortly thereafter Dr. Norman called. After speaking with Dr. Norman, I felt this was the way to go, he put my mind at ease and he has such a genuine and caring way about him. My husband and I flew to Tampa, had an office visit the day before the surgery and did the pre-op at the hospital. Everyone we came in contact with was just wonderful, and had nothing but great praises for Dr. Norman. The day of the surgery went just as smoothly. The Nuclear Tech (Brandi) filled me in on how this technique came about and was very concerned about how I was handling all of this. I could go on and on. Since I work in a hospital I was really taken aback by the way everyone just couldn't do enough for me. The level of professionalism and patient care was very impressive from everyone I came in contact......If you are reading this and are thinking of having Dr. Norman do the procedure Go For It......Thanks Dr. Norman, Kelly and everyone involved.

Patient: G.N. Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Dr. Norman & Kelly: Just thought I would update you on my condition since the surgery. Prior to the surgery I was having constant stomach acid problems but have not had any since the surgery. I seem to be sleeping better and when I get up in the morning I don't feel tired like I used to, & I now have energy to go about my work around the house. Also, have noticed that I am able to walk a fair distance without my legs feeling like jelly and don't have the muscle & joints pains like before. Not sure if my disposition is any better, Billy (my husband) is the only one that can answer that! Thanks again for giving me back a life. Perhaps someday we will meet again when you visit Hawaii, Aloha for now.

Patient: L.S. Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Dear Dr. Norman, I was your second surgery on July 14, 2009 and I just wanted to advise you of the results. I contacted your clinic after consulting all of your data sometime in May this year. I had become convinced my endocrinologist didn't know what he was doing. I had chronic bone pain and was convinced I had bone cancer having a history of prostate cancer in 1991. I had pain constantly from mild to severe but rarely without pain.After surgery I could not believe within hours I was pain free.I took off the piece of tape bandaid 1 week after surgery and can hardly see the incision, have a small lump (marble size) above of the incision but I's sure it is temporary. For 17 minutes (the length of surgery) this is the best investment of my life.I walk around muttering "no pain, no pain" anyway I am so grateful to you and your staff.You can use me or my comments for reference anytime.You mentioned you wouldcorrespond with my internist and my endocrinologist and send me a blind copy, I look forward to reading that. My wife and I decided the endocrinologist was an idiot.

Patient: L.M. Atlanta, Georgia. Physician (Family Practice)

Please tell Dr. Norman I'm doing great. My wound has healed nicely. I had my DEXA scan done yesterday and the tech said everything was normal--no- evidence of osteoporosis. My blood pressure is starting to come down as Dr Norman predicted. I wake up in the morning and my pressures are lower and I feel great. Thank you, again, for all your help in making this experience a wonderful one. Its hard to believe that my life was changed via an operation that took only 12 minutes!

Patient: S.K. Orlando Florida. Retired (80 years old).

I am happy to relate my most favorable experience beginning with my first email to Ms. Kelly the day before the July 4th holiday. Dr Norman answered this email personally telling me Kelly was away for the weekend and he gave me answers to my hyperparathyroid questions. My confidence in him was immediate. In my lifetime I never heard of a doctor who would personally respond to a patient's non-urgent questions on a holiday weekend.

I was diagnosed having Hyperparathyroid disease by my primary Dr. Sandra Stine who is an Internist. In my interest to learn everything about hyperparathyroidism I went to the Internet. Everything I read confirmed what Dr. Stine told me. How fortunate I was to have found Dr Norman. Also that he has such an informative website. Before making a decision to go to Tampa I went to see Dr Stine who strongly encouraged me to make arrangements with Dr Norman for surgery.

I am 80 years old and I drove myself from Orlando to Tampa to meet Dr Norman at his clinic. Because I had TWO previous thyroid operations to remove all my thyroid (for goiter}, Dr Norman told me it would be more difficult than usual, but he was confident about the success of the surgery. Despite the two previous thyroid operations and removal of my thyroid gland, Dr Norman's staff found the bad parathyroid tumor and used their advanced techniques to find and remove it.

Because of my previous neck operations (and other reasons), I was one of the rare patients that Dr Norman wanted to spend the night in the hospital. He made all the arrangements for my grandson Henry to spend the night in the room with me. The next morning Henry and I were having breakfast when Dr. Norman came to see us. I was feeling fine, nothing hurt (I never had to take a pain pill). I felt ready to drive home. Dr. Norman gave his permission. Today is a week since the surgery. Looking back, having my grandson with me, Dr. Norman operate, Ms. Kelly's contribution, the efficient and accommodating hospital staff it was like a three day holiday. I fell in love with Dr. Norman with a little left for Ms. Kelly.

Patient: F.M. Atlanta, Georgia.

I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism earlier this year. My doctor told me I would need to have parathyroid surgery. We met with a surgeon who does "a few" of these operations per year, and that is simply not good enough for me! We went online and became educated. We simply wanted the best!

My husband and I flew to Tampa and met with Dr. Norman and the pre- op staff at Tampa General Hospital the day before surgery. Everyone was very professional and the experience was a good one. It also made me feel very good to know how much the hospital nurses and staff respected Dr. Norman, not only as a physician but as a person. We even met other patients from out of state who was having the same surgery and enjoyed discussing our similar cases.

The morning of the surgery I had the Sestamibi Scan and my husband was allowed to stay with me the whole time, until they took me into the operating room. Following the surgery and a brief stay in post-op recovery I went back to the hotel to rest and we flew home the next day. It has only been four days since my surgery and the aches and pains I have suffered over time have all but gone. Thank you Dr. Norman for giving us an alternative to the old fashion surgery. I would recommend Dr. Norman and the MIRP Mini Surgery to everyone. (3 month follow-up: I'm doing great! I have more energy than I have had in years! This has been great. Thanks so much!).

Patient: S.E.S. Aiken, South Carolina. Chemical Engineer (Retired)

For fifteen years my serum calcium level was always slightly elevated. Yet no Doctor did anything about it until last year. All that time an overactive parathyroid gland was causing deterioration of my bones. A simple bone density scan showed that I had developed severe osteoporosis. I needed a parathyroidectomy. Thanks to the Internet I found which gave me a complete picture of how to proceed. At my local hospital I found that the sestamibi scan was to take 4 hours. I suspected right away that they had no idea what they were doing. My scan was performed by a very competent technician on Dr Norman's team with twelve years experience--and it took 20 minutes!

After sending the necessary paperwork to the clinic, Dr Norman called me to discuss the procedure and we got the ball rolling. Thanks to a special arrangement Tampa General Hospital has with several of the nearby hotels and motels, we stayed at the Park Plaza Hotel for a mere $54.00/night ! The day before surgery, my wife and I met with Dr. Norman at the clinic where he again explained the entire procedure and where he made my wife feel as comfortable as I did.

On the morning of the surgery I had my sestamibi scan and shortly afterwards Dr Norman showed us the x-ray photograph. The offending parathyroid gland showed up as a bright dot just above the radioactive marker which the technician had put on to aid in the surgery. The actual operation took only 17 minutes !

From the first telephone call I made to the clinic until after the operation Dr Norman and his nurse Kelly were always available to answer my questions and allay any fears I might have had regarding a doctor and an operation which I had come across on the web! Every facet was extremely well coordinated and the whole procedure went very smoothly .

Dr James Norman has turned a most difficult vascular operation into a simple, efficient and painless procedure. I never had any pain after the surgery and we traveled back to South Carolina the next day. Without a doubt Dr James Norman is a very competent, warm, confident and well organized surgeon with a wonderful sense of humor. He has changed my life dramatically and I am convinced that many more patients will be so grateful when they find him.

Patient: A.S. Galveston, Texas. Retired, 78 years old.

Kelly, and Dr. Norman, I want to take this time out to thank you all for taking care of my wife. You not only performed a miracle, with God's help, you treated her like royalty. I will always pray for you and your families. And if you ever need a good report from us, please contact us. I am already spreading the good news about your type of surgery to others, because there are so many in need of this type of surgery throughout the U.S.. I am sure you will be hearing from our endocrinologist concerning other patients, and my daughter is director of nursing for a hospital in the Houston, TX area. She asked me to print out the information on your clinic, because we had not heard anything about this procedure in this area until I went on line, but rest assured it will be sought out, now. My wife was highly appreciated by the manner in which you treated her, and was thrilled with the surgery you performed. Thanks, again, and may God Bless you.

Patient: D.L. Ogden, Utah

Dear Dr. Norman, OnJune 13th, 2008I asked you before we went into the operating room if you thought I would feel better after getting the parathyroid tumor removed. You told me I would feel so much better that I would write you a love letter within a month.And at that point in our time together I really hoped I would feel that way. Dr. Norman, I felt that way when I woke in recovery. Had you been there I would have thrownmy arms around you.I was out of the hospital by 10:30 am and at 2:00 p.m. on the day of surgery we were walking to find a restaurant for lunch. The next day we saw "The Lion King" which was playing at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, and the next day we walked the beach. (We stayed an extra day.) I can honestly tell you that I cannot remember a time when I felt this well.I will turn 75 in just as few weeks and I now know what is meant by the "golden years". I walk 3 miles every morning, keep house without help, I'm active in my community and my church, and I love life and I truly want to live life to the fullest.With my deepest appreciation and from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you.

Patient: J.R. Underwriting Case Specialist. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I wanted to write to tell you that I am doing fine and to share my experience with others. It has been over 3 months since my surgery, and I am feeling better than I ever expected. My energy level is unbelievable and my moodiness and slight depression has drastically improved. Going into this whole ordeal was a nightmare for me. I knew I wanted the best, most experienced Doctor I could find, and you were that one. Once I spoke with you on the phone my anxiety was minimal. Just speaking to you and hearing your confidence and readiness gave me the assurance and peace I needed to move forward with the surgery. As we discussed, I had spent the last 10 years hearing from doctors that my calcium levels were slightly high. They never offered any possible reason or even follow-ups to keep a check on it. I was so young, I didn't know to keep questioning the cause. Only once I hit 30 and my moods worsened and I withdrew from everyone and everything did I speak up and take charge of my life. And now, thanks you and your wonderful staff, I feel like I have control of my life again. From day one, my whole experience from you, your staff and the travel was a peaceful one. You have a wonderful sense of humor, which I know puts all of your patience at ease. You are very confident yet unpretentious, so I knew I was in good, safe hands! Again, thank you for all your initial calls, being a caring yet diligent doctor and for your follow-up call.

Patient: C.R. Beulah, Michigan.

Dr Norman and Nurse Kelly, All is well and we owe many thanks to you for your skill, care and concern. What could have been a miserable experience could not have gone any easier. I'm feeling fine, and we had a lovely dinner out last night (4 hours after the surgery). It's hard to believe you can go on a trip for surgery and actually have a good time. And thank you for your call last night. It was much appreciated. Again, many thanks. I will write more for the web site as soon as we return to the lake in Michigan. (Editorial Note: This note was written the morning after surgery).

Patient: R.B. Tallahassee, Florida. 13 Years Old.

Hey Dr. Norman, I'm doing pretty good other than my neck hurts a little. I didn't go to school today but I'm going to go school tomorrow. You did a very good job. Thank you very much. (Editorial Note: Ryan is a 13 year old 7th grader. It is quite uncommon for children to get parathyroid tumors, but they do. Ryan's operation took 17 minutes and his incision was 1/2 inch. He went home 1 hour after the operation. He missed 2 days of school but practiced with his basketball team 2 days after the operation!).

UPDATE: 4/17/04. it's me again. I'm feeling great, better than ever! Its been almost 4 weeks and the scar left behind by the incision is almost gone (all my friends thought it looked really cool but some thought it was a little creepy). I'm down to taking just one calcium pill a day. I've done it so much it's became a habit and i don't even have to try to remember to take it. Five days go I had my blood test to check my calcium for the last time and got the results back yesterday. They said I was normal, normal, and normal which made me very happy. I just want to thank you for the great job you did, you and all the nurses were very kind which made me happy. And that's all for now.

Patieint: C.G. Boston, MA. Retired Nurse.
Dear Dr Norman, I must thank you and Dr Politz for taking such good care of me. My botched operation up here in Boston was so different than the smooth, simple, and quick operation in Tampa. For the first time in 10 years I can walk without pain in my hip. I missed my walks so much! Most of all, my dogs love you! They missed their long walks too! We all love you! Have a great Thanksgiving (Surgery 11/10/14)

Patient: C.C. Lady Lake, Florida.

Dear Dr. Norman, How can one say surgery was a "pleasure"... but I have to! Having you as my doctor was outstanding! I called Kelly with my calcium problem but also mentioned the fact that I had vertigo and a big problem laying flat on my back for both the test and the following surgery....well I had NO reason to worry about either. The surgery went without a hitch. When asked by friends how it was, my reply was "It went like a well choreographed stage play!" Thank you so much for using your God given talents on one who was scared to even think about surgery...I am now on the right road and you did it!! By the way, I am 68 years old and age is not a factor in this process only your talent is! Thank you and Kelly both.

Patient: H.D, MD. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Physician (Surgeon).

My family Practice doctor, Dr. D of Deming, NM told me I had a parathyroid problem. He sought out the best parathyroid surgeon in the US and spoke with Dr. James Norman at the Norman Endocrine Clinic in Tampa, Florida. Dr. D told me that was the place to go to have my parathyroid problem cured. That was one of the best days of my life. It is why I am here to write this today.I then spoke to Dr Norman myself, and he made me feel very comfortable with his approach to my disease. I went to Tampa (arranged by his wonderful nurse Kelly).

I have practiced general surgery for 25 years so I know that parathyroid surgery is tricky and difficult. I saw Dr. Norman, who inspires confidence, the day prior to my operation. He explained that my parathyroid surgery might be a little complicated by a huge thyroid goiter I had mostly beneath my breast bone (the size of a softball). Dr. Norman operated on me the next day. He had to remove the huge goiter, literally peeling it off the aorta, in order to get at the parathyroid tumor which he removed from behind the trachea. For such a huge operation Ifelt remarkably good (did not require a single pain pill). I returned to New Mexico the next day. My calcium and PTH levels are now normal, and I am cured of my parathyroid problems! (--AND my thyroid problems!!)

Dr. James Normanis the finest parathyroid surgeon in the world. Take it from me-- I'm a surgeon who does this operation and I should know! If you want the bestsee Dr. James Norman. No place on earth is so far from Tampa that anyone can afford not to have him personally do their parathyroid surgery.

Patient: M.C. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Computer Programmer.

I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism back in April 2003. I had several blood tests performed that showed a PTH level of 141 and calcium of 12.5. At first I thought, "Ahh, high calcium, that's not a big deal". Time had passed by and I went back to my doctor. She had asked me if I saw an endocrinologist yet. We repeated my tests, and my calcium and PTH were still up, but now I had traces of blood in my urine. My doctor called me at home and instructed my wife for me to see a surgeon ASAP. She stated that I may have kidney stones. Well, literally the next day I was hospitalized for kidney stones. Two were lodged and had to be removed with surgery. After surgery I decided it was time to see a specialist. I searched the Internet far and wide. I found several endocrine surgeons, including Dr Norman, but he was in Tampa Bay and I'm in Philadelphia. So I wanted to try and find a doctor near me to perform the surgery. No go. Not a single doctor I spoke to had the experience with this surgery that Dr. Norman has. So I decided to travel to Tampa Bay and have Dr. Norman perform the surgery. I figured, hey, this is my health were talking about. Why see second best when the best is available?

Now the issue if insurance came up. My insurance first denied covering this operation until Kelly spoke to them and took care of this. Thanks Kelly! I can't say enough about my experience with Dr. Norman. I was absolutely, positively great!! He called me twice before I came down. Answered any and all questions my wife and I had. The surgery itself was fast and painless!! It has now been 2 months since my surgery and the "fog" that clouded my head is completely gone. Not to mention the mood swings that were frequent before the operation. I feel 100% better. I'm writing this letter to stress the fact that anyone dealing with this disease should go and see Dr. Norman. He is the best. (period!). Thanks again Dr. Norman!

Patient: L.B. Age 47. Valencia, CA. Formerly Irritable Mother and Proofreader.

I was always tired, “chronically cranky” in the evenings, having difficulty losing weight, losing hair at an alarming rate, and often suffered from short bouts of depression. Friends frequently remarked that I looked tired and seemed depressed, even when I thought I felt fine. My life is good and I had no real reason to be depressed and so tired. I went to my doctor thinking perhaps I had a thyroid disorder, but really expecting to be told that I was simply facing the problems of middle age. Instead, after numerous vials of blood had been drawn, the doctor told me I had hyperparathyroidism.

Like most people, I had never heard of a parathyroid. Fortunately my husband did a Google search and Dr. Norman’s website popped up as the number one find. I was very impressed with Dr. Norman’s straight forward writing style, his willingness to answer my questions by e-mail and telephone, and his incredibly prompt responses to same. (His assistant, Nurse Kelly, is also extremely efficient and they make an excellent team.) After doing some online investigation to verify that Dr. Norman was what and who he said he was, and less than 3 months after my first blood test, I flew to Florida for surgery to remove the guilty parathyroid gland at Tampa General Hospital.

My experience with Dr. Norman and Tampa General was exactly as I hoped it would be. The hospital staff is friendly and efficient. Their respect for Dr. Norman is very high. Dr. Norman is unpretentious but clearly in charge. My surgery took approximately 19 minutes. My husband and 7 year-old daughter were with me in pre-op until it was time for the operation, and we all went to lunch about two hours after it was over. The pain was minimal and easily controlled with over the counter medication. The next day we went to Disney World! Because my calcium and parathyroid levels were only mildly elevated prior to the surgery, I was not really sure that surgery would result in any difference in the way I felt. Some friends expressed the opinion that my symptoms were simply to be expected with the onset of middle age and not to get my hopes up. Indeed, even the endocrinologist I was referred to by my primary care physician recommended a “wait and see” (i.e., do nothing) approach to my condition. He also dismissed the idea of minimally invasive surgery as being unwise since “you really need to get a look at all the parathyroid glands.” (How he reasoned that minimally invasive surgery was not invasive enough, but that doing nothing was an acceptable approach, I do not know!) I did not return to see him or consult with him further. (Editor's note: Minimally invasive MIRP surgery sometimes DOES include finding all four glands... its just that the radioguided techniques used and the vast experience of some surgeons allow this to be done in minutes instead of hours through a 1 inch incision!).

It came as a surprise to me that after the surgery I struggled with frequent symptoms of low calcium and found it necessary to exceed Dr. Norman’s minimal dosing schedule. In addition to the tingling and cramps in my hands and feet, I had hot flashes. Dr. Norman explained that my brain was simply having a tough time getting used to the new normal level of calcium in my system, and that my dependence on calcium tablets would be temporary. While my calcium levels were previously only mildly elevated, that mild elevation had been in effect for at least two and a half years, and my brain didn’t like the sudden change.

It is worthwhile noting here that I did not discover that my calcium levels had been elevated for over 2 years until I went back through my medical chart at my doctor’s office. I recommend that everyone get hard copies of their lab results. Apparently my doctor did not notice the elevation or think it worthy of attention at that time. I have since found out what a major difference even a small imbalance can make in one’s health.

It is now two weeks since my surgery and I am feeling much better! My hair has stopped falling out in abnormally large quantities -- a change which was noticeable the first time I shampooed after the surgery. My mood has improved -- I am no longer “chronically cranky” at the end of the day, and so far my depression has not been a problem either. My energy level is up in spite of my odd work hours and the fact that I rarely get a full 8 hours sleep. In fact, I have been busy cleaning out my garage. I am very grateful to Dr. Norman and his pioneering work in this field. We need more doctors like him.

Patient: J.B. Endicott, New York.

I had never heard of parathyroid disease. A routine blood test showed a high amount of calcium in my blood. My general practitioner sent me to a general surgeon who told me that I would need a big operation and spend the night in the hospital. He told me nothing about the disease itself, only that the operation would take a couple of hours and he would have to make a large incision at the base of my neck. In an effort to learn more about this disease, I went to the Internet where I found I was so thrilled to learn more about parathyroid disease, but also that the surgery could be done in 20 to 30 minutes on an outpatient basis. I printed the entire web site and took it to my primary care doctor to review and discuss the possibility of going to Tampa for surgery. She was adamant about my staying in town and having her recommended general surgeon do the operation. Because she was so negative about the prospect of my going to Tampa, I started researching Dr. Norman. He's everything he says he is. I talked to his nurse Kelly and had my labs sent to his office. Kelly was wonderful - very encouraging! Dr. Norman called me at home and assured me that the mini-surgery would work for me. I flew to Tampa and had the surgery, flying home the next day. I have a 1-inch piece of tape at the base of my neck. Things have gone great! I never had such a fun surgery! Let me know how I can help persuade the rest of the world that mini-parathyroid surgery is the only way to go! I must also mention the staff at Tampa General Hospital... they were very caring and extremely efficient!

Patient: J.K. 16 Years Old

Here is some uplifting and positive news for kids with hyperparathyroidism. Jillian has always required special resources to help her with her work at school. She was always in normal classes, but she had a period a day where she went for help and anytime she had a test. She always needed extra help to pass her classes

Patient: L.P. Cherokee, Alabama.

Hello Dr. Norman and Kelly, just a short note to say hello and to say "THANK YOU!!" I am doing great and have had no problems whatsoever. I cannot even begin to tell you how "at ease" you made me feel, and how everything was just a "breeze". I've been thinking what to write for the website, but don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Dr. Norman, you are truly "one of a kind", and the medical profession and whole world is so fortunate and blessed for your outstanding work. I am just so thankful that I made the decision to surf the web and find out more information on parathyroid disease. I cannot even imagine anyone else performing my surgery.....thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Patient: M.B. Boston, Massachusetts. College Professor.

I had surgery to remove an enlarged parathyroid gland at your clinic on January 18th and I am writing to thank you for essentially giving me my life back. Perhaps because the parathyroid problem has been coming on for such a long time (you suggested for as much as 13 years) I had no idea how badly I had been feeling. Now I feel marvelous-filled with energy and positive feelings and at least 10 years younger. It is really amazing.

My primary care physician in Boston is also very impressed. I saw her last week, two weeks after the surgery, and she could see that I looked and felt wonderful and that my blood work was completely normal. I described my experience to her in detail. She said she had received a report from you and she thanked me for doing the research to find you. She also said that my efforts would benefit her future patients because, if they had a parathyroid problem she would recommend your clinic to them. I want to commend the whole process you have put in place. Your web information made it easy to find you, to educate myself about my condition, to make comparisons and to make an informed decision. The people from your clinic that I came into contact with by email and over the telephone were informed, helpful, personal, and highly professional. The efficiency and speed of the process from my first contact to the actual surgery was outstanding. My experience at the hospital was also outstanding. It was extremely reassuring to meet Dr. Politz at almost the moment when we entered the hospital and to have him explain the process. The nurses and technicians were personal, reassuring and highly competent and I was grateful to be allowed to have my husband and daughter with me for most of the preparation time. It was also very important to me to get the chance to discuss everything with Dr. Norman just before the surgery. The whole preparation process made me feel progressively more relaxed rather than more anxious. The surgery itself caused minimal discomfort. I was able to go back to the hotel a littler more than hour later and fly back home the next day. Even by the end of the day of the surgery my daughter said I was moving more quickly and thinking faster. Before the surgery it has sometimes felt like I was moving through glue and she said it had looked that way. I have continued to feel progressively better over the past three weeks. I am so grateful. As I said in the beginning, you have given me my life back.

Patient: B.M. West Point, Massachusetts.

