Symptoms of Hyperparathyroidism Cartoon. Symptoms of parathyroid disease cartoon.

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This cartoon shows the most common symptoms of primary hyperparathyroidism: chronic fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy, memory loss, atrial fibrillation (A-fib), heart palpitations, kidney stones, kidney failure, osteoporosis, decreased sex drive, poor sleeping, bone and joint pain, low vitamin D, GERD, depression, anxiety, and even an increased rate of several cancers.

Music Video -- Fun and educational!

Like the cartoon above, this music video was made by a patient of ours as a way to help teach and educate about how hyperparathyroidism made them feel. We have some amazingly talented patients. You must watch this very professional video--this is what Chrystene does for a living!

Watch a video at //

Parathyroid Punk

I'm a parathyroid tumor and I live in your neck
I'm a tiny little jerk but I'll make you a wreck
'Para' means 'close' to that other famous gland
Don't confuse me with your thyroid, son,
I'll get out of hand!

Don't be fooled just 'cause I'm not cancer
Surgery is still the answer
Have 'em check all four 'cause there might be another
Here to cause more trouble-
are my three little brothers!

PTH!  Parathyroid Hormone!
PTH!  Parathyroid Hormone!
PTH!  Parathyroid Hormone!
Stones! Bones! Groans and Moans!

I'm a parathyroid tumor and I'll kill you one day
But before you die I will make your body pay
Robbing the calcium from your skeleton
That's osteoporosis, your mind's like gelatin

I'm a parathyroid tumor and I'll break your bones
Make you feel like sh*t and fill your kidneys w stones
I'm the Hulk of Parathyroids and I'll make you cry
and if you don't get rid of me I'll make you DIE!

PTH!  Parathyroid Hormone!
PTH!  Parathyroid Hormone!
PTH!  Parathyroid Hormone!
Stones! Bones! Groans and Moans!


Parathyroid Punk lyrics and video conceived and produced by Chrystene Ells. Click on the YouTube icon to see full credits. Contact Chrystene to have her produce some work for you or your company. This is what she does for a living!  All lyrics, the puppets, and music are copyright 2014 Chystene Ells, but she DOES want you to share this video on Facebook and other social media pages and would love for you to embed this parathyroid music video on your site. Help teach!

This illustration was produced by Mark A. Hicks, Illustrator. He can be reached at: or

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