Dear Dr. Norman, It has been 3 weeks since my father's surgery and he is doing so much better!! He was diagnosed with both Alzheimer's and hyperparathyroidism in November 2003. His confusion and forgetfulness is improving on a daily basis since the surgery. His energy level has improved dramatically. You said you would not be surprised if the Alzheimer's was a misdiagnosis and it looks like it was! I second guess that diagnosis on a daily basis. His Dr was not very supportive of his coming to Tampa for surgery. I will admit that is does sound sort of hokie to find a Dr on the internet. I will confess that I had you checked out! We have a relative in Tampa who works for an insurance company that investigates medical malpractice cases. (for the Drs.) She knows several Drs. that work for Tampa General and they all said that you were top notch. Your web site was so informative that we had no questions to ask when you phoned. We stayed in a hotel listed in your web site the night we arrived in Tampa. The shuttle to and from the airport and to the hospital were all free, so our only expense was airfare, food and lodging. We had a very pleasant experience at Tampa Gen. The hospital staff were all very pleasant and very complimentary of you. Our experience could not have been better. If anyone has any questions about coming to Tampa, I give you permission to give out my email address or phone # and I will be glad to talk anyone. I am your biggest supporter!

Patient: H.C.Boston, Massachusetts. (Nurse)

Prior to my surgery, I had written about several symptoms I was experiencing (in addition to the high blood calcium, very high level of calcium excreted in my urine, and high PTH levels). My endocrinologist here in Massachusetts was taking a "wait and see" approach; in other words, doing nothing while the quality of my life was deteriorating. The symptoms I observed in myself included a feeling of having "gotten old," even though I knew that's not where my heart and mind was at; losing memory and concentration; mental fogginess; trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep; not feeling refreshed on awakening; sex drive that tanked; gastric reflux; heart palpitations.

I'm happy to report that these symptoms have gone away! This whole process (from the way the paperwork was handled at long distance, through my telephone consultation with Dr. Politz, my reception at Tampa General, talking with you both at T.G., and my surgery) was outstanding, and everyone I encountered was professional, caring, and concerned. I've had vacations where I didn't have as good a time as I did having this surgery! I display the picture of my tumor prominently in my home, as a reminder of the good things that happen when I seek out the best resources for taking care of myself. And if anyone tells me they're having trouble with high blood calcium or high PTH levels, I'm urging them to consult your Web site, learn more, and take action.

Patient: M.W. Boston, Massachusetts. Attorney.

My oncology doctor informed me I had parathyroid disease and would need surgery to correct the condition. I attempted to have a surgeon in my home state perform the surgery. While I was in the surgical prep area prior to surgery, the doctor made the decision not to do the surgery. I was so fortunate the surgery did not take place. My daughter went on the internet and found the Norman Parathyroid Surgery Clinic. I am so blessed I had the opportunity for you, Dr. Norman, to perform the parathyroid surgery on June 30, 2008. The surgery took only 16 minutes and I am now feeling so much better. My painful bone and muscle aches have diminished. I sleep better than I have in years and other medical conditions have improved immensely. Professionals and friends alike are amazed how small my incision is andsay theyhave to look closely to find it. Dr. Norman you are an invincible doctor and I wish to thank you, Dr. Politz, and your office support team and the Tampa General Hospital staff for making this medical experience a very pleasant one.

My recommendation to anyone with parathyroid disease is to gosee Dr. Norman. You will be in the hands of a doctor who performs a state of the art procedure, with compassion for his patients. The evening of the surgery my daughter and I went to an Italian restaurant and had a nice dinner. When we returned to our hotel after dinner, a call came through from Dr. Norman asking how I was doing and saying he hoped I felt ok. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me.

Patient: R.C.Boston, Mass.Medical Device Manufacturer

Hi Dr. Norman & Dr. Politz: I just wanted to thank you. It has been only 3 weeks since my MIRP Surgery, and exactly as you said I already feel like my old self. My severe muscle and joint pains are gone, and I now have my energy back. I only wish it was diagnosed sooner. If I did not find your fantastic web site, I can only guess how many more years I would have suffered. I have been in the Minimal Invasive Surgery field for many yearsas a manufacturer of MIS imaging products. I have not seen such skill , knowledge and professionalism, asyou and your staff show. I can't thank you enough and greatly appreciate all you have done for me. I am sure glad I didn't have the old fashioned surgery up here in Boston!

Patient: W.V. Park Ridge, Illinois. Electrician.

Hello to all at Dr. Norman's Clinic. Just a thank you note for making me well. My surgery was on Nov. 13 (took 11 minutes!) and I feel great. The whole experience was amazing. I've worked in hospitals exclusively for the past 15 years and I've never seen a more comforting and reassuring crew than Dr. Norman and his staff. I brag about him all the time. The staff at Tampa General Hospital (including Lisa and Amy who were what seemed my personnel nurses) is also to be applauded. Thank You Again and Again.

Patient: A.S. 80 Years Old. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Dear Dr. Norman and Kelly, Friends wondered how I could trust someone that I found on the Internet. When I tell them all Dr. Norman’s success stories, I didn’t see a “Doubting Thomas “among them. When my husband (Retired Hospital Administrator) read his credentials he said, “He sounds too good to be true.”

A surgeon in Virginia told me he could do the surgery and I wouldn’t have to go to Florida. I asked him how many he had done in his life. "Forty" was the reply. Then I checked with my Internist and he replied, “No Ann, he is not the doctor you are looking for, he doesn’t do mini-parathyroid surgery". Dr. Norman is outstanding and highly skilled, not to mention his sense of humor that puts everyone immediately at ease. Kelly was efficient and understanding. She answered all my questions, no matter how minor. I am so pleased with this surgery that I would walk to Florida to have it done. Please feel free to use my address and phone number for anyone wanting to hear my “twelve minute” success story. I have the utmost admiration for you!

Patient: MO. San Antonio, Texas. Pregnant Homemaker

Letter from father: Dear Dr Norman, It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you on February 12, 2004 when you operated on my daughter. She will be writing her own report for your web site--aimed at pregnant women but I wanted to express my thanks, and to let others know not to worry! From the very first contact, you rendered the correct diagnosis and proceeded to make quick arrangements so the operation could be done ASAP with the baby's best interest in mind. The best part was to meet you and listen what you had to say to my daughter. Her skepticism was gone and she placed all of her trust and confidence in you. For her husband and I, it was a feeling of total relief because we knew that she was going to be OK, after all, she was under the care of the best parathyroid doctor in the world!

After the short 17-minute procedure you came to talk to us and took away a ton of worries that our whole family has carried for a very long time. Thanks so much to you and your team for taking such good care of my daughter. ( Editor's note : parathyroid disease during pregnancy can be quite dangerous for the mom and the baby. We have an entire web page dedicated to this... Click Here).

Patient: M.C. Covington, Louisiana.

I had my surgery two months ago. I was in a bad body was falling apart. My doctor diagnosed parathyroid disease (which I never heard of before) and a friend said she had heard of Dr Norman. After a few phone calls and emails, I drove to Tampa and had the operation. What a blessing it has been for me to find a doctor like Dr Norman. I still can't believe how easy this was. Everyone on staff was wonderful, including Kelly who helped me in so many ways. I thank God for such a pain-free operation and that I feel so great now. This was truly an unbelievable experience. If anybody reading this is questioning the mini-parathyroid surgery or traveling to Tampa to have Dr Norman and his staff take care of you... just call me!

Patient: R.S. Vancouver, British Columbia; Canada.

I am willing to tell you everything I experienced with my Hyper-Parathyroid tumour, which now explains all the pains I have had during the past 5 years.

I went through all kinds of calcium deposit on my ankle, neck, kidney stones and even lost more than 1 inch of my height before I was discovered with the abnormal PTH value and found the parathyroid tumour. My only biggest concern was the possible damage of my vocal nerve that may cause loss of my voice. I had seen 3 doctors before Dr. Norman. One top surgeon at UCLA Medical Center, the best in Los Angeles, told me that he had only 20 surgeries using MIRP method and had 3 that lost voice. Another top surgeon at Vancouver advised me that he had experience of 29 parathyroid operations and I decided that he was anxious to have me on the table for acquiring more experience. My friend found Dr. Norman for me and I went ahead after talked to Dr. Norman over the phone. I did not want to lose my voice and I had to have the tumour removed.

I traveled to Tampa from Vancouver/Los Angeles the night before and had surgery with Dr. Norman the next day morning. There were 7 other patients having the same operation that day by Dr Norman. I went to the hotel right after surgery. There was no pain. The incision in my neck was about 1 inch. This was not noticeable by the 4th week. I am totally well now. The team Dr. Norman has is very very good. I was very glad that I made the right decision. I was very anxious before I had my surgery which was November 2003. You will be glad that you searched for Dr. Norman's MIRP surgery. Good luck, and you will be singing all the way home from Tampa.

Patient: D.S. Boston, Massachusetts. Electrical Engineer.

Dr Norman. I wanted to thank you for making me feel so much better! All my symptoms are almost completely gone. The panic attacks ended the day after the surgery. The tremors took a little longer, but are now gone after about 3 weeks. My memory is improving, though slowly. An interesting piece of information came to light in the course of my Master's program: hyperparathyroidism is listed as a medical condition which can lead to panic disorder, schizophrenia, dementia and psychosis...Scary huh? Thanks for your excellent surgery, I am so glad my wife found you!

Patient: A.G. Kihei, Hawaii.

Dr Norman: It is time I wrote and expressed my thanks and appreciation for your fine surgical work, and your kind caring attention to me during my parathyroid procedure last month. I want you to know that I feel completely different than before the operation and that I feel my life has been restored! I sent you the results of my post-operation PTH and calcium tests and they were both completely normal 3 weeks after the procedure. The emotional component of the disease was most devastating to my life. I was depressed and crying all the time. The changes you said would change subtly are in fact most positive and strong. Its like a fog has lifted from my brain and I can think, concentrate, and engage with friends as normally as I used to before the onset of the disease. Knowing that I have had this for a long time clarified why I have been in so much emotional discomfort for so long! And I thought I was just depressed. In addition, the bone pain and tiredness have disappeared and I no longer feel like lying down every afternoon from exhaustion. My bowel habits have also improved remarkably as the excess calcium no longer restricts my colon. Also, the heartburn I was experiencing is gone as well.

I also want to mention as other patients did on your site that the experience of the operation was wonderful and all the medical staff at the hospital gave excellent service as well. In a remarkable coincidence, you operated on a good friend and colleague of mine exactly one week after my operation! Thank you for being so talented and making your services available through your wonderful website. It is a Godsend to those struggling for good information and care for hyperparathyroidism. In closing, I wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season and new year. May you continue to bring excellent care to those you serve with such loving kindness and skill.

Patient: L.Z. Sarasota, Florida.

Dear Dr. Norman. I don't know how to begin to tell you how pleased I am with the outcome of my parathyroid surgery. This was a whole new area to me when I was diagnosed with parathyroid disease and, needless to say, I was more than apprehensive. You and your great surgical staff worked wonders. Everything went off as clockwork. The hospital staff was so friendly that at once I was put at ease. You took the time to explain everything to me and THAT makes a major difference. I truly couldn't have asked for better care. The professional approach that characterized you and everyone surrounding you has really impressed me.

I could go on with much more but I won't. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you. This surgery, I feel, has opened up many new doors for me in the future. It will be wonderful to be able to cut back on a lot of the medication that I've had to take in the past. Right now, I'm still absolutely amazed, I haven't needed ANY pain medication. NONE! And on top of that, I'm feeling great. How could this possibly be just the second day after surgery! Again, many, many thanks for the caring, professional approach that you exhibited. I'll be singing your praises from the rooftops for years to come.

Patient: S.P. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Norman, I am very, very happy I found you on the Internet. You lived up to your reputation and then some! Very easy to talk to, great sense of humor, informative, and knowledgeable and SKILLED! Also, the hospital/staff were efficient and friendly from the top of the line (you), all the way down to the very nice man that pushed me around in my bed, to x-ray etc. I will happily spread the word, at the endocrinology office, and to anyone else who'll listen - that you are the only one who should operate on anyone's diseased parathyroid!!! Thank you, your staff, the hospital, etc for making what could have been a terrible experience (at least here in Las Vegas), very simple and straightforward.

Patient: B.M. Charlotte, North Carolina. Business Owner.

Hi Dr. Norman, I just want to let you and Kelly know how much better I am feeling. I have more energy now and I can tell my memory has improved since the surgery. I have been sleeping so restful the last few nights that I have not wanted to get out of bed and go to work. I am experiencing a sense of well being I have not had for several years. Before being diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism I had a gut feeling that something was not right but I could not understand why I felt that way until now (I kept thinking it must be that I am getting older or maybe I am depressed, or maybe I am just tired, etc.). I am really thankful that the quality of my life is improving and I am looking forward to having better health. Thanks for changing my life!

Patient: R.H. Mobile, Alabama. School Teacher

I have been home almost a week following the Mini-Parathyroid procedure completed by Dr. James Norman. I am pleased to say that the procedure was a success...and it only took 9 minutes! I flew home to Alabama and went directly back to work. I felt great immediately following the procedure and was able to eat lunch and dinner the day of my surgery. I would never have been able to do that with the surgery planned for me before My wife located Dr. Norman. At first , I wondered what people would think about me finding my doctor on the internet. It was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I have decided that if a person must have surgery, all options should be considered. It is just as cost effective even if you have to travel to have your surgery done by a physician who does this kind of surgery all day, every day. I do not hesitate to urge others to consider this option for themselves if they are faced with parathyroid surgery.

Patient: R.S. Ocala, Florida. Pharmacist.

Dear Dr. Norman: Just a short note to let you know that I'm doing well; went right back to my normal activities after only one day of rest. You were right...not even one day to fully recover! The surgery didn't improve my golf game, nor my softball talents, but physically, I'm feeling much, much better; almost all of the unpleasant symptoms that accompany hyperparathyroidism subsided in the first week! I do want to say that I was most impressed with you and Kelly; reminded me of the quality physicians that I was so used to in Boston. I've never meat a physician such as you who gives out their home and cell phone numbers! Remember, my wife and I have spent many years in the medical profession and we know what is good and what is not! Again, thank you so very much. I couldn't have been more pleased!

Patient: B.C.Retired Nurse. Phoenix, Arizona.

I visited my internist, Dr. McClain, today to drop off some info from your website and show off my battle scar. He was TOTALLY impressed by the size of incision, but most of all the difference he has seen in me already, less than one week postop. He and his nurses could not believe how much better I look and act already. He said that I completely changed his way of thinking regarding calcium levels and that ALL abnormalities (or even borderline ones) will get PTH levels done and that he will not recommend they go to anyone else but you if surgery is indicated. Interestingly, I got a phone call message today from the endocrinologist’s office that I have been seeing for this problem, telling me he wants me to come in for a checkup. Hmmmmm....same guy who gave me a "6-month window" to diagnose things a month ago. Obviously, I took matters into my own hands and blew him off. If you didn't send him anything--don't bother, I plan to visit his office with the photo of my tumor and a large printout from your website.Don't imagine I'll be his favorite patient after But he needs to learn about this disease! My best to you all. I'm going to go find something to do with all this excess energy I've suddenly found!

Patient: R.M. Medical Technologist. Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Dr. Norman, I LIKE YOUR STYLE! Wow! My surgery was on Thursday and I got home from Florida on Saturday I made a vacation out of my experience as well. I viewed the video on the parathyroid surgery 4 times. There were no surprises. I entered Tampa General Hospital at 6 AM and was out by 10:30. The entire experience went very fast (an 11 minute operation!). From the time I arrived at the hospital until the time I left, I was thoroughly amazed by the professionalism of the entire staff. I remember going to the operating room and waking up in recovery about 30 minutes later. I felt great! This is the best I have felt in a LONG time. I felt so good that I went out for lunch after the surgery and then went shopping. I want to thank you both and your staff for making my first surgical experience very smooth, relaxing and uncomplicated. My family and friends also viewed the surgery on video. They too were amazed that it was so simple and it put their minds at ease knowing I was in good hands. I'm doing great and have no discomfort. I only had to take ibuprofen the one time since surgery. I definitely know I made the right decision to come to Florida to have the surgery. Thanks to all of you!

Patient: N.J. Jackson, Mississippi. Airline Pilot

Dear Jim. My wife has not only made a complete recovery since your operation on her last April, but is a changed person, who has recaptured her vibrant and infectious personality and zest for life. This is exactly as you said it would be and we are deeply appreciative of your great skills. When we got back to Jackson, naturally all the doctors wanted to know about the operation, your practice and expertise. Sans any old pilot embellishment, I patiently recounted facts about your large wing in the hospital, state of the art equipment, staff par excellent, record keeping and super quick response, number of patients per day, and your legendary speed, skill and confidence.

The normal reactions from the doctors were visible signs of jealousy, admiration, wonderment, shock and awe. Of course, we know what each one of them would do if their wife or husband needed parathyroid surgery!

Patient: J.L. Golden, Colorado. Marketing Executive.

Dr Norman. Please post this on your web site so others can learn from my experience... Even after repeated tests showed high PTH levels and high calcium levels my doctor still advised me to ignore the disease since I was so young and wasn't showing signs of osteoporosis. After reading your website I decided to ignore my regular doctor and go see you. Best decision I ever made. I had the surgery in early November where you removed a parathyroid tumor and have never felt better. It's amazing that I have finally gotten rid of all of the unexplained aches and pains that I have had for years. I was convinced that my body hurt because I was tall and that I would have to live with it the rest of my life. Thank goodness that was not true. Since my surgery I have had so much energy and can go skiing without feeling extreme pain in my legs like the bones are going to break apart. Thanks so much for your expertise, and give my thanks to the rest of the team--they were great too!

Patient: G.D. School Principal. Boston, MA.

Today is three weeks since Gary's surgery (August, 2011) and we both want to thank you again, and all of your wonderful team. From the first phone contact with your office, to Gary's discharge following surgery, we are so very grateful for the care and reassurance we received. Truly, you are all an amazing group of professionals. This week, Gary's severe headaches and face pain are gone. He is also growing hair again (arms, legs, chest, shoulders) and his appearance is more normal. One improvement we didn't expect is the loss of the greasy, smelly, gunk that has coated his head and face for the past couple years...this was a wonderful surprise!Also, his tendency to "zombie out" is gone...I have my husband back. For years, he has not been able to hold a decent conversation and now he maintains eye contact and makes sense when he responds to me. My role these past years had become caregiver; now we are partners again. As you asked, we are educating others about what we have experienced with parathyroid disease, especially the cure with your clinic, and will continue to do so. We are overwhelmed by Gary's recovery and cannot thank you all enough. Thank you for giving us back our hope of a future together.

Jeremiah 29:11.

Patient: C.P. Fort Myers, Florida. Registered Nurse.

I had my surgery about two weeks ago and I cannot believe how much better I feel. My fatigue, body aches and other symptoms are gone. I literally have my life back again. Do not let doctors tell you to “wait and see” if your problem gets worse. Do not let your doctor or insurance company convince you to have a major surgery when there is a wonderful alternative.

I was a very active person, working full time and working out on a regular basis. One year ago, I went to my physician because I was tired all the time and generally felt unwell. He examined me and did some blood tests which showed elevated calcium. He suspected hyperparathyroid disease and sent me to an Endocrinologist. My calcium levels were elevated, I had a positive nuclear scan and positive neck ultrasound, but the parathyroid hormone level was in the normal range. I ended up seeing three different Endocrinologists, none of whom would diagnose my problem. One doctor actually told me that I was eating too much calcium-rich food and making myself ill. By this time, eight months had passed and my symptoms were worse. I had severe fatigue, depression, body pain and deceased concentration. My life was reduced to going to work, doing the minimum around the house and sleeping. I would have to go home early from work occasionally.

When I found Dr. Norman’s website and read his information I knew I was on the right track. I contacted Kelly, his nurse, who listened to my story and suggested I send my records to Dr. Norman. About two weeks after I sent the records, he called me at home and said I definitely had a parathyroid adenoma which could be easily removed during a brief outpatient surgery. I thought my problems were finally over. My insurance company had other ideas.

My insurance, an HMO, wanted me to have the surgery with an “in-plan” surgeon. This surgeon did the old, large incision neck surgery using general anesthesia and a hospital admission. I explained the benefits of the MIRP surgery and Dr. Norman’s experience. Jayme, Dr. Norman’s insurance specialist, arranged for a “letter of medical necessity” to be sent, as well as, calling my insurance company to try to get approval. I saw another “in-plan” surgeon for a second opinion (he agreed with the MIRP surgery). Then I had to take my case to the review committee. All of this took another four months but they finally gave me authorization.

I cannot thank Dr. Norman, Kelly, Jayme and the staff at Tampa General Hospital enough. Dr. Norman is the most caring doctor I have had the pleasure to meet. He answered all my questions and made me feel confident that everything would be fine. Kelly listened to me when I needed her the most. And without Jayme I probably would have given up on the insurance company. The hospital experience was exceptional as well. The pre-op, check-in, surgery and recovery staff treated me with compassion and made sure everything moved smoothly. I feel great and I have started to exercise again. My blood tests are back to normal. The incision is hardly noticeable and it has only been two weeks. I have definitely been given my life back. Thank you, Dr. Norman

Patient: M.A. Bombay, India.

Dear Dr. Norman, I've been back home now for more than 2 weeks and have well settled into my routine. I wanted to let you know how glad I was to have taken the decision to have traveled half way around the world for my surgery. It was just as you had described it--a simple 15 minute procedure!

I was really very nervous to have come so far and afraid of what I was going to be in for. But, it was as easy as a piece of cake as you had said to me before the operation. I felt wonderful and was surprised that I felt totally normal the next day. We even went shopping for the kids, the next day in Tampa. Now I feel I have much more energy than I have ever felt before. I am surprised at myself and feel absolutely fantastic. Please also thank Kelly from our side. She was very supportive and reassuring before the operation. It was just what I needed at that time. Thank you once again for giving me a new life with such a quick and painless procedure. Please put this on your web site with the letters from your other grateful patients.

Patient: B.C. Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr Norman, please post on the web site that I'm doing great, and my 3/4 inch incision can't be seen (its only 2 months since surgery, and it has disappeared!). Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise with my parents and me. You have an amazing way with wonder you are so successful.

Patient: B.C. Veterinarian. Toledo, Ohio.

Hi Jim - Quick update...still feeling positively WONDERFUL! I'm seriously a new woman after my 20 minute parathyroid operation June, 2009. Had both kids home for a rare visit last week & spent two full days at Cedar Point amusement park riding all 15 roller coasters, swimming, hiking the many acres of park and am proud to say that I had more endurance than even my 25-year-old son who is an exercise junkie....he could not believe my stamina! He had not seen me since Christmas and said he was amazed at how different I now look and act. Kudos to you!

I had sent a rather lengthy letter to the endocrinologist that I consulted with (the one who ordered all the ridiculous tests and wanted to wait 4 months and run more tests).... I relished telling him my successful surgical result, enclosed a copy of the picture of the tumor and pleaded with him to rethink his protocol with hypercalcemic patients. I also assured him that, no, you & Doug really CAN'T cure everything but that you do a hell of a job curing hyperparathyroidism. As a response, I got a "you're fired from my practice" letter. Awww...he hurt my feelings.. lol! What a jerk. Anyway, hope this finds you well. I'm thinking of taking up marathons or something. I just have too much energy. 50 hour work weeks are like a piece of cake now!

Patient: L.G. Los Angeles, California. Actress.

Please put this on the web site so others can know that Dr Norman is "the parathyroid surgeon of the stars". I am a very well known actress in Hollywood and am in front of a camera all the time. I could not have a big scar on my neck; nor could I lose my voice as this would ruin my career. The doctors here in LA (and I talked to MANY surgeons here) all wanted to do a big operation on me and keep me in the hospital for 1 to 3 days. Dr Norman completed my entire operation in 13 minutes and I left the hospital 45 minutes later. I was Dr Norman's second parathyroid operation of the day (he did 8 the day I was there) and I was on an airplane headed back to sunny California by 2:30 pm--the same day! Its now 4 months later and nobody can see my scar. I can't even see it in the mirror. I'm cured of my disease and you can't even see how it was done. You simply cannot afford NOT to see Dr Norman. Don't settle for second (or third) best! Your body deserves it!

Patient: J.D. Palm Coast, Florida.

Dear Dr Norman and Kelly. I feel 100% better now. I can't believe its only been a week and one half since my surgery. I feel like getting married!

Patient: N.H. Baltimore, Maryland

Kelly - Please express our appreciation to Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz for everything done for Norm. From start to finish, there has never been an easier procedure with such an excellent outcome. Your website is perfect - we knew what to expect. The consultation was perfect with Dr. Politz explaining what to expect. The surgery was perfect with Dr. Norman. The nursing care after surgery was really great. Norm has his life back. The difference I see in him is amazing. We can never thank you enough. PS: We framed the picture!

Patient: R.S. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I had my first kidney stone in 2000. By 2002 I knew my PTH was too high and it was a parathyroid tumor causing my problems. I procrastinated for over a year to face it because I was told by my specialist that the risk of surgery was to too high and that damage of the vocal nerve could cause me to lose my voice. That was too much of a risk for me and I buried my head in the sand for as long as I could until I noticed that I lost more than one inch of my height. I went through as much research of doctors as I could including the top surgeons in the country and determined to trust my private bathroom singing career to Dr. Norman.

It was one of the most important decisions I made correctly in my life and it was done so well that some friends thought I exaggerated the situation before surgery for gaining sympathy. I believe that many parathyroid patients are as frustrated as I was last year why such a rare disease would happen to good people as us. I know it is worth all the efforts of searching for good doctors such as Dr Norman to take care of this important problem.

Patient: J.B. Philadelphia, PA. Physician (Surgeon)

Folks, I asked Dr Norman to put this on his web site at the top so people read it. Below are over 2000 patient stories (including over 400 doctors), who went to Tampa for their parathyroid operation. There is a reason why everybody goes to Tampa for their parathyroid surgery if they can. I am a surgeon and I have performed parathyroid surgery. I know lots of other surgeons who perform parathyroid surgery. I live in Pennsylvania where there are plenty of big universities and at each of these universities (Penn, Pitt, etc) there is a surgeon who claims to be a parathyroid expert. These are great surgeons in their own right, but nobody can do what Dr Norman and his partners can. This week (January 2014) I saw him perform 15 parathyroid operations the day he operated on me. The first three patients were out of the hospital (gone!) by 9:15 am. I was the 6th operation that day and I left the hospital at 11:05 am. I'm a big guy, and my scan was negative, yet my operation took 16 minutes and my band-aid is 1 inch. Read the stories below. Each one is different. Some talk about their symptoms and how removing the parathyroid tumor changed their life. Some talk about the difficulties of working with an endocrinologist that doesn't know squat about parathyroid disease. But every letter here will tell you that nobody can do what Dr Norman and his amazing partners can do. I was his 18,285th parathyroid operation (editor's note--within a dozen or so). I did my research, and I can't find anybody in PA that has done 125 of these operations in his lifetime. His insight and knowledge of this disease far exceeds that of all other doctors. His team is better. His office is better. His system is better. His (and his teams') operative skills are un-matched. Read the rest of these stories and see why everybody who can get to Tampa---does. Watch the mini-parathyroid operation that Dr Norman does--this is the operation you want. Editor's note: We have now performed over 50,000 parathyroid operations and perform 15-18 per day. We average operating on 3 doctors per week.

Patient: E.B. Los Angeles, California. Retired

Here is my blurb that I would like to have posted on your Website. It does not do justice to all of the wonderful work that you, Dr Norman and your Tampa General team do. My wife Camille and I send our best wishes and thanks.

All I can say is FANTASTIC!!!! My parathyroid surgery was as quick, easy and comfortable as described on Dr. Norman's outstanding website. No pain medication was needed after the operation. Dr. Norman is the physician we are all looking for - great technical skill, responsive to our questions and concerns, promptly answers e-mails and phone calls, a wonderful sense of humor and an engaging manner. Kelly and all of the other superb professionals he works with are terrific. If you need parathyroid surgery, the Norman Endocrine Surgery Clinic is the only way to go. Feel free to ask Dr. Norman or Kelly for my telephone number or e-mail address if you have any questions. Thank you, Dr. Norman, for making your remarkable, innovative MIRP procedure possible.

Patient: J.R. Las Vegas, NV.

Hi Dr. Norman: Just want to let you know how happy I am with my first blood test results since my surgery last month. My calcium is down to 9.8 and PTH down to 47. I feel better than I've felt in years! Everything happened exactly as you said it would and I am so very glad God gave me the wisdom to search you out and come all the way to Tampa to put this chapter of my life behind me. I had complete peace on everything, and your confidence and the confidence of all the wonderful staff at Tampa General was so reassuring. I just wish I had not put it off so long. God bless you and continue to use the wonderful gift He has given you to help others.

Patient: J.S. Los Angeles, California. High School Teacher

Dr. Norman, I also want to thank everyone there at your clinic for everything. You all have been great and I must say very prompt with any question that I asked. Your office staff was very efficient. Of all the doctor's that I have been to in my life, this is the best service that I have ever received. The surgery was a "snap". Everything was just as he said it would be. I am most pleased and I am feeling great.

Patient: D.J. Huntsville, Alabama, Parathyroid Patient #3 of 7 on 10/29/04 and a Red Sox fan.

I joyfully, miraculously, tearfully report I feel wonderful now. Prior to my parathyroid surgery I felt like a volcano ready to explode; a clogged drain. Since the surgery (three weeks ago) I am totally free of these feelings and able to go on with my life as a normal human being. Exactly what you say about parathyroid surgery being the feel good surgery is true, really true. Dear Doctor Norman, please know that not only I, but the hundreds of patients who have come before me and all those patients who will follow me will remember you forever because you have touched our very lives with your gentle, healing hands and surgical skills curing us of our parathyroid disease. And, for all of us, past, present, and future, may I say a beloved thank you. I also want to thank Kelly for everything she did with her very special touch...always the perfect balance between personal and professional. You just knew Kelly was there for you...and with a smile in her voice. Please feel free to pass along my name, address, email, telephone number to anyone who would benefit by knowing about my most positive experience with the parathyroid surgery (especially anyone as foolishly frightened as I was.) With my most respectful wishes that you and your loved ones have happy holidays, I remain, a forever fan.

Patient: J.D. School Teacher. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

It is almost 3 weeks since my surgery and I am very happy it is over. I also have to give you a "great big thank you." I felt 100% the next day when we left for home. My husband & I arrived home and realized we going to be the direct path of Hurricane Frances. We arrived home around noon and began putting up our hurricane shutters. When we were done I was waiting to feel terrible and exhausted, but, it didn't come. And as of today I still feel energetic and great! I even went to work two days after the operation. Just another thank you for your wonderful personality and for giving me such a boost of confidence before the surgery, I really needed it.

Patient: B.C. Businessman. New Hampshire

Justneeded to take a few minutesto giveyou my appreciation for what you did for me. How you were able to remove an extremelylarge tumor wrapped around my voice box nerveand being able for me to not lose my voice, with a small incision covered with a band aid, and the only medication for pain taken was a Tylenol pill after the surgery and one before bedtime, it's just amazing story. What I saw at the hospital and the people I met at the hotel that also had it done that Monday Nov 3rd is a story that should be told. Like the lady I met that was on the same flight with me home to NH, she was headed back to Maine, told me of her situation at a hospital in Portland, where they removed a good parathyroid gland and cut her from ear to ear, she told me it was a horror story, and you were able to find the bad one in just minutes and she on her way, with a new life. As I look back, what if I would of made a decision to go with the Lahey Clinic ageneral surgeon who does about maybe 20 per year,with that size tumor in the position it was, I would of had my own horror story which would be magnified many times worse that the lady from Maine. The story of your talents must be told!

Patient: D.V.Rena, Nevada.

Dear Dr. Norman, It has been almost a year now since I flew to Tampa, met you and had parathyroid surgery. The tumor had grown into the nerves around my voice box and you successfully disentangled it and removed it. That was July 30, 2007--a day I will never forget. The surgery transformed my life!!! How great it was to wake up every day and not hurt all over my body. How fabulous it is to give a lecture and not start coughing and not be able to stop. How wonderful to see my bone strength increasing. (Only six month after surgery my bone scan showed that my hips were normal (a word I never thought I would see) and my spine had stopped degenerating.) How great to have energy again. Thank you Dr. Norman. You are a miracle worker in my life and I pray for you each day.

Patient: A.S. Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Denver, Colorado.

Patient: D.M. Registered Nurse. 35 years old. San Antonio, Texas.

I was very skeptical about finding a doctor off of the internet. My doctors here could only raise their eyebrows and some even discouraged me to go to Florida. It was even more amazing when I emailed Dr. Norman time and time again with all of my questions and late at night he would email me back!!! He was more responsive than my own doctors here. To top things off, everyone here kept testing me for everything known to man and Dr. Norman would tell me to tell them to stop because what I had was parathyroid disease. He was so right. To make matters even more scary, I found out that I was pregnant during the whole ordeal. So, you can imagine, I was pregnant, most of my doctors thought I was crazy for putting my life in the hands of someone I found off of the internet. I went ahead and took my "chances" and I am so glad that I did. The surgery was nothing compared to what they wanted to do here in San Antonio (4-5 hours under general anesthesia with a long recovery is what I would have had to gone under here). The surgery with Dr. Norman only took 17 minutes and I was completely symptom free right after the surgery. I told Dr. Norman and his staff if there was ever a time that I could help someone that felt like I did about going to Florida that I would be more than happy to talk to them. What I can't believe is that people are still turning to the old fashioned way of surgery and not going to Florida for such a simple procedure.

Oh, one more thing, Dr Norman will even call you back before your own doctors do. He is truly amazing and I would recommend him to anyone. I never really had bone pain but my blood pressure and heart were going out of control and I am only 35. I guess I will give you a little bit more about my story: I had 3 ER visits and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I went to a cardiologist and he drew my blood for parathyroid disease because he saw that at one of my ER visits my calcium was 11.7. Sure enough that is what I was diagnosed with. I was put on all kinds of blood pressure and heart medications and then referred to an endocrinologists. More and more tests for this and that. My dad was the one that actually found Dr. Norman's website. I didn't care to much for it at first and wanted to trust the doctors here. My ENT that does 1 or two parathyroidectomies a year was going to do the long 4-5 hour version until I found out I was pregnant. Everything was put on hold until I was in my second trimester. During this time, I researched Dr. Norman. Yes, I called the hospitals and even the university where he had won all kinds of awards. I called endocrinologists in the Tampa area. Everyone said great things about him. When we got to the hospital, during admitting paper work, the man told us that people come from all over the place to have this surgery done by Dr. Norman. The nurses were not surprised that I was from out of the state. It was routine for them and so comforting for me. Your family has a right to be concerned about the internet but if you look at the alternative it is much safer to go to Dr. Norman. If you go to see a surgeon that does lots of other types of surgery, ask the doctor how long the surgery will take, what the recovery time frame will be (usually 6-8 weeks for the old procedure), how many parathyroidectomies does he perform per year (this is different than thyroid surgery!!!). If he/she can't tell you that the procedure will almost for sure take less than 20 minutes with a cure rate of over 99 percent, and you go home in 1 hour with a little bandaid on your neck... then get on a plane and go to Florida!

Patient: J.C. San Antonio, TX. Property Manager

It's been a week since my surgery and I'm feeling terrific! I wanted to write a letter for your web-site so that others can know what a great experience I had. I was diagnosed during a routine blood screening and when I went back to my family doctor for confirmation I had already researched hyperparathyroidism and found Dr. Norman. I immediately had my records sent to Florida. Kelly even "worked me in" because my insurance deductible was going up on February 1st!

Everything went like clockwork when I arrived at Tampa General, Dr. Norman was even at the nurse's desk waiting for me! He was with me for an extended period of time after I arrived and made me feel so comfortable about the procedure and what to expect. I chose to have my scan done at Tampa General (why not have the best?). I knew they had found my "offensive parathyroid" because during the scan the technician was saying "Beautiful, Beautiful Pictures!" When I was finished with the scan, who was standing there in the room? Dr. Norman! He had come down to see my pictures and walked back to the pre-op area with me. Honestly, he was so calm and self-assured that I felt like I had nothing more than a hang-nail.

My surgery only took about 20 minutes (according to my husband...I don't remember a thing) and I woke up in the recovery room fully alert, in no pain and with an incision less than one inch. Dr Norman called me in my hotel that evening to make sure I was feeling well. I even had a nice seafood pasta in the hotel restaurant that evening and flew home to Texas the next day. For my experience, I had some tingling in my fingers the following day but was prepared for this by Dr. Norman and this was immediately relieved with the calcium pills that he had given me before the operation.

Everything the web site says is true, and more. They can't tell you how kind and professional the staff at Tampa General is, it's hard to stress on a web site just how comforting Dr. Norman is with his self-confidence and down-to-earth personality.

Our health care is in our own hands and we have the opportunity to be more informed about our choices. My co-workers here in San Antonio teased me terribly about my "Internet Doctor" and my "Drive through Surgery"! Well, all I have to say is take your parathyroid "to go" and head for Florida! It's usually lovely there year-round... PS: Please feel free to release my phone number to anyone who might like assurances about choosing a physician.

Patient: A.T. Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

Dear Dr. Norman, I just received the results of the first blood test taken after my Jan.6 operation and they are all normal! You can't imagine my happiness at seeing the levels being in the middle of the normal range!! I feel a lot better (I'm not as tired and I sleep through the night). You told me I would feel better, but this is more than I had hoped for! The wound is healing very well: my GP was impressed how small it was... it's less than an inch! Again, I would like to thank you and your wonderful team very much for operating on me so well and so quickly. It seems impossible to think that it took so little time with such a fast improvement. I am really very grateful. Please post this on your web site so people can know how a quick little procedure can change their life.

Patient: V.C. Panama City, Florida. Professional Model.

First, I must say a big THANK YOU to you & your staff for my surgery which took place on January 24, 2005. Your professionalism, knowledge, experience, & confidence combined with your easy-going bedside manner & great sense of humor immediately put me at ease. The procedure was much simpler & easier than I had expected, & the small 1 inch scar is healing beautifully. Being as I am not only a mommy of 3, but also a professional fashion model, improved health and a tiny, smooth scar are both important! I make my living with this face and neck! You are, without a doubt, the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and I have dealt with many!

Patient: D.C. Retired Banker. New Hampshire

I’m writing this note to you to express my appreciation for giving me my life back, or the life I knew before parathyroid disease. I didn’t realize how ill I had become. I live in NH and the doctors had diagnosed me with parathyroid disease but were following the rise in my calcium numbers with not much concern. Thanks to my wife, who thought there was more to these high numbers and other red flags, set out to find out as much as possible via the internet. Up popped your website with lots of information and discussions.

This past December (2004) I had a few days with low blood pressure, pulse and dizziness. Within 5 minutes of going to a walk-in clinic I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I was hooked up to machines and I couldn’t help think “What the heck is happening to me?” My wife sent an email to you explaining what had just happened and received the note back letting us know that it was the parathyroid disease and I needed to see you as soon as could be arranged. February 1st, 2005 without ever meeting you in person we went to Tampa General Hospital for the sestamibi scan and MIRP surgery. You made us comfortable immediately with your laid back professionalism and sense of humor in what could have been a scary situation so far away from home.

With trust and confidence I had the surgery and thus the end of my parathyroid disease. Prior to, during, in the recovery room, to your follow up phone call to me at home that evening, you made me feel as if I were your only patient. I never doubted for a moment I was going to be just fine after the surgery. I followed your post operative directions exactly and within 3 days I felt great without any post operative effects. In my wife’s words “I have my husband back.” I continue to be impressed at how much energy I have and how wonderful I feel. My one inch scar is not even noticeable. I will be on three calcium pills for the rest of my life and will continue follow up with doctors in NH. Thank you so much for your website. It takes time and devotion to keep people informed as you do on your site. Thank you also to Kelly and the rest of your wonderful staff.

Patient: K.S. Ph.D. Basalt, Colorado. Clinical Psychologist.

For many years I'd had annual calcium readings in mid 10's up to the mid 11's. Dr. Norman later told me that I should have had surgery earlier, but various endocrinologists and internists had said "not yet" because my bones hadn't deteriorated below normal (does this make sense to anybody?), and because the conventional operation was so problematic. I found Dr. Norman on the Internet, informed my doctor that I'd chosen him for surgery, and showed her excerpts from his website about his publications, etc. I am deeply grateful that Dr. Norman operated on me as soon as he could. The 17-minute operation (for a tumor the size of a large green grape) was a snap.

Here's what my hyperparathyroid symptoms looked like the month or so before surgery. I had been an active, busy person, a skier and swimmer. But I was so exhausted that I mainly sat like a zombie doing light reading, too weak to shuffle more than a block or two. I sometimes lay in bed for hours. I was told I had a grim, anguished face all the time. The high calcium caused anxiety, dread and helplessness-emotions that were chemically-induced, quite omnipresent and impervious to medication or psychological intervention.

I am deeply grateful that Dr. Norman was available by e-mail or phone to reassure me that my symptoms were because of high calcium and would disappear after surgery. Dr. Norman was very professional, and unusually kind in the period before surgery and immediately afterward in monitoring my calcium intake. I applaud his innovating this kind of operation!

When I was sick, I couldn't imagine being well, but am 100% well now. In fact, I have new-found gratitude for small things in life and a better sense of humor than I've ever had. So if any reader of this website has a high calcium, I hope you can benefit from my experience, and not delay. Bone density is not the only criterion for surgery! It's conceivable that my atrial flutter 5 years ago was triggered by hyperparathyroidism, as well as long-term tiredness, hair loss and other medical conditions.

Patient: S.B. Cleveland, Ohio.

During a routine physical, my internist suggested I see an endocrinologist to evaluate a high calcium level. This was a quite a surprise as I felt fine. After a number of tests, the endocrinologist said I needed parathyroid surgery. I asked him what it involved. He said I would have an 8 inch incision in my neck, at least one night in the hospital, and the surgeons may not find the tumor during this "exploratory surgery". According to the endocrinologist, this wasn’t a big deal. Not a big deal? It was a very big deal to me. I was very upset with what I was told and went home to research parathyroid disease on the internet. While I was searching for information and alternatives to what I was told I had to have done, Dr. Norman’s website came up. I started reading it and was totally amazed that this surgery could be performed in a completely different manner. I immediately wrote to Dr. Norman with numerous questions. Again, I was totally amazed that he responded right away and answered everything. Dr. Norman alleviated any fears that I had. I was even able to contact former patients and hear about their experiences, which made me feel more comfortable and positive that this was the doctor I wanted to perform my surgery. When I checked into the hospital, Dr. Norman was there to further explain the surgery. He went with me when I had the scan, made sure I understood the scan results and told me he would be done in 12 minutes. I left the hospital about 10 AM (I was the 3rd patient of the day). The incision was about 1 inch, maybe less. I was laying out at the pool that afternoon. Dr. Norman called that night to see how I was doing. It’s been about 2 weeks since my surgery (June 3) and my calcium level is normal, my incision looks really good and I’m so glad I made the decision to go to Tampa to have this surgery performed. But mostly, I want to thank Dr. Norman for being an incredible doctor.

Patient: G.H. Omaha, Nebraska.

Dr Norman, My husband and I want to thank you for such an easy and successful surgery. We are grateful for your excellent website and expertise. I am feeling SO much better! The nervousness and depression are completely gone! Thank you, too, for taking the initiative to remove the thyroid nodule--saving me a potential future surgery. You are greatly appreciated!

Patient: E.R. Delray Beach, Florida

Dear Dr. Norman, I had my surgery 2 weeks ago and I am doing great! Results from my blood test this week showed that I am "pefect". What a wonderful word! I can't thank you enough for the tremendous care that I received from you and your staff. My scar is minimal and I can tell that it is already fading. Your information sheet was invaluable in reassuring to me, and instructing me about my calcium pills. It was great having your home phone number--even though I didn't use it. If there is anything I want to thank you for in addition to your tremendous skill and bedside manner, it would be your ability to reassure those of us facing this strange malady.

Your website is so helpful, thorough and layman friendly as it walks you through the disease, your symptoms, anticipates what "other doctors" will tell you, and explains the options you have. I was very scared and confused until I studied your website. Reading it was like having a good friend talking to you. There was no question in my mind as to what I wanted to do, however, I was not in accord with my endocrinologist (foolish man). Of course, I did not follow his recommendation, and from the moment I e-mailed you office, to heading to the operating room, I felt cared for and reassured. A patient could hardly hope for more! How wonderful of you to take the time to call after reviewing the patient's records and then again the evening of our surgery! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your talent and your compassion. Just consider me one more member of the Dr. Norman Fan Club!

Patient: MAH. Portland, Oregon. Nurse and Wife of General Surgeon

Six days post op and I am truly amazed; my incision is so tiny that its almost invisible already. I want to start by saying how grateful I am that I found you on the internet and that everything you said was true. I was up against two nay-sayers when I was first diagnosed and I am glad I persisted. I fired the first one (my endocrinologist) and my husband came around after I showed him the volumes of research I did on you and MIRP. I'll have to say the web site was so well done that not to choose your option would have been foolish. It was nice to finally meet you and your confidence was very reassuring considering my neck was about to be cut open. You are truly a brilliant surgeon (even my husband thinks so!). Thank you so much for everything.

Patient: JC. South Carolina. Real Estate Attorney.

Dear Dr. Norman, Thank you for giving my life back to me! I haven't felt this good since I was 35! My husband and I are both thrilled. You have reinstated my faith in medicine / medical doctors. I have never experienced such a totally successful medical / surgical outcome like this one. Let me know what I can do for you!

Patient: J.R. Huntsville, Alabama. Attorney

Dr Norman, 4 weeks ago yesterday (10 June, 2013) you removed a parathyroid that had become a tumor. As a follow up, I just want to share that I have had zero complications. No scar, nothing to indicate that I even had surgery. More importantly, it's amazing but my overall general sense of well-being is so much better. I feel great! I have improved stamina and just feel so much better. Before the surgery I thought I felt fine--I thought I had no symptoms--but since the surgery I'm feeling better than I have in years!

Patient: D.R. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Artist

Hi to the "Tiger Woods of Parathyroid surgery" from the patient with the "golf ball" size tumor. I am doing great. My husband says I'm more compassionate... My son after tent camping in the Rockies says that I'm more emotionally stable. I'm no longer depressed when I wake up. A big thank you. And I want to thank Dr. Albright in Denver for referring me... even though he said come back in 10 weeks and take Actonel until I showed him the literature from your web page. SIGH! Thank God for the internet. We used it also for my husband's prostate cancer treatment this January. Have a great day, you deserve it. Thanks for changing my life in 14 minutes!

Patient: DF. Chicago, Illinois. School Administrator

When my primary doctor indicated that I probably had hyperparathyroidism, I went on your web site and found the answers to all of the questions or concerns I had about the disease. I had a scan taken at a local hospital which came back as negative. (Just like you describe on the web site). I checked with three surgeons in major Chicago hospitals and found that their experience with this type of surgery was very limited. At this point I knew the right choice was to go to Florida and have Dr. Norman perform the surgery. The scan was positive and the surgery was successful--taking only 12 minutes. I found Dr. Norman, his medical team and his office support team to be very professional, well organized and very friendly and supportive. While I am happy to have the surgery behind me, I know I made the right decision to use Dr. Norman and his team for the surgery.

Patient: B.C. Boca Raton, Florida. Pharmacist

Jim, Thanks for the wonderful care you and your team gave me last Thursday. My recovery has been uneventful and I already sense a dramatic improvement in my general well being. Often, when things sound too good to be true, they're not. I've learned there are exceptions to that axiom and you and your staff are one of them. From initial contact to the post-op phone call, things could not have been better. Thanks for bringing a piece of the "Fountain of Youth" back to Florida and allowing me to share in it.

Patient: R.M. Hickory, North Carolina. Grandmother.

After my surgery on 5/16/06 not only do I feel 20 years younger, but I stepped out of my body into one with no medical problems. I wasn't sleepy, tired nor experiencing any of the ill feeling I had experienced for years. I had questioned the high calcium from my lab work and was told yes they were elevated but it wasn't anything to worry about until I went to a new doctor who introduced me to the word Parathyroid. Now I'm a new lady..... my operation took 13 minutes and I went home with a bandaid. I can't thank you enough!

Patient: K.A. New York, New York. Graduate Student

I am writing to share my story in hopes that it will be of help or conciliation to at least one person. I was a 21 year old college student the first time I really started noticing something was wrong. I kept having a horrendous cramp in my one side and was urinating blood. I had been previously diagnosed with bladder infections three times even though my only symptom was blood in my urine. However, the pain came and went sporadically until one particular day. I was positive my appendix burst and asked my friend to take me to the Emergency Room. A CT Scan revealed that I had 3 very large kidney stones, one of which was blocking my ureter (the tube between the kidney and the bladder).

Following this episode I began seeing an Endocrinologist who did subsequent testing for the remainder of the year. I had blood work done almost every month, urine analysis once a month and CT Scans, bone density checks, the list goes on and on. Finally, my mother and I did some research and found The symptoms for parathyroid disease seemed to match me perfectly. We began questioning the endocrinologist about possible parathyroid problems. The endocrinologist continued to run tests and ordered a neck scan, he also put me on a strict diet of no calcium and various other foods that contained ingredients that caused kidney stones. This was about 5-6 months after finding the kidney stones. At this time, I was 22 years old, in the middle of graduate school and had already had 9 kidney stones total, 2 surgeries and one procedure to take care of the stones.

I awaited eagerly the results of the neck scan done by my endocrinologist because I thought things were finally going to be figured out and taken care of. To my dismay the endocrinologist came back with news that was not quite what I expected. The scan came back negative (now I know that most scans are negative because they don’t know how to do the scan!! Do not make this mistake!!) and he wanted me to come back in another 3 months to do another test. In the meantime, he wanted to continue blood work every month and do another urine analysis. I got off the phone and began sobbing to my parents. I did not want to wait another 3 months to figure out what was going on with me. I had bruises on my arms from where blood was taken, my diet was regulated and yet lab results kept coming back with elevated levels of hormones and calcium. I was having mood swings constantly, cried over everything, noticed my voice was changing, had bone aches and most of all, had kidney stones. My parents and I decided to contact Dr. Norman for advice. If he said that I should wait, then we would wait, but from reading his website, we really felt that waiting would not be beneficial. (editorial note from Dr Norman.... most endocrinologists don't see many parathyroid patients, so they don't know what to do. This is an easy case, but was made difficult by an inexperienced endocrinologist).

After filling out all the paperwork, sending my medical files and test results, I only had to wait 3 weeks to hear Dr. Norman call my cell phone personally. I will never forget what he said. I was too young to be having so many problems and from the looks of my lab results, he recommended me having the parathyroid surgery as soon as possible. This time I called my parents and cried out of sheer joy that someone knew that it was not normal to feel the way I felt, be as sick as I was and have the constant pain of kidney stones. Things began to happen immediately. I called and scheduled my surgery for Dec. 15, 2005 as soon as I took finals in my graduate courses. Unfortunately, right before the surgery I again had 5 more kidney stones and one that was making me violently ill. I talked to Dr. Norman worried that my surgery would have to be re-scheduled. He responded instantly that there were no worries and for me to relax, everything would be fine.

My mother and I booked our flights and hotel and arrived in Tampa Bay Florida a day before the surgery. The day of the surgery came and as I awaited the surgery I was in a room with other patients having the same surgery by Dr. Norman as well. Dr. Norman came by each of us to talk every hour or so and to see how we were feeling. One woman who was in the bed next to me was so nervous and Dr. Norman came by often to help alleviate her anxiety and talk with her. He was a busy man and yet made time to assure all of us, his patients that things were going to be fine. The day was a blur and before I knew it, I was waking up from the surgery-it only took 12 minutes! After waking up, becoming oriented and again talking to Dr. Norman, I was released-about 1 hour after the surgery. That very night I went out for dinner and ice cream when Dr. Norman called my cell phone to see how I was doing. It was only about 4 hours after I had left the hospital!!

I am so thankful for and that I was lucky enough to find it. Most endocrinologists know little about this disease, especially when telling you to wait. I just knew that waiting wasn’t right when I felt so horrible. Dr. Norman and his staff made a world of difference in my life. I am now back in graduate school and for the first time in years, feeling like my old self. I am able to eat everything I want to eat and haven’t felt sick or in pain since the surgery. I am finally happy again. Thank you Dr. Norman for everything and thank you for changing my life!!

Patient: J.B. Toms River, New Jersey. School Teacher.

Hello Dr. Norman, I want to first thank you for the time you spent with my family during my parathyroid surgery on January 10, 2005. I will always remember your compassionate and professional bed-side manner during the pre and post surgical procedures. My husband, daughter and I were very impressed with your service and skills. You made our trip to Tampa a worthwhile experience. Words can not sufficiently convey my heartfelt appreciation for all you have done regarding my health. Many of my friends who knew about my surgery are amazed at my recuperation (there really was none). Once again thank you for the special love, kindness, and expert treatment you rendered! Have a great 2005 and may you continue to shower your compassion, service, and love on other people that come your way!

Patient: M.M. San Diego, California. Executive.

Sorry not to write sooner, but I’ve been busy traveling and playing lots of golf since my surgery. I would like to thank all of the staff at your office for handling my paperwork and surgery questions in such a first class manner. I was impressed with the efficiency in which all of my enquiries were handled. As for Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz, I knew from the moment that I met them that I was in the hands of caring, top-notch surgeons. My surgery went as planned and as predicted, my recovery was rapid. I had a few incidents of tingling due to my body reacting to the sudden change in calcium level, but Dr. Politz was quick to explain that I needed to simply increase my calcium tablet intake. My calcium level is now 9.9 and my scar is practically unnoticeable. Both Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz made me feel completely at ease prior to the surgery and explained everything they had done after I came out of the Operating Room. I know that none of the surgeons to whom I had spoken on the West coast would have been able to perform this surgery with the same level of skill. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about these fine surgeons years ago when I first discovered my calcium levels were elevated but I suppose it’s better late than never. I know that I made the right decision to make the trip to Florida. If you have any patients who need some reassurance about the wisdom of traveling to Florida for this particular surgery, please let me know and I’d be happy to e-mail them with positive feedback about my experience.

Patient: I.S. 72 years old, Retired. Boca Raton, Florida

Well, it is just a little over a week since my parathyroid surgery and I am just so elated as to how things went and how I feel. Dr. Norman and his staff were just wonderful both before and after surgery. I honestly believe and also feel that my life has been given back to me because of him.

After consulting an endocrinologist locally, and after having gone through many tests, I was told that I have hyperparathyroidism and would need surgery. I was also told that I had a nodule on my thyroid. The endocrinologist explained the type of surgery that was to be done. This made me feel frightened and very apprehensive. I was not quite ready to have surgery whereby I would have an incision approximately 8 inches long, surgery for 3-5 hours and a two to three day stay in the hospital and a week or two of recovery. Just the entire concept of what the doctor explained scared me. At that point, I said that I would have to give this serious consideration before I made any decision. Just as I was walking out of the doctors office, she happened to mention that there is a doctor in Tampa that does this type of surgery minimally non-invasive. At that point, without thinking about it twice, I had made up my mind that I was going to Tampa.

Well, after a 13 minute surgery I am fine. I was home by 3pm in the afternoon, slept for a couple of hours, had dinner, and the next day I was up and running. I have energy now that I hadn't had in a very long time, I am sleeping very well, and I no longer have pains in my back and legs. It is only ten days since my surgery but I'm a new lady! Oh yes, Dr. Norman called the night of the surgery to see how I was. He is one caring person and so is his staff. There will always be a special place in my heart for all of you. Again, thank you for giving my life back to me.

Patient: N.P. Baltimore, Maryland. Attorney.

Hi, Dr. Norman: This is N.P. and I had my parathyroid surgery two weeks ago. Like I promised, I'm writing back. The wound is healing nicely and I barely see the scar, no one notices. I already feel better than I used to do. I'm sleeping better and I don't feel as tired as before; instead I feel that I have more energy and I can do more things (this is what I'm noticing more is the increase of energy). I also don't feel as irritable as before; I'm more relaxed and things don't bother me as much as before. I had an appointment with my Physician today, and she says that my bones have aged so much that I'm going to be on calcium for years. She is amazed at the very small 1/2 inch scar! I want to thank you Dr. Norman for saving my life. You took great care of me. You're the best. I'm also thankful to your team that collaborate in this procedure. They were great. I will be checking with you through e-mail in the next months, so I can tell you how I'm doing. Put this on the web site so people know that patients also come from Baltimore! It is true--I was cured in only 11 minutes!

Patient: H.C.F. Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dear Dr. Norman. It has been a month since my surgery. You said I would be cured after parathyroid surgery. You were right. After several years of aches and pains, I now feel like I have a new body. No more aches and pains... and it only took you 10 minutes to do the entire procedure. The incision is not even noticeable. The day after surgery I was able to eat as usual and rode 12 hours home to Charlotte, NC. Some of my friends thought I was crazy finding a surgeon on the internet, but your web site gave me more information about parathyroid surgery than any of the doctors with whom I spoke. I have never had a doctor give me his home phone number. When I became a little nervous and called, you actually answered the phone yourself and assured me that everything was all right. Kelly and Jayme were very efficient and helpful. Thank you, Dr. Norman. God bless you and your surgery skills.

Patient: B.C. Tucson, Arizona.

Good morning! Barbi is feeling great. Had a couple full nights of uninterrupted sleep...a new concept for her! I know that you must hear this often....but....Thank you for giving me my wife back. She feels like the girl I married 25 years ago again!

Patient: B.M.Houston, Texas.Psychologist.

I just had to write and tell you how pleased and happy I am with my whole experience in Tampa, not just the results of the surgery. From the moment we stepped into the outpatient surgery clinic at Tampa General, until the time I was "wheeled" out, every single person had a smile on their face and made Art and I feel so comfortable. Everyone was genuinely happy to be there! I just can't say enough good things about you and all of your staff! Not only are there ZERO surgeons in Texas that can do this operation so quickly and safely, but there are no doctors in Texas that treat their patients so well.

I'm feeling so much better already. I sleep better, my leg achiness and my acid reflux are pretty much gone. I have more energy and am just plain happier! Again, thank you so much! Please let your staff know how much they are appreciated from down here in Texas! Hugs to everyone!!

Patient: P.K. Nurse and Wife of Surgeon. Jacksonville, Florida.

My wife had thyroid and parathyroid surgery performed by Dr. Norman on January 31, 2005 as an outpatient at Tampa General Hospital. Speaking as a general surgeon, I was most impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff of the hospital, the preoperative and post operative care and above all the expertise of Dr. Norman in his surgical management of her problem. I am pleased to report that her calcium studies are now normal and her incision is healing beautifully. I was most grateful when Dr. Norman discharged her as an outpatient and gave us his personal cell phone number to call in the event of any post operative problems. Please add my comments to the list of accolades sent to Dr. Norman.

Patient: N.F. Boston, Massachusetts. Business Executive.

Dear Dr. Norman, I just want to tell you what an easy experience my surgery turned out to be. The experience and the results are exactly as your web site predicted (my operation took 12 minutes). I flew home the day after surgery and immediately resumed all my activities: exercise classes, social life, homemaking etc. The most difficult thing was remembering to take my calcium pills! Now, almost 5 weeks later, I'm sleeping through the night, have a great deal more energy, my tennis game is back to "the good old days" and I'll even share with you that my husband tells me I'm less irritable. I was worried about a scar, but it's small and nearly gone! If I knew 2 years ago what I know now, I would have had the surgery a long ago. Maybe I would have avoided my atrial fib and stroke. Have you written any articles on the relationship between that and hyperparathyroidism? And.. my labs are all PERFECT! Dr. Norman, it was good to meet you. I chose exactly the perfect surgeon for this operation. We both enjoyed meeting you, and we also enjoyed the couple of days we spent in Tampa!

Patient: G.T. Research Scientist. Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Norman, First I would like to Thank You for what you did for me through the parathyroid surgery and your WEB page. The changes I have experienced have been dramatic to say the least and I feel like I stepped back in time 10-15 years. I am extremely grateful for the service you provide. One concern I have is that so many people get pressured to just "trust" their local doctor. I was told by multiple doctors I was crazy to travel all the way from Oregon to Florida for my surgery. I had criticism from relatives and other folks also. The only two that supported my decision was my wife and family doctor. My family doctor supported me not because of his understanding of the disease and knowing that the surgery methods used here are old style and way too big a risk for me. My recovery has been amazing and I am still noticing improvement in how I feel. Thank you again!

Patient: JM. Hospital Administrator. Abilene, Texas.

This past Monday (May 1, 2006) I underwent parathyroid surgery at Tampa General Hospital under the care and supervision of Drs. Norman and Politz. Having flown in from Abilene, Texas the previous day and for weeks anticipated the unpleasant thought of undergoing surgery, I was anxious and irritable, ready to get it over with, and dreading it terribly. Anyone who has had any type of surgical procedure knows how extremely stressful it can be, as well as the worry of not knowing exactly what outcome to expect. However, upon arrival at Tampa General, my fears were put to rest immediately by the very professional and conscientious staff who dealt with me and my husband in a very pleasant manner.

Dr. Politz met with my husband and me personally before my procedure and prepared us for every detail concerning the day's activities, what time the surgery would take place, expectations before and after, etc. Very soon after that my husband and I were taken in to wait for my scheduled surgery and I was well taken care of by Tampa General's nursing staff, (who, by the way, were WONDERFULLY competent and funny and made both of us feel totally at ease) and have an x-ray done to locate exactly where my diseased glands were located. Dr Norman discussed the results and details as to how the procedure would occur. At exactly 10:30 (my pre-scheduled surgery time) I was taken in and put under by the anesthesiologist (super guy) and had the procedure performed in only 14 minutes with absolutely no complications and was left with only one tiny 3/4 inch incision. We were dismissed at 1:30 that afternoon, drove back to our hotel and I took a four hour nap (requiring only a couple of Motrin for pain) and made plans to go out to dinner that night. As we were entering the restaurant, I received a call on my cell from Dr. Norman checking on my progress and reminding me that I could call him anytime on his or Dr. Politz's cell for any concerns or questions, and to have a nice dinner! We did, and spent one more evening in Tampa, ready to return home the next day.

My entire experience with the doctors, nursing staff, and Tampa General was most positive and pleasant, and I wholeheartedly recommend to ANYONE ANYWHERE to seriously consider choosing this team to do parathyroid surgery. Dr. Norman's state of the art procedure is worth the time and trouble of flying into Tampa--both my husband and I were both extremely impressed with the professionalism and personalization we received, and want to thank each and every person who made our trip and surgery a success and pleasure. GREAT JOB!

Patient: L.A. Omaha, Nebraska

Well, I just got a call from my hematologist office and my Ionized Calcium level is back in the NORMAL range. I feel great - the fatigue and constipation that I’ve experienced for years is gone. Thank you so much for the service that you provide. My family and friends thought I was nuts going to an ‘Internet Doctor’ when the doctors in Omaha were saying “just wait and get retested”. I’m so glad this is done with and I don’t have it hanging over my head for years to come... and the entire procedure took only 11 minutes!

Patient: D.G. Lincoln, Nebraska.

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful care you gave me and for giving me a full life again…after feeling bad for so long I had forgotten how wonderful life could be and how great I feel now. My “foggy” mind is gone, all the aches and exhaustion is gone!!!Dr. Norman thanks for dedicating your life and career to finding a procedure that really does work!!!

Patient: G.F. Jacksonville, Florida. Operating Room Nurse

I would like to thank Dr. Norman for the removal of my parathyroid tumor. Since the operation I feel 20 years younger! I have more energy and the best part is that I am able to think clearly and not have this "fog" in my head. I work in the operating room at a VA hospital and occasionally have the opportunity to watch parathyroid operations being performed and I thank Dr. Norman for his small incision on my neck. I am pleased to say the least!

Patient: T.C. Tampa, FL 84 Years Old.

Dear Dr. Norman, I can't believe it! I really can't believe it! Twice now... yesterday and today... when I resumed daily jogging which I had discontinued for my surgery, I found my stamina to be, quite literally, hard to believe. For the last four years, I've been jogging a mile-and-a-half about six days a week. A mile-and-a-half has been a satisfyingly taxing workout. Now, in the middle of my eighth decade, I've had to slow way down... especially the past year.

However, forget all that now! The surgery has given me a new lease on life! The ease with which I jogged the last two days... a two-mile jog the first day and a three-mile jog the second... has nixed my plans for retirement and brought to mind a memory that goes back over twenty years... the memory of my rounding the far turn of the 1982 Hawaii marathon (my only marathon) with the realization that, unexpectedly, I was not looking forward to the relief of the finish line... I was simply enjoying the exercise, the camaraderie of my fellow runners, and the sunshine. Not a bad metaphor on which to model living into my eighties and nineties.

I thanked you for the surgery earlier, I'm thanking you here, and I'm sure I'll be thanking you again. However, no matter how sensational other results of the surgery may turn out to be, the restoration of my physical stamina to a level I never expected to see again is, by itself, more than enough to expect from the surgery. It's nothing short of the restoration of a portion of my youth. It was good the first time around, and it is even sweeter the second.

Patient: J.B. Charlotte, North Carolina. School Teacher.

I arrived at the hospital for outpatient surgery at 5:45 am where I checked in and completed all the admission paperwork. Shortly after completing all the preliminary surgical stuff, Dr. Norman arrived and talked to my family members and I before getting the scan done. Next, a scan a sestamibi scan was done and Dr. Norman showed my husband, daughter and myself the scan. I did see the bad parathyroid gland on the scan. At about 8:15 am I had the surgery performed (I was his second parathyroid operation of the day). I awaken from the anesthesia, talked to Dr. Norman, got dressed, and left the hospital at around 10:00 am. I went back to my hotel room and slept for two more hours, then my family and I went out to lunch. My daughter and I even went shopping the same day. I had follow up levels done two weeks after the surgery in my Endocrinologist office and everything was back to normal. I noticed a change almost immediately after the surgery. I was not as tired, lethargic, sleepy, etc. I was amazed at how I felt. I could tell a difference in my overall well-being. The surgical incision looks like a small wrinkle in my neck, its just under 1 inch long--very hard to see. I did not have any problems with insurance covering the procedure. Dr Norman is a blessing to many. As I stated before leaving Tampa, I will be a spokesperson for him in North Carolina!

Patient: SCF. Clearwater, Florida. Registered Nurse.

I am an RN from Pinellas County, Florida, so unlike many of Dr. Norman’s parathyroid patients I live almost in his backyard. For me parathyroid disease has been a very bad/consuming thing. 25 years ago while living in suburban New York, I was diagnosed as having a parathyroid adenoma and surgery was performed. In 1980 there was only the “ traditional” method of performing this surgery which entailed a several day hospital stay. I did have a long horizontal scar on my neck extending almost from ear to ear-- unattractive, but the only practical course was to ignore it.

I did fine... but 20 years later I got sick again, my back pain increased, I was hypertensive, my mitral valve prolapse became more pronounced, clinical depression had set in amongst other things. I remembered the way I had felt prior to the surgery 20 years ago. Sure enough my calcium was elevated, my parathyroid hormone nearly twice normal. A sestamibi scan was attempted & read as negative, other imaging studies were therefore performed. Surgery was performed (my second) at a local hospital by a general surgeon involving a 23 hour stay, and again using the ‘traditional approach’. The surgeon encountered a considerable amount of scar tissue and in the process inadvertently damaged the right recurrent laryngeal nerve. I had permanent right vocal cord paralysis. This created difficulty swallowing, some choking, and weak hoarse speech etc. I transferred my job so I could work as a nurse by using a computer and without phone work or patient contact. After 10 months of difficulty I had to have a complex operation to re-arrange my vocal cord so I could talk. Following speech therapy my voice sounded normal again but I now only had one functioning vocal cord. To make matters worse... I was NOT cured... I still had the parathyroid tumor in me! In my mind, further surgery was OUT. The risk of damage to my other vocal cord was far too high. For me there would be no decent quality of life if I could not speak, eat, function as a reasonably normally human being. Fear????

In early 2005 my endocrinologist mentioned this Dr. Norman who had a different less invasive procedure for removing parathyroid adenomas. He felt I should speak with him. Finally I decided to contact this Dr. Norman! It turns out that people come from all over the US and other countries with problems just like mine! Dr. Norman was kind and helpful even humorous, making it clear that he understood my predicament. I met him after a Sestamibi scan was done by his own pleasant and professional team at Tampa General. The tumor was blatant. This scan contrasted greatly to the one performed elsewhere in 2001 of obviously inferior quality. Immediately prior to the actual surgery Dr Norman met with me and carefully explained exactly what he planned. After removing the tumor, he would dissect off any normal parathyroid tissue & re implant it into my neck muscle as we were unsure if I had any of my own parathyroid glands left. He would freeze some of the actual tumor so that in the event that the auto transplant did not take, this could be later implanted into my arm. He was not amused by my large old scar and would revise the middle part of it. My surgery was scheduled for noon--I was his 8th parathyroid operation of the day. It actually was delayed a little, but by 5 pm. I was quite happily eating supper in a Tampa restaurant, too hungry to wait till I got across the bay to eat at home. I was also talking without difficulty. I was given pain medication, I think Motrin, in the recovery room before leaving, but never required anything else. Dr. Norman called me that night and the next day to make sure that all was well. Incredible! Already two weeks later, the new incision is healing and promises to be cosmetically far better than before.

A simple "Thank you" to Dr. Norman, Kelly, Jayme and his great Tampa General team and my other physicians is inadequate. Thanks are also due to those who have worked with me, provided me with a job, given me your friendship, tolerated me. It seems that the best thing I can do is to pass onto others my experiences. There is little point in reiterating previous problems with other surgeons and bad radiology. To those patients contemplating surgery of this nature I think this narrative speaks for itself. Do NOT let some general surgeon operate on you. (Editor's Note: It is extremely rare for a patient to get this disease twice. This was her third operation, and despite all the scar tissue it took only 21 minutes and she went home 1 hour later. Find and expert!).

Patient: R.L. New York City, New York. Stock Broker.

My surgery with Dr Norman went exactly like he said it would on I was a little skeptical about finding a doctor on the Internet, but the results speak for themselves. It is true, he makes this operation very simple. From Dr Norman's parathyroid website, one reads about the "Norman Endocrine Clinic." That scared me at first because I thought that he was operating in some little clinic. It turns out that it is just the name of his business. He operates at one of the nation's top 50 hospitals--Tampa General Hospital. I'm feeling much better following my operation and highly recommend Dr. Norman. My brother who is an ENT doctor is now referring his patients to Dr. Norman, after seeing my exceptional results.

Patient: C.M. Houston, Texas. Banking Executive

Dear Dr. Norman and Staff, I wanted to send a personal note, to express to you, your personal staff, as well as the staff at Tampa General saying my wife's Parathyroid Surgery was the BEST Doctor/Hospital experience ever! Having both of us, enduring surgeries, emergency rooms, out patient procedures, and Doctors and Hospitals in general all of our lives, I can not remember one being so pleasant and hassle free! From the initial entrance and greeting at the reception and waiting area, to meeting with your surgeons, who gave immediate confidence and comfort to my wife having the surgery, to the Pre Op Staff, the Post Op Staff, and of course to you Dr. Norman, we cannot praise you enough! While too many medical facilities and care givers today are earning bad reputations, they should ALL learn from all of you how to be helpful, attentive, and nice! As I do not remember ALL of the names of the people who assisted last Thursday, please forward our THANKS and THOUGHTS to them!

Patient: R.B. Financial Analyst. Brooklyn, New York.

Dear Dr. Norman: It has been exactly five days since my parathyroid surgery at Tampa General. I know that anything I write will be one of thousands of testimonials to you and your amazing approach to a parathyroidectomy. "Ditto" to every other note, email and/or letter full of kudos. You are truly amazing, as all of your patients know already. All of the surgeons in New York City can't shine your Nikes. Thank you for my painless legs, my restored memory, my renewed energy, my reversing osteopenia, and my restful nights. I feel human again. I thank God for discovering your website, but most of all for YOU! Please continue doing this wonderful thing you do.

Patient: C. L. Hershey, Pennsylvania. Nurse.

Hi Dr. Norman, I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I am doing great!!! Every symptom (all eleven) that I had before surgery has gone away. Each day something else corrected itself…It was like a gift from God everyday…thanks to both of you. Mark and I both enjoyed meeting both of you…(even if Dr. Norman had to raise his voice to make a point). And we do get it, if it ever happens again, we will come directly to Florida, no tests will be done here! We talked all the way home about how different things were handled there versus Reading, PA. Everything went as you said it would and I feel 100% again. If I would have waited until my December appointment to go to Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pa. I would still be suffering with all my symptoms . There gone and I hope forever!!! When I called Hershey to cancel my Dec. appointment, they asked me if I wanted to re-schedule. I told them No, that I had made a trip to Florida, saw Dr. Norman and had my surgery and I was home, feeling on top of the world. My first contact with you was on October 1, by October 17 I had my surgery. My doctor called Hershey and had my medical records sent in July and they could not see me to Dec. Geeeeeeessss, what is wrong with this picture??????? I wish I could get on the Oprah Show and tell all the women in the world about you two very special human beings. . I bet most women who have this never get diagnosed. All doctors ever told me was that I was stressed, anxious or depressed. …..Yes I was, I was all of those things because they could not diagnose me. If I would not have had the kidney stone and Dr. S had not insisted that I see an endocrinologist I probably would never had known that I had parathyroid disease. He knew I had a bigger problem, but it just wasn’t his field of expertise. Thanks to both of you for all you have done for me. God Bless both of you and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Patient: S.S. Boston Massachusetts. Surgical Nurse.

Hi Jim, I'm the Brady bunch mom from Boston who came to you in March. You told me to e-mail you in a few months to tell you how happy I would be. So here it is!Thank you for removing my parathyroid tumor! Thank you for no scar, no more headaches, no more agitation, more energy (I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in June), and feeling like myself again!! I fought my insurance company and lost and have learned alot about thepolitics of healthcare in this country. I have learned to advocate for myself and have found myself a new GP who is on the same page as I. Not easy lessons. You are so skilled at what you do, thank you for giving me back my strength, I am so glad that I bucked the system for the outcome was well worth it. Take care, you are the best!!

Patient: D.Z. Rochester, New York. Master's Degree in Nursing and Education

Dear Dr Norman and the whole wonderful staff, A few months ago it was discovered that I had a parathyroid adenoma. I spoke to the best parathyroid surgeons in Rochester, NY who could do my surgery and was alarmed by the "major surgery" nature of what they did. Because "inquiring minds want to know" I started researching parathyroid disease to understand more about it. I could not Google the word parathyroid without coming up with the Norman Parathyroid Clinic. For the first time I was able to read and understand what was wrong with me. I read every word on the web site and printed out 56 pages of testimonials. Not solely relying on finding a surgeon on a web site I called over to the University of Buffalo Medical School and only heard praise for Dr. Norman's clinic. So it was in the middle of the night that I got out of bed and started filling in the information about my medical insurance etc. to start the process to have my surgery done by Drs. Norman and his team of surgeons.

Arriving at Tampa General at 5:30am was great because I knew in a few hours I would be rid of a disease which had be secretly haunting me for years. In the outpatient reception area I sat with other patients like myself who had come for their surgery. The atmosphere was friendly and sharing. Dr. Norman was there to greet us individually and hand us our first bottle of calcium +D. Before the surgery even began I held a bottle that was about my cure.

I then met Dr. Norman who spent quite some time talking with us and even shared a photo-op. He said that my surgery would be at 9:00am and at 8:50am they came and got me (I was the 4th operation that day...out of 12). My operation lasted 19 minutes and I woke up in recovery not remembering a thing. About 45 minutes later I got up and dressed and went back to my hotel. It all went to easily and so well. That night my husband and I dined at That's Amore, a wonderful Italian restaurant with a piano bar and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

What can I say. The pain in my legs is gone. I had headaches for years. I kept migraine medication in my car, in the kitchen, in my purse, in my bedroom, in my bathroom so that I would never been far from pain relief from those horrible daily headaches. I have not had a headache since the surgery!!!! In the morning I would wake up to small panic attacks which mercifully ceased immediately after the surgery. I am looking forward to my osteoporosis getting better over the next few years and mercifully my hair will grow back. A million thanks for giving individuals like myself an easy way out of a terrible disease.

Patient: J.F. Cleveland, Ohio. Retired Registered Nurse.

Hello Dr. Norman “Energizer Bunny” one year later! That’s me, having had you perform my parathyroid MIRP on January 5, 2006! Most of the patient testimonials on your website are written shortly after the MIRP experience. I certainly concur with what they express….that is, everything pertaining to the MIRP goes smoothly at Tampa General Hospital, under your careful direction and as a result of your expert parathyroid surgical skills. But my testimonial has a little different direction….I want others to know that the long-term benefits do continue and just seem to get better and better!

I was one of your “re-do” parathyroid operations and you really had your work cut out for you, after the way the first surgeon botched up my neck. I want you to know that every single day, since January 5, 2006 when you performed my successful MIRP, I have thanked God for leading me to you and for allowing you to cure me. I shall express this gratitude the rest of my life.

I was not one of those patients who didn’t realize how badly they felt before the parathyroid MIRP. Quite the opposite, for indeed I knew that I felt lousy. I had no energy and found it difficult to concentrate and remember things. My goodness….did you ever turn my life around! Not even two weeks after the surgery, I could think clearly again to make our bank transactions and didn’t have to write myself a million reminder notes! And things just got better and better as the months went by. With all of my renewed energy, I tackled many projects around our home and farm that I had previously let go. During the summer, (six months after the MIRP), my husband began calling me the “Energizer Bunny” and told me to slow down so that he could keep up with me! And I again found joy in having the energy to do things for and with others….most especially our grandchildren. I easily handled and so enjoyed our Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations this year.

So my testimonial is given to show the sustained benefits I have experienced and to encourage anyone with doubts to GO TO TAMPA and have your procedure done correctly the first time! In closing, I commend you, Dr. Norman, and your entire team; and I sincerely thank you for giving me back my wonderful life.

Patient: B.B. Stock Broker. Gillette, Wyoming.

Dear Dr. Norman, I was a parathyroid patient of yours in October last year and had a wonderful outcome, part of the 99.5% of your patients that you cure with a simple operation. I'm a stock broker from Gillette Wyoming and have recently been contacted by a gal from Laramie Wyoming regarding surgery. After reviewing my experience with her I think she's coming your way. On a sorrier note, one of my friends had his surgery, the old way,I easily handled and so enjoyed our Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations in Rapid City two weeks before you did my surgery and ended up with a horrible infection that settled in his lungs. He's lost 60 lbs, on 4 liters of OXY and some sort of chemotherapy. If you ever have anyone that would like to discuss the experience with a patient, please feel free to have them contact me again.

Patient: K.R. Columbia, South Carolina. Attorney.

Dr. Norman, No words can express my gratitude. I am so thankful I chose you to perform my parathyroid surgery. I feel better than I have in years. I have only the highest praises for you and your staff. Everyone I have come in contact with over the last several months has been courteous and professional. I appreciate all the time you spent with me and my husband in the holding room explaining the procedure and the post op care. The time you spent with us helped to alleviate any fears that I had. Thanks for the recommendation of Bern's for supper. It was delightful!

Patient: T.X. Atlanta, Georgia. Emory University.

I decided not to travel to Tampa for parathyroid surgery mainly because of money, lack of emotional support, and primarily because I'm an employee at Emory University Hospital. At the urging of the CEO of Emory Healthcare, I had surgery done by here at Emory. As you can imagine, I perceived this decision to be a little too political, but I went ahead and did it. The surgery was done on 11/20/07 and I was under anesthesia for about five hours. The surgeon couldn't find the bad parathyroid even though she said it showed up on the scan prior to the operation. Bottom line is I made the wrong choice.

My husband and now, my boss, think I should go to Tampa. Well, maybeeeee I should have made the correct decision in the first place! Needless to say, I'm angry at the system. It was more about them and money than it was about me and what was best for my body and my health. Now I'm paying the price. I'll see you soon.

Patient: M.B. Retired. Sun City Center, Florida

Dr Norman, I want to tell you that I am very happy with the results of my parathyroid surgery on March 2 2006 . The pain in my hands disappeared almost at once. I am feeling so much better. Thanks again, I am so glad that Dr. Joshi ordered the test that found that I was loosing calcium from my bones. The pain in my hands and the joints that were burning, painful and swollen are now pain free. My feet do not hurt and I can now wear stylish shoes, not special tennis shoes. More people should know about this surgery. I tell every one that I can to ask their Dr. to order the test to check their calcium levels. I feel like a new woman!!

Patient: MCS. 45 year old Lockheed Martin engineer from Santa Clara, California.

Dr Norman and Staff, I am writing to thank you all for your terrific medical help regarding my parathyroid tumor. I was a surgery patient of yours last Thursday, 4/12/07. Everyone involved with my treatment was very helpful, understanding, and extremely professional. I am so thankful that you were able to diagnose my illness and treat it properly. I can't believe that I'm already feeling better. I spent quite a bit of time and effort attempting to get diagnosed properly prior to contacting Dr. Norman. I plan to share the diagnosis and treatment experience with my local doctors, especially the Endocrinologist. I'm saddened that I can't get this degree of expertise here in southern California even at the big universities. Dr. Norman you are the best! You practice great medicine! I thank you, my wife thanks you, and my kids thank you.

Patient: L.S. Newport Beach, California.

I am the niece of LS who had surgery with you last week. She wanted me to send the attached video to you letting you know how well she is doing from her surgery. This video was taken in our hotel room the morning we were leaving to head home (ONE DAY after surgery). Be sure and watch it to the very end as she acknowledges her great feelings to her successful 18 minute surgery. All of us are truly amazed!! Thank you for all you did to help her and for your care and concern both before and after the surgery. Keep up the good work! Blessings!

Patient: B.M. School Teacher. Tampa, Florida

Dr Norman, You Are Wonderful!!!, you said that you would change my life with the parathyroid surgery and you did. It's been one week since you removed my parathyroid tumor and already I can feel the old me coming back, It's like coming out of a thick fog into sunlight, after around 3 years of feeling ill and suffering that crushing exhaustion to the extent I only existed instead of living.. I am beginning to live again ...THANK YOU ..THANK YOU

Patient: L.T. Bristow, Oklahoma. Nurse

On July 28th, 2009 you removed my parathyroid tumor and you were right...I DO LOVE YOU! It was truly a "life changing operation" although when you said that before the surgery I thought you were exaggerating. There is no question, my life has changed and it is all good! Thanks, and may God bless you.

Patient: M.A.C. Registered Nurse. Detroit, Michigan.

Dear Dr. Norman, The following is an update on my parathyroid surgery on January 12. My vision is better. I can swallow much better. My skin is healthier than before surgery. My atrial fibrillation went away after the first month post-op. Mentally, I feel much more alert than prior to surgery. My energy level has improved and I am able to do much more than before surgery. The physicians here are very pleased with my positive post-op progress. Larry and I cannot believe the difference in my overall health improvement. In recent weeks I have had several of my friends tell me how much healthier I look. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your expertise, for the development of this new procedure for parathyroid surgery and especially for your concern for the health and well being of your patients.

Patient: C.K., Executive Assistant. New York, New York.

Hello Dr. Norman. I'm not sure if you remember me, but you operated on me and removed a parathyroid tumor in my neck on 4/28/08. Everybody is different, I unexpected from what I had read at and discussed with you and your team, I hoped to jump up and go the evening of surgery. But not so for me. It took me a full week before I started to feel better. But I'm here to tell younow that I FEEL GREAT. So much of my energy has returned (it was gonefor so long, I wasn't sure if my energy wasback or this was a new energy) either way, I'm energized and indeed, I feel alive. The clarity of my thoughts is uplifting, I no longer feel "fogged in". My family,friends and colleagues say when they look at my face, I just look different, probably because when they look at me now, somebody is actually "at home" so to speak. My family and I wish to offer you and your entire team our heartfelt Thanks and Blessings.

Patient: P.M. Omaha, Nebraska. Attorney.

Thank you so much for the recent parathyroid surgery (and for taking out the thyroid nodule that we've been watching grow for 3 years). It went just like the web site said which in itself is hard to believe! I'm very lucky to get your expertise after three years of "stupid" advice! The staff and the hospital were great! You truly have an excellent procedure in place--14 minutes to cure my parathyroid disease and take out a thyroid nodule that my endocrinologist has worried about for years! I only wish that I could be the patient you operated on "live" on the Internet! My best to you and your staff and thanks again!

Patient: S.B. Nurse. Boston, Mass.

It’s been 3 months since my surgery and I wanted to let Dr. Norman know that he was accurate when he said I would feel like a different person. He was curious to know if the peripheral neuropathy in my feet would decrease or abate completely. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gone away completely but I would say they’ve improved dramatically. Thank you for everything. What a difference it’s made!

Patient: A.H. Registered Nurse. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Dr. Norman, A special thanks to everyone! I was treated like royalty while in your care. You both were a hoot, and I received much pleasure from making both of your acquaintances. I've read your parathyroid site many times and don't remember seeing it mentioned anywhere. Over the years, I thought my bladder had *prolapsed* due to birthing babies. I would have to *run* to the bathroom or I'd have an *accident*. Anyway, I noticed the night of my surgery that immediate sense of urgency didn't happen at all. I really didn't think anything of it until I didn't have to worry about having any *accidents* any more... ITS GONE!. And to think I was contemplating in the near future having a complete pelvic floor lift done... Well, you have taken care of that problem. I do know the bladder is attached by ligaments, but was unaware they were connected at my neck! <he-ha> I think you should add this to your list of parathyroid symptoms. I am sure many others will appreciate knowing the adenoma MAY be the cause of their urine incontinence. ( Editor's Note : Many people need to go to the bathroom much more often when they have parathyroid disease, this is due to the extra calcium in the urine causing more urine to be excreted... and the urgency problem is often due to the effect of calcium on the muscles of the bladder... remember, calcium runs the nervous system and the muscle system).

Patient: P.M. Fort Lauderdale, FL. Businessman.

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for giving me my life back. Its been 2 months and one week since my 13 minute surgery. (Dec 7 2004). I'm back to working out benching 275 again, running 2mi and have a 5day ski trip to Colorado this weekend. I haven't felt like traveling or skiing in six or seven years but we can't wait to get there. I don't have those ache and pains or the acid reflux anymore. I wake up feeling great all the time. Haven't been sick at all this year. Thanks again to your whole group. Your the greatest!!!!!!!!

Patient: B.C. Boston, Mass. 84 years old.

You performed surgery on my mother in April. I was so happy when she went to her doctor about her kidneys two months later--they said that there was no more indication of any kidney disease!! She couldn't believe it!! Her primary doctor had let her go for years w/o even telling her that her blood work indicated a problem (we are angry with him!). She also doesn't need that afternoon siesta anymore. Everyone is commenting on how much better she looks. She acts 20 years younger, and all it took was 14 minutes! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Patient: E.R. Springfield, Illinois.91 years old

My mother who is 91 had two parathyroid glands removed on July 16, 2009 and just two weeks later she is feeling much better. She told me her body inside just feels better ---her digestive system is working much better,I can see she has more energy and gettyup in her step. Dr. Norman is professional, personable, and caring. I don't care who you are if you have parathyroid problems, this is the only place to go---no exceptions. It turns out my mom had this for 6-7 years and her endocrinologists did not recommend surgery. In fact, she did NOT even mention to us that mini-parathyroid surgery was an option---my sister found out about Dr Norman on the internet. My mom has lost 3 iches in height the last 4 years and had two blocked bowels surgeries in 2004 and 2006 when she was 86 and 88 that probably she would not have needed if she had mini-parathyroid removal surgery at Tampa General---why endocrinologists nation wide don't send all their patients who need this surgery to Dr. Norman I will never understand----the surgeon in Springfield, Ill. said he could do mini-parathyroid surgery on my mother, but if he could not find it easily he would have to make a 4 inch incision, since he only does one or two a month at the most. Dr. Norman and his team are solid 10's on my scale ---they are simply the best at what they do--no question about it---Dr. Norman called us at the hotel about 8 pm on July 16 and asked how mom was doing and said she was doing very well ----as I told Dr. Norman he was personable, professional, and even most of his jokes were funny. These guys are the best of the best !!!!

Patient: J.P. Durham, North Carolina.

Dear Dr. Norman, You operated on me on Sept. 27, 2005. My bad parathyroid was imbedded in the thyroid but the operation still only took 14 minutes. While waiting for the surgery I asked you if any of your patients had ever complained of dry eye problems. You said no and if my problem improved after surgery to let you know. I am doing just that! It has been about two months since the surgery and the dry eye has improved about 95%! I no longer have to use eye lubricant drops and only have an occasional moment of dryness now and then. Another very dramatic thing regarding the eye occurred about two days after the surgery. My overall vision improved! It was like someone had ultra fine-tuned a TV. Everything was almost too sharp! I had just gotten a new prescription for my glasses a month or so before surgery and I could not see with that power any more! I went back to using my old glasses and even those seemed too strong. I just returned from the eye Doctor and he rechecked my eyes and said that both the reading power and the distance has improved! I have been wearing glasses since I was 13 years old and NEVER has my vision improved! One other dramatic thing I did not expect as a result of the surgery is the overall improvement in my skin! It is better than a face lift! The skin on my face has plumped up and I have color like I have never had before! I look rested and much younger!! My friends say that they want the surgery if it will make them look better!!! (and they don't even have a bad parathyroid!) The skin on my whole body is plumper and softer. Overall I am feeling great! Thank you so much!!!!!!! The whole surgery experience was a big positive! ( editorial note : eye vision improving after parathyroid surgery is not uncommon... so if you have parathyroid disease and have recently had your glasses prescription changed... you may need to get it changed back after the operation... your vision may improve significantly).

Patient: J.W. Boston, Massachusetts.

Dear Dr. Norman, It has been approximately 10 weeks since my mini-parathyroid surgery on May 14, 09, and it's time to write and express my appreciation to you and your entire office staff. Also, much thanks to your entire hospital team. They are all very professional and well trained which is a credit to you. Everyone treated me wonderfully from beginning to end, right down to the valet service which was also professional and courteous. Everything happened just as your website shows.The surgery was quick and easy, less than 15 minutes, just as you and your team had explained. My phone consultation with my surgeon was thorough, pleasant and not hurried. He was kind enough to accommodate my schedule and conducted it late on a Saturday afternoon. He answered all my questions and told me just what to expect. Your entire staff was very responsive to e-mails and phone calls and took the time to answer questions in a timely and efficient manor. Everyone from office to hospital staff were professional.

I now feel great. My energy level is back (no more tiredness). I no longer have fuzzy thinking. I can focus and concentrate again. The fog I felt I had in my brain is gone. I than God I found your website. Through prayer He gave me direction to go to Tampa and have my surgery, at your clinic. Once again thank you ( although thank you doesn't seem enough) for restoring my health. May God bless you both and continue to use your God given gift to help others with this disease. Please post this on your web site so that others can read about another success story and be encouraged. Also you may give my e-mail address to anyone who feels the need, as I did, for reassurance from someone who has been there and done that.

Patient: D.I. Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Dr Norman. We are home now and Dolores feels fine and has not had to take any pain medication. We can't thank you enough for the very skillful and professional manner in which you handled Dolores' problem. Twelve minutes, for an operation that a doctor friend of ours described as "blind surgery" .... amazing!

When you and I spoke briefly after the operation, I mentioned that a friend of ours had parathyroid surgery three months ago without correcting the problem. She is scheduled for a second surgery in July, same doctor, with a possible exploration into her chest (Editor's note: A big mistake--it is rarely in the chest!). By coincidence, her son is using the condo this week and we met him in the elevator upon our return from Tampa. He couldn't believe that Dolores had been operated on for the same problem as his mother and was home from Tampa the next day ..... with a one inch piece of tape on her throat. His mom was in surgery three hours with a three day hospital stay; she couldn't return to work for six weeks and still has some residual problems. Needless to say he is adamant that his mother will not be operated on again in Indiana, but will be coming to Tampa this summer.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful outcome and the patience and consideration you extended to Dolores and me. You can be sure that the story of Dolores' parathyroid operation and the wonderful doctor that performed the surgery will be repeated many times in the months to come.

Patient: JB. New York City. 62 year old executive, major international company

I Just got the results of my one week after surgery blood tests and they confirmed what I already knew, my hyper-parathyroid condition has been successfully resolved. In the past week, I’ve already noticed some obvious changes, exciting changes. I dream at night, I don’t toss and turn worrying about things and wake up at 3am. Sounds like s small thing, but I haven’t dreamed in years. I am awake in the late afternoon…I used to doze off at my desk. And my personality has mellowed; I accept things that I used to fly off the handle about…I’m much calmer. I’ve also lost that “I have to pee right now” feeling which I thought was prostate related. I’m pretty much the old me…not the old 62 year old me, I’m now the middle aged 62 year old who can remember everything and can keep up with everyone in any activity.

I admit, I was panicked about the surgery but also looked forward to it because it was relatively safe (I read every word on Dr Norman’s web sites at least five times) and the surgery had the chance to improve my life…the fatigue was really getting to me. When I met Dr Norman I knew it was the right decision. He had just the right balance of confidence and care and humor. There was no question after that visit that this was the man I wanted to do this surgery and that if there was any problem, he had seen it, and dealt with it before. Like most, my internist found the problem but really had no recommendation on what to do. I found Dr Norman on the web, learned an incredible amount reading the web site and then checked him out very thoroughly through doctors I knew in the NYC area where I used to live. If you want the best, you go to New York or Cleveland or Boston, etc….we all know the famous medical centers. Turns out I found out that for this operation, you really do want to go to Tampa…Dr Norman is the internationally recognized expert in parathyroid disease and surgery.

I was most worried about being wheeled to the operating room, seeing the equipment and would I really be awake watching them work on my neck? Well that never happened at least I never experienced it. His team is so friendly and experienced that there isn’t a moment of worry or fear from the moment you reach the hospital. What do I remember…I remember the scan and Dr Norman looking at the results and saying…exactly what I thought, a single adenoma, 14 minutes. (My locally done scan showed absolutely nothing…a complete waste of time and money). I remember a nurse coming over to my bed in pre-op where I was talking with my wife and giving me something in the IV drip and the next thing I recall is opening my eyes to see another nurse saying you’re in recovery, everything went perfectly. No pain, no fear, I was out of the hospital within 30 minutes of waking up and on the way home. In that 16 minutes, Dr Norman also removed some benign growths in my Thyroid.

Certainly, I didn’t need any hard core pain reliever, but bothersome enough that I took a couple of Tylenol the first night. I enjoyed some good wine and good food for dinner to celebrate and talk about how foolish I had been to be worried and tense about the procedure. Dr Norman called to see how I was doing….as I said, he has a great people touch… and we joked on the phone; there was really nothing to talk about. After that first night, not a single problem or pill needed, other than the calcium pills that you take until your other parathyroids kick in….and then to build calcium back into the bones. Now a week after the surgery with the small piece of surgical tape off, you have to really look closely to see the one inch incision at all…and I mean really look carefully.

When you hear that you have a hyper-parathyroid condition and the only treatment is surgery, it sounds grim, especially to one who has never had surgery before. I have to tell you, it is a non event in the hands of Dr Norman. He and his team get my highest recommendation…and that’s from a true coward who feels faint when getting a blood test.

Patient: C.P. Orlando Florida. Nurse.

Dr Norman, Its been only one week and each day is better. My gastrointestinal system is feeling good for the first time in years. Had a pain in the back about the level of the stomach or pancreas that has disappeared. God bless you for your work in this field, you may not stop until everyone knows how to treat this disease. I will be forever grateful to you.

Patient: R.M. Boston, Massachusetts. Operating Room Nurse.

Thank you so much to you and all your staff for taking such good care of me last week I can't say enough about the whole experience. I just told a friend of mine who is a radiologist that I went out to lunch after the procedure, and she said "You did WHAT??!!" Then she saw my tiny bandaid she really was impressed. Now we know why everybody goes to Tampa for their operation... even those of us who work in the operating rooms in Boston! I will tell everybody about you! Keep up the good work.

Patient: M.R. Boston Massachusetts. Business Executive.

Doctor Norman: Two weeks ago today you performed my parathyroid surgery (Feb, 07). I have had an excellent recovery and already many of the symptoms I became used to have disappeared, as you said they would. I could never express to you how grateful and appreciative I am for your care. Your entire staff reflects your passion and dedication to your work. Thank you for being so personally involved with every patient. I have never experienced this kind of care. My husband and I have informed our doctor friends about your work and how very personal you are with each patient. They are amazed. My daughters have had their blood tested for the calcium levels and at the same time have educated their doctors about the parathyroid disease. As you say, it is not rocket science, but so many are not aware of this problem. We can understand your frustration with the lack of knowledge out there regarding parathyroid disease. I am now preparing for the kidney surgeries I will have to have as a result of the tumor on my parathyroid gland. I wish you could be the surgeon! Thank you for your help, dedication and personal care. You have touched my heart and I will never forget you.

Patient: L.K. New York, New York. Broadway Singer.

Just wanted to say I love you guys…… I have told my world about you guys and I am your biggest fan as you have hit rock star status in my books… I must write a letter to you both with biggest “ Thank you” and a picture of my scar-less neck. Thank you so much. I have so much energy it seems dangerous!

Patient: R.B. Ithaca, New York. Attorney.

Dear Dr. Norman, Since my surgery the end of April, 2009, things have only gotten better. My bone pain and headaches were relieved shortly after surgery, my energy level is soaring andmy weight is dropping. My Calcium level as of this week is 9.5 (perfect!).

Patient: B.I.U. East Amherst, Buffalo, N.Y. Teacher

Never having won anything in my life, I feel as though I won the Florida Lottery. My explanation of that statement follows: I scrutinized every word on Dr Norman’s web site, and read everything he said or wrote and every comment other patients had written, and made thedecision to utilize the doctor's phenomenal skills. I came to Tampa, out of network, after seeing 5 surgeons in the Buffalo area and having endured a testing process which lasted almost 5 months todiagnosis. With each test my fear increased as I am a former cancer patient and had that word thrown at me on numerous occasions.

Dr. Norman has built himself an impressive network of people for his practice. Talented, organized, and intelligent, are just a few adjectives todescribe a gifted team composed of doctors and nurses that I met at Tampa General. With Dr. Norman, a brilliant, dedicated surgeon at its head, thisgroup worked in complete unity to assist me with my parathyroid problem.Was I about to go into surgery with doctors that I never met before?This was surreal! It seemed to me that each team member knew what the others were thinking and about to do. Dr. Politz greeted me with his wonderful bedsidemanner and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Robertson put me completely at ease. Kudos to these doctors! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Norman for just being the kind of doctor I needed. His confidence and knowledge were up and beyond what I haveever experienced. Thank you for being you.

It’s now more than two months since surgery and many of my pre-surgical symptoms have diminished and I am once again looking forward todoing the things I loved.The incision on my neck is almost invisible and some have questioned if I really had surgery. Oh yes! When I woke up after the surgery the first words I heard were Dr Norman, saying, “ Your surgery only took 11 minutes.” I still giggle when I think of those words. I was patient number 11 that day, with the 11 minute surgery, in the 11th month of the year! : ) So as you can see, I did win the lottery! My adenoma is gone. Only a memory exists and its photo is placed in a scrapbook. Yes, you do get a photo! P.S.. The Marriott Riverwalk was outstanding, a bit pricey but worth every penny. Tampa General sits right across a small inlet from it. Please contact me at any time.

Patient: N.F. Baltimore, Maryland.

I have had elevated calcium levels for at least the past five years and was told by my internist last June that I had hyperparathyroid disease, that surgery was the only cure and to consult an endocrinologist. I'm a bit miffed that he never told me I had high calcium levels! A subsequent Sestamibi scan was positive and a DEXA scan showed rather severe osteoporosis. Despite the fact I had worked in a hospital as a clinical social work for 16 years, I never heard of anyone having a parathyroid gland removed. I am eternally grateful for, an objective, factual site that educated me about this disease better than any other internet site or reference I consulted over a period of weeks. I learned that a successful surgery and avoidance of complications are directly related to the expertise of the surgeon and the number of surgeries performed each year. My endocrinologist referred me to Johns Hopkins Medical Center which did do minimally invasive parathyroid removal on occasions. A week before my scheduled date, I cancelled the surgery upon learning I would be required to sign consents for general anesthesia and an overnight stay in the hospital. It turns out that almost all of their parathyroid patients spend one or two days in the hospital after the operation. It seems that they only do mini-parathyroid operations on 10% of their patients, and most of them still have to spend the night in the hospital!!! It was then I made the decision to have my surgery performed by Dr. James Norman at Tampa General Hospital. Today, 23 days after surgery, I received the ultimate proof of its success-a laboratory report from my internist showing normal calcium serum and parathyroid hormone levels. The entire experience was easier than a dental cleaning! I had no pain afterwards, the surgery scheduled for 10:30 a.m. took 12 ½ minutes, I was back in my hotel room before noon and flew back to my home in Maryland the next day, resuming all my normal activities immediately. I cannot find enough words to compliment Dr. Norman’s assistants, the nurses and staff at the hospital and Dr. Norman himself for their kind attention, courtesy, and professionalism and especially Dr. Norman’s incredible expertise. My tiny scar is barely visible. I can look forward to a reversal of my osteoporosis and better health and well being in the future. I feel great!

Patient: K.T. Denver, Colorado. School Teacher

A year has passed since you operated on me and sure enough, I have no calcium issues and feel great. It is still amazing when I think back to my first parathyroid operation (not done by you, and not successful), and the second (done by you and very successful). What a contrast! The first involved incredible pain, and as it turned out, didn't solve the problem. The second, where by the grace of God, I discovered you, just the opposite. I never had one second of pain. Not only did you convince me of your expertise, but you convinced my doctor, who after all had sent me to the first surgeon. She tells me that now when she gets a patient with hyperparathyroidism, she gives them your name first. Thank you for your caring, for your compassion, for your skill, and for being there. I thank God for you.

Patient: M.M. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I have recuperated very well since my surgery on February 24th. Some of the symptoms that I had, that I didn’t know were symptoms until I read Dr. Norman’s website, have disappeared. I do feel like a renewed person! One wonderful relief that I have is no more leg and knee aches. My legs have ached for several years but for the two weeks prior to surgery my legs and knees would ache so badly when I went to bed that often I would awaken with the pain. That pain was gone after surgery. What a relief!

Because my new internist sent me a letter while in FL referring me to a surgeon in Milwaukee to have my parathyroid gland removed, but after doing my research I decided to go to FL to get "the guru". I was blessed to have my surgery performed by the best. I felt so confident that day to be under his care. Thanks very much to “Jim and Doug”!

Patient: K.D. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Attorney.

You operated on me 4-20 and removed 2 adenomas on the right side. My post op labs. are serum calcium 9.5 and intact PTH 30.5. Wow what a difference. You are right, us humans don't like "living in the 10's". I love "living in the 9's"! Now I know why my endocrinologist in Milwaukee, WI told me to get my butt on a plane and go to the best. He was right, there were people from all over the US who's doctors told them to do the same thing. Put this on the website so people know that when you live in Milwaukee, you go to Tampa for your parathyroid operation!

Patient: C.S. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Retired School Teacher.

You operated on my mother (83 years old) 2 weeks ago and I can't say enough good things about how we were treated. She is so happy that she followed the advice of BOTH of her endocrinologists who told her to get her "rear-end" on a plane to Tampa. Mom hasn't stopped talking about how much she loved Dr Norman, and how nice everybody was. She was the first operation of the day on a Tuesday when you had 13 parathyroid operations that day. We were surrounded by other people with the exact same problem, and the same worries. It was so comforting for her to see other people her age with the same problem who have traveled even further than we did to see the best parathyroid surgeons in the world.

We left the hospital at 9:22 am! WOW! We went back to one of the hotels that your office helped arrange and we both napped for an hour or so. Then we went for a walk down 7th Avenue and had lunch outside in a small cafe with white table cloths. The owner of the restaurant came by and said hello--he recognized the 1 inch bandaid on mom's neck. He wanted to know where we were from, knowing that people from all over the world come to his cafe after seeing the best parathyroid surgeons in the world. This was the simplest encounter we have ever had with any kind of doctor. We are tremendously impressed by what you two gentlemen do and how you go about it. May God continue to bless you!

Patient: D.M.School Principal. Clearwater, Florida.

You and Dr. Politz are my heroes!!! I had surgery July 31st, 2007 and I feel fantastic!! I truly owe my life to you two and want to let you know how I am doing. I am the 56 year female that didn’t have just one tumor –you found two during a 15 minute surgery – thanks to your experience. One was down in my chest near the thymus and one in the usual spot. It’s incredible that you were able to go so far down in my chest through that little cut you made and pull out that tumor. I can’t even find my scar these days!

Over the last 3 months I have experienced some awesome changes in my life and health with the most dramatic being that I can now SLEEP ALL NIGHT! Of course sleeping all night has made my disposition much better – I’m no longer a pain in everyone’s patoot! My husband of 25 years marvels that his “wife is back” and our relationship is better than ever. My heart palpitations have stopped and I no longer feel like I have caffeine pumping through my veins. No more kidney stones. My headaches are gone for the first time in years. My skin is clear and radiant. One change that was very emotional for me was the day that I was shampooing my hair in the shower and noticed there was no longer excessive hair on the shower floor. I cried tears of happiness that my hair had stopped falling out.The texture of my hair has improved – it isn’t thin and brittle as it was before surgery. Dr. Norman, after surgery you told me that in a few weeks the sky would be bluer and the grass greener – I can’t believe how true that statement was! One day I woke up and noticed that colors were so vivid – like someone had taken the screens off the windows!

One thing I learned from this experience is that doctors just aren’t aware of parathyroid disease. My physician told me that my symptoms were just due to my age - post menopausal complaints and to learn to live with it. I wasn’t satisfied with that explanation so I Googled “causes for hair loss” on my computer. Up came a long list of diseases. I read about each one and was able to eliminate all of them except one – hyperparathyroidism. I went to my endocrinologist (who by the way should have been the one to diagnose it) and told him what I knew I had. He agreed and started testing the next day. The Sestamibi was negative but my calcium blood levels were elevated. He said I needed surgery. I also asked what he thought about picking a surgeon over the internet – a Dr. Norman in Tampa. He highly recommended you and said he wouldn’t want me to go to anyone else. So there’s something to be said about self-diagnosing! Thanks so much for changing my life – I will never forget the two of you.

Patient: J.T. Melbourne, FL. Registered Nurse.

I just wanted to write and thank you and Dr. Politz for diagnosing the tumor I had and for taking such good care of me. It has been almost two months since my surgery and some of my improvements thus far have been, no more awful fatigue. My joint and bone pain has gone away completely and my carpal tunnel is much improved. I overall feel much better. Thank you to both of you for everything.

Patient: J.G. New Haven, Conneticuit. Registered Nurse @ Yale Hospital.

Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz, it has been seven weeks since you operated on my wife Judy. I could write a book on how much she has improved. From day one, just as you said, she has been improving daily. Her energy level reminds me of the energized bunny. Before the operation, we very seldom had dinner together because of her attitude. We now have dinner every night and are enjoying each others company just as we did when we married 27 years ago. The other morning she was up before me, which never happened before, and I found her in the kitchen dancing. I said, what are you doing? She said, I was just dancing because I feel so great! I nowget good night kiss, instead of snarl. I can never thank you enough! You have made my life fun again, and I have found the fun loving delightful girl that I married. How come they can't do this mini operation up here?

Patient: K.W. Boston, Massachusetts. Engineer.

Dr. Norman, I wanted to Thank you, Dr. Politz and all of your staff as well as the staff at Tampa General for the excellent care I received in December. The entireprocess of traveling the distance for surgery as in my case was a concern at the time and I can now say it was the BEST option and I would encourage anyone to make the trip! My operation took 17 minutes and I flew home the morning after the operation and got along great. My calcium level returned to normal within and I feel better every day!! I am one patient that had no idea how bad I was feeling until after my surgery. I encourage you to use me as a referral in any way and I am so glad you provide the education on your website so patients can see there is a GREAT surgical alternative available in Tampa to cure this disease. It is clear that nobody up here in Boston can do this. Nobody up here does even 25 of these operations per year, yet you do 12 every day. Keep up the great work and Thank You again!!!

Patient: B.W. Cleveland, Ohio. Nurse.

Please let everyone know that I am a new member of the Dr.Norman, Dr.Politz, and team fan club. You guys are awesome. Thank you, Thank you words cannot express the gratitude that I have for you all. I praise God that he has given you all hearts of compassion and exceptional skill. It has been one month since my little surgery (May, 2009). I feel wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I have boundless energy. I came home and bleached both our porches with a hand sprayer---I rarely sit still. My bone pain was gone immediately and so too were my headaches. My skin tone has brightened even my sons have noticed. I saw Dr.Miller on Friday and my labs were all normal. I do ACLS classes for doctors frequently and they are all seeing my tumor picture and hearing about you. They just laugh and say I must be getting paid to sing your praises----no really they are all impressed and have inquired about your practice. I am more than happy to supply them with that information so they can give their patients the best option in the world. God Bless and keep you all. Love always Bonita W. minus one adenoma. PS Dr.Politz thank you for the post op call and extra Citracal

Patient: T.O. Syndicated Newspaper Columnist.

6 Year Update! – I had my surgery performed by Dr. Norman on 2/21/2006 – today, 2/21/2012 – is my 6 year anniversary of the surgery. Since I first published the article below in my Knight Ridder Tribune News Service column, many people have written to ask “how are you doing now?” To every person who wrote – and to you reading the article for the first time: I’m doing great – I got my energy back almost immediately, the emotionality went away completely, I stopped losing hair but my wife says I’m still ornery, but I had that well before any PTH symptoms—LOL.

I’m very energetic again, I’m back to my full 5 times per week workout schedule – there are no negatives to report. My “enthusiasm” often annoys many people much younger than I am – I’ll be 63 the end of April. I wish you luck with your condition – I found Dr. Norman’s Clinic by doing a Google Search at first, then asking my brother, who is a surgeon in Dallas. I had nothing but a positive and successful experience with both Tampa General where the surgery was performed and with Dr. Norman and his office. I hope it goes as well for you. P.S. I am often asked, “What about your scar from the surgery.” If they are asking me in person, I say “look for yourself,” as I point to the base of my throat. They look, they move closer, often squint, and then, invariably say, “WOW, can’t hardly see it, is that it?” Exactly!

The Original Article I Published in 2006 as a Syndicated Journalist:

“The tumor was the size of a walnut and probably 10 years old,” Dr. Jim Norman told me as I awoke after surgery. “Everything went very well. It took about nine minutes. You will feel much better in just a couple days.”

Here is an unusual personal story about high serum calcium levels and an obscure disease, which I didn’t know I even had! It might relate to you: What were my symptoms? How did I find out about it? How did I find Dr. Norman, the world’s foremost authority on hyperparathyroidism, to do my surgery? Do you have it? How would you know? Here is a short course on hyperparathyroidism.

    In November 2005, I’d had enough of feeling listless for the first time in my life. I was 56 years old, and my blood pressure had risen to a point where I could not control it naturally. I made an appointment with my physician. I had a physical. I had blood work done. As I learned later, almost all patients with Hyperparathyroidism have symptoms. According to Dr. Norman: “Sometimes the symptoms are real obvious, like kidney stones, frequent headaches, and depression. Sometimes the symptoms are not so obvious, like high blood pressure and the inability to concentrate.”
  1. My physician called with the results of my blood work. I had a high serum calcium level. He looked back and I’d had the same high reading since 2001. He’d always thought it was just a slight lab error. This time, he looked up causes of high calcium in one of his medical books. “The book said that high calcium could indicate a problem with the parathyroid gland.”
  2. He gave me a prescription to get my parathyroid hormone (PTH) level checked. I did. It was 179. Normal is between 10 and 65. It appeared I had a problem.
  3. While waiting on the results of the PTH test, I went onto the Internet and searched under “parathyroid gland.” The number one web site from the search was I went there and read for more than an hour. What I read convinced me that I did indeed have a problem and it was probably a tumor on one of my four glands. The disease strikes at the average age of 56, that was me. It affects women two to three times as often as men. That wasn’t me, but most of the other symptoms sounded like what I felt like. I also learned that these parathyroid tumors were almost never cancerous. That was good news. However, left untreated, these tumors can lead to serious health problems including high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and kidney stones.
  4. I sent my physician the link to and asked him to look at it. He did. When my PTH level came back so high he felt this confirmed that I did have hyperparathyroidism.
  5. I asked him if he knew of anywhere or anyone to go to for the surgery. I also asked my physician brother. They both confirmed what I had read and concluded myself. Dr. James Norman, of the Norman Endocrine Clinic in Tampa, Florida is the top surgeon in the world for the procedure I needed. The fact that he was in Tampa, an area I am very familiar with, and, he had some of his training and was on the staff for several years at the University of South Florida, where I graduated, gave me an initial comfort level. After I read about him and his minimally invasive radio guided procedure (MIRP) he had developed, I was sure I wanted him to do the procedure.
  6. After I completed my file with the Norman Clinic, I received a call from Dr. Douglas Politz M.D. He is Dr. Norman’s partner.
  7. Tampa General Hospital called me to go over insurance and admitting information. And, they set the date for my surgery.
  8. February 21, 2006 at 6:00 a.m. I entered Tampa General Hospital. At 8:58 a.m. I walked out of the hospital, procedure completed. During those three hours the staff injected me with a radioactive solution, and then performed a sestamibi scan. That scan clearly pinpointed the location of the tumor: on the lower left side of my neck. I met Dr. Norman and his team. They explained the process and procedure. The anesthesiologist injected a solution into the intravenous line in my arm. The next thing I remember is Dr. Norman telling me how well the surgery had gone. And, all I had as a reminder of the surgery was a 1.5 inch incision at the base of my neck.
  9. Within three days of the surgery, I felt much better. My energy levels soared to levels I hadn’t felt in several years. I slept better and woke up fresher. I required less sleep. My mental clarity, which I always felt was good, became much better.
  10. Thank you Dr Norman for giving me my life back!

Patient: J.M. School teacher. Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Norman, Please put this note on your web site. I wanted to write you personally to thank you for a most pleasant, if not short stay with you and your staff at Tampa General Hospital. I must say I was one of your biggest fans even before the surgery, just because I so appreciated being able to come to the web site and have virtually all of my many questions regarding my condition answered there if I would just look for it! Kudos to you and Dr. Politz for keeping it updated so well. It was truly a godsend to me while awaiting surgery. It has been one month to the day since my 12 minute surgery and I am feeling great! I feel stronger, more energetic and actually planning what I'll do with my day. A miracle! Thank you hardly seems adequate. A big thanks to everyone at TGH who treated me like a person, and not just another patient. From the intake staff to the nurses, the anesthesiologist and even the volunteers, all were cheerful and friendly. But especially to you Dr. Norman and to Dr. Politz who show the kind of passion and dedication to medicine this lady can truly appreciate. It has been one month to the day since my 12 minute surgery and I am feeling great! I feel stronger, more energetic and actually planning what I'll do with my day. A miracle! Thank you hardly seems adequate. A big thanks to everyone at TGH who treated me like a person, and not just another patient. From the intake staff to the nurses, the anesthesiologist and even the volunteers, all were cheerful and friendly. But especially to you Dr. Norman and to Dr. Politz who show the kind of passion and dedication to medicine this lady can truly appreciate.

Patient: S.F. Macon, Georgia. Re-operation after Previous Failed Surgery.

Dear Dr. Norman, I can't thank you enough for doing my surgery last Thursday. We werevery impressed with the facility, the process, you, and your team. I want to let you know how grateful I am for the time you spent with Richard and me. I am the type who likes to really know and understand what is going on; and I really appreciated thefact that you were so patient with me when we were discussing my previous unsuccessful surgery and that you were so thorough in explaining the scan, the surgery, what to expect immediately and in the future, and what needed to be done for follow-up. Your phone call that evening was a bonus to me. Not only did I have an opportunity to ask questions but you also provided me with information that I may have heard before leaving the hospital but that didn't register due to the anesthesia. I appreciate, too, yoursending information to each of my doctors. It is often very difficult to get doctors to communicate with each other. Editor's note: of the 12 parathyroid operations we perform every day, between 1 and 4 of them were operated on previously and were not cured--the surgeon could not find the parathyroid tumor. Please, pick your surgeon wisely. A lot of these folks can't talk after their failed operation).

Patient: M.W. Syracuse, New York. School Teacher

Dear Dr. Norman: It is 4 weeks since my 16 minute operation and I’m delighted to report that my pain is reduced by 90% since the day after my surgery on 3/19/09. (All that’s left is arthritis.) The deep, heavy, aching in my arms and legs was immediately gone. Also gone are 99% of headaches, and 100% of what I can only describe as nerve pain: In the last year of my illness I had increasing instances of “stabbing/shooting” pain in my legs, arms, torso, and head. In the hospital you said these pains were not hyperparathyroidism, but it seems to me they must have been. They were extremely sharp, extremely brief, and extremely localized—as if someone hit a nerve when giving me a shot; or like an electric shock along just one nerve path. My energy level has quadrupled, my mood has elevated by a huge factor, I’m sleeping much better, and though I still have some mental sluggishness (difficulty concentrating, slowness thinking/finding words), this too is improved, especially in the last week or so.

Without your thoroughly detailed website and your personal accessibility through e-mail, I might never have been treated. I’ve heard a horrible story of someone whose hyperparathyroidism was not treated until she was so severely osteoporotic that all of her bones were splintering. I’m extremely grateful, Dr. Norman, for your and Dr. Politz’s dedication to diagnosing and treating this disease; my life has been drastically changed for the better because of you.

Patient: B.D. Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I don't want to repeat all the wonderful things your patients report on your website, but I could because it's all true. I was in the best hands I could have been in. I was treated like a very special person by everybody I met at the hospital. The surgery was over in only 21 minutes. Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz removed a parathyroid adenoma and a benign nodule on my thyroid, and we left the hospital about 90 minutes after the surgery and had a smoothie at Smoothie King. It tasted great! I had no pain except for something that felt like a little sore throat. There was a small incision, about 3/4 of an inch at the bottom of my neck. The sore throat feeling lasted for a couple of days, but I never had any pain. I took the calcium pills as directed and never had any problems. We drove to Disney World the next day, and then back home to Baton Rouge. I was back in my yard the day after that and back in class when classes resumed after spring break. My colleagues never even knew I had had surgery, since I did not miss a day of work and since there was no recovery time. Before leaving the hospital Dr. Politz had given me his cell phone number and told me to call him if I had any questions. He called me the evening of the surgery to check on me, and I told him everything was fine. I had decided to go to Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz because after reading the info on their website several times and after asking my local endocrinologist and the local surgeon a lot of questions, I felt that I would be in the best hands there.And I was right!

Five weeks after the surgery , as directed by Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz,my local doctor checked my serum calcium and my parathyroid hormone. The results were exactly what they were supposed to be. So the surgery was a success! (editor's note: Why does this surprise people? We give them a photo of the tumor we remove!). The pain in my bones and the red hot face (rosacea) affected my quality of life, made me feel like I had to limit my activities and was quite unpleasant.I am so happy to report that both conditions have very much improved. I can exercise now without getting a red, hot face; the pain in my bones is very mild now ,and I think it's improving daily. I feel great!I am happy, and I feel many years younger! It's hard to believe how good I feel. I just want to thank you so much for making this experience so pleasant and for bringing about such a positive change in my life.I consider myself very, very lucky. I would certainly recommend you to anybody who has a parathyroid problem. Special greetings from Baton Rouge to Dr. Politz!

Patient: G.H. Miami, Florida

I have been meaning to write since my surgery in October of 2006. I want to thank Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz for doing surgery on me and literally saving my life. I thank God every day that I found them. It's been two years and I still can't believe how good it feels to sleep. Right before surgery I was sleeping about an hour a night, now it's eight to nine and sometimes more. I'll just give Dr. Norman a quick summary of what happened after surgery. He said he likes to know and learn. I was misdiagnosed for probably 10 years. I was losing weight and nobody knew why. I was in the hospital 6 months before surgery trying to figure out my problems. My first symptoms were bladder pain, severe bladder pain (but no infection) and lots of yeast infections, nausea, memory loss, headaches, eating a lot and still losing weight. I was told it was in my head and then that I had cancer. I was in the hospital for seven days while the doctors searched for the cancer, which they never found because it was my parathyroid gland. So I had parathyroid surgery with Dr Norman. It was very comfortable. Your staff was amazing. The hospital experience was the best I've ever had. I want you to know how good it feels to be able to trust doctors like you two. It's such a relief. I could never thank you enough. The hotel was great. As soon as I got out of surgery I felt 100 percent better.

I was told to watch out for the Internet quacks, too, like other people. Again, thank you so much. The doctors here at the University of Miami wanted to do the long surgery on me--they even told me it would take 4-5 hours. It scares me to death to think about what could have happened. I tell everybody I can about you all, including doctors. Your web site is amazing. I still read it. Thanks again.

Patient: G.G. Birmingham, AL.

My name is Gayle from Birmingham, AL and I feel great! I can’t believe I could play tennis on August 29th because I had surgery only 4 days before. My surgery was performed by Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz. They removed two tumors from my parathyroid glands and a thyroid cyst. I had talked to two other surgeons about my parathyroid disease and they both talked about having to make an incision in my neck of at least six inches. Also they said and that there could be a possibility of damage to my vocal cords, which would leave me hoarse for the rest of my life. I did not like their projections. I was thrilled when I found information about Minimal Parathyroid Surgery and Dr Norman and Dr Politz. My husband and I made plans to go to Tampa and have my surgery at the Norman Parathyroid Clinic in Tampa General Hospital. I want to brag about our experience on the day of my surgery. Everything starting with our check-in was so pleasant including the nurses and all the staff members. Meeting Dr. Politz and Dr. Norman before surgery helped make me fill at ease. The hospital was the cleanest most efficient hospital that I have ever experienced.

Patient: HSA. Boston, Massachusetts. Nurse.

You operated on me November 6th, 2008, and I wanted to write to you and thank you for putting my life back on track. The story of my diagnosis is similar to many of your patients, I had high calcium for years but my internists (yes, plural) didn't even mention to me that it was high. It was my father (who's a dermatologist) who figured it out for me.

29 Years OLD: was one of those patients who did not go looking for something wrong with me. My father merely noticed the high calcium when he re-ran some blood tests and through your website, I pieced together the information and saw an endocrinologist to confirm the diagnosis. After the diagnosis, I thought about my health for the past few years and realized I may have actually had symptoms this disease. I have had headaches a long time, began getting migraines when I was a teenager. But the headaches had become a daily occurrence for me, and I began taking 8-12 Motrin a day, and started using imitrex injectables for migraines. My husband and I love to travel, and plan 2-3 international trips per year. In January of 2008 on a trip to visit my in-laws in Switzerland, I could barely take the flight over. My knees were aching so much that I was almost in tears for hours of the flight. Once we arrived in Geneva, my father-in-law challenged me to a run that ended with a long steep incline, and as we raced to the top I began seeing black spots and came dangerously close to passing out in the street. The passing out episodes, or syncope, had become a regular occurrence in my life, having passed out on NYC subways, at work, on airplanes, and even at the gym. After being taken to the ER in ambulances, I saw at least 5 specialists who all came back with a simple explanation of "syncope". My husband and I were so excited to start a family but when I tried to baby-sit my 1 and 2 year old nieces on a family vacation, I collapsed in exhaustion after only a few hours, wondering if I even had the energy to have children. Also, exercise was always an integral part of my life. I have been a long distance runner my whole life, completing various races including marathons. I noticed my focus and energy level had dropped in the past year and in a last ditch effort trained and ran a half marathon in NYC in July 2008. Despite one of my fastest times, shortly after the race I decided to hang up my shoes for good, stating that I “was too old”. I could barely stand up straight and had horrible back and knee pain. Sleeping more than 4 hours per night was not happening, so I began taking Ambien regularly just to sleep 6 hours and be functional. But never did I think that there was something wrong with me, I just thought I was getting OLD.

By the time I arrived at Tampa General Hospital, my hope, motivation, and drive was completely gone. I was waiting for surgery just completely spent, with honestly no hope for improvement in my life, and no fight left in me. I was very angry and confused that my doctors failed me and distrustful that this simple surgery would be a panacea. I remember you coming to speak with me before surgery and I had no questions, no concerns, just wanted the medicine to go to sleep. On your way back to surgery, you stopped at the end of the bed, and grabbed my feet, and said to me, "you know everything will be okay, that I will take care of you, right?". And at that moment, I had an overwhelming sense of peace. I just knew I could trust you, and knew I was in the most capable hands available. Without even knowing it, at that instance you picked me up and put me back on my fee.

29 Years YOUNG. You know the rest of the story. Weeks later, my joint pain was gone, headaches reduced substantially, and I finally felt my age – 29 years YOUNG! My husband even feels better, less depressed, and full of hope. We have our lives back and owe it all to you. Per your suggestion in the hospital, we are finally planning to start a family together, now that I know I have the energy for kids. I now know that it is not normal for a 29 year old to be taking 8-12 Motrin a day for pain, injecting headache medicine into my leg, needing Ambien for sleep and to regularly have joint pain. Even my father, who was skeptical about me flying to Tampa for this surgery, is proud of me for taking control of my health and making this big decision. He said to me, "now you have to help other people with this disease, share your story in hopes of helping others". So, that is the least I can do, and if I can do anything to help you or your family, please let me know. Please feel free to share my story with others or to send along my contact information for anyone contemplating the surgery.

Patient: JCN. Physician. Cleveland, Ohio.

Dear Dr. Norman: I am just doing fine after the "superb" parathyroidectomy and resection of tumor you did on me on 5/26/2009 ! Thank you ! As a physician, I would like to complement you and your team for such a great job. WOW! Now I know why all the doctors in the US come to Tampa when they need a parathyroid operation. Your team makes this incredibly simple!

Patient: D.L.Boston, Massachusetts.Nurse.

Hi Jim, I am back home and wanted to thank you for the excellent care! When you look up "doctor" in the dictionary, your name should be there! It has been 2 weeks and I can’t believe how much better I feel. Boy am I unhappy with my endocrinologist who told me “this can’t be the cause of your symptoms… your calcium is not high enough”.Boy is he gonna hear it from me!.I love you guys! p.s. I named my tumor Perry.

Patient: R.L. Los Angeles, California.

Let me tell you about Dr Norman and Tampa General Hospital. I flew there from my home in Los Angeles, California last August for parathyroid surgery. My daughter who is a RN went with me. I decided to go to Dr. Norman's Clinic because none of the doctors here in L.A. were able to find the bad parathyroid gland. I didn't want to have the operation and just have them "go fishing" for which one of the four glands was diseased and causing the trouble. I had two ultra sounds and two CT scans at two different hospitals here in California, and no one could find it. I also consulted with three different doctors and they all agreed that Dr. Norman was the best in the world. As hospital experiences go, this one was very pleasant. I went in there early Monday morning and I was onmy way back to the hotel by about 10:00 AM. Dr. Norman and his staff are some of the nicest people you could ever want to meet and they took very good care of me. Even my daughter (the nurse) was impressed! They found the diseased parathyroid in about 5 minutes on the first scan. They wheeled me down to the pre-op waiting room and explained everything in great detail. The operation took a little under 17 minutes and I was out of the hospital 1 hour later. There was no pain and NO stress. I mean, these people are fantastic! I had some soup and ice cream for lunch and still no pain. The scar is very small and you can hardly see it even 2 months later. They gave me a picture of the tumor they removed and it's hard to understand why no one else could find it. We went sightseeing around Tampa the next morning before catching our flight for home that afternoon. Still no pain no strain. I can tell you I feel better every day. They say that operations are hard on an old person, (I am age 77), but Dr. Norman was not hard on me at all, and I feel great. I'm better now than I was when I went down there, and I would do it again without hesitation. Editor's note... it is NOT the endocrinologist's job to find the parathyroid tumor. DO NOT GET LOTS OF SCANS!!! It will waste your time and money.

Patient: EMH. Rancho Mirage, California. Nurse.

Dear Dr. Norman, I am finally 6 months post-op and I want to give you an update on my progress as promised. I am the R.N. who had surgery on November 11th 2008 (number 7 op that Tuesday). I was the 61 year old lady who had severe osteoporosis for at least 12 were kind enough to take me as your patient saying Quote..."What the hell were your doctors thinking in California? should have had this operation 12 years ago." Unquote.........

I finally had all the symptoms in the books and my Drs. failed to diagnose my problems. All they wanted to do was give me medications for every singlesymptom until I recognized myown problem myself with your help from your Web site. For the past 12 years, my Calcium was 10.1 to 10.4 and my PTH was between 39 and 85.4. Ihad bone pain, aches and pains, muscle aches and pain, cramps, fatigue heartburn, muscle spasms, depression plus SEVERE OSTEOPOROSIS and more...

HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED POST OP.... I literally had no pain or discomfort post-op at all. I did not even take a Tylenol. Within a few days I could feel a difference......No muscle aches and pains ,no infection and my mood was lifted.. my anxiety and depression seem to be gone....This I found absolutely amazing. My 5 week post-op blood test: PTH-25 calcium 9.6 the first perfect labs in a decade. Six months post-op: Still feeling wonderful. My scar is invisible.. and my hair seems to be getting thicker. People are amazed when they see me and hear my storyand that includes my drs. I can't believe I suffered needlessly for at least 12 years and no one picked it up.By you removing my left lower Adenoma you changed my life. You have a fantastic well run system in place.Both you and Dr, Politz, all the Nurses, Transporters, Technicans, Nuclear Medicine,, Clerical, Anesthetists and all staff I encountered prior, during and post-op were so efficient and so professional and caring.No question too small to answer...( Same goes for The Hyatt Hotel we stayed in). Your compassion made me feel at ease from beginning to end as did everyone I encountered. It was nice to see you visiting with every patient in between each surgery. I was number 7 out of 12 that day) and seeing you so relaxed talking to patients smiling and singing....(I've never witnessed a Dr. doing that in all my nursing career in England and California. You are a one-in-a-million Doctor as is Dr Poliz. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.....Thank you for accepting me as your patient...I'm grateful forever.

Patient: M.B. San Francisco, California. Nurse Needing Second Operation.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking care of my Parathyroid tumor on January 10, 2008. If only I would have not taken a chance to entrust this modern procedure to un-experienced physicians here is the Bay-Area the first time I could have resolved my issues much sooner. Fortunately I found you before they operated on me the second time. I would like to thank you and all your staff and urge anyone with a Parathyroid condition to not hesitate in contacting you to get the job done without any B.S. the first time around and move on with their lives. I would also like to thank Dr. Politz for following up with me during my “Hungry Bone Syndrome” I am doing great, working out, working and living my life I would say better than before thanks again for freeing me from Hyperparathyroidism!!!!!!!!

Patient: S.J. Retired Banker. West Palm Beach, Florida.

I wish there were words to express how grateful I am to you & your excellent staff. You were absolutely right--I felt like a new person 2 weeks following parathyroid & thyroid nodule surgery. Everyone tells me how good I look. I've had my blood checked and all levels have returned to normal, but I knew it would because of how good I feel! I'm back to my old activities & lifestyle with energy I hadn't had for a long time. That includes ballroom dancing lessons, and I've attached a coupe of photos of our past amateur competitions for you. It's SO wonderful to be dancing again. So you've made my husband very happy, too, having his dance partner back. I'm glad that you and Dr. Politz chose this surgery specialty where you can help SO many people because that includes the patient's family & friends. I, myself, felt like a wreck before surgery. Now I'm young again! May God Bless & keep you.

Patient: M.K. The Island Nation of Barbados.

Dear Dr Norman and Dr Politz. We are back in Barbados after parathyroid surgery and are both overjoyed at the reception and treatment which we received from both of you and your team. I am feeling very good . My depression and tiredness and aches and pains have gone.I am very happy again. We knew that you are a brilliant team before we came, the best in the world and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the compassion and care that was shown to us. I spent many sleepless nights before surgery.But that was before! I have told everyone about my surgery and my doctors are extremely impressed. Thank you again for saving my life in 16 minutes!

Patient: M.Z., Berlin, Germany

Traveling abroad for parathyroid surgery??? Would you do it??? I would do it again – the whole experience with the Norman Parathyroid Surgery Clinic has been so GREAT! My MIRP was performed 30 March 2006 – 4 weeks are gone now – and I feel just so nice!!! If I am honest I almost could not believe to feel that “normal” again, because this disease bothered me really hard about 2 year. Wow! What a difference!

Patient: M.K. Kingston, Jamaica. Registered Nurse.

I am indeed grateful to you and your team, for the parathyroid surgery you performed last Thursday, you did a tremendous job. I could not believe how strong I felt after the surgery, it was as if I had not undergone surgery at all. Prior to the surgery I found your administrative staff to be very helpful and professional; similarly, on the day of the surgery, the persons I encountered were all very professional. Many thanks. I am so glad I traveled to see the best!

Patient: M.S. London, England. School Teacher.

Dear Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz,

Patient: M.U. Bruxelles, Belgium.

My parathyroid surgery was on Dec. 11, 2007, and I just received my new labs back J Serum CA is 9.7 (down from an average of 10.9), PTH (intact) is 41. Things are looking great! The most dramatic change I have noticed is in my vocabulary and thought processes. Almost overnight, I began to verbalize in a manner that I had used over 20 years back. (I have had this HPT for a looong time). Also, my memory is “normal “again. Most exciting of all, I used to be a very creative person, but have been unable to produce in several years. I am now flying along with free expression of my creative whims that occupy a great deal of my leisure time. The FUN is back! Even at 62, I feel pretty darn good. I found out that my CA & PTH numbers had been high since 1996, and any previous medical records were unavailable – so who knows how long this has been going on. Three doctors in the last six months told me I definitely did NOT have HPT disease – but you guys took the tumor out and changed my life, and for that, I thank you! I love waving the photograph of the tumor in their faces and watching them get flushed with embarrassment.

Patient: S.M. Computer Programmer. India.

Doctors Norman / Politz and Ms. Kelly, Just to let you know, I am back home in India after my very simple parathyroid operation. I have no problems what so ever and amdoing great.Thanks for the excellent care! I did a lab test and theCalcium was 9.6 (8.1 to 10.2)and the PTH was 43.5 (7 to 65), so looks you woke up my good parathyroids during the surgery and they are working good. It was a long way to come, but it was well worth it. Nobody in my country can do what you do. I feel great!Thanks again!

Patient: J.S-F. Civil Engineer. Barcelona, Spain.

Dear Dr. Norman, Just a few words to thank you for your attention and the great job you have done with my parathyroid surgery. Now I know thatI made the right decision, because besides you being the best parathyroid surgeon of the world, you also know how to treat and take care of people. And for me that is something I really appreciate in a doctor. You treated me like a king! Thankyou for removing my huge parathyroid tumor (that nobody else could find) through a tiny hole in less than 17 minutes!

Patient: M. T. Athens, Greece.

We came all the way to Tampa from Greece because my wife's health is far to important to be trusted to a surgeon who is not experienced. She suffered for several years because nobody could find the tumor. We finally heard about Dr Norman because our doctor's mother went to Tampa to have Dr Norman do her operation. When we called Dr Norman he told us that we don't have to find the tumor before the operation. He will find it, and it should take less than 20 minutes. We had our operation in March, 2009 and Dr Norman was right--the entire operation took only 18 minutes and he removed one bad gland and proved the other three were normal. She went home from the hospital less than 2 hours later with a beautiful photograph of the tumor! What a shame that there are not more doctors like Drs Norman and Politz. On the otherside, we are so blessed that we were able to have the world's best surgeons. We will make sure other patients in Greece who are suffering can find their way to Tampa. Dr Norman can do what nobody else can do.

Patient: D.S.Cornwall, England.Two previous failed parathyroid operations.

In 2001 I was afflicted by a kidney stone, producing the most extreme pain I have ever experienced. Blood tests resulted in a diagnosis of a parathyroidadenoma. I subsequently had every National Health Service (NHS) test and scan available in England to try and identifyits location, but none were conclusive.Minimally invasive techniques for parathyroid surgery are not available here, and a local surgeon undertook two major 'exploratory' operations , in the course of the first removing the entire left half of my healthy thyroid gland in the apparent hope of excising the untraceable adenoma with it…..but without success, and without telling me exactly what he had done!(My advice now to anyone in a similar position would be ‘Don’t submit yourself to such major surgery based on guesswork…….go to Doctor Norman and get it done properly!’).

Over a period of six and a half years I arrived at a situation where, despite every available search method being employed by our local NHS hospitals, and everyone’s best effort, I was told that the adenoma couldn't be found and that, with exceptionally high parathormone levels, I was ‘just unlucky’. In consequence my husband made the first approach to you for help, and started our ‘ Tampa project’. Our overall experience with the Norman Parathyroid Clinic was just amazing, and I cannot express my thanks enough to you all for the swift and efficient cure you achieved for me, tracing the adenoma to a very unusual ‘undescended’ position in my neck, and succeeding where others without your experience, skill and techniques just could not. My small scar is now fading; my blood pressure is back to normal, and I have been able to stop the medications I would otherwise have been taking for the rest of my life. My husband’s anguish over my health has also gone – two for the price of one. Wonderful!

For the benefit of others I can confirm that EVERYTHING you say on your website proved to be 100% accurate…… including your excellent hotel recommendation. We had a wonderful holiday week in Tampa, and my MIRP proved to be only a minor interruption to our overall enjoyment! Following your post-op correspondence to my local endocrinologist in which you raised criticism of my earlier sestamibi scans here in England, I have been assured that an independent review is being undertaken, and that, where changes are needed in the way they are performed or read, such changes will be made. However, if anyone else in the UK is in a similar, seemingly hopeless, position, and I can help in any way with our overall experience, I would be happy for you to pass on my email address. My sincere gratitude to you and Doctor Pollitz, and to all your very helpful staff, for restoring my health and removing a potentially awful future.

Patient: C.S. Nurse. Ireland, U.K.

If you are reading this, then you must have a parathyroid problem. Do not do what I did and have your local "expert" operate on your neck. It won't work! I have done my research. You have a zero percent chance that your surgeon can do what they do at the Norman Parathyroid Clinic. Heck, they've done 10,000 and your doctor has done...what?... 15??. Your surgeon will lie to you and tell you he can do what Dr Norman does. This is a bold face lie. Ask him who he would get to perform his wife's surgery. People from the UK travel to Tampa almost every week for a reason. Nobody in Europe can do what Dr Norman does, and trust me, nobody in Europe is traveling to the Mayo Clinic or Harvard. They send their doctors to Tampa for their operations. Don't make a mistake and don't let this tumor ruin your life. Be smart and follow the advice of every person in the world that knows anything about parathyroid surgery. Everybody will tell you that the operations performed in Tampa are 20 years ahead of every other institution.

Patient: B.S. Phoenix, Arizona.22 years old.

Good evening Dr. Norman, My name is Brittney S. I am 22 years oldand I had parathyroid surgery with you and Dr. Politz on 7/31/07. I want to give you my deepest thanks for everything you did for me on that day. This year has been a big one for me. I graduated with honors from Arizona State University with my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, got engaged, secured a new job assisting the elderly, moved back to my hometown, purchased a home and, last month, was married. However, the most remarkable thing that happened to me in 2007 was none of these things. 2007 was not onlya year of many changes, it was the year I got my life back.

Since I was 15 years old, I have suffered from headaches. Terrible headaches which led me to be hospitalized, with no diagnosis stemming from this hospitalization. At 17, depression began to uproot my life. The depression was so debilitating that I could no longer function in college and moved home after only one semester at The University of Arizona. While the symptoms of both were manageable, I now realize the effects they had on my life, and the toll they took on my relationships. I pushed to overcome these difficulties, juggling a full time job in management, a challenging internship with victims of domestic violence, and maintaining a 4.0 GPA while getting my degree.However, in August of 2006, I couldn't seem to do it anymore. I completed my internship and entered my last semester of college. Until then, I had assumed that my low energy was a result of the challenging schedule I had created for myself. Though I had noticed my energy decreasing, I was always able to give 100% in all of my roles. I didn't understand why I suddenly couldn't focus, had to take frequent naps and abruptly felt the need to quit my job of several years. I felt lazy, fat and embarrassed. Ilocated a doctor and had many tests done.My doctor told me my calcium was elevated and shewould continue to monitor it. She put me back onthe antidepressant I had takenduring earlier bouts of depression.I thoughtI was in a rut and would feelbetter after I graduated and entered a job utilizing my degree.

December is when the bone pain started. It was so bad I couldn'tstand uporwork more than a few hours at a time.It overshadowed my joyat graduating and becoming engaged. It ruined my plans toimmediately pursue my master's degree. I was cranky and mean. I didn't sleep. I cried every day and lashed out at the people I loved most. I grew increasingly anti-social.I saw a new doctor who diagnosed me with hyperparathyroidism. I felt so relieved, I finally had an answer. The solution turned out to be a nightmare. I had an unsuccessful neck exploration with a reputable doctor in February 2007. I am lucky. My surgeon knew he couldn't find the tumor and stopped operating after a couple of hours. He didn't ruin my voice, my scar was only a little terrible. But the disappointment was overwhelming. I had put all of my hope in this surgery and I didn't know what to do next. I saw a surgeon in Scottsdale, Arizona who cruelly told me that he would not operate for at least 6 months after my previous surgery. I felt truly out of options and decided that I had to push forward, even though it was a struggle. I was hired at my new job, bought a house with my fiancé andtried to planmy wedding. I would come home from work exhausted, yell at my mom when trying to confirm wedding details, and cry myself to sleep every night. I almost ended my relationship with my fiancé several times.

Then, when my headaches grew even worse and driving my car became difficult because my wrists hurt so badly that I could barely turn the steering wheel, we found you. Icould go on as others have about how quickly you saw me, how smoothly the surgery went. Iwill tell everyonethat I was skeptical and scared of being disappointed again, andthat you reassured me. I have never been happier than I was a few hours after you performed surgery as I went out to dinner with my parents and fiancé. You found a tiny tumor, inches below my chest, and, in taking it out, lifted the world from my shoulders. The headaches have stopped. The bone pain was gone almost immediately. You fixed the scar from my first surgery and made it much smaller and less noticeable. I am nicer and I feel like I am a good person again.You changed my life in less than 20 minutes!

There have been uncountable times in the last two months when I have surprised myself at all of the things that I can now do again. At first I found joy in the most simple things, like passing a plate of food across the dinner table without grimacing in pain andlosing my grip. Then it was being able to invest time and energy intocleaning my new home and pull weeds from my yard.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, on my wedding day, I was able to walk down the aisle with no pain. I wasn't too tired to stand up and take my vows. I had enough energy to enjoy the entire day. I danced!! I'm not worried that my husband will want to divorce his crazy, cranky wife, which surely would have happened if you hadn't healed me, healing my relationship in the process. I can't even find the words to thank you for making that all possible. I wish I could accurately express how grateful I am to you and Dr. Politz. I'm sorry for how long this is, but I want everyone to understand that you truly changed my life and made it worth living again. In my job where I strive to make people's lives easier, I only hope to impact one person the way you impacted me. I thank God for you; you and your team were the answer to all of my prayers.

Patient: C.I. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Norman, Dr. Politz, Michelle and all staff involved: I am writing to let you know how well my mother is doing. I would like to let you know how grateful my family and I are with the outcome. Your staff was wonderful. Dr. Norman and his associates were very warm and caring. She is doing great, like a new person, it's hard to believe the change. Thank You again.

Patient: N.A. Student. Kingdom of Bahrain.

Greetings from the Kingdom of Bahrain. I am a 20 year old young man on whom you operated on 18th April 2006. My previous operation here lasted 4 hours and was unsuccessful. You were kind enough to take my case, and your magical operation cured me of my parathyroid adenoma in 19 minutes. Before the operation, I came to a stage where I was unable to concentrate and continue my university studies. I am now back to myself as a bright and outstanding student and have achieved high grades the last 2 semesters. Before the operation, I failed a subject twice because of my disease. Please use quotations from this email in your site as I would like other patients to know how wonderful your unique operation procedure is!

Patient: L.R. Tampa Florida. Nurse.

Just wanted to tell you that I had my blood tests and both the calcium and the PTH were normal. Further, my internist was also impressed with my beautifully healing and very tiny incision! He's used to seeing people who have been "split from stem to stern" during such a procedure. I also want you to know that I am feeling so, so much better! It is, indeed, a radical transformation. The aching is gone. My energy is much better. I bless you and am exceedingly grateful that you turned your talents to this curing insidious menace that can so destroy a person's life. Consider me a life long fan! Thank you so much for putting me back on the track to enjoying life! Put this on the web site so my story can be told as well.

Patient: L.S. Columbia, South Carolina. Registered Operating Room Nurse.

Hi, Dr. Norman ! 10 days ago, I had the pleasure of having you remove my large parathyroid... Meeting you & Dr Politz... having you all hang out a little w/ us preop patients was reassuring, and it was a fantastic experience. THANK YOU !!

Here's my new life so far:Wonderful energy & optimism. Feel like I did 15 yrs ago... even younger ! Is this ME ??? My brain isn't pickled now... I feel bright, very alert, no lethargy/ sleepiness any time of day & can interpret complicated information much more easily. I laugh easily & feel so happy again.Can organize & prioritize & plan as I used to.I am stopping Lexapro. I don't need it ! I look forward to each day & have lots of productive things that I want to do that I have put off for so many years!

I have no more cardiac dysrhythmias... no PVCs at all, my heart rhythm is NORMAL again... so am stopping Atenolol 25 mg qd. The incision looks great... almost not visible at all.

Am spreading the word up here to my nursing and doctor friends... we just ALL need to do a much better job of getting hypercalcemic patients treated aggressively & quickly so they don't lose the years of quality of life & health that I and many others have lost. Would you please forward this to Dr. Politz ? He isa gem, too. Very attentive, informative & skilled. You all are a perfect team. How blessed we've been to have you both.

Patient: B.C. Cornwall, England.

DearJim Iwould liketo wish you, Dr Politz and all your staff a happy and prosperous New Year,but say that, regardless of the time of year, you regularly come to mind and always have our very best wishes. Some 7 months on, (by way of addendum to our previous correspondence), I hardly recognise my wife as the lady who was 'dragging herself around' in the Florida sunshine before her operation. She has so much more energy now, and overall isreallyhealthy.The point at which you made your incision has healedto becomevirtually invisible, requiring very careful scrutiny to trace at all. Life has really changed for both of us! Thank you again for a great job. Postscript: Experts within our local health servicehave acknowledgedtheir failings beforemy wifecame to you,apologised,and promised to take on board the lessons learned, so othersshouldbenefit too.

Patient: B.B. Houston, Texas.

Dr. Norman. I am doing wonderfully well! I feel like a different person. A-number one: I awake feeling like I actually slept that night! What a difference a good night's sleep can make! I no longer feel like I have a grumpy 85 year old person inside who wants to bite off the head of anyone who does stupid things. I keep wondering where that person went! I wake up wanting to get out of bed and start my day. I have energy and joy and a smile and good feelings about all the possibilities any given day may hold. Hope is back. And it was so instantaneous - overnight! The morning after surgery I looked in the mirror and exclaimed to my sister, "I have color in my cheeks!" I hadn't seen color in my face in ages. Hadn't realized that it was gone, but when it suddenly was there, it was obvious to me that it had been lacking. One of my cohorts at work told me that I looked alive now. Before I was pasty. (I thought - on no, I looked like an accountant!) Anyway, life is good. I think you may have one of the best jobs in the medical field because people look forward to seeing you, you make the surgery so easy, and we have such incredibly good results so quickly! All during Christmas break. I kept wanting to pinch myself - like it was too good to be true! I am so glad you were able to figure all this out! But there is something missing on your post-op paper.... You need to attach business cards. I would have passed one out to everyone at the hotel and airport, on the plane, in my neighborhood, at the Dr.'s office, at the lab. People just need to know!

Patient: S.M. Scottsdale, Arizona. Registered Nurse.

Even though I had myMIRP 3 weeks ago Ifound myself reading your website once again.The comments from your patients really hit home for me. I also suffered from terrible depression. For me the depression was so bad I divorced my husband because I thought I didn't love him anymore. I considered suicide. My children were short-changed because I was not mentally there for them. In 2003 I had a mental break-down and was placed on strong anti-depressants. Both psychiatrist, and psychologist appointments wereon a regular rotation on my calendar. Somewhere along the line I was told I had high calcium in my blood. Neither my primary care physician nor my endocrinologist gave me information on the disorder. They were in a "watch and wait" mode (assholes!). I didn't pay much attention to it either and shrugged it off. As time went by and my physical symptoms became more and more evident my doctors mentioned the word tumor to me and that perhaps I would benefit from parathyroid surgery. I had no idea what they were talking about. No detailed information was given, and I was too depressed and sick to ask. I was so tired, and so tired of going from doctor to doctor.

Anyway, to make a long story even longer, the stroke I had last year really got my attention.I did my homework and found you via the Humana Insurance website since they prefer their patients to go to you for parathyroid surgery. There I had the opportunity to watch the live surgery you did. I knew I needed to travel from Arizona to Tampa for the cure. I just knew in my heart of hearts it was the best thing for me to do, and I was right. The experience was just as promised and I feel terrific! I really appreciate each pain, anxiety free day I have now just 3 weeks after surgery. I'm a new person. My current husband has only known me for 7 years. If my tumor was 8-9 years old as you thought he never met the "real" me until now!

Ironically it was my PSYCHIATRIST who put 2 + 2 together to tell me all my symptoms were cause by hyperparathyroidism and that I would feel so much better within 24 to 48 hours after surgery! Thanks for being a champion for the cure of hyperparathyroidism.

Patient: D.C. Homemaker. Seattle, Washington

Dear Doctor Norman, I wanted to write and thank you again for making my whole operation from start to finish such a good experience. I feel blessed to have had you as my doctor. God has blessed you with such a wonderful gift of helping others. You are an awesome doctor, one in a million. My husband and I will pray the Lord will continue to prosper you in your work and give you His great peace and joy in all that you do.

Patient: E.K. Boca Raton, Florida

Dear Kelly, Faith and Jayme, any of the office staff, I always knew that you all were accessible---You made me feel comfortable and safe!!! I never had the feeling that I was just a name --another "notch on the parathyroid schedule." Dr. Politz "checking me in" with his kind, friendly manner, the nurses, anesthesia doctors and of course Dr. Norman's visit with me prior to surgery with full, detailed explanations put me very much at ease. His knowledge, expertise and caringare quite evident. For all this plus so much more, I am grateful.I am looking forward tocontinuing my tennis, golf and water activities since I’m feeling better than I have felt in a long time.

Patient: R. M. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I would like to take a few minutes of your time and tell you how wonderful I am feeling after three very long years of being sick! You did my operation on October 31st, 2006 and I am really feeling great! It is so amazing what a 14 minute operation can do for a person! Wow...unreal! I would have never expected the improvements in my life to go as quickly as they are going. The whole procedure was just awesome. Everyone on the staff was absolutely impressive! All my questions were answered through email and I strongly advise patients to use the email! If anyone has not read your web site on: then I strongly recommend them to read it. It has every answer that a person is looking for. I was so overwhelmed with how perfect the procedure was. I mean everyone and everything was right in sync. You even take time to answer questions and make the patient comfortable all the way through this operation. It was just extremely overall a perfect procedure! You deserve an A+++.

Thank you for giving my healthy life back! Please post this message on your site. I have already recommended several people with this problem to your web site. They have called me and thanked me for the information.

Patient: H. M. Chicago, Illinois. Speech Pathologist

I want to THANK YOU for your knowledge, skill and caring manner during my recent experience with parathyroid surgery. I was very nervous in the days before I came to Tampa, but you and Dr. Politz made me feel so calm that morning. I knew that I was in good hands! You two are very gifted surgeons, and I thank God for your talents and skill. It has been 10 days since my parathyroid surgery -- (Aug. 16th -- I was # 8 out of 12 that you performed that day). As I explained to you, I did not even consider having the surgery at the Un. of Chicago, when I found out that parathyroid surgery is the only thing that you do. My husband totally agreed with me. I am doing so well… and I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and for so many other people! I can’t believe anybody would stay in Chicago and have a surgeon do this tricky operation on them when they don’t even do one of these operations per week… when it is so easy to get to Tampa and you do over 40 of these per week. It is no wonder that you are so good at what you do. Thankyou again!

Patient: P.R. Portland, Oregon.

I know you hear this a million times but I just want you to know that you have changed my life. As you know I went from one doctor to the next over the past 10+ years with the symptoms we all know-tiredness, extreme fatigue etc… This illness has cost me my professional cycling career. In 1988 I was ranked 24th in the United States and missed the Olympic Trials in 1988 due to what I now know as a parathyroid tumor. This past weekend I decided to exercise again and I have to tell you this is the first time in 10+ years that I have not had extreme muscle fatigue. I might not make the Olympic Cycling Team, which has past for me but I can say that one of my dreams has come true, and that is to be able to exercise again without the fatigue and muscle fatigue. It seems so very little to write this is e-mail to you and tell you THANK YOU! I wish you were here so that I could give you a great big hug and kiss.

Patient: J.D. Jacksonville, Florida.

As so many people who have written you say, “I didn’t know how bad I really felt until after I was well.” That is the truth.My life has changed dramatically since you performed the surgery on March 2, 2007. My younger daughter, who is 39 years old, remarked that she finally has her mother back, the mother she remembers fondly from earlier years. I have boundless energy once again now and live life to the fullest. I have great fun with my two granddaughters. My husband and I took up bicycle riding a few days after my surgery. I ride 30 miles now on the bicycle trail near our home. I feel that is pretty good for a 64 year old woman. I take my calcium twice daily to build back my bones. I would also like to thank your hospital team. They are so well-trained, know exactly what to do to move things along in a timely manner once a patient arrives at Tampa General Hospital, yet they are never unfriendly or unconcerned. Please thank them for me. They were wonderful. I cannot adequately thank you enough for what you have done for me and for so many others. I thank God that He directed me to your website. I have told so many people about you and your work. I want people to know that there is an alternative to the “big” surgery if they have a parathyroid problem. Thank you so very much for giving me back my life. May God bless you and keep you in His care.

Patient: S.S. Boynton Beach, Florida. Attorney.

ear Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz: Its going to be three weeks since my parathyroid surgery in Tampa (December 11, 2006.) I just received my lab tests which indicate a calcium level 9.3 (was 12.5) and PTH 49 (was 364). My 1” scar has almost disappeared and I cant describe how incredibly better I feel! My energy level has increased and the mental “fog” I've been living in has vanished. I had procrastinated with surgery for too long due to bad advice from my Doctors and the threat of undergoing the old surgical procedure with no guarantee the adenoma would be found. Your expertise in this surgery is truly remarkable and painless. Your staff and surgical team at Tampa General were FIRST CLASS. My special thanks to Jayme, Kelly and Michelle for helping me make it all happen. My best wishes to you both and your “team” for a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2007! Please post this on your web site and have anyone call who is afraid of having this simple operation.

Patient: S.C. San Francisco, California. Attorney.

I wanted to thank Dr. Norman once again for the expert surgery he performed on me in Nov. 2006. It's been 9 months, and I'm so amazed at all I'm able to do now! Prior to surgery I was exhausted trying to work as a busy corporate attorney. I wanted to sleep for hours during the day, and was still tired. I had just turned 50 and didn't understand how I could feel so old so quickly. But now I have lots and lots of energy! I can work all day like I used to, and then walk a mile or two on the way home, followed by working around the house, cooking dinner, going to the store--whatever! My moods are back to normal (upbeat!) and I feel like an entirely different person. And, due to Dr. Norman's outstanding suture work, my scar is invisible! I can barely detect it by running my fingers over it. So, please pass this on to Dr. Norman and Dr. Politz, to thank them again for the specialized work they do. I sure appreciate them! Why would anybody ignore this tumor and "wait and watch" it??? How dumb is this!!??

Patient: R.D. New York, New York



Patient: I. K. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (school teacher)

Dear Dr. Norman,it is now 8 months past my surgery and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that I found you on the Internet to take care of my problem. I cannot tell you how much better I feel and did feel very shortly after surgery. I am my old self again, happy, active and witha positive outlook on life. Not like the 2 years before surgerywhen I was depressed, had no energy and saw the world as dark. The entire experience starting from making the connection via the internet, your very friendly and helpful staff and then meetingyou and your partnerat the hospital was very positive. I wish you only successful surgeries and hope that you will continue to bless so many more humans as you have done for me.

Patient: AJW. Las Cruces, New Mexico.

I’m sending my poem to you to express my thanks, to picture my good health returned to me by you and your surgery. I’m feeling well and am enjoying my life and my farm work again. You are an excellent surgeon with an extraordinary personality! Thank you, my friend. Janelle, Dr. Glick sends you greetings and directed me to tell you my labs are perfect!

Patient: R. H. New York, N.Y. Business Owner.

Dr Norman, My sincerest thanks to you, Dr. Politz and your entire staff for an overwhelmingly great experience during my recent trip to Tampa for a parathyroidectomy. I can truly say that I have never had a more positive "medical experience" than the one you and your staff provided. Your website went into great detail as to what a patient could expect before, during and after this procedure and the entire processwent exactly as expected...actually BETTER than expected.

I was patient #6 (out of 12) on Monday, July 30th and though I refer to myself as "#6," I certainly was not treated as a number. Yourcompassion,enthusiasm and great sense of humor are appreciated and are very comforting when we (after much preparation) finally arrive in Tampa for the actual procedure. I'm sure you and Dr. Politz know that by this time, most of us are more than a little nervous, no matter how well-informed we have tried to become in the interim. I had actually watched the video of the procedure prior to my visit. Between that and spending quite a significant amount oftime reading every word on, I felt quite comfortable with what was to take place; and yet, was hit by a slight case of nerves Monday morning.It turned out to be totally unwarranted, as everything from walking in the door at Tampa General to leaving the recovery room a short time after surgery was as smooth as possible. Again, many thanks to you, Dr. Politz and all of your staff for this as well as the kind folks at Tampa General!!!

Patient: M.S. Long Island, NY. RN

Hi Dr. Norman--Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received before, during, and after my parathyroidectomy last week. I was very anxious during the weeks prior to coming to Tampa, and I returned frequently to the letters from former patients posted on your website. Those letters calmed me more than any medication could have! Thanks to those letters, I knew just what to expect when I arrived at the hospital for my surgery; from meeting your wonderful partner, Dr. Politz, who explained everything and gave me my bottle of Calcium pills to having the Sestamibi scan (which was a piece of cake), to meeting the OR team and the post op care. But what can never be adequately communicated is the wonderful professional and compassionate care I received from you, Dr. Politz, and the staff at the Norman Parathyroid Clinic.

Everyone I met, from the admission person to the nurses to the anesthesia team and OR staff, performed their tasks with such efficiency, professionalism, great good humor, and genuine concern for me that not only did I not have the panic attack I'd scheduled, but the anxiety I'd planned on having never materialized! Part of me wants to say that is a miracle (because I have a panic disorder!), butin all fairness I must attribute my calm demeanor to the very professional staff who inspired my confidence every step of the way. They knew exactly what they were doing, and knew exactly how to care for a potentially anxious patient. Furthermore, I knew I was in the hands of the most highly skilled surgeon, but that you also would have such a great sense of humor was almost too much to hope for! You were great fun and even took the time to read the scrapbook of the silly poems I'd written, and to joke with me. In fact, I was having so much fun that it was startling when the anesthesia team showed up! Oh, yeah, I'm here for surgery!

I know that many people experience anxiety prior to having surgery, but I doubt that many had more anxiety than I did. I even wrote a poem, Ode to Parathyroid, in an effort to "bargain" with that stubborn gland so I could avoid this surgery! (Alas, the darn thing kept pumping out excessive amounts of PTH, despite my efforts to negotiate a truce.) If only I had known then what I know now, I would never have been anxious at all! Thank you so very much, for everything.

Ode to Parathyroid

I manage well how I appear
My effort's nearperfection
I bring myself to the doc each year
For a very close inspection

I eatmy greens and limit meat
And have my fill of fruit
Once in a while I have a treat
And I do yoga too

I do all that I'm supposed to do
And keep a happy man
But I have met my Waterloo--
My parathyroid gland

I never meant it to ignore
As powerful a gland as this
If I'd only known what was in store
I’d not have been remiss

For the little things have felt neglected
Clearly now I see
That they don't feel they've been respected
And one's attacking me

Oh Parathyroid, Parathyroid
Please strike up the band!
Here's my tribute to the little dots
Sitting on my thyroid gland

Even thoughyou're very small
You mean a lot to me
I'll hang your picture on the wall
For everyone to see

And since no one's done that before
You'll be displayed at MOMA
You'll finally have respect, and more
You'll be famous, even in Tacoma

So, parathyroid, what do you say
Stop this spurt and sputter
Just do your job, and have your way
And I'll no curses utter

If you don't, you're screwed, you see
For you will removed
As for parathyroids, I’ll still have three
And on my neck a groove.

Which you know that I won't mind,
Who cares-- I'm getting old
I'll buy a chain to hide behind
Made of solid gold

So get back to work and do it right
Be peaceful and remote
For if it's me you wish to smite
Then you’ll be taken from my throat!

Epilogue (June 2008)

To the Norman clinic I would go
For the best technology
They also had Jim Norman, so
I planned my Parathyroidectomy.

At end of May my MIRP was done
I’m cured, and new bone’s formin’
Entrust your heart to the ones you love
And your neck to Dr. Norman!

Worry not, if you’re afraid
The staff knows what to do
Mastery is their stock-in-trade
They’ll take GOOD care of you!

Patient: G.B. San Diego, California. Federal Agent

If you are a parathyroid patient, you MUST read this as I write to calm your fears up front and comment on my (8/15/07) MIRP parathyroid surgery in Tampa. Dr Norman, his staff (Jayme, Teryn, and Faith for admin ‘stuff’, Michelle for scheduling, and Kelly for nursing), and the folks at Tampa General Hospital are everything Dr. Norman’s website implies – and much more. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL! My experience confirmed all the glowing website comments from others that I’m sure you must have read by now.

My family physician diagnosed my hyperparathyroidism in February of this year. The confirming endocrinologist recommended a local surgeon who appeared to be well suited to the task. He is a department head for throat and neck surgery at the University of California at San Diego’s highly respected medical school and hospital. I found out after scheduling the surgery with him that he would be conducting a four to six hour operation through a six to ten inch incision, depending on what he found once he got in there (his words). He said I would spend a day or two in the hospital after the surgery. He also explained that an unexpected, but somewhat common side effect might be damage to the nerves controlling my voice box. Needless to say, that visit scared the @#$% out of me!!

Probably like you, I believed that proper due diligence might reveal a better alternative. In my career in the federal sector, I became quite comfortable with utilizing automated resources for research. Doing so eventually led me to Dr. Norman. A thorough read of his site left me enthused but skeptical. I printed out Dr. Norman’s rather lengthy data and his background to share with my family physician. Instead of ‘beating me up’ with it as I anticipated, my doctor praised the process I used and told me how he had recently used a similar method to locate a better surgeon for his wife’s shoulder surgery. He told me of her success and stated that we should all actively participate in our surgical (and medical) decisions by using every research tool available – particularly the internet! He insisted that we should not just blindly follow local recommendations for serious issues such as this. That was all I needed to hear.

After sending in the required data, Jayme did a good job of keeping me updated on how I was progressing in the queue and when I could expect to hear from Dr. Norman. When he called, it was obvious he had thoroughly reviewed my data in advance. His manner was very friendly and open, much like talking to a knowledgeable friend. After we agreed on the need for MIRP, he passed me on to Michelle for scheduling.

The morning of the surgery, my wife and I found the process of checking in at Tampa General Hospital quite efficient – right down to the free valet parking! Once in the pre-op area, I was assigned to one specific nurse for everything from clothes change to Sestamibi scan to starting my IV. You name it, she did it. She answered many of my questions in a light-hearted way that really helped ease my tension. She also shared with me that she had been working with Dr. Norman since he was a young resident (nearly 20 years ago). She said she knew early on that he was something really special – that he had an uncommon gift. What a great thing to hear about someone who is about to cut on you!

When Dr. Norman entered, his manner was, again, that of a knowledgeable, old friend. He had already done six parathyroid operations that day, and I would be his seventh and last. Instead of seeming rushed as you might expect, he sat down with my wife and me to discuss my condition. He showed us how to read the Sestamibi scan and how that guided his plan for my surgery. He advised me that my historical data showed I had been suffering with this disease for at least ten years. He also spent a few more minutes discussing an unrelated common interest we share, which really helped put me at ease. He then gave me a sheet with post-surgical instructions along with his home and cell phone numbers just in case I later had a question or concern.

As the doctor was getting up to leave, an anesthesiologist came in to put some medicine in my IV to “relax” me. What an understatement! The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room; I don’t even remember going to sleep! It was as if my memory from the moment the medicine was administered until I woke up was simply erased. How pleasant is that! My surgery lasted a total of 14 minutes, which included the removal of a rather large adenoma and a thorough scan of my thyroid for possible nodules (there were none, thank God).

It took about an hour in recovery before they released me. On doctor’s orders (really!!) my wife took me to get a milk shake to help with the slight sore throat he said I might experience later in the afternoon. By evening, I was ready to go out for a great Cuban dinner with my wife. While there, I received a call from Dr. Norman just to see how I was feeling and ask if I had any questions.

Within a day after my surgery, I started noticing the mental “fog,” which had prevailed for the last few years, seemed to be lifting. In addition, the chronic muscle and joint pain I had been experiencing was subsiding. After one month, my mind is now significantly sharper than it has been for some time. My blood pressure, which had been increasingly difficult to control in recent years, is at the best level it has been in years. I am currently working with my family doctor in an effort to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) some or all the blood pressure medications. My chronic feelings of gloom have been replaced with a much more positive, upbeat outlook. The bottom line is I don’t feel as much like a “grumpy old man” as I did before the surgery.

In summary, Dr. Jim Norman is a class act in every respect! Not only does he genuinely care about his patients, but he is also a friendly, down-to-earth surgeon you can trust with your life. It is my considered opinion that he is the world’s foremost authority on hyperparathyroidism and its cure. Without qualification, I would highly recommend him to anyone afflicted with this disease.

I write this to all potential parathyroid patients so that it might raise your comfort level with your decision to go to Tampa. I hope my “mini-novel” isn’t too overwhelming. If you or any family members have further questions, I can be reached at 760.855.xxxx (Removed by editors) most any time. I look forward to discussing Dr. Norman’s work with anyone who is interested.

Patient: MH, the Netherlands

Had my surgery Monday. First day stayed in hotel, did some naps and a lot of icing. On Tuesday we travelled to Venice, FL, went to the beach and took it easy.
On Wednesday we traveled on to Naples and in the evening a boat tour. Both days I felt very good, on Wednesday a little tingly (hands) took one extra Calcium and that was it.
From then till today (Sunday) we have been traveling to The Everglades, Key Largo, Key West and now in Orlando to visit the parks. Friday I will be traveling back home to the Netherlands. I am really feeling good, throat is a little tight with swallowing and I still have some swelling above the wound. But I read this is normal. I can not believe it was just last week that I had surgery and want to thank you all for the good care. I am feeling better, if not I would not be able to to all these things and so much traveling the past week, It has been a great holiday.

